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B.C. fruit farms prepared for devastating crop yields this summer

  2024-03-12 by in Canada's National Observer

One of the first indicators of how bountiful a fruit harvest will be in British Columbia comes months before any peaches, apricots or nectarines start fattening on trees.

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Amazon rainforest at a critical threshold: Loss of forest worsens climate change

  2024-02-14 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The Amazon rainforest could approach a tipping point, which could lead to a large-scale collapse with serious implications for the global climate system. A new Nature study by an international research team including scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research (PIK) reveals that up to 47% of the Amazonian forest is threatened and identifies climatic and land-use thresholds that should not be breached to keep the Amazon resilient.

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Giant redwoods: World’s largest trees 'thriving in UK'

  2024-03-13 in The BBC

A survey of giant redwoods growing in the UK reveals the trees are doing well - and growing fast.

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UK can sustain itself if it converted all animal farmland to forest, Harvard research shows

  2024-03-13 (or before) in The Vegan Society

Researchers found the UK can convert animal farmland to forest and still grow enough protein as well as help combat climate change.

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Food Production and Consumption | Agriculture | Rewilding | Trees

B.C. fruit farms prepared for devastating crop yields this summer

  2024-03-12 by in Canada's National Observer

One of the first indicators of how bountiful a fruit harvest will be in British Columbia comes months before any peaches, apricots or nectarines start fattening on trees.

  Tagged under: Collapse | Agriculture | Canada | Trees

‘My dream is to buy a piece of land’: the ‘outsiders’ farming at the Amazon’s last frontiers

  2024-03-12 in The Guardian

Struggling to compete with large-scale landowners, smallholder farmers move ever deeper into Brazil’s disappearing forest

  Tagged under: Agriculture | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Canada Under Fire – Drivers and Impacts of the Record-Breaking 2023 Wildfire Season

  2024-03-04 (or before) in Authorea - Cutting Edge Open Research

The 2023 wildfire season in Canada was unprecedented in its scale and intensity. Spanning from late April to early November and extending across much of the forested regions of Canada, the season resulted in a record-breaking total area burned of appr

  Tagged under: Trees

Reforestation programs could threaten vast area of tropical grasslands

  2024-02-29 (or before) in Science Daily

New research reveals the scale of inappropriate reforestation projects across Africa. A new study reveals that an area the size of France is threatened by forest restoration initiatives, such as the AFR100 initiative (African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative), due to inappropriate restoration in the form of tree-planting.

  Tagged under: Carbon Offsetting | Trees | Africa

Drax: UK power station still burning rare forest wood

  2024-02-28 in The BBC

Owner Drax, which received £6bn in subsidies, continues to burn timber from Canadian trees - BBC finds.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Forests | Canada | Trees | Biomass

Drone footage shows Chile forest fire devastation

  2024-02-28 (or before) in The BBC

At least 112 people have been killed in Chile's Valparaiso region.

  Tagged under: Trees

Very cool: trees stalling effects of global heating in eastern US, study finds

  2024-02-17 in The Guardian

Vast reforestation a major reason for ‘warming hole’ across parts of US where temperatures have flatlined or cooled

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A precautionary approach required to avoid large-scale collapse of the Amazon forest

  2024-02-15 in Official blog of the Met Office news team

The Amazon is a complex dynamical system with extraordinarily diverse terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems which are home to more than 10% of Earth’s biodiversity, as well as 40 million people. It is one of the most critical elements of the Earth’s climate system, with the forest acting as a giant “air-conditioner”, lowering land-surface temperatures and…

  Tagged under: Climate Change Mitigation | Collapse | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Ill-judged tree planting in Africa threatens ecosystems, scientists warn

  2024-02-15 in The Guardian

Research reveals area size of France is under threat by restoration projects taking place in unsuitable landscapes

  Tagged under: Wildlife | Trees | Africa

Critical transitions in the Amazon forest system - Nature

  2024-02-14 in Nature

Analyses of drivers of water stress are used to predict likely trajectories of the Amazon forest system and suggests potential actions that could prevent system collapse.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Collapse | Trees

Amazon rainforest at a critical threshold: Loss of forest worsens climate change

  2024-02-14 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The Amazon rainforest could approach a tipping point, which could lead to a large-scale collapse with serious implications for the global climate system. A new Nature study by an international research team including scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact research (PIK) reveals that up to 47% of the Amazonian forest is threatened and identifies climatic and land-use thresholds that should not be breached to keep the Amazon resilient.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Collapse | Trees | Tipping Points

Amazon rainforest could reach ‘tipping point’ by 2050, scientists warn

  2024-02-14 in The Guardian

‘We need to respond now,’ says author of study that says crucial forest has already passed safe boundary and needs restoration

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees | Tipping Points

Forest fires in Chile cause multiple deaths and widespread destruction

  2024-02-03 in The Guardian

At least 46 people reported dead as dozens of fires sweep across central and southern regions, with Valparaíso worst affected

  Tagged under: South America | Wildfires | Trees

Trees struggle to ‘breathe’ as climate warms, researchers find

  2024-02-02 (or before) in EurekAlert! Science News Releases

<p>Trees are struggling to sequester heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) in warmer, drier climates, meaning that they may no longer serve as a solution for offsetting humanity&rsquo;s carbon footprint as the planet continues to warm, according to a new study led by Penn State researchers.</p>

  Tagged under: Trees

Trees are struggling to "breathe" and store CO2 as the climate warms

  2024-02-02 in

Recent research has unearthed alarming findings about trees' diminishing ability to "breathe" and combat climate change by storing CO2.

  Tagged under: Trees

Indian forest act faces challenge in Supreme Court

  2024-01-30 in Nature

Ecologists, bureaucrats and conservationists say India’s amended Forest Conservation Act will reduce biodiversity and harm livelihoods. Ecologists, bureaucrats and conservationists say India’s amended Forest Conservation Act will reduce biodiversity and harm livelihoods.

  Tagged under: Trees

More than 100,000 trees to be planted in Devon to boost Celtic rainforest

  2024-01-29 in The Guardian

National Trust says it hopes to establish 50 hectares across three sites close to surviving pockets of rainforest

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Wildlife | Trees

Devastating drought in Amazon result of climate crisis, study shows

  2024-01-24 in The Guardian

Extreme weather threatens world’s biggest carbon store as the rainforest is already close to tipping point

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Trees | Tipping Points

Brexit divergence from EU destroying UK’s vital environmental protections

  2024-01-19 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Britain is falling behind the bloc on almost every area of green regulation, analysis reveals

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Farming | Health | Trees

Climate change threatens global forest carbon sequestration, study finds

  2024-01-15 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Climate change is reshaping forests differently across the United States, according to a new analysis of U.S. Forest Service data. With rising temperatures, escalating droughts, wildfires, and disease outbreaks taking a toll on trees, researchers warn that forests across the American West are bearing the brunt of the consequences.

  Tagged under: Drought | Wildfires | Trees

Deforestation effect of UK consumption unsustainable, say MPs

  2024-01-04 in The Guardian

Committee finds British consumers contributing particularly highly to destruction of world’s forests

  Tagged under: COP28 | Deforestation | Trees

‘They’ve knocked down hundreds of trees’: concerns over Cornwall’s new anti-gridlock road

  2023-12-31 in The Guardian

The infamous A30 summer bottleneck will go when dual carriageway opens in March, boosting the local tourism economy. But for some residents, the cost is too high

  Tagged under: Electricity Grid | Trees

‘Jewel of Britain’s nature crown’: Plan to restore rainforest welcomed by campaigners

  2023-12-29 in The Guardian

Conservationists say government strategy to recover Britain’s degraded temperate rainforest is a good start but want a target to double the area by 2050

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Wildlife | Trees

  2023-12-21 (or before) in The Guardian

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Surge in extreme forest fires fuels global emissions

  2023-12-20 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Climate change and human activities have led to more frequent and intense forest blazes over the past two decades. Climate change and human activities have led to more frequent and intense forest blazes over the past two decades.

  Tagged under: Trees

Surge in extreme forest fires fuels global emissions

  2023-12-20 in Nature

Climate change and human activities have led to more frequent and intense forest blazes over the past two decades. Climate change and human activities have led to more frequent and intense forest blazes over the past two decades.

  Tagged under: Trees

Climate change outpaces the ability for trees to adapt

  2023-12-18 in

A new study has found that the prevailing methods used to predict how tree species will respond to climate change are inaccurate

  Tagged under: Climate Change Adaption | Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change | Trees

How Mounting Demand for Rubber Is Driving Tropical Forest Loss

  2023-12-16 (or before) in Yale E360

The growing market for rubber is a major, but largely overlooked, cause of tropical deforestation, new analysis shows. Most of the rubber goes to produce tires, more than 2 billion a year, and experts warn the transition to electric vehicles could accelerate rubber use.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

Farmers says climate change is biggest threat, renewables the best solution

  2023-12-12 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Seven out of 10 farmers interviewed had already invested in emissions reduction efforts, by installing solar panels and batteries, electrifying farm equipment or planting trees.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Farming | Trees

Quarter of world’s freshwater fish at risk of extinction, according to assessment

  2023-12-11 in The Guardian

Global heating, pollution, overfishing and falling water levels among factors hitting populations, finds IUCN red list study

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife | Trees

Americans love avocados. It’s killing Mexico’s forests

  2023-11-28 in The Seattle Times

In western Mexico, forests are being razed at a breakneck pace to feed the U.S. appetite for avocados. It's environmentally devastating and most likely illegal.

  Tagged under: Trees | Agriculture | Mexico

The nature cure: how time outdoors transforms our memory, imagination and logic

  2023-11-27 in The Guardian

Without engaging with natural environments, our brains cease to work well. As the new field of environmental neuroscience proves, exposure to nature isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity

  Tagged under: Health | Trees

Community forest governance and synergies among carbon, biodiversity and livelihoods - Nature Climate Change

  2023-11-23 in Nature

Forest restoration is emerging as a key climate mitigation strategy. In this study, the authors find that formalized local control and substantive involvement in rule-making are associated with synergies for carbon sequestration, biodiversity and rural livelihoods.

  Tagged under: Trees | Climate Change Mitigation

The U.S. has a controversial plan to store carbon dioxide under the nation's forests

  2023-11-20 in NPR

A proposed rule change from the US Forest Service would allow storage of carbon dioxide pollution under national forests. The plan comes as communities resist such projects in their areas

  Tagged under: USA | Carbon Capture and Storage | Trees

Integrated global assessment of the natural forest carbon potential - Nature

  2023-11-13 (or before) in Nature

Analysis of ground-sourced and satellite-derived models reveals a&nbsp;global forest carbon potential of 226 Gt&nbsp;outside agricultural and urban lands, with&nbsp;a difference of only 12% across these&nbsp;modelling approaches.

  Tagged under: Trees

After a record year of wildfires, will Canada ever be the same again?

  2023-11-09 in The Guardian

Unprecedented blazes tore through boreal forest unleashing vast carbon emissions in what may be a permanent change of state

  Tagged under: Trees

UK forests face 'catastrophic ecosystem collapse'

  2023-11-09 (or before) in The BBC

A mass die-off of trees could happen in the next 50 years unless action is taken, warn experts.

  Tagged under: Collapse | Trees

‘Everything is parched’: Amazon struggles with drought amid deforestation

  2023-11-06 in The Guardian

By now, the rivers should be full. But large-scale cattle farming, the climate crisis and weather events like El Niño mean Brazil is near the point of no return

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Cattle and Dairy Farming | El Niño | Brazil | Trees | Rivers

Drought turns Amazonian capital into climate dystopia

  2023-10-18 in The Guardian

Forest fires leave Manaus with second worst air quality in the world, while low river levels cut off communities

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Forest Fires | Rivers | El Niño | South America | Brazil | Wildfires | Trees

'Short haul flights should be a last resort': Football clubs urged to sign up to Sustainable Travel Charter

  2023-10-12 in Business Green

Millwall, Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Forest Green Rovers, Mansfield Town and Swindon Town become first clubs to promise to tackle transport-related emissions

  Tagged under: Trees

Indigenous Amazonians urge Brazil to declare emergency over severe drought

  2023-10-10 in The Guardian

Drought and heatwave has killed fish in rivers as Indigenous umbrella group Apiam says villagers have no water, food or medicine

  Tagged under: Fish | Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Brazil | Trees | Rivers

Indonesia fire haze pushes Singapore air quality into unhealthy range - Times of India

  2023-10-07 (or before) in Times of India

Environment News: Air quality in parts of Singapore hit unhealthy levels on Saturday as winds brought haze from Indonesian forest fires to the city-state, its environme

  Tagged under: Trees | Indonesia

Indonesia's forest fires flare up after a four-year hiatus

  2023-10-07 (or before) in YouTube

Indonesia is battling a surge in major forest fires this year – and locals are ill-equipped with their buckets and DIY tools. Even though some parts of Indon...

  Tagged under: Trees | Indonesia

Cut down once again: Uncontrolled logging puts new Sahel reforestation projects at risk

  2023-10-06 in Mongabay

This report was produced with the support of the Rainforest Journalism Fund in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. MOKOLO, Cameroon — The sun is already beating down this morning, a Saturday in July, at Mansour-Sabongari village. Young locals sit chatting in the shade of a forest plantation developed by the  Reforestation 1400 project. The project […]

  Tagged under: Africa | Trees

Top grain traders ‘helped scupper’ ban on soya from deforested land

  2023-10-06 in The Guardian

Cargill and ADM led push to weaken new protections for threatened ecosystems in South America, report says

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | South America | Brazil | Trees

Action needed to make carbon offsets from forest conservation work for climate change mitigation | Science

  2023-10-06 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Most REDD projects deliver little to no decrease in deforestation and forest degradation.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees | Climate Change Mitigation

Eight of the world’s most amazing trees – from the Major Oak to the Lone Cypress

  2023-10-06 in The Guardian

Spectacular ancient trees stir deep feelings, as the felling of Sycamore Gap showed. Here are more noble specimens, including one whose survival is a deep-rooted puzzle

  Tagged under: California | Trees

The Not-So-Good News About Carbon Offsets - Legal Planet

  2023-10-05 by in Legal Planet - Environmental Law and Policy

Recent studies show the significant limits to some carbon offsets. What's that mean for forest jurisdictions?

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Sheffield City Council write apology to tree campaigners - BBC News

  2023-10-04 (or before) in The BBC

Sheffield's Streets Ahead programme aimed to fell 17,500 street trees, leading to sustained protest.

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The Norwegian secret: how friluftsliv boosts health and happiness

  2023-09-27 in The Guardian

The idea of communing with nature is instilled from birth in Norway. I hiked through a rain-drenched forest to try it myself

  Tagged under: Health | Trees

Rainforest Investigations Network

  2023-09-19 (or before) in

The Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN) harnesses investigative reporting and cross-border collaboration to expose the intersection of climate change, corruption, and governance in the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. READ THE REPORTING | HOW IT WORKS | JOIN THE NETWORK | IMPACT HOW IT WORKS Each year of the initiative, the Pulitzer Center puts out a call for applications to dedicate a whole year to investigating deforestation in the world’s three main tropical rainforest regions. In its first year, RIN selected 13 Fellows from 10 countries. In the second year, the group expanded to 19 Fellows from 12 countries...

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Climate Change | Congo | Rivers | Brazil | Trees

Humanity now lives beyond most environmental limits on Earth, study finds - CIFOR Forests News

  2023-09-18 by in Forests News - CIFOR Forests News

Six out of nine planetary boundaries have been breached, and more are at risk

  Tagged under: Trees

How the illegal harvesting of giant trees in California shines a light on rural poverty

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Danny Garcia hoped to flee the life of poverty and crime that led him to poach wood from national park land. But the circle of violence was inescapable

  Tagged under: California | Trees

Inside the horror of Europe's biggest wildfire

  2023-09-09 (or before) in The BBC

The story of a world turned to ash by a forest fire that burned for weeks in northern Greece.

  Tagged under: Trees

Warming trends will likely result in major disturbances of networks of forest fungi

  2023-09-08 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Children are taught to leave wild mushrooms alone because of their potential to be poisonous. But trees on the other hand depend on fungi for their well-being.

  Tagged under: Women and Children | Trees

‘Adapt or die’: Hellscape coming for Australia

  2023-09-05 (or before) in — Australia’s leading news site

We can’t avoid natural disasters. And they’re happening more often and with greater intensity. Now Australia is being warned it can only keep its people safe by preparing for the worst – and not just patching things up afterwards.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Nuclear Power | Climate Change | Extreme Weather | Forest Fires | Sea Level | Health | Trees

Three arrested while giant tree logging halted

  2023-09-04 by in Bob Brown Foundation

Three forest defenders have been arrested this morning while an endangered wedge-tailed Eagle soared above. Eleven forest defenders walked onto the

  Tagged under: Trees

Farms with natural landscape features provide sanctuary for some Costa Rica rainforest birds

  2023-09-04 (or before) in The Independent

A study conducted over 18 years in Costa Rica shows that small farms with natural landscape features such as shade trees, hedgerows and tracts of intact forest can provide a refuge for some tropical bird populations

  Tagged under: Farming | Trees

In the 'Garden of England', loss-making orchards are cut down | Reuters

  2023-09-03 (or before) in Reuters

The stumps of dozens of apple trees lie discarded along the side of a field. The fruit that helped give the "Garden of England" its name hundreds of years ago no longer makes money so farmer James Smith is tearing down his orchards.

  Tagged under: Farming | Trees

30 years after Clayoquot Sound protests, old-growth logging continues unabated: B.C. conservation group | CBC News

  2023-08-31 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

The Sierra Club of B.C. says the logging of large old trees in verdant, bio-diverse forests on Vancouver Island has continued mostly unabated in the 30 years since one of the biggest acts of civil disobedience in Canada.

  Tagged under: Trees

The 7 climate tipping points that could change the world forever

  2023-08-30 (or before) in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

As the world warms, these Earth systems are changing. Could further warming make them spiral out of control?

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Climate Change | Trees | Tipping Points

Even modest climate change may lead to major transitions in boreal forests - Nature

  2023-08-29 (or before) in Nature

The survival of southern boreal tree saplings decreases in response to even modest warming and reduced rainfall, which,together with species-specific growth responses, could lead to regeneration failure of currently dominant tree species.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Opinion: As our forests burn, oil companies are doubling down on their old business models - The Globe and Mail

  2023-08-29 in The Globe and Mail: Canadian, World, Politics and Business News & Analysis

With the Earth in the grips of a climate crisis, fossil fuel companies shouldn’t be given a pass

  Tagged under: Shell | Exxon | Trees

UN-backed deforestation carbon credits failing: study

  2023-08-28 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Only a small fraction of the forest-based carbon credits that companies and governments have purchased to offset their greenhouse gas emissions actually help prevent deforestation, according to new research.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

Why planting trees to offset carbon emissions doesn't really work, according to experts

  2023-08-27 (or before) in

New research questions the environmental integrity of carbon trading, a multi-billion dollar industry

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles

  2023-08-27 (or before) in Yale E360

A growing body of evidence indicates that the continuing destruction of tropical forests is disrupting the movement of water in the atmosphere, causing major shifts in precipitation that could lead to drought in key agricultural areas in China, India, and the U.S. Midwest.  

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Drought | Climate Change | Rivers | Trees

In the battle to save the world’s forests, women are leading the resistance | Elif Shafak

  2023-08-26 in The Guardian

From the Akbelen forest in Turkey to northern India to Brazil, rural women are standing up against the corporate chainsaw, says novelist Elif Shafak

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Brazil | Women and Children | Trees

Landowner behind ‘Bromley tree massacre’ told to replant all 131 trees

  2023-08-26 (or before) in London Evening Standard

The trees were cut down on privately-owned land near Cator Park in June

  Tagged under: Trees

The tropical forest carbon cycle and climate change - Nature

  2023-08-25 (or before) in Nature

Tropical forests currently make a neutral contribution to the global carbon cycle, but they are likely to become a carbon source in the near future.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

As Canada’s boreal forests burn again and again, they won’t grow back the same way - The Globe and Mail

  2023-08-25 in The Globe and Mail: Canadian, World, Politics and Business News & Analysis

Recurring wildfires are giving young coniferous forests too little time to mature, and leafy trees, shrubs and grasslands are taking hold in new, unfamiliar ecosystems

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Trees

Tropical forests face ‘massive leaf death’ from global heating, study finds

  2023-08-23 in The Guardian

Some kinds of tree leaf could become too hot to be able to conduct photosynthesis, researchers warn

  Tagged under: Trees

Tropical forests are approaching critical temperature thresholds - Nature

  2023-08-23 (or before) in Nature

Ground truthed thermal data from a new NASA satellite combined with experimental warming data from three continents in an empirical model&nbsp;suggests that tropical forests are closer to a high temperature threshold than previously thought.

  Tagged under: Trees

There are complex reasons for our dire wildfires, but scientists say climate change plays key role | CBC News

  2023-08-21 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

"It's not one thing that's causing these really bad fire seasons," said Jen Baron, a PhD candidate at UBC's department of forest and conservation sciences. "At a broad scale, it's really the interaction between the climate and the fuels that are driving these changes."

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Wildfires | Trees

Seeing carbon dioxide emissions through the trees - Nature Climate Change

  2023-08-21 (or before) in Nature

Atmospheric observations can quantify anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, but variability in net land carbon exchange delays the detection of changes. Now, research improves understanding of this variability and allows earlier detection of emissions changes.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Our forests have reached a tipping point

  2023-08-21 by in Canada's National Observer

Unrelenting logging and fossil fuel burning have flipped one of the planet's largest forests from a critical CO2 sink into a surging CO2 source. This year's climate-fuelled wildfires are the latest acceleration in a multi-decade trend, writes Barry Saxifrage.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Trees | Tipping Points

Burning mangrove trees for a living: 'I'd quit tomorrow if I could' - BBC News

  2023-08-15 (or before) in The BBC

Indonesia's mangrove forests are being felled to make charcoal - locals say they have to make a living.

  Tagged under: Trees | Indonesia

Canada in the Year 2060 -

  2023-08-10 in

Summers lost to fire and smoke. Biblical floods. Dying forests. Retreating coasts. Economic turmoil and political unrest. It’s going to be a weird century. Here’s what it will look like—and how Canada can get through it.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Deadly floods hit China's major grain-producing region, fueling food security concerns | CNN

  2023-08-07 by in CNN International

Days of heavy rain have caused severe flooding in China’s leading grain-producing region in the northeast, killing 14 people and raising concerns about food security as floodwater inundated farmlands.

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish | Flooding | Health | Trees | Finance

As Sea Ice Melts and Forests Burn, Will the World Heat More than We Feared? – Byline Times

  2023-08-07 by in Byline Times

If there’s any risk future climate change may be worse than we’re anticipating, we must double-down on decarbonisation even more urgently, writes Charlie Gardner

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Decarbonisation | Trees

The Latest Data Confirms: Forest Fires Are Getting Worse

  2023-08-01 (or before) in World Resources Institute

New data reveals that forest fires are becoming more widespread, burning nearly twice as much tree cover today as they did 20 years ago.

  Tagged under: Forest Fires | Trees

Focus: P&G drops forest pledge, drawing ire of green groups, investors | Reuters

  2023-07-26 (or before) in Reuters

Global consumer products maker Procter & Gamble dropped its pledge from a corporate policy to not buy wood pulp from degraded forests, a company executive disclosed to investors in a previously-unreported July 18 briefing.

  Tagged under: Trees | Sustainability

Human activity has degraded more than a third of the remaining Amazon rainforest, scientists find

  2023-07-25 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The Amazon rainforest has been degraded by a much greater extent than scientists previously believed with more than a third of remaining forest affected by humans, according to a new study published on January 27 in the journal Science.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Alan Kohler: Labor fiddles while Australia burns

  2023-07-09 by in The New Daily - Latest News Headlines From Australia & World

A lot of the trees that have been counted up to now will either die when Australia burns or die in the drought we’re about to have.

  Tagged under: Drought | Trees

Anthropogenic climate change impacts exacerbate summer forest fires in California | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  2023-07-09 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Record-breaking summer forest fires have become a regular occurrence in California. Observations indicate a fivefold increase in summer burned area...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Forest Fires | California | Climate Change Impacts | Trees

Target atmospheric CO2: Where should humanity aim?

  2023-07-02 (or before) in e-Print archive

Paleoclimate data show that climate sensitivity is ~3 deg-C for doubled CO2, including only fast feedback processes. Equilibrium sensitivity, including slower surface albedo feedbacks, is ~6 deg-C for doubled CO2 for the range of climate states between glacial conditions and ice-free Antarctica. Decreasing CO2 was the main cause of a cooling trend that began 50 million years ago, large scale glaciation occurring when CO2 fell to 450 +/- 100 ppm, a level that will be exceeded within decades, barring prompt policy changes. If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on ...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Antarctic | Albedo | Trees

City Settles with West Seattle Homeowners Over Cutting Public Trees

  2023-06-28 (or before) in Seattle Met

The two settlements together amount to a fine of $5,229 per tree.

  Tagged under: Washington State | Trees

Climate change: Deforestation surges despite pledges - BBC News

  2023-06-27 (or before) in The BBC

Data shows that cutting down tropical forests increased by 10% in 2022, despite promises made at COP26.

  Tagged under: COP26 | Deforestation | Climate Change | Trees

Rainforest destruction soared in 2022 despite global pledges to halt deforestation, new report finds | CNN

  2023-06-27 by in CNN

The destruction of the world’s rainforests ramped up last year, despite global pledges to end deforestation by 2030, according to a new report.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Climate Change | Brazil | Health | Trees | Finance

Boston's summer heat is an issue of racial equity. 'Greening' our city is one solution

  2023-06-26 (or before) in WBUR

We will need to do far more than plant trees and increase green space to fully address climate change and gun violence, write Gaurab Basu and Jonathan Jay. But nature-based solutions have significant community-level health benefits and should play an important role in our public policy.

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Ecological tipping points could occur much sooner than expected, study finds

  2023-06-22 in The Guardian

Amazon rainforest and other ecosystems could collapse ‘very soon’, researchers warn

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Sheffield council issues apology over tree-felling scandal

  2023-06-20 in The Guardian

The city’s new Labour leader has accepted that some of the 17,500 trees cut down were healthy

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Consider Watering Your Street Trees

  2023-06-18 (or before) in Treehugger | Sustainability for All

Urban trees provide myriad benefits, while putting up with so much of our chaos. Here's what we can do to help them.

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Firefighters battle forest fire in Dumfries and Galloway

  2023-06-16 by in STV News | The home of Scottish News, Sport & Weather

The fire within Dalshangan Forest was first reported to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service just before 1pm on Thursday.

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New Trees Are No Substitute for Old Trees

  2023-06-14 (or before) in Politico

The fires in Canada underscore the need to let our current mature forest grow old.

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U.S. Forests Struggling to Adapt Fast Enough to Climate Change, Study Finds - EcoWatch

  2023-06-13 (or before) in EcoWatch - For a Healthier Planet and Life

Researchers have uncovered warning signs that forests in the Western U.S. are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing climate.

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Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing

  2023-06-04 (or before) in Yale E360

High-profile initiatives to plant millions of trees are being touted by governments around the world as major contributions to fighting climate change. But scientists say many of these projects are ill-conceived and poorly managed and often fail to grow any forests at all.

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More than 800m Amazon trees felled in six years to meet beef demand

  2023-06-03 (or before) in Inkl

Investigation involving Guardian shows systematic and vast forest loss linked to cattle farming in Brazil

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The multinational companies that industrialised the Amazon rainforest

  2023-06-02 in The Guardian

Analysis shows handful of corporations extract tens of billions of dollars of raw materials a year – and their commitments to restoration vary greatly

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Pigs, rabbits and fish are dying from searing temperatures in China | CNN Business

  2023-06-02 by in CNN

With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy.

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Green funds in Indonesia were spent clearing forests for biomass

  2023-06-01 by in Climate Home News

Millions of dollars in green funds were spent reviving a project by Indonesia's Medco group, which cleared rainforests in Papua.

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Should we pull carbon out of the air with trees, or machines?

  2023-05-30 by in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

It’s not as simple as it sounds.

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N.S. wildfires: Province ‘on edge’ as thousands evacuated, states of emergency declared |

  2023-05-29 (or before) in Global News Canada

Fire crews in Nova Scotia are at work trying to contain two massive wildfires burning out of control, destroying homes and displacing thousands of people.

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Environmentalists in Virginia and West Virginia Regroup to Stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Eyeing a White House Protest - Inside Climate News

  2023-05-28 by in Inside Climate News

If Russell Chisholm stands in his kitchen in Newport, Virginia and looks east, through his window, he can see the tree-line of the Thomas Jefferson National Forest, a federally-protected ecosystem that is part of the Appalachian Mountains. Soon, the forest could be bisected by the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  On May 15, the U.S. Forest Service […]

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Not Winging It: Birders Hope Hard Data Will Help Save the Species They Love—and the Ecosystems Birds Depend On - Inside Climate News

  2023-05-27 by in Inside Climate News

The magnolia warbler travels as many as 2,000 miles, high above the Gulf of Mexico and across the entirety of the United States, before arriving in the cool climate of Canada’s boreal forest to breed. On a morning in May, one of the tiny yellow songbirds found itself entangled in a black net strung up […]

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Trees Are a ‘Must-Have’ Medicine When Addressing Mental Health

  2023-05-26 (or before) in Treehugger | Sustainability for All

The positive impact of trees is well-documented in a growing body of scientific studies in the U.S. and around the world.

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Beyond fruit and timber: the many other benefits of trees in today’s climate

  2023-05-22 in Official blog of the Met Office news team

Native woodland is a really powerful tool to tackle both the nature and climate crises, that is the view of Chris Nichols the Woodland Trust’s Conservation Evidence Manager. Woodland creation or protecting or enhancing existing woodlands are prime examples of what climate experts refer to as co-benefits: where climate mitigation or adaptation can bring wider…

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The Mega-fire Danger Coming To Your Home Soon

  2023-05-14 (or before) in YouTube

Catalyst: Earth on Fire - The new environmental disaster waiting just around the cornerSubscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads:

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Scientists’ warning on wildfire — a Canadian perspective

  2023-05-14 (or before) in

Recently, the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: a Second Notice was issued in response to ongoing and largely unabated environmental degradation due to anthropogenic activities. In the warning, humanity is urged to practice more environmentally sustainable alternatives to business as usual to avoid potentially catastrophic outcomes. Following the success of their warning, the Alliance of World Scientists called for discipline-specific follow-up papers. This paper is an answer to that call for the topic of wildland fire. Across much of Canada and the world, wildfires are anticipated to increase in severity and frequenc...

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Gorillas, militias, and Bitcoin: Why Congo’s most famous national park is betting big on crypto

  2023-05-11 (or before) in MIT Technology Review

In an attempt to protect its forests and its famous gorillas, Virunga has become the first national park to run a Bitcoin mine. But some are wondering what the hell crypto has to do with conservation.

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Canada: images of felled ancient tree a ‘gut-punch’, old-growth experts say

  2023-05-11 in The Guardian

Shocking photos of chopped-down tree in western Canada highlights flaws in plan to protect forest from loggers, activists say

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Global Forest Watch

  2023-05-10 (or before) in World Resources Institute

An online platform that provides near-real-time data and tools for monitoring forests.

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Yorkshire Dales tree plan to recreate long-lost forest - BBC News

  2023-04-26 (or before) in The BBC

Hundreds of thousands of trees will be planted to recreate long-lost woodlands, a charity says.

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‘Don’t fool yourself’: billions more needed to protect tropical forests, warns new report

  2023-04-19 in The Guardian

Money could come from carbon markets, donor countries and philanthropists, but radical action is also needed from legislators

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UK company mining gold in Amazon on disputed land

  2023-04-18 in The Guardian

London-listed Serabi Gold extracting gold without approval of Brazilian land registry and Indigenous communities

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Forests | WWF

  2023-04-15 (or before) by in

Forests are home to more than half of all species found on land and play a crucial role in keeping many of our vital natural systems running.

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Alliance of World Scientists

  2023-04-10 (or before) in Home Page | Alliance of World Scientists

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Electric discharges on leaves during thunderstorms may impact nearby air quality | Penn State University

  2023-04-10 (or before) in Penn State University

Weak electrical discharges — called corona — that occur on tree leaves during thunderstorms generate large amounts of atmospheric chemicals that could impact air quality around forests, according to a team of Penn State scientists.

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Pacific trade deal ‘will make mockery of UK’s climate ambitions’

  2023-04-03 in The Guardian

CPTPP membership will result in more deforestation and endanger animal welfare, say campaigners

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Quantifying the impacts of defaunation on natural forest regeneration in a global meta-analysis - Nature Communications

  2023-04-02 (or before) in Nature

The defaunation of vertebrates may disrupt forest functioning through the loss of plant-animal interactions, but impacts on forests remain unquantified. Here the authors show that seed dispersal is a key interaction and defaunation of primates and birds negatively impacts forest regeneration.

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How serious is the EU about ending deforestation? - Transport & Environment

  2023-03-28 in Transport and Environment

On 29 March, the EU institutions have a last chance to save over 600,000 hectares of forests and peatlands, by agreeing on a fast phase-out of soy and palm oil in the bloc’s biofuels…

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How The Media Stopped Us Caring About the Planet | George Monbiot

  2023-03-17 (or before) in YouTube

“They allowed this entire shitfest to happen"Join the Future of Journalism ► DDN ►

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‘A disgrace’: more than 100 trees cut down in Plymouth despite local opposition

  2023-03-15 in The Guardian

Scores of trees destroyed in hours on Tuesday despite petition signed by 16,000 people

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Massive Australia wildfires increased Antarctic ozone hole: Study

  2023-03-12 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Smoke from monster wildfires in Australia caused a chemical reaction that widened the ozone hole 10 percent, researchers said Wednesday, raising fears that increasing forest fires could delay the recovery of Earth's atmospheric protection against deadly UV radiation.

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Former Tory minister who tried to sell off forests is given Natural England role

  2023-03-10 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Appointment of Dame Caroline Spelman to nature watchdog’s board sparks cronyism allegations

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Biggest carbon credit certifier to replace its rainforest offsets scheme

  2023-03-10 in The Guardian

Verra will phase out programme by mid-2025 after Guardian investigation found it was flawed

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A tonne of fossil carbon isn't the same as a tonne of new trees: why offsets can't save us

  2023-03-09 by in The Conversation

Labor must resist the false promise of carbon offsets in its safeguard mechanism. The only thing that matters is actually cutting emissions

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Extreme wildfires are turning the world’s largest forest ecosystem from carbon sink into net-emitter

  2023-03-08 in Geography Directions - Geographical expertise applied to the issues that matter most

By Tadas Nikonovas, Swansea University and Stefan H Doerr, Swansea University This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. The vast…

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Firewood theft: The forests where trees are going missing

  2023-03-02 (or before) in BBC

In many countries, poachers are stealing trees from forests in the middle of the night – and the problem may be getting worse.

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Nearly half of English neighbourhoods ‘have less than 10% tree cover’

  2023-03-02 in The Guardian

Analysis for Friends of the Earth also finds lower-income areas have far fewer trees than wealthier ones

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Scientists prove clear link between deforestation and local drop in rainfall

  2023-03-01 in The Guardian

Study adds to fears Amazon is approaching tipping point after which it will not be able to generate its own rainfall

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Extreme Rainfall | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Africa | Trees | Indonesia | Tipping Points

A third of companies linked to deforestation have no policy to end it

  2023-02-15 in The Guardian

Research by Global Canopy also finds many companies are not monitoring set commitments

  Tagged under: Deforestation | COP26 | Trees

Invisible destruction: 38% of remaining Amazon forest already degraded

  2023-02-13 in Mongabay

When we speak about destruction of the Amazon, deforestation data are often the reference. Over the last few decades, it is the rates of clear cutting that are best documented, making headlines and guiding environmental protection strategies. “Historically, deforestation was the main driver of land use change in the Amazon. Between 1975 and 1985, almost […]

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NSW forests face uncertain future as ‘desperation’ builds over major parties’ inaction over logging

  2023-02-12 in The Guardian

With no clear commitments, the gap between community expectations and actions of state MPs will be a major election flashpoint

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How Nepal Regenerated Its Forests

  2023-02-10 (or before) in NASA Earth Observatory

After relinquishing control of forests to the villages that depend on them, forest cover in this small mountainous country nearly doubled.

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Scientists Studying Earth's Trees Issue Stark Warning to Humanity

  2023-02-09 by in ScienceAlert

From soaring coastal redwoods to dinosaur-era Wollemi pines and firs that make the perfect Christmas trees, even our most revered woody plants are in an awful lot of trouble.

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Incendios en Chile: “La política pública no ha sido capaz de avanzar a la velocidad de los hechos” | ENTREVISTA

  2023-02-06 by in Mongabay (Spanish)

El registro de una familia angustiada que decidió meterse dentro de una piscina para salvarse de los incendios forestales se ha viralizado. Las imágenes del fuego, que ya han arrasado con 270 000 hectáreas en siete regiones del país, son impactantes y los testimonios de aquellos que lograron escapar de las llamas y sobrevivir son […]

  Tagged under: Chile | Trees

Chile battles deadliest wildfires on record as heatwave grips | Reuters

  2023-02-06 in Reuters

Chilean firefighters were battling to hold back forest fires on Monday as authorities said hot and dry weather would continue this week, potentially exacerbating what are already the deadliest blazes in the country's recent history.

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13 Major Companies Responsible for Deforestation | Earth.Org

  2023-01-29 by in Earth.Org

Between 1990 and 2016, the world lost 1.3 million sq km of forest. There are many, but here are 12 companies that are responsible for deforestation.

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The Crackdown on Cop City Protesters Is So Brutal Because of the Movement’s Success

  2023-01-29 (or before) in The Intercept

One protester was killed by police, 20 were charged under a “domestic terror” law, and Georgia’s governor gave himself broad “emergency” powers.

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Liberian courts rubber-stamp export shipment of illegal logs

  2023-01-27 in Mongabay

Last week, a timber company won a controversial lawsuit against Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority when a court ordered the agency to allow a shipment of illegal logs to be exported overseas. Liberian environmental groups say the ruling is emblematic of a breakdown of the laws regulating the country’s logging sector under the current president, George […]

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94% of Forest-Based Carbon Offsets Certified By Leading Global Provider Are ‘Phantom Credits,’ Major Investigation Finds - EcoWatch

  2023-01-22 (or before) in EcoWatch - For a Healthier Planet and Life

A new investigation from The Guardian, Die Zeit and SourceMaterial leads heavily towards the latter conclusion. The report, published Wednesday, found that more than 90 percent of the rainforest offset credits offered by top carbon standard Verra are actually what The Guardian called “phandom credits” that don’t actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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The ‘carbon pirates’ preying on Amazon’s Indigenous communities

  2023-01-21 (or before) in Inkl

Selling credits should fund forest protection, but unscrupulous firms are making deals where local land stewards lose out, say Indigenous leaders

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Trees

They've killed forest defenders in the Amazon - now they're killing them in Georgia | Red, Green, and Blue

  2023-01-21 in Red, Green and Blue

Police accountability advocates on Thursday called for an independent investigation after an activist was shot and killed during a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement raid on a forest encampment blocking the construction of a massive police training center just outside Atlanta popularly known as Cop City.   By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: Details surrounding the …

  Tagged under: Activism | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Nature Conservancy Hooked Corporate America on an Empty Climate Solution

  2023-01-19 (or before) in Bloomberg

Companies say they’re saving forests by buying offsets, but many of these lands don’t need defending

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees | Sustainability

‘Nowhere else to go’: forest communities of Alto Mayo, Peru, at centre of offsetting row

  2023-01-18 in The Guardian

The Guardian visits the Peruvian Amazon as part of a continuing investigation into forest-based carbon offsetting

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Revealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest certifier are worthless, analysis shows

  2023-01-18 in The Guardian

Investigation into Verra carbon standard finds most are ‘phantom credits’ and may worsen global heating

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Shell | Rainforests | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Carbon uptake in Eurasian boreal forests dominates the high‐latitude net ecosystem carbon budget

  2023-01-17 (or before) in Wiley Online Library

Abstract Arctic-boreal landscapes are experiencing profound warming, along with changes in ecosystem moisture status and disturbance from fire. This region is of global importance in terms of carbo...

  Tagged under: Arctic | Trees

Laser scanning reveals potential underestimation of biomass carbon in temperate forest

  2023-01-11 (or before) in British Ecological Society Journals

Using three-dimensional laser measurements across the full range of tree size and shape in a typical UK temperate forest, we show that its above-ground biomass is 1.77 times more than current allomet...

  Tagged under: Trees

Scientists have debunked a popular corporate greenwashing tactic

  2022-12-27 (or before) in Inverse

A recent study found that forest carbon offsets, a popular corporate tactic, don't do much to help the environment.

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California's carbon offsetting may actually be increasing emissions | New Scientist

  2022-12-24 (or before) in New Scientist

The state's ambitious plan to be carbon-neutral by 2045 relies on carbon offsets through the state’s forests. But scientists say it may be causing more harm than good

  Tagged under: California | Trees

Witness to paradise being lost: my year in the dying Amazon

  2022-12-16 in The Guardian

In the past 12 months I have learned that the mass extermination of the Amazon is a climate catastrophe – and much more

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Wildfires | Trees

Calls for tougher regulations as Queensland records highest rate of land clearing in country

  2022-12-16 in The Guardian

Conservation groups warn not enough is being done to protect ecosystems as state government data shows more than 400,000ha of land was cleared in 2019-20

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

EU agrees new law to kick deforestation out of supply chains

  2022-12-09 (or before) in EURACTIV

EU legislators reached an agreement in the early hours of Tuesday (6 December) to pass a new law guaranteeing that products sold in the EU are not linked to the destruction or degradation of forests.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

Gate No.84

  2022-11-22 in Hamer the Framer

The date on the photo is 21 August 2022. It was a Sunday. We started out at Gate No.84, Earl’s Path north, and headed down the Green Ride into the forest. It’s a steep hill but always steeper comin…

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B.C. grain farmers struggling as historic drought continues in province's northeast | CBC News

  2022-11-16 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

Early this month, B.C.'s Ministry of Forests made an announcement encouraging all water users across northeastern B.C. to take voluntary water conservation measures and monitor their water supply in light of a Level 5 drought.

  Tagged under: Farming | Drought | Trees

Subarctic boreal forest, vital for the planet, is at risk

  2022-11-14 in The Hindu

The boreal forest is second only to the Amazon in terms of its vital role in ensuring the future of the planet.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Arctic | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Forest Fires | Trees

How dash for African oil and gas could wipe out Congo basin tropical forests

  2022-11-10 in The Guardian

Third of Congo basin’s tropical forests are under threat from fossil fuel investments, undermining climate action, report warns

  Tagged under: COP27 | Congo | Rainforests | Africa | Fossil Fuels | Trees

Forest regeneration that earned multimillion-dollar carbon credits resulted in fewer trees, analysis finds

  2022-11-06 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Claim by academics, including former integrity chair of Australia’s carbon credit scheme, raises further doubts about system

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Global deforestation pledge will be missed without urgent action, say researchers

  2022-10-24 in The Guardian

Destruction of forests slowed in 2021 but not enough to meet 2030 commitment made by 145 countries

  Tagged under: Deforestation | COP26 | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

Young people's burden: requirement of negative CO2 emissions

  2022-10-22 (or before) in ESD

Abstract. Global temperature is a fundamental climate metric highly correlated with sea level, which implies that keeping shorelines near their present location requires keeping global temperature within or close to its preindustrial Holocene range. However, global temperature excluding short-term variability now exceeds +1 °C relative to the 1880–1920 mean and annual 2016 global temperature was almost +1.3 °C. We show that global temperature has risen well out of the Holocene range and Earth is now as warm as it was during the prior (Eemian) interglacial period, when sea level reached 6&ndash...

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Predictions | Climate Change | Sea Level | Climate Change Impacts | Trees

How Many Trees Are Falling for the Wood Pellet Industry? | The Tyee

  2022-10-19 (or before) in The Tyee British Columbia

As disaster looms in our old-growth forests, BC needs to address this burning question.

  Tagged under: Trees | Sustainability

Wildlife abandons 'Europe's Amazon' nature reserve - BBC News

  2022-10-09 (or before) in The BBC

Forest fires ignited by Russian shelling have devastated Ukraine's Drevlyansky reserve.

  Tagged under: Shell | Amazon Rainforest | Forest Fires | Wildlife | Russia | Trees

Mapping cumulative pressures on the grazing lands of northern Fennoscandia - Scientific Reports

  2022-10-03 (or before) in Nature

Traditional grazing areas in Europe have declined substantially over the last century. Specifically, in northern Fennoscandia, the grazing land is disturbed by cumulative land-use pressures. Here we analysed the configuration of the grazing land for reindeer and sheep in northern Fennoscandia in relation to the concurrent land-use pressures from tourism, road and railway networks, forestry, industrial and wind energy facilities, together with predator presence and climate change. Our results show that 85% of the region is affected by at least one land-use pressure and 60% is affected by multiple land-use pressures, co-occurring ...

  Tagged under: Land Use | Climate Change | Trees | Wind Power

Drax: UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada - BBC News

  2022-10-03 (or before) in The BBC

The owner of the UK's biggest power station, Drax, is cutting down key forests in Canada.

  Tagged under: Trees

Climate change threatens health and survival of urban trees - BBC News

  2022-09-20 (or before) in The BBC

Oaks, maples and chestnuts found in cities are among over 1,000 tree species that are flagged at risk.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Health | Trees

Why are the glaciers in southeast Tibet melting so fast?

  2022-09-08 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Millions of people depend on water from the glaciers of High-Mountain Asia. South-eastern Tibet, however, has some of the most rapidly melting glaciers in Asia. This is due to less summer snowfall, as a study led by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL shows.

  Tagged under: Trees

Large parts of Amazon may never recover, major study says

  2022-09-05 in

Swathes of rainforest have reached tipping point, research by scientists and Indigenous organisations concludes

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees | Tipping Points

Burning forests for energy isn't 'renewable' – now the EU must admit it | Greta Thunberg and others

  2022-09-05 in The Guardian

The EU’s classification of wood fuels is accelerating the climate crisis. Next week, a key vote can change that, says Greta Thunberg and other environmental activists

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greta Thunberg | Activism | Climate Change | Trees

BGCI Launches the State of the World's Trees Report | Botanic Gardens Conservation International

  2022-09-03 (or before) by in Botanic Gardens Conservation International

One in three tree species face extinction reveals the landmark report, documenting the conservation status of the world’s nearly 60,000 tree species.

  Tagged under: Trees

Scientists' warning to humanity on tree extinctions

  2022-09-03 (or before) in

Trees play vital roles in many of the world's ecosystems while providing many benefits to people. New evidence indicates that a third of tree species are threatened with extinction, representing a tr...

  Tagged under: Trees

Exclusive-Lula pushes Brazil-Indonesia-Congo COP forest alliance if elected

  2022-09-02 (or before) by in

By Lisandra Paraguassu BRASILIA (Reuters) - Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's aides are reaching out to Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to form a united front of countries with the most tropical rainforest at thi...

  Tagged under: Congo | Rainforests | Brazil | Trees | Indonesia

The Fuzzy Math of Net-Zero Is Under Attack

  2022-08-27 (or before) in Treehugger | Sustainability for All

We can't plant enough trees to make a dent in the climate crisis.

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Trees

Anglo-French oil firm threatens Amazon reserve for isolated Indigenous people

  2022-08-23 in The Guardian

Perenco sues Peru government for repeal of law that offers recognition to proposed Napo-Tigre reserve

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Trees | France

UK drought: Why do the trees think it's autumn already? - BBC News

  2022-08-20 (or before) in The BBC

Experts say the unusual weather has triggered a 'false autumn' as trees struggle to cope with drought.

  Tagged under: Drought | Trees

Tree loss due to fire is worst in far northern latitudes, data shows

  2022-08-17 in The Guardian

Forests in Russia are most affected, as scientists warn of escape of huge quantities of buried carbon dioxide

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Arctic | Greenhouse Gases | Russia | Trees

New research reveals that wildfires can influence El Niño

  2022-08-14 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Wildfire is a phenomenon that has affected pretty much every vegetated environment on Earth for millions of years. However, during the past few decades, the planet has been experiencing extraordinary wildfire activity, with widespread devastation in diverse places such as the Mediterranean, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and even Siberia. The current year has already shown troubling signs of massive fires—for example, Europe's total burnt area for the 2022 fire season is four times greater than the 2006–2021 average, according to the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS).

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Forest Fires | El Niño | Trees

Mining activity in WA protected forests, reserves approved 33 times in 5 years

  2022-08-05 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

There has been a jump in mining activity in areas managed by the parks authority while environment groups also rally against exploration applications by two of the state’s biggest miners.

  Tagged under: Trees

Drought threatens Spain's 'green gold' harvest

  2022-07-27 in France 24

In the scorching heat, Felipe Elvira inspects the branches of his olive trees, planted as far as the eye can see on a dusty hillside in southern Spain.

  Tagged under: Spain | Drought | Trees

Congo to Auction Land to Oil Companies: ‘Our Priority Is Not to Save the Planet’

  2022-07-24 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Congo | Land Use | Africa | Greenpeace | Trees

Amazon deforestation is off to the fastest start to a year since 2008

  2022-07-08 in Mongabay

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is off to the fastest start for the first half of any year since 2008 according to government data published today. Deforestation alert data from Brazil’s national space research institute INPE shows that 3,988 square kilometers of forest have been cleared within the Brazilian Amazon since January 1, a 17 […]

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Overwintering fires in boreal forests - Nature

  2022-07-05 (or before) in Nature

Large forest fires in Alaska and the Northwest Territories can ‘overwinter’ and then reignite in the following fire season, contributing up to one-third of the burned area in individual years.

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This Super-Tree Could Help Feed the World and Fight Climate Change - WhoWhatWhy

  2022-07-02 in WhoWhatWhy - Nonprofit, citizen supported journalism

Startup aims to plant millions of pongamia — ​“miracle” trees that can grow on arid badlands and yield products similar to soybeans and olive oil.

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BP Paid Rural Mexicans a “Pittance” for Wall Street’s Top Climate Solution

  2022-06-28 (or before) in Bloomberg

The oil giant has found a climate bargain in some of Mexico’s poorest areas, paying a fraction of market rate for carbon offsets to rural villagers working to protect their forests.

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Cash Cow | Global Witness

  2022-06-24 (or before) in Global Witness

How beef giant JBS’s links to Amazon deforestation and human rights abuses are aided by UK, US and EU financiers, importers and supermarkets

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As California's big cities fail to rein in their water use, rural communities are already tapped out | CNN

  2022-06-05 by in CNN

Rural Californians live with the daily worry that they won't have enough water to bathe with or drink.

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Opinion | Let’s Not Pretend Planting Trees Is a Permanent Climate Solution

  2022-06-04 in The New York Times

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‘It seems this heat will take our lives’: Pakistan city fearful after hitting 51C

  2022-05-25 in The Guardian

Residents of Jacobabad say loss of trees and water facilities makes record-breaking temperatures unbearable

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Deforestation and world population sustainability: a quantitative analysis - Scientific Reports

  2022-05-15 (or before) in Nature

In this paper we afford a quantitative analysis of the sustainability of current world population growth in relation to the parallel deforestation process adopting a statistical point of view. We consider a simplified model based on a stochastic growth process driven by a continuous time random walk, which depicts the technological evolution of human kind, in conjunction with a deterministic generalised logistic model for humans-forest interaction and we evaluate the probability of avoiding the self-destruction of our civilisation. Based on the current resource consumption rates and best estimate of technological rate growth our...

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Sweden: Saving nature by destroying it?

  2022-05-02 (or before) in Fern - Making the EU work for people & forests

In Dalarna, Sweden’s&nbsp;reputation&nbsp;for protecting nature and promoting sustainable forestry might appear well justified.&nbsp; Unbroken rows of pine f...

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In 3 days, over 7,800 forest fire hotspots spotted in India | Pune News - Times of India

  2022-05-01 (or before) in Times of India

Blistering and unprecedented day temperatures in several parts of India could be sparking off forest fires in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Madh

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Global Forest Watch: Forest Monitoring Designed for Action

  2022-04-29 (or before) in

Global Forest Watch offers the latest data, technology and tools that empower people everywhere to better protect forests.

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  2022-04-29 (or before) in World Resources Institute

WRI works with governments and civil society to conserve and restore forests and healthy landscapes to supply humanity with critical goods and services.

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‘Relentless’ destruction of rainforest continuing despite Cop26 pledge

  2022-04-28 in The Guardian

Tropics lost 11.1m hectares of tree cover in 2021, including forest critical to limiting global heating and biodiversity loss

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UN Report Says Humanity Has Altered 70 Percent of the Earth’s Land, Putting the Planet on a ‘Crisis Footing’ - Inside Climate News

  2022-04-27 by in Inside Climate News

Damage to the Earth’s lands, largely caused by the expansion of agriculture, has put the planet on “crisis footing,” say the authors of a sweeping new report that urgently calls for the restoration of billions of acres of terrain to forestall the worst impacts of climate change. The report, published Wednesday, is the second major […]

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Food, farming and forestry must be transformed to curb global warming, U.N. says

  2022-04-05 in Reuters

Protecting forests, changing diets, and altering farming methods could contribute around a quarter of the greenhouse gas cuts needed to avert the worst impacts of climate change, according to the United Nations' climate panel.

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From land mines to lifelines, Lebanon’s Shouf is a rare restoration success story

  2022-03-23 in Mongabay

SHOUF BIOSPHERE RESERVE, Lebanon — Late afternoon light falls across Talal Riman’s weathered face as he stands under the ancient cedars he’s tended for almost three decades in Lebanon’s Shouf Biosphere Reserve (SBR). Riman used to defend these trees against would-be loggers and human-caused forest fires with a pump-action shotgun. Now, the SBR team protects […]

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WWOTF '21 Breakout - You Get What You Pay For: A TIMO Perspective

  2022-03-18 (or before) in YouTube

You Get What You Pay For: A TIMO Perspective on Carbon Markets, Evolving Buyer & Stakeholder Expectations, and the Cost of Implementing Forest Management Str...

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Permafrost peatlands approaching tipping point

  2022-03-15 (or before) in Science Daily

Researchers warn that permafrost peatlands in Europe and Western Siberia are much closer to a climatic tipping point than previous believed. The frozen peatlands in these areas store up to 39 billion tons of carbon -- the equivalent to twice that stored in the whole of European forests.

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Activists vow to take EU to court to fight its forest biomass policies

  2022-03-14 in Mongabay

The EU remains committed to burning forests to make energy, despite conclusive scientific evidence of its climate destabilizing impacts. In a new strategy, forest advocates plan to take the EU to court to fight that policy.

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The Problems and Promise of Forest Plantations in Kelantan - Macaranga

  2022-03-09 by in Macaranga - A Malaysian Environmental Journalism Site

In Part 3 of our #LadangHutan stories, we follow foresters and planters as they tackle the many problems with forest plantations in Kelantan.

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Climate crisis: Amazon rainforest tipping point is looming, data shows

  2022-03-07 in The Guardian

Analysis of satellite observations show forest is losing stability with ‘profound’ global implications

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Corporate tree-planting drive in Scotland ‘risks widening rural inequality’

  2022-03-05 in The Guardian

Surge of estate sales to big firms has driven up prices and increased elitism of land ownership, says report

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Ikea’s Race for the Last of Europe’s Old-Growth Forest | The New Republic

  2022-02-28 (or before) in The New Republic

The furniture giant is hungry for Romania’s famed trees. Little stands in its way.

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Deforestation emissions far higher than previously thought, study finds

  2022-02-28 in The Guardian

Carbon emissions from felling of tropical forest doubled in just two decades and are accelerating, research says

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Lake Malawi's Fish Defy Death - While Their World Heritage Home Is Threatened | We Don't Have Time

  2022-02-28 (or before) in

By Jeffrey Barbee January 27, 2022 In the shallow rocky waters below a high granite outcrop a fish lies sideways, fallen onto the sand below. Its skin the hue of a rotting corpse, the fish is unmoving, apparently dead. But looks can be deceiving. As scavenger fish approach, the play-dead fish springs into action, snapping up the would-be eaters in a flurry of motion. One of hundreds of new fish species discovered in the warm waters of Lake Malawi in the last four decades, the play-dead fish’s only home is now in danger of being destroyed. Play dead fish Nimbochromis livingstonii. Picture: Ken McKaye/ Lake...

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Increasing loss of mature boreal forests around protected areas with red-listed forest species - Ecological Processes

  2022-02-21 (or before) in Ecological Processes

Background Protected areas (PA) are central to biodiversity, but their efficiency is challenged by human-induced habitat loss and fragmentation. In the Fennoscandian boreal region, forestry with clearcutting is a threat to biodiversity causing the loss of mature forest elements and deterioration of ecological processes in forest landscapes, ultimately affecting PAs via declined structural connectivity. This paper aims to (1) determine PAs with high, red-listed species concentrations; (2) estimate the change in forest habitat around these PAs on different spatial scales; and (3) determine if forest management intensity is higher ...

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More Carbon Removed From the Atmosphere by City Trees and Soil Than Previously Thought

  2022-02-19 (or before) in

Trees at the edges of forests grow faster than trees in the middle of forests, absorbing more carbon than previously thought. Soil at the forest edge also releases less carbon than mid-forest soil.

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Restored tropical forests will store carbon even in the face of climate change

  2022-02-18 in Sustainability Times

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Harmful subsidies: why is the world still funding the destruction of nature?

  2022-02-17 in The Guardian

Government-financed support in sectors including agriculture, fossil fuels and water is incentivising the annihilation of the natural world. But reforming the system is politically fraught

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Amazon deforestation: Record high destruction of trees in January - BBC News

  2022-02-12 (or before) in The BBC

An area of trees more than seven times the size of Manhattan, New York was destroyed.

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How a humble mushroom could save forests and fight climate change

  2022-02-08 (or before) by in The Conversation

Inoculating trees with an edible fungi can produce more protein per hectare than pasture-raised beef, while reforesting, storing carbon and restoring biodiversity.

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The number of tree species on Earth | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  2022-02-01 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

One of the most fundamental questions in ecology is how many species inhabit the Earth. However, due to massive logistical and financial challenges...

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‘We’re basically starting from zero’: Restoring Finland’s river ecosystems

  2022-01-22 in The Guardian

Teams of rewilders are facing a huge task to encourage the return of wildlife after decades of damage by the forestry industry

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To Save the Rainforests, Provide Healthcare, Education and Services for Those Who Protect Them — THE TROUBLE.

  2022-01-19 (or before) in THE TROUBLE.

The $20 billion dollar Glasgow pledge for tropical forests and Indigenous people falls dangerously short.

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Tropical deforestation accelerates local warming and loss of safe outdoor working hours

  2021-12-18 (or before) in Cell Press

Tropical deforestation is associated with local warming, but the extent to which this warming impacts populations across the tropics remains understudied. We examine deforestation-associated increases in heat exposure across the tropics. We find that recent tropical deforestation was associated with an increase in heat exposure for 4.9 million people, including 2.8 million outdoor workers. Furthermore, future global warming will exacerbate these impacts. These results highlight the importance of the local cooling services that tropical forests provide for populations vulnerable to climate change.

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Trees, forests and water: Cool insights for a hot world

  2021-12-18 (or before) in

Forest-driven water and energy cycles are poorly integrated into regional, national, continental and global decision-making on climate change adaptati…

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Global land change from 1982 to 2016

  2021-12-18 (or before) in Nature

Land change is a cause and consequence of global environmental change1,2. Changes in land use and land cover considerably alter the Earth’s energy balance and biogeochemical cycles, which contributes to climate change and—in turn—affects land surface properties and the provision of ecosystem services1–4. However, quantification of global land change is lacking. Here we analyse 35&nbsp;years’ worth of satellite data and provide a comprehensive record of global land-change dynamics during the period 1982–2016. We show that—contrary to the prevailing view that forest area has declined g...

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The Black Forest Holds a Secret to Making Electric Cars Greener

  2021-12-15 (or before) in Bloomberg

A new mining process aims to produce battery-grade lithium in Germany without hurting the environment.

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Insect decline in the Anthropocene: Death by a thousand cuts

  2021-12-14 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Nature is under siege. In the last 10,000 y the human population has grown from 1 million to 7.8 billion. Much of Earth’s arable lands are already in agriculture (1), millions of acres of tropical forest are cleared each year (2, 3), atmospheric CO2 levels are at their highest concentrations in more than 3 million y (4), and climates are erratically and steadily changing from pole to pole, triggering unprecedented droughts, fires, and floods across continents. Indeed, most biologists agree that the world has entered its sixth mass extinction event, the first since the end of the Cretaceous Period 66 million y ago, when mor...

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Plans to mine Ecuador forest violate rights of nature, court rules

  2021-12-02 in The Guardian

Landmark ruling says mining permits issued in Los Cedros protected area breach Ecuador’s constitution

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Trees and Crops Don’t Have to Compete. Climate Crisis Calls for Agroforestry.

  2021-11-27 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

Agroforestry holds the technical potential to sequester a significant percentage of total global emissions.

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Multi-decadal increase of forest burned area in Australia is linked to climate change - Nature Communications

  2021-11-27 (or before) in Nature

The degree to which wildfire activity in Australia is affected by climate change is not well quantified. Here, the authors show that the frequency of forest&nbsp;fires and the area burned have increased significantly over recent decades, mainly due to an increase in dangerous fire weather conditions through warmer temperature and circulation changes.

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Frog back from the dead helps fight plans for mine in Ecuador

  2021-11-23 in The Guardian

Campaigners say if copper mine gets go-ahead in cloud forest, the longnose harlequin, once thought to be extinct, will be threatened again

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Readings | System Dynamics Self Study | Sloan School of Management | MIT OpenCourseWare

  2021-11-18 in The Guardian

This section contains information about readings for the course. Includes information on the courses textbooks, road maps, and other readings.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Rainforests | Greenhouse Gases | Russia | Trees

How tracking forest biomass change from space informs carbon cycling models

  2021-11-18 in Climate Home News

Sponsored content: Using a combination of data from different satellites, scientists are predicting the amount of above-ground biomass stored in the world's forests

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The Woody Biomass Blunder | Countercurrents

  2021-11-16 in Countercurrents

One of the most controversial fixes for global warming is the use of woody biomass, cutting trees, burning trees to achieve “carbon neutral” status in the

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Trade officials ‘taking a chainsaw’ to EU forest protection plans

  2021-11-12 in The Guardian

Exclusive: leaked memo shows trade department raising concerns about environment colleagues’ draft law

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COP26 Presented Forests as a Climate Solution, But May Not Be Able to Keep Them Standing - Inside Climate News

  2021-11-09 in Inside Climate News

The first week of the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, saw a global pledge to cut emissions of the climate super-pollutant methane, more than 40 countries promise to phase out coal and 20 agree to stop public funding for some fossil fuel projects.  But to stop global warming soon, the world needs to remove […]

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World Heritage forests : carbon sinks under pressure

  2021-11-06 (or before) in International Union for Conservation of Nature

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‘Dangerous blindspot’: why overlooking blue carbon could sink us

  2021-11-06 in The Guardian

Exceptional new findings show the huge potential of salt marshes for sucking up carbon. But is it too late for blue carbon to save the world?

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Wildlife | Trees

Financing forests - Tortoise

  2021-11-03 in Tortoise Media

On day two of Cop more than 100 countries joined forces to protect 85 per cent of the world’s forests. What’s not to like? We’ve tried this before and it didn’t work, but apart from that it’s a big step forward

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UK Power Station Pillages North Carolina Forests

  2021-11-03 (or before) in Byline Times

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Australia’s 2050 net zero emissions plan relies on ‘gross manipulation’ of data, experts say

  2021-10-29 in The Guardian

Estimates for carbon dioxide storage in trees and soil go far beyond upper bounds of what peer-reviewed science suggests is possible

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Net Zero | Trees

Shell 'Drive Carbon Neutral' claims in doubt after forest scrutiny

  2021-10-25 (or before) in SourceMaterial – Climate. Corruption. Democracy.

With Unearthed and Bloomberg News. Untouched rainforest decorates the billboards of Shell’s ‘Drive Carbon Neutral’ campaign, which promises customers that by paying to protect it t

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Climate change: How technology is helping cities tackle climate disasters - BBC News

  2021-10-24 (or before) in The BBC

Cities are under threat from floods, forest fires and other disasters - how is tech helping with emergency responses?

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Forestry skills crisis puts climate targets at risk - The Institute of Chartered Foresters

  2021-10-10 in The Institute of Chartered Foresters

On Thursday 7 October we sent a position paper to Ministers across the UK detailing our serious concerns about the skills shortage in our sector, which we believe puts climate targets at risk. Read the executive summary below or download the full document. We have asked governments to commit to action and offered solutions; we […]

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Post‐disturbance canopy recovery and the resilience of Europe’s forests

  2021-09-29 (or before) in Wiley Online Library

Aim Forest ecosystems around the globe are facing increasing natural and human disturbances. Increasing disturbances can challenge forest resilience, that is, the capacity of forests to sustain thei...

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Where Americans Moved Into Fire Danger Zones

  2021-09-25 (or before) in Bloomberg

In the first year of Covid, migration increased into areas that have seen recent wildfires — even as climate change intensifies risk.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | Insurance | California | Trees

Fresh California wildfire prompts evacuations as forest blazes grow

  2021-09-24 in The Guardian

Fawn fire scorches more than 8.5 sq miles amid hot, dry and gusty conditions as smoke from forest raises air quality concerns

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California | Trees

Russia forest fire damage worst since records began, says Greenpeace

  2021-09-22 in The Guardian

Analysis shows over 18.16m hectares were destroyed in 2021, an absolute record since satellite monitoring began

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Arctic | Greenpeace | Russia | Trees

Global wildfire carbon dioxide emissions at record high, data shows

  2021-09-21 in The Guardian

Figures from EU monitoring service for August are highest since it began measurements in 2003

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

The Most Cost-Effective Climate Solution Available: Keep Forests Where They Are

  2021-09-20 in Earthjustice: Because the earth needs a good lawyer

We're calling on the Biden administration to conserve all mature and old-growth trees throughout our federal forests.

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Trees

Fire creeps closer to ancient sequoias, reaching Trail of 100 Giants

  2021-09-20 in Los Angeles Times

Flames from the Windy fire are chewing the trunks of trees within Long Meadow Grove, home to some 1,500-year-old sequoias along the Trail of 100 Giants.

  Tagged under: California | Trees

Leaked EU anti-deforestation law omits fragile grasslands and wetlands

  2021-09-14 in The Guardian

Campaigners say draft regulation contains many loopholes, including exclusion of Cerrado and Pantanal

  Tagged under: Grasslands | Wetlands | Deforestation | European Union | Trees

P​rosecco protesters rise up against ‘ruthless expansion’ of Italian winemakers

  2021-09-10 in The Guardian

Locals say cypress trees have been lost and rivers polluted by pesticides and wastewater from wineries

  Tagged under: Rivers | Trees

Up to half of world’s wild tree species could be at risk of extinction

  2021-08-31 in The Guardian

Global study calls for urgent action to prevent ecosystem collapse, with farming the biggest cause of die-off

  Tagged under: Farming | Collapse | Trees

Annual dynamics of global land cover and its long-term changes from 1982 to 2015

  2021-08-29 (or before) in Earth System Science Data

<p><strong class="journal-contentHeaderColor">Abstract.</strong> Land cover is the physical material at the surface of the Earth. As the cause and result of global environmental change, land cover change (LCC) influences the global energy balance and biogeochemical cycles. Continuous and dynamic monitoring of global LC is urgently needed. Effective monitoring and comprehensive analysis of LCC at the global scale are rare. With the latest version of GLASS (Global Land Surface Satellite) CDRs (climate data records) from 1982 to 2015, we built the first record of 34-year-long annual dynamics of global land cover (...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

From 1m trees to a tree graveyard: how Dubai’s conservation plans went awry

  2021-08-24 in The Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of trees have died after costly real estate projects thwarted attempts to halt desertification

  Tagged under: Africa | Middle East | Trees

Economic Growth - Facing Future

  2021-08-21 (or before) in Facing Future

Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet “Global civilization has an operating system. It is disastrously flawed. It is killing us. It is known by two common names: money and growth economics. Money is a virus of the mind which uses humanity [and nature] for its own reproduction.” – Stuart Scott, Director of the Facing Future … Continue reading "Economic Growth"

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Oceans | Farming | Wildfires | Drought | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Methane | Economics | Wildlife | Fossil Fuels | Economic Growth | Sea Level | Trees | Sustainability

Why Our Forests Are Burning

  2021-08-16 by in Home | Rainforest Alliance

Forests around the world are burning, from the Amazon to the Arctic. As the global alarm sounds, many are asking why our forests are burning—and who is to blame?

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Arctic | Trees

Fire and forest scientists write letter voicing concerns over new U.S. Forest Service directives

  2021-08-11 (or before) in UNM Newsroom: UNM Newsroom

The following letter was written by a group of more than 40 fire and forest scientists led by The University of New Mexico’s Matt Hurteau, a professor in the Department of Biology. It addresses concerns with a recent decision over new directives aimed at...

  Tagged under: Trees

Reforestation hopes threaten global food security, Oxfam warns

  2021-08-03 in The Guardian

Over-reliance on tree-planting to offset carbon emissions could push food prices up 80% by 2050

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Tax-Funded Forest Institute in Oregon Misled Public, May Have Broken State Law, Audit Finds

  2021-07-28 (or before) by in Pro Publica

State auditors found that an agency intended to educate the public about forestry presented biased information favoring the timber industry and possibly violated state law. The audit was prompted by our investigation last year into the agency.

  Tagged under: Oregon | Trees

Bootleg Fire is burning up carbon offsets - CNN

  2021-07-28 (or before) by in CNN

These forests were meant to survive one hundred years. Persistent drought and wildfire conditions are threatening carbon offsets. The question is whether these offsets matter, if their stored carbon goes up in smoke due to climate change.

  Tagged under: Oregon | Wildfires | Drought | Climate Change | Trees

‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning

  2021-07-20 in The Guardian

Locals fear for their health and property as smoke from raging forest fires shrouds an entire region of eastern Russia

  Tagged under: Forest Fires | Russia | Health | Trees

Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

  2021-07-14 in The Guardian

Cutting emissions more urgent than ever, say scientists, with forest producing more than a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Why ‘tiny forests’ are popping up in big cities

  2021-07-01 (or before) in National Geographic

Community forests the size of a basketball court can make an outsized difference, providing shade, attracting plants and animals, and even storing a bit of carbon.

  Tagged under: Trees

100+ Luminaries Call for Protection of Old Growth Forests in British Columbia - Canopy

  2021-06-17 in Canopy Planet - protecting the world's forests by transforming supply chains

  Tagged under: Trees

UK failing to protect against climate dangers, advisers warn

  2021-06-16 in The Guardian

It is ‘absolutely illogical’ not to tackle the risks of heatwaves and power blackouts, says Climate Change Committee

  Tagged under: Heatwaves | Trees

How are our cities going to look in a rapidly heating world? It won’t be long before 50C will be normal | James Bradley

  2021-06-14 in The Guardian

Hot weather bakes in disadvantage. Regenerating natural and living ecosystems will help us all

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Housing | Wildlife | Trees

Deforestation reduces rainfall and agricultural revenues in the Brazilian Amazon - Nature Communications

  2021-06-05 (or before) in Nature

Deforestation in the Amazon region has suggested to influence precipitation in a non-linear way. Here, the authors show that forest loss is associated with decreasing precipitation after a scale-dependent threshold is crossed, which can cause stress on agriculture if deforestation is expanded.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Extreme Rainfall | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees

10% of the World's Sequoias Burned in 2020 Castle Fire

  2021-06-04 (or before) in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

The climate crisis has put sequoias on a dangerous path. A draft report from the National Park Service indicates that 10% of the largest trees in the world were wiped out in last year’s Castle Fire.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California | Trees

There aren’t enough trees in the world to offset carbon emissions – and there never will be

  2021-05-18 (or before) by in - Latest News, In depth news, India news, Politics news, Indian Cinema, Indian sports, Culture, Video News

Researchers are in unanimous agreement that land ecosystems have a finite capacity to take up carbon.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Sales of peat compost to gardeners to be banned from 2024

  2021-05-18 in The Guardian

Funding for restoration of peatlands and tripling of tree planting in England also announced

  Tagged under: Wildlife | Trees

Top airlines’ promises to offset flights rely on ‘phantom credits’

  2021-05-04 by in SourceMaterial – Climate. Corruption. Democracy.

Airlines state that supporting forest conservation projects can offset emissions. A new investigation shows the bold claims can’t be verified

  Tagged under: Trees

Effort to cut world’s greenhouse emissions may be hampered by a giant accounting problem. - The Washington Post

  2021-04-26 in The Washington Post

Countries are adopting very different strategies for how they take into account carbon pulled out of the air by their forests.

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Trees

The Mother Tree Project

  2021-04-25 (or before) in The Mother Tree Project

The Mother Tree project is a research project investigating forest renewal practices that will protect biodiversity, carbon storage and forest regeneration as climate changes.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

Joe Biden’s billions won’t stop Bolsonaro destroying the Amazon rainforest | Marina Silva and Rubens Ricupero

  2021-04-22 in The Guardian

Money alone will not persuade Brazil’s government to stop deforestation, say former Brazilian environment ministers Marina Silva and Rubens Ricupero

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Joe Biden | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees

Billions of extra trees may give us 20 years to tackle climate change

  2021-04-18 (or before) by in New Scientist

  Tagged under: Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Climate Change | Trees

Extreme Temperature Diary- Saturday April 18th, 2021/ Main Topic: One Of The First Effects Of Sea Level Rise…Ghost Forests – Guy On Climate

  2021-04-18 (or before) in Guy On Climate

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‘Forests are not renewable’: the felling of Sweden’s ancient trees

  2021-04-16 in The Guardian

Forests cover 70% of the country, but many argue the Swedish model of replacing old-growth forests with monoculture plantations is bad for biodiversity

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Pacheedaht First Nation chiefs in Canada tell anti-logging protesters to leave their lands

  2021-04-14 in The Guardian

Leaders condemn ‘unsolicited involvement by others in our territory’ as activists seek to protect old-growth trees

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UK’s native woodlands reaching crisis point, report warns

  2021-04-14 in The Guardian

Drive to plant more trees will count for little if existing woods are lost, says Woodland Trust

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Why 'Carbon-Cycle Feedbacks' Could Drive Temperatures Even Higher

  2021-04-09 (or before) in Yale E360

New research indicates that parts of the Amazon and other tropical forests are now emitting more CO2 than they absorb. Some scientists are concerned this development, which is not yet incorporated into climate models, could put the temperature goals set by the Paris Agreement out of reach.

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One of Earth’s giant carbon sinks may have been overestimated - study

  2021-03-24 in The Guardian

The potential of soils to slow climate change by soaking up carbon may be less than previously thought

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Thousands evacuated in Australia's worst floods in nearly half a century | Reuters

  2021-03-23 (or before) in Reuters

Australian authorities issued fresh flood warnings and evacuation orders on Tuesday as torrential rains again pummelled several parts of the country, sweeping away homes, roads and livestock in the worst downpour in more than half a century.

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First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change

  2021-03-12 (or before) in National Geographic

The first broad look at all of the gases that affect how the Amazon works—not just CO2—reveals a system on the brink.

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The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse

  2021-03-11 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Satellite imagery shows that the area covered by kelp forests off the coast of Northern California has dropped by more than 95 percent, with just a few small, isolated patches of bull kelp remaining. Species-rich kelp forests have been replaced by "urchin barrens," where purple sea urchins cover a seafloor devoid of kelp and other algae.

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Is this the end of forests as we've known them?

  2021-03-10 in The Guardian

Trees lost to drought and wildfires are not returning. Climate change is taking a toll on the world’s forests - and radically changing the environment before our eyes

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Two-thirds of tropical rainforest destroyed or degraded globally, NGO says

  2021-03-08 (or before) in Yahoo

Humans have degraded or destroyed roughly two-thirds of the world's original tropical rainforest cover, new data reveals – raising alarm that a key natural buffer against climate change is quickly vanishing. The forest loss is also a major contributor of climate-warming emissions, with the dense tropical forest vegetation representing the largest living reservoir of carbon. Logging and land conversion, mainly for agriculture, have wiped out 34% of the world's original old-growth tropical rainforests, and degraded another 30%, leaving them more vulnerable to fire and future destruction, according to an analysis by the non...

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Report: 2 in 3 banks have no commitments to stop financing deforestation

  2021-03-06 (or before) in Edie Awards

Some 95 of the world's largest 150 banks and investment firms have not published policies to prevent the companies they finance from destroying forests, with laggards including BlackRock and Wells Fargo.

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Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave - Communications Biology

  2021-03-05 (or before) in Nature

Meredith McPherson et al. use a 34-year time series of satellite and in situ derived data to study bull kelp forests of northern California and demonstrate the ecosystem shifts following a marine heatwave event between 2014 and 2016. The results show that increased herbivory by sea urchins due to the loss of a predator reduced bull kelp forest resistance to fluctuating environmental conditions and point to the importance of ecosystem-based and adaptive management strategies.

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An Urgent Call for a New Relationship with Nature

  2021-03-04 (or before) by in Scientific American

&ldquo;Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and the Planet&rdquo; is the theme of this year&rsquo;s World Wildlife Day

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University of Tasmania clears scientists accused of research misconduct by logging industry

  2021-02-28 in The Guardian

Investigation followed researchers’ decision to retract paper that found logging made forests more flammable

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'Existential threat to our survival': see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing

  2021-02-25 by in The Conversation

Iconic ecosystems, from coral reefs to Tasmania’s ancient forests, are collapsing across the continent and into Antarctica. It’s not too late to act — in fact, our lives depend on it.

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'A cause for worry': Mexico's monarch butterflies drop by 26% in year

  2021-02-25 in The Guardian

Butterflies had bad year after four times as many trees were lost to illegal logging and extreme climate conditions

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Fiercer, more frequent fires may reduce carbon capture by forests

  2021-02-25 in The Guardian

Global study shows blazes diminish forest density and tree size, making woods likely to sequester less carbon

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“Securing Indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems”: Q&A with Nia Tero CEO Peter Seligmann

  2021-02-23 in Mongabay

One of the dominant trends in conservation over the past 20 years has been growing recognition of the contributions Indigenous peoples have made toward conservationists’ goals of protecting biodiversity, wild places, and ecosystem functions. Lands stewarded by Indigenous peoples and local communities sequester at least a sixth of forest carbon and house 80% of terrestrial […]

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Rolling back social and environmental safeguards in the time of COVID-19

  2021-02-18 in Land Portal | Securing Land Rights Through Open Data

This crucial report demonstrates how states and other actors are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to roll back social and environmental safeguards. In doing so, they are eroding the rights of indigenous peoples in the five most tropically forested countries of the world Indigenous peoples have protested against actions by states that have used the crisis as an

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Rolling back social and environmental safeguards in the name of COVID-19

  2021-02-18 (or before) in YouTube

Join Forest Peoples Programme, the Tenure Facility, Middlesex University, the Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic and the Land Portal on Thursday, ...

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River Action targets agri-businesses in campaign to stop pollution

  2021-02-18 in The Guardian

New group has written to Noble Foods near River Wye, where chemical runoffs are said to be causing serious damage

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What Would Planting 100 Million Trees Per Week Do In 5, 50, & 500 Years?

  2021-02-16 in Cleantech News — #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

A trillion trees, low-tillage agriculture, and a sustainable economy would mean that in about 500 years we would have the level of CO2 about where we want to keep it, probably around 300 ppm.

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Walmart selling beef from firm linked to Amazon deforestation

  2021-02-13 in The Guardian

Exclusive: US chains Walmart, Costco and Kroger selling Brazilian beef produced by JBS linked to destruction of Brazilian rainforest

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Analysis: Shell says new ‘Brazil-sized’ forest would be needed to meet 1.5C climate goal - Carbon Brief

  2021-02-12 in Carbon Brief

For the first time, Shell has released a “pathway” showing how the world could potentially meet the Paris Agreement’s ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C.

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Earth First! Direct Action Manual, 3rd Edition

  2021-02-07 (or before) in Issuu

The DAM is almost 300 pages of diagrams, descriptions of techniques and a comprehensive overview of the role direct action plays in resistance—from planning an action, doing a soft blockade, putting up a treesit or executing a lockdown; to legal and prisoner support, direct action trainings, fun political pranks, and more. The DAM has been compiled and updated by frontline activists from around the US to help spread the knowledge and get these skills farther out in the world.

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Three months since Procter & Gamble’s historic shareholder vote on forests, the company has no plans to end forest destruction. | by Friends of the Earth | Medium

  2021-02-07 (or before) in

The world’s largest consumer goods company continues failing to address concerns over its deforestation and forest degradation.

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Climate change disasters in B.C. likely to increase if industrial logging continues unchecked: report | CBC News

  2021-02-03 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

A report commissioned by Sierra Club B.C. says keeping healthy, mature forests safe from industrial logging will help protect the province from catastrophic flooding, wildfires, droughts and heat waves caused by climate change.

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Intact forests, safe communities: A report on reducing community climate risks through forestry practices reform - Sierra Club BC

  2021-01-29 in Sierra Club BC

A report on reducing community climate risks through forest protection and a paradigm shift in forest management. Produced by Peter Wood and Sierra Club BC.

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Top scientists warn of 'ghastly future of mass extinction' and climate disruption

  2021-01-13 in The Guardian

Sobering new report says world is failing to grasp the extent of threats posed by biodiversity loss and the climate crisis

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Europe’s renewable energy directive poised to harm global forests - Nature Communications

  2020-12-27 (or before) in Nature

This comment raises concerns regarding the way in which a new European directive, aimed at reaching higher renewable energy targets, treats wood harvested directly for bioenergy use as a carbon-free fuel. The result could consume quantities of wood equal to all Europe’s wood harvests, greatly increase carbon in the air for decades, and set a dangerous global example.

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Photography campaign shows the grim aftermath of logging in Canada's fragile forests - Ancient Forest Alliance

  2020-12-03 (or before) in Ancient Forest Alliance

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UK imported 1m tonnes of soya with deforestation risk in 2019

  2020-12-01 in The Guardian

New analysis finds 40% was brought in without sourcing checks from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

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Climate crisis making autumn leaves fall earlier, study finds

  2020-11-26 in The Guardian

Report suggests tree growth will not store nearly as much carbon as scientists hoped

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‘Large-scale human rights violations’ taint Congo national park project

  2020-11-26 in The Guardian

Conservation groups proposing a protected area in the river basin accused of ignoring the interests of the Baka people

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Revealed: UK supermarket and fast-food chicken linked to deforestation in Brazil

  2020-11-25 in The Guardian

Tesco, Lidl, Asda, McDonald’s and Nando’s all source chicken fed on soya from Cerrado tropical biome region

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Could we ever pull enough carbon out of the atmosphere to stop climate change?

  2020-11-22 in Live Science

Planting trees helps, but what are other ways?

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The key areas of Boris Johnson's 'green industrial revolution'

  2020-11-17 in The Guardian

How can the objectives of the 10-point plan be achieved?

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Salmon Feed Forests - Pacific Wild

  2020-11-15 by in Great Bear Rainforest Conservation | BC

Salmon feed forests? Yep. Salmon feed killer whales, sea lions, bears, eagles and wolves which decompose into fertilizer for forests.

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  2020-11-10 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Much recent attention has focused on the potential of trees and forests to mitigate ongoing climate change by acting as sinks for carbon. Anderegg et al. review the growing evidence that forests' climate mitigation ...

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Farms, cities eat up 148 million hectares of biodiversity hotspots in 24 years: Study

  2020-10-31 (or before) in Down To Earth | Environment & science issues | India, South Asia

The largest losses, mostly in forests, occurred in the Sundaland, Indo-Burma and Mesoamerica hotspots, all in developing countries

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Climate change: China's forest carbon uptake 'underestimated' - BBC News

  2020-10-28 (or before) in The BBC

Scientists put new numbers on Chinese trees' ability to pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Vast majority of Europe's key habitats in poor or bad condition – report

  2020-10-19 in The Guardian

State of Nature in the EU survey finds only a quarter of species have good conservation status

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Boreal forest being driven to tipping point by climate change, study finds | CBC News

  2020-10-13 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

Climate change is forcing the boreal forest that covers much of northern Canada to a tipping point, concludes a newly published study.

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Rainforest at Biosphere 2 Offers Glimpse into Future of the Amazon

  2020-10-12 in University of Arizona News

Tropical forests may be more resilient to climate change than previously thought, according to a new study. The results could help make climate prediction models more accurate.

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This is my message to the western world – your civilisation is killing life on Earth | Nemonte Nenquimo

  2020-10-12 in The Guardian

We Indigenous people are fighting to save the Amazon, but the whole planet is in trouble because you do not respect it, says Indigenous campaigner Nemonte Nenquimo

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HS2 may be guilty of 'wildlife crime' by felling trees illegally, say lawyers

  2020-10-10 in The Guardian

Reports of rare bat species in ancient woodland being cleared for high-speed rail line

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'Total destruction': why fires are tearing across South America

  2020-10-09 in The Guardian

Wildfires, mostly caused by land clearing for cattle grazing and soya production, have set four nations ablaze

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Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah – study

  2020-10-05 in The Guardian

Climate crisis and logging is leading to shift from canopy rainforest to open grassland

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'This is the Everest of zero carbon' – inside York's green home revolution

  2020-10-04 in The Guardian

The city plans to build Britain’s biggest zero-carbon housing project, boasting 600 homes in car-free cycling paradises full of fruit trees and allotments. When will the rest of the UK catch up?

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40,000 trees face felling by National Trust after surge in ash dieback

  2020-10-02 in The Guardian

Woods that inspired Beatrix Potter and John Constable in danger after hot, dry spring speeds up disease

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Africa's Great Green Wall just 4% complete halfway through schedule

  2020-09-07 in The Guardian

Report calls for more support if plan to plant 100m hectares of vegetation is to be realised

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Trees Living on the Edge | Science | AAAS

  2020-09-06 (or before) in Science Mag

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Rampant destruction of forests ‘will unleash more pandemics’

  2020-08-30 in The Guardian

Researchers to tell UN that loss of biodiversity enables rapid spread of new diseases from animals to humans

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'Our dead are buried there': Ebo logging decree sparks anger in Cameroon

  2020-08-11 in The Guardian

Ebo forest is home to hundreds of rare species including Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Africa | Wildlife | Trees

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

  2020-08-08 in The Guardian

Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘self-reliant India’ comes at a terrible price for its indigenous population

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Climate crisis exerting increasing impact on UK, says Met Office

  2020-07-30 in The Guardian

Extreme heat, less frost and snow, and trees coming into leaf earlier among signs in 2019

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Revealed: new evidence links Brazil meat giant JBS to Amazon deforestation

  2020-07-27 in The Guardian

Photographs by employee appear to show company trucks being used to transport cattle from allegedly prohibited cattle farm

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Farming | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Trees

Dry tropical forests may be more at risk than wet rainforests, study says

  2020-07-03 in The Guardian

Areas with a drier climate have seen greater loss of biodiversity from global warming

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Wildfires in Siberia increase five-fold amid unprecedented heatwave

  2020-07-02 (or before) in The Watchers - Watching the world evolve and transform

Wildfires in Siberia have grown five-fold over the past week amid an unprecedented heatwave, according to Russia&#39;s forest fire aerial protection service. This came after the town of Verkhoyansk hit 38 &deg;C (100.4 &deg;F), marking the hottest-ev...

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Climate change: Planting new forests 'can do more harm than good' - BBC News

  2020-06-24 (or before) in BBC

Large-scale tree planting to fight climate change may backfire, two new studies have found.

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Pandemics result from destruction of nature, say UN and WHO

  2020-06-17 in The Guardian

Experts call for legislation and trade deals worldwide to encourage green recovery

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Big Money Bought the Forests. Small Logging Communities Are Paying the Price.

  2020-06-11 by in Pro Publica

Wall Street investment funds took control of Oregon’s private forests. Now, wealthy timber corporations reap the benefits of tax cuts that have cost rural counties billions.

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False Biomass Energy Industry Claims Demand a Response | Save Our Roots

  2020-06-03 in Save Our Roots - An Indigenous Peoples Campaign to Protect the Sacred Biodiversity of Our Natural Forests

One pervasive piece of biomass industry fiction in this article is that recent tree mortality in California will cause more intense wildfires, so dead trees should be cut down. Yet numerous studies show that dead trees do not increase wildfire severity or extent.

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Climate crisis is making world’s forests shorter and younger – study

  2020-05-28 in The Guardian

Rising temperatures, natural disasters and deforestation taking heavy toll, say scientists

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Wareham Forest fire flare-ups continue to spread after six days - BBC News

  2020-05-24 (or before) in BBC

Fire crews say 45mph winds are proving a "huge risk" to the fire which has been burning for six days.

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'Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics – scientists

  2020-05-07 in The Guardian

Habitat destruction forces wildlife into human environments, where new diseases flourish

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Brazil to weaken environmental safeguards amid increase in deforestation

  2020-04-29 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Brazil: Critics accuse Bolsonaro of using COVID-19 as cover to rush through amnesty for destruction and occupation of forest

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Unchecked Global Warming Could Collapse Whole Ecosystems, Maybe Within 10 Years - Inside Climate News

  2020-04-08 in Inside Climate News

Global warming is about to tear big holes into Earth’s delicate web of life, pushing temperatures beyond the tolerance of thousands of animals at the same time. As some key species go extinct, entire ecosystems like coral reefs and forests will crumble, and some will collapse abruptly, starting as soon as this decade, a new […]

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Tropical forests losing their ability to absorb carbon, study finds

  2020-03-04 in The Guardian

Amazon could turn into source of CO2 in atmosphere by next decade, research suggests

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Fir's fair: UK must embrace conifers in climate fight, says forestry chief

  2020-02-26 in The Guardian

Non-native species must be part of the mix if the UK is to meet it’s tree-planting targets, says outgoing Forestry Commission head Sir Harry Studholme

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The inherent dangers of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

  2020-02-25 (or before) in EURACTIV

As the European Commission considers its long-term strategy to cut EU greenhouse gas emissions, Julia Christian says they must reject an unproven and dangerous technology in favour of protecting and restoring natural forests.

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The dead sea: Tasmania's underwater forests disappearing in our lifetime

  2020-02-24 (or before) in The Guardian

The sea along the Tasmanian east coast is a global heating hotspot. One man has watched entire sea forests disappear in his lifetime

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Beavers introduced to Yorkshire in 2019 may have prevented Storm Dennis flooding with their dams | Yorkshire Post

  2020-02-22 (or before) in Yorkshire Post

A pair of beavers introduced to a Yorkshire forest last year may have played a vital role in preventing flooding this month.

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Set a global target for ecosystems

  2020-02-22 (or before) in Nature

The conservation community must be able to track countries’ progress in protecting wetlands, reefs, forests and more, argue James Watson and colleagues. The conservation community must be able to track countries’ progress in protecting wetlands, reefs, forests and more, argue James Watson and colleagues.

  Tagged under: Forests | Wildlife | Conservation | Coral Reefs | Wetlands | Trees

Global economic growth will take big hit due to loss of nature

  2020-02-12 by Fiona Harvey in The Guardian

Damage to environment could wipe £368bn a year from growth by 2050 and UK will be hard hit, WWF warns

  Tagged under: Animal Populations | Biodiversity Loss | Natural World | Economics | GDP | Fish | Economic Growth | Trees

Airlines want you to think they’re serious about the climate crisis. They’re not | Max Wakefield

  2020-02-04 in The Guardian

An offer to plant trees to offset carbon emissions isn’t a solution – it’s a licence to continue with business as usual, says environmental activist Max Wakefield

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Buildings Made of "Moss-Growing Concrete" Could Remove More CO2 and Air Pollution than Thousands of Trees

  2020-02-03 in Return to Now

Researchers have developed a “living concrete” that grows moss, lichens and fungi that could turn city buildings into giant air purifiers Spanish researchers have developed a porous, acidic concrete that acts almost like soil for moss, lichen, fungi and other drought-tolerant vegetation. They are using the material to construct prototypes […]

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Most of 11m trees planted in Turkish project 'may be dead'

  2020-01-30 in The Guardian

Agriculture and forestry union says up to 90% of saplings they have looked at have died

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‘Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

  2020-01-24 in The Guardian

Revealed: emails show Trump and appointees tried to craft a narrative that forest protection efforts are responsible for wildfires

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | US Politics | California | Trees

Big polluters should pay for 100m trees a year, say experts - Positive News

  2020-01-23 in Positive News | Good journalism about good things - Positive News

Government climate advisers have recommended an overhaul of land use to meet Net Zero by 2050

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Trees

1 Trillion More Trees is not the Answer — Monkey Wrench

  2020-01-22 (or before) in Monkey Wrench

Reforestation drives attempt to achieve 1 trillion trees planted to solve climate crisis

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Warren calls on big U.S. banks for steps on climate risk | Reuters

  2020-01-22 (or before) in Reuters

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a contender for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, is asking the biggest U.S. banks for details on their assessments of and preparations for risks related to global warming.

  Tagged under: USA | Wildfires | Forest Fires | US Politics | Trees

Homepage - Trillion Trees

  2020-01-22 (or before) in Trillion Trees

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Patrick Moore

  2020-01-20 (or before) by in DeSmog

Patrick Moore Credentials Honorary Doctorate of Science, North Carolina State University (2005). [1] Ph.D., Forestry*, University of British Columbia (1974). [1], [97] Honors B.Sc. in Forest Biology, University of British Columbia. [1] *Note: Patrick Moore has listed himself with a “Ph.D. in Ecology, Institute of Resource Ecology, University of British Columbia” in his profile at EcoSense and at the Heartland Institute, […]

  Tagged under: Fish | Trees

Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees

  2020-01-18 in The Guardian

Deadly interaction between insects, drought and fire damage have forced California’s park officials to trigger climate crisis plans intended for the 2050s

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Rainforest Action Network - Fighting for People and Planet

  2020-01-10 (or before) in Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Action Network preserves forests, protects the climate and upholds human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.

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Geographers find tipping point in deforestation

  2020-01-08 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

University of Cincinnati geography researchers have identified a tipping point for deforestation that leads to rapid forest loss.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Tipping Points | Trees

Planting trees is only a good news story if it’s done right | Bibi van der Zee

  2019-12-25 by Bibi van der Zee in The Guardian

In the fight against global warming, we’d be better off preserving natural forests than planting new monoculture plantations, says Guardian journalist Bibi van der Zee

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Activism | Carbon Capture and Storage | Forests | Trees | Deforestation | Climate Change

Waiting for a megafire: the battle against Australia's biggest blaze

  2019-12-21 in The Guardian

The Gospers Mountain fire has consumed hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest and is now threatening towns and lives

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Trees

Reach ‘peak meat’ by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

  2019-12-12 in The Guardian

Reducing meat and dairy consumption will cut methane and allow forests to thrive

  Tagged under: Farming | Methane | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Trees

The climate crisis is the most urgent threat of our time. Help us fight it | Katharine Viner

  2019-12-06 in The Guardian

Urgent policy steps are needed to avoid climate catastrophe, but we as citizens can also support practical, natural solutions

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Revealed: 'monumental' NSW bushfires have burnt 20% of Blue Mountains world heritage area

  2019-12-03 in The Guardian

More than 10% of forest in NSW national parks destroyed by fire this season, with the damage to Gondwana rainforest a ‘global tragedy’

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Rainforests | Trees

Weatherwatch: restore peat bogs to fight climate change

  2019-12-02 in The Guardian

Peat moors store far more carbon dioxide than forests, as well as helping to control flooding

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Trees

Brazil’s president claims DiCaprio paid for Amazon fires

  2019-11-29 in The Guardian

Jair Bolsonaro falsely accuses actor of funding deliberate destruction of rainforest

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Forest Fires | Trees

Earth may have already hit climate change 'tipping point' leading to catastrophic domino effect that threatens civilisation's existence | The Independent | The Independent

  2019-11-28 in The Independent

Scientists call for ‘urgent emergency response’ to tackle global greenhouse gas emissions  

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Trees | Tipping Points

Climate emergency: world 'may have crossed tipping points’

  2019-11-27 in The Guardian

Warning of ‘existential threat to civilisation’ as impacts lead to cascade of unstoppable events

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Tipping Points | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

California: thousands flee from fire burning near Santa Barbara

  2019-11-26 in The Guardian

Up to 6,300 people evacuated and 2,400 homes threatened by wind-driven wildfire that erupted Monday afternoon in Los Padres national forest

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California | Trees

Meat: A Threat to Our Planet? review – guaranteed to put you off your chicken nuggets

  2019-11-25 in The Guardian

Liz Bonnin’s investigation of the environmental mayhem caused by mass carnivory was meaty, disquieting viewing

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Farming | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Texas | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Trees

Should this tree have the same rights as you?

  2019-11-02 in The Guardian

Around the world, a movement is gaining momentum that grants legal rights to natural phenomena, including rivers, lakes and mountains. Robert Macfarlane investigates the rise of the new animism

  Tagged under: Activism | Rivers | Trees

Climate emissions from tropical forest damage 'underestimated by a factor of six'

  2019-10-31 in The Guardian

Scientists say policymakers must better account for climate impacts of damage to forests, and benefits of conserving them

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Sea urchin population soars 10,000% in five years, devastating US coastline

  2019-10-24 in The Guardian

Voracious purple urchins in waters of California and Oregon pose threat to mighty kelp forests and risk upending delicate ecosystems

  Tagged under: Oregon | Oceans | Wildlife | California | Trees

Total greenwash: Total CEO announces oil company will spend US$100 million a year on forest protection and reforestation | REDD-Monitor

  2019-10-24 (or before) in

By Chris Lang On 6 July 2019, Patrick Pouyanné, the CEO of French oil and gas company Total, announced that his company would invest US$100 million per year in forest protection. Total’s announcement comes shortly after similar announcements by Shell and Eni to offset some of their emissions with forest conservation projects. Oil companies have...

  Tagged under: Shell | TotalEnergies | Trees | France

Large-scale afforestation of African savannas will destroy valuable ecosystems: African scientists speak out about global plans to plant trees on their continent in order to fight climate change

  2019-10-23 (or before) in Science Daily

Scientists from around the world argue that the suggested afforestation of large areas of Africa to mitigate climate change will destroy valuable ecological, agricultural, and tourist areas, while doing little to reduce global CO2 levels.

  Tagged under: Africa | Climate Change | Trees

Lib Dems unveil plans for environmental 'duty of care' for UK firms

  2019-10-23 in The Guardian

Proposals could make companies liable for harm caused by overseas suppliers

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

Amazon rainforest 'close to irreversible tipping point'

  2019-10-23 in The Guardian

Forecast suggests rainforest could stop producing enough rain to sustain itself by 2021

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Tipping Points | Bolsonaro | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees

If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire?

  2019-10-22 (or before) by in Pro Publica

The emergency threatening part of the world’s largest rainforest is proof that offsets are too risky to count on to cancel out corporate pollution, and that the Amazon needs help without strings attached.

  Tagged under: Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Trees

What is REDD+? | Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

  2019-10-21 (or before) in Forest Carbon Partnership

  Tagged under: Trees

News | Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

  2019-10-21 (or before) in Forest Carbon Partnership

  Tagged under: Trees

Animals are disappearing from forests, with grave consequences for the fight against climate breakdown – new research

  2019-10-14 by in The Conversation

In the absence of animals to help larger trees reproduce, forests are suffering.

  Tagged under: Trees

Algae might be a secret weapon to combatting climate change

  2019-10-02 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

The secret weapon to combatting climate change isn't just planting trees—it's growing algae

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Trees

More than half of native European trees face extinction, warns study

  2019-09-27 in The Guardian

Ash, elm and rowan among trees threatened by pests and pollution, says biodiversity report

  Tagged under: Trees

Greta Thunberg: ‘We are ignoring natural climate solutions’

  2019-09-19 in The Guardian

Film by Swedish activist and Guardian journalist George Monbiot says nature must be used to repair broken climate

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Greta Thunberg | Activism | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Greenhouse Gases | Fossil Fuels | Trees

Amazon fires 'extraordinarily concerning', warns UN biodiversity chief

  2019-08-30 in The Guardian

Biodiversity chief calls for countries to unite to halt rapid degradation of nature

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Forest Fires | Trees

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation - EcoWatch

  2019-08-28 in EcoWatch - For a Healthier Planet and Life

Trump has reportedly ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to open Alaska's 16.7 million-acre Tongass National Forest — the planet's largest intact temperate rainforest — to logging and other corporate development projects, a move that comes as thousands of fires are ripping through the Amazon rainforest and putting the "lungs of the world"

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Wildfires | Rainforests | Forest Fires | Alaska | Trees

Jair Bolsonaro claims NGOs behind Amazon forest fire surge – but provides no evidence

  2019-08-21 in The Guardian

Brazilian president claims green groups behind blazes, which have increased 84% over same period last year

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees

NASA Studies How Arctic Wildfires Change the World – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

  2019-08-17 (or before) by in Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

NASA is studying why boreal forest and tundra fires have become more frequent and powerful and what that means for climate forecasting, ecosystems and human health.

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Wildfires | Science | Arctic | Climate Change | Forest Fires | Health | Trees

EU moves to tackle deforestation caused by chocolate and other products

  2019-07-25 in The Guardian

Campaigners hail scheme to protect and restore forests around the world as ‘pivotal step’ towards ensuring goods remain untainted

  Tagged under: Deforestation | European Union | Trees | Sustainability

Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis

  2019-07-04 in The Guardian

Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Greenhouse Gases | Trees

Brazil: huge rise in Amazon destruction under Bolsonaro, figures show

  2019-07-03 in The Guardian

Preliminary data reveals 88.4% deforestation increase compared with a year ago as critics say rightwing president has emboldened loggers and ranchers

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Trees

Revealed: rampant deforestation of Amazon driven by global greed for meat

  2019-07-02 in The Guardian

Investigation exposes how Brazil’s huge beef sector continues to threaten health of world’s largest rainforest

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Farming | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Health | Trees

Alarming wildfires rage near giant ‘Mouth of Hell’ gash in the tundra, a wonder of Siberia

  2019-06-20 (or before) in Siberian Times - all about Siberia, in English

Destruction of trees by flames could see Batagai Depression ‘rapidly enlarge’ while remote local settlements also threatened.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Russia | Trees

Can planting billions of trees save the planet?

  2019-06-19 in The Guardian

Organisations from around the world are reforesting at an unprecedented rate

  Tagged under: Africa | Madagascar | Kenya | Trees

In Just One Decade, Corporations Destroyed 50 Million Hectares of Forest—An Area the Size of Spain

  2019-06-11 (or before) in Common Dreams

"These companies are destroying our children's future by driving us towards climate and ecological collapse."

  Tagged under: Collapse | Women and Children | Trees

Scotland faces climate 'apocalypse' without action to cut emissions

  2019-05-31 in The Guardian

Natural heritage chief warns of flooded and deserted towns, dead forests and polluted waters

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Trees

The Anthropocene epoch: have we entered a new phase of planetary history?

  2019-05-30 in The Guardian

The long read: Human activity has transformed the Earth – but scientists are divided about whether this is really a turning point in geological history

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees

An (Even More) Inconvenient Truth: Why Carbon Credits For Forest Preservation May Be Worse Than Nothing

  2019-05-22 by in Pro Publica

The hunger for these offsets is blinding us to the mounting pile of evidence that they haven't — and won't — deliver the climate benefit they promise.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Climate Change | Forests | Carbon Capture and Storage | Carbon Offsetting | Trees

‘Death by a thousand cuts’: vast expanse of rainforest lost in 2018

  2019-04-25 in The Guardian

Pristine forests are vital for climate and wildlife but trend of losses is rising, data shows

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Congo | Rainforests | Brazil | Africa | Wildlife | Trees | Indonesia

Let nature heal climate and biodiversity crises, say campaigners

  2019-04-03 in The Guardian

Restoration of forests and coasts can tackle ‘existential crises’ but is being overlooked

  Tagged under: Activism | Greenhouse Gases | Wildlife | Trees

Why Aren't We Using More Nature-Based Solutions to Fight Climate Change? - Pacific Standard

  2019-03-08 (or before) by in

Forests, mangroves, and wetlands are sometimes seen as the easy option—yet using nature to tackle climate change can be surprisingly controversial.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Wetlands | Trees

Europe’s forests threatened by biodiversity collapse, warn campaigners

  2019-03-04 in The Guardian

Logging in Poland’s Vistula lagoon described by experts as part of a ‘war on nature’ across the continent’s ancient forests

  Tagged under: Collapse | Trees

World Resources Institute | Making Big Ideas Happen

  2018-12-11 (or before) in World Resources Institute

A global research nonprofit working on six critical goals that the world must achieve this decade in order to secure a sustainable future: climate, energy, food, forests, water, cities & transport.

  Tagged under: Trees | Water Resources | Sustainable Cities

In name of "conservation", Kenyan forces torch homes of indigenous Sengwer people

  2014-01-26 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

By New Internationalist Kenyan security forces have been burning hundreds of homes – belonging to some of the country’s oldest hunter-gatherers – in the last fortnight, in the name of ‘conserving forest biodiversity’ and safeguarding the area’s water catchment area for urban access. The Kenya Forest Service Guard, along with riot troops armed with AK-47 machine […]

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Trees

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