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Mass salmon deaths are a warning: no one should be eating this fish

  2024-03-10 by in

Mortalities of this scale tell us something is profoundly wrong with the way we raise these animals for our consumption

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Fish To Frolic Among Floating Offshore Wind Turbines - CleanTechnica

  2024-03-08 by in Cleantech News #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

A new offshore wind farm will host an aquaculture pilot project, featuring Hexicon's unique two-headed floating turbines.

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Mass die-offs among farmed salmon on the rise around the world

  2024-03-08 in The BBC

Warmer seas and greater reliance on technology are linked to hundreds of millions of farmed salmon deaths.

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Ocean temperatures reach their hottest in modern history

  2024-03-07 by in The Times & The Sunday Times

Climate scientists fear further warming to come, putting fish, dolphins and coral reefs in danger

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Higher temperatures force New England fishers off ice early: ‘Global warming is real’

  2024-03-06 in The Guardian

For generations, residents have hauled tiny fishing shacks on to frozen lakes, but milder winters are forcing them to quit early

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Hundreds of thousands of fish found dead in Klamath River

  2024-03-02 by in KRCR TV

KRCR News Channel 7 and KCVU Fox 20 offers local and national news, sports, and weather forecasts to viewers in the Northstate including Redding, Shasta Lake, Shingletown, Anderson, Red Bluff, Corning, Chico, and Oroville. Coverage is also provided on the North Coast through KBVU Fox 28 and KAEF ABC 23.

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Scientists continue to search for what's poisoning Lower Keys fish. Another dead sawfish is confirmed

  2024-03-01 in WLRN Miami and South Florida

An another dead endangered sawfish was confirmed this week as reports of sick sawfish rose to 49 in the Florida Keys.

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‘Poisoned by chemicals’: citizen scientists prove River Avon is polluted

  2024-02-24 in The Guardian

Charity says the decline of invertebrates linked to chemicals in water while Environment Agency said Wiltshire river had not deteriorated

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‘The river has been destroyed’: expert says agriculture has overshadowed science in the Murray-Darling Basin

  2024-02-20 in The Guardian

An ecologist who spent 36 years with NSW Fisheries says scientists working for the government are ‘aghast’ at the state of the Darling River but can’t speak publicly

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Hinkley Point C fish protection plans attacked by environmental organisations

  2024-02-19 in New Civil Engineer

EDF recenrly proposed plans to create a saltmarsh at the Somerset nuclear plant site as an alternati...

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Fish v. electricity: Could Salem nuclear plant be shut down?

  2024-02-16 in Delaware Live

A judge in an obscure administrative court in Trenton, N.J., is set to hand down a ruling that could end a challenge to the Salem nuclear plant’s ability to pump billions of gallons of water…

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‘A frenzy of bodies in the chamber of death’: Italian fishers fight to preserve an ancient tradition

  2024-02-14 in The Guardian

A sustainable technique for catching tuna that goes back thousands of years is on the verge of extinction in Italy – but not for a lack of fish

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‘Unacceptable greenwashing’: Scottish farmed salmon should not be labelled organic, say charities

  2024-01-30 in The Guardian

Open letter calls for Soil Association certification to be removed from industry, amid concerns of negative environmental impact

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Fury as water firm begins pumping wastewater into one of Britain's most celebrated river that is famed for its salmon and trout fishing | Daily Mail Online

  2024-01-27 (or before) in Daily Mail Online

Furious residents living on the banks of the Test chalk stream in Hampshire have said planned pumping works from Southern Water could introduce 'an Olympic swimming pool' of sewage into the river.'

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Our oceans are quickly losing their ability to support fish populations

  2024-01-21 in

Climate change is stealthily undermining the ocean's capacity to sustain fish populations due to global reduction in plankton.

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Carbon released by bottom trawling ‘too big to ignore’, says study

  2024-01-18 in The Guardian

Fishing nets churn up carbon from the sea floor, more than half of which will eventually be released into the atmosphere

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What Happens When Africa's Largest Lake Runs Out of Fish?

  2024-01-14 (or before) in National Geographic

The fishermen who rely on Lake Victoria's once-abundant perch population for their livelihood know they are living on borrowed time.

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Flooding smashes Maine’s coast, destroying historic buildings and forcing rescues

  2024-01-13 by in Bangor Daily News - Maine news, sports, politics, and obituaries

Iconic fishing shacks along a South Portland beach were destroyed in Saturday's storm, which also forced rescues down the coast.

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Steeper size spectra with decreasing phytoplankton biomass indicate strong trophic amplification and future fish declines - Nature Communications

  2024-01-09 in Nature

Using a global synthesis of size spectra data from pelagic food webs, this study finds that size structure is not driven by temperature as often suggested, but by the nutrient status of the system. This means that modest phytoplankton declines projected for key fishing grounds at mid-latitudes will amplify into substantial reductions in the supportable biomass of fish.

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Biological responses to change in Antarctic sea ice habitats

  2023-12-31 (or before) in Frontiers

Sea ice is a key habitat in the high latitude Southern Ocean and is predicted to change in its extent and duration in coming decades. The sea-ice cover is instrumental in mediating ocean-atmosphere exchanges and provides an important substrate for organisms from microbes to predators. Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, are reliant on sea ice during key phases of its life cycle, particularly during the larval stages, as feeding grounds and refuge from their predators, while other small grazers, including copepods and amphipods, either live in the brine channel system or find food and shelter at the ice-water interface and in raf...

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Animal rights group urges halt to ‘monstrous’ Lincolnshire salmon farm

  2023-12-27 in The Guardian

Onshore farm that campaigners say would be UK’s biggest was given planning go-ahead without environmental check

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‘Could be the end’: Tasmanian red handfish to be removed from wild amid marine heatwaves fears

  2023-12-23 in The Guardian

Exemption under federal environment law to allow scientists to collect 25 of the critically endangered ‘walking fish’

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Conservationists take UK to court for ‘illegally squandering’ fish stocks

  2023-12-21 in The Guardian

Blue Marine Foundation is challenging government for ignoring scientific advice on limits and giving a green light to overfishing

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Chris Packham calls for halt to ‘catastrophic’ expansion of Scottish salmon farms

  2023-12-11 in The Guardian

Broadcaster and RSPCA president says moratorium needed as mortality rates jump, while activists question charity’s role in certifying farms

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Fish Health Inspectorate: mortality information

  2023-12-11 (or before) in Scottish Government

Under a voluntary agreement with Scottish Government, Aquaculture Production Businesses (APB) report instance of mortality above specified thresholds. Reports are used as part of the wider aquatic animal health surveillance programme to direct further investigations as required.

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Thousands of tonnes of dead fish wash ashore in Japan

  2023-12-11 (or before) in

Thousands of tonnes of dead sardines have washed up on a beach in northern Japan for unknown reasons, officials say.

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Quarter of world’s freshwater fish at risk of extinction, according to assessment

  2023-12-11 in The Guardian

Global heating, pollution, overfishing and falling water levels among factors hitting populations, finds IUCN red list study

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Too little, too late: the desperate search for cod babies

  2023-11-27 in The Guardian

Historically, it was overfishing that hurt the much-prized fish – but now rising ocean temperatures are inhibiting the fish’s ability to produce codlings at all

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Rat plague spreads to Australia's fishing towns

  2023-11-23 in The BBC

With more wet weather expected for Queensland, some people believe the worst is yet to come.

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WE WON! DEFRA’s River Basin Management Planning unlawful, finds High Court

  2023-11-20 by in Fish Legal

In landmark ruling with far-reaching implications for UK’s polluted rivers Fish Legal and Pickering Fishery Association are celebrating a legal victory today, having won a landmark judicial review in the High Court against the Government and the Environment Agency of its defective river improvement plans. The Court ruled that the Government, and the Environment Agency, […]

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Frontline Communities Launch Hunger Strike to Protest Plastics Giant Formosa

  2023-10-30 by in DeSmog

Communities around the world impacted by the plastics giant Formosa are launching a global hunger strike on October 31.  Fishers, organizers, and concerned citizens in Texas, Vietnam and Louisiana — areas that are home to existing or proposed Formosa plants — have supported each other's efforts to mobilize against the Taiwan-based firm, forming the organization International Monitor Formosa Alliance (IMFA). Now the alliance is launching a hunger strike to demand that the victims of a 2016 environmental disaster in central Vietnam caused by Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, a subsidiary of the Formosa Plastics G...

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Struggling salmon fishermen getting federal help in Oregon and along West Coast, but it may be too late - OPB

  2023-10-23 in Oregon Public Broadcasting

U.S. Department of Commerce declared a Chinook fishery disaster for 2018, 2019 and 2020 when salmon populations plummeted.

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Billions of Alaska snow crabs likely vanished due to warm ocean, study says

  2023-10-21 in The Guardian

The crabs starved to death en masse because the change in water temperature increased their caloric needs, according to the NOAA

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South Africa’s penguins heading toward extinction; will no-fishing zones help?

  2023-10-17 in Mongabay

CAPE TOWN — The endangered African penguin (Spheniscus demersus) could be extinct in the wild in just over a decade. To protect the bird’s food supply and slow its population collapse, South Africa is throwing a protective no-fishing cordon around its main breeding colonies. But the devil is in the details, and conservationists say time […]

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Media Release: Baby fish led astray by high CO2 in oceans

  2023-10-12 (or before) in The University of Adelaide Blogs

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Irreversible behavioural impairment of fish starts early: Embryonic exposure to ocean acidification

  2023-10-12 (or before) in The University of Adelaide Blogs

  Tagged under: Oceans | Ocean Acidification | Fish

Indigenous Amazonians urge Brazil to declare emergency over severe drought

  2023-10-10 in The Guardian

Drought and heatwave has killed fish in rivers as Indigenous umbrella group Apiam says villagers have no water, food or medicine

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Hundreds of potentially toxic road runoff outfalls polluting England’s rivers

  2023-10-05 in The Guardian

Exclusive: No regulator is monitoring scale of impact of dangerous chemicals on wildlife or public health

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British diners warned off more fish types due to low populations in waters

  2023-10-04 in The Guardian

Pollack from the Channel and dover sole from the Irish Sea among those to avoid, Good Fish Guide says

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Thousands of salmon escaped an Icelandic fish farm. The impact could be deadly

  2023-09-30 in The Guardian

Aquaculture is bringing jobs and money to rural regions, but a huge escape of farmed fish in August could devastate local salmon populations

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China is going to use less coal, despite reports to the contrary – The China Project

  2023-09-21 by in The China Project | Reporting on China without fear or favor

Coal is on a downward track, the only questions are how long it will last before being substituted and which green cargo will replace it.

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Oxygen levels are dropping in rivers across the US and central Europe | New Scientist

  2023-09-20 (or before) in New Scientist

Rivers in the US and central Europe are losing their ability to hold oxygen because of rising temperatures, which could put fish at risk

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Environmentalists hold ‘wake’ for Lough Neagh over toxic algae bloom

  2023-09-18 (or before) in Belfast Telegraph

Environmentalists have held a wake to mark the “death” of the UK and Ireland’s largest freshwater lake as they accused polluters of causing a huge bloom of toxic blue-green algae. Lough Neagh supplies 40% of Northern Ireland’s drinking water. It also sustains a major eel fishing industry.

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‘Monstrous’ sea lice and jellyfish invasions blighting Scottish salmon farms

  2023-09-16 in The Guardian

Vegan charity and its drones reveal that parasites are infesting fish reared for UK supermarkets

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Taking Stock: The State of UK Fish Populations 2023

  2023-09-14 (or before) in Oceana UK Home - Oceana UK

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Britain’s fish populations are in a ‘deeply troubling state’ – report

  2023-09-13 in The Guardian

Species such as mackerel and North Sea cod have been overfished or have reached critically low populations

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Fish Legal

  2023-09-08 (or before) in Fish Legal

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The summer food went weird: searing heat reshapes US food production

  2023-09-02 in The Guardian

From wilting wheat to stressed pollinators, US farmers and fishermen see unexpected climate effects

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Environmental crisis looms as Murray cod virtually disappear from NSW Lower Darling

  2023-08-28 in The Guardian

NSW Fisheries survey from May reveals attempts at repopulating river after 2018-19 drought appear to have failed

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When will the next ocean heat wave strike? Scientists develop early warning systems

  2023-08-28 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Sea temperature forecasts could inform fisheries management and conservation

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China bans Japanese seafood after Fukushima wastewater release

  2023-08-24 in The Guardian

Water containing radioactive tritium being pumped into Pacific via tunnel from Tepco plant, amid protests from China, South Korea and fishing communities

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Eels have vanished from critical parts of Somerset Levels, DNA tests show

  2023-08-23 in The Guardian

Experts shocked as analysis finds no traces of eel DNA in area once teeming with the endangered fish

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I swam everyday to process my grief. Now Cornwall's beaches can be blighted by sewage

  2023-08-21 by in

'The cold water helped to calm and soothe me, on both good and bad days'

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Deadly floods hit China's major grain-producing region, fueling food security concerns | CNN

  2023-08-07 by in CNN International

Days of heavy rain have caused severe flooding in China’s leading grain-producing region in the northeast, killing 14 people and raising concerns about food security as floodwater inundated farmlands.

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Effects of temperature on feeding and digestive processes in fish

  2023-07-22 (or before) in Taylor & Francis Online: Peer-reviewed Journals

As most fish are ectotherms, their physiology is strongly affected by temperature. Temperature affects their metabolic rate and thus their energy balance and behavior, including locomotor and feedi...

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Have we reached peak fish?

  2023-07-21 in The Guardian

Humans are eating more seafood than ever, and we are removing fish from the ocean at a far greater rate than they can replenish. What can be done?

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Fish Legal taking Southern Water to the Criminal Courts - Fish Legal

  2023-07-18 in Fish Legal

Fish Legal has started a private prosecution against Southern Water for polluting the river Test in Hampshire

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Food security: the challenge of feeding 9 billion people - PubMed

  2023-07-09 (or before) in PubMed National Center for Biotechnology Information

Continuing population and consumption growth will mean that the global demand for food will increase for at least another 40 years. Growing competition for land, water, and energy, in addition to the overexploitation of fisheries, will affect our ability to produce food, as will the urgent requireme …

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Opinion | In Texas, Dead Fish and Red-Faced Desperation Are Signs of Things to Come

  2023-07-08 in The New York Times

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Thames Water dumped ‘millions of litres’ of sewage near Gatwick Airport river killing more than 1,000 fish | The Independent

  2023-07-04 (or before) in The Independent

Untreated sewage was pumped into River Mole near Crawley for six and a half hours, turning water black

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Thames Water fined £3.3 million after ‘millions of litres’ of sewage pumped into rivers near Gatwick | The Independent

  2023-07-04 (or before) in The Independent

Thames Water had shown a ‘deliberate attempt’ to mislead the Environment Agency over the incident

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Scottish government scraps marine conservation plan - BBC News

  2023-06-29 (or before) in BBC

The proposals would have restricted fishing and other human activities in some coastal areas.

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Dogs 'sick' and fish found dead after sewage leaks in town stream

  2023-06-28 (or before) in Brighton Argus

Dogs have reportedly become sick and fish and eels were found dead after sewage leaks in water near a town park in Sussex.

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River Thames was pumped full of oxygen in 2022 to prevent fish deaths | New Scientist

  2023-06-26 (or before) in New Scientist

Falling oxygen levels caused by sewage and hot weather saw a specialised boat deployed for 11 days in August to save plants and fish

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‘Unheard of’ marine heatwave off UK and Irish coasts poses serious threat

  2023-06-19 in The Guardian

Sustained high temperatures over summer could trigger mass mortality of fish and oysters, say scientists

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

Rivers fishermen lament fresh oil spillage

  2023-06-15 by in Punch newspapers - Breaking News, Nigerian News & Top Stories

They lamented that the river is a major source of livelihood for about 300 registered fishermen in the area.

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Vast fossil fuel and farming subsidies causing ‘environmental havoc’

  2023-06-15 in The Guardian

World Bank says subsidies costing as much as $23m a minute must be repurposed to fight climate crisis

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish | Wildlife | Fossil Fuels

OMEX Agriculture Ltd to pay £510,190 for wiping out over 135,000 fish

  2023-06-15 (or before) in GOV.UK

A faulty pipe leaked deadly fertiliser into River Witham, stretching 46km in ‘one of the largest environmental incidents ever recorded in Lincolnshire’.

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers

Thousands of fish wash up on Texas coast

  2023-06-13 (or before) in The BBC

Experts in the region say it is due to a depletion of oxygen after high water temperatures.

  Tagged under: Fish | Texas

How Warming Ruined a Crab Fishery and Hurt an Alaskan Town

  2023-06-11 (or before) in Yale E360

As the world warms, extended spikes in ocean temperatures are triggering the collapse of key marine populations. For the Aleut community of St. Paul, Alaska, the loss of the snow crab fishery is having a profound economic impact and raising questions about the future.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Climate Change | Fish | Collapse | Alaska

Scottish fishers say marine protection plans will wreck coastal communities

  2023-06-05 in The Guardian

Outcry includes protest song comparing closure of inshore fishing grounds to Highland clearances

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Pigs, rabbits and fish are dying from searing temperatures in China | CNN Business

  2023-06-02 by in CNN

With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy.

  Tagged under: Drought | Farming | Fish | Flooding | Rivers | Health | Food Production and Consumption | El Niño | Trees | Finance

Students and Faculty at Ohio State Respond to a Bill That Would Restrict College Discussions of Climate Policies - Inside Climate News

  2023-05-31 by in Inside Climate News

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Keely Fisher chose to pursue her Ph.D. at Ohio State University because she wanted to learn about climate change from a world-class faculty. Now one year into her program, she wonders if she belongs here. The problem has nothing to do with Ohio State and everything to do with the Ohio General Assembly and […]

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Experts call for ‘loss and damage’ fund for nature in developing world

  2023-05-29 in The Guardian

Rich nations should pay for biodiversity loss, which disproportionately affects poor countries, say scientists

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Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters | Science

  2023-05-14 (or before) in Science | AAAS

As plastic waste pollutes the oceans and fish stocks decline, unseen below the surface another problem grows: deoxygenation. Breitburg et al. review the evidence for the downward trajectory of oxygen levels in ...

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Impact of warmer seas on fish stocks leads to rise in pirate attacks

  2023-05-11 in The Guardian

Study of piracy hotspots in east Africa and South China Sea found that piracy increases when fish populations decline and vice versa

  Tagged under: Africa | Fish

As Ocean Oxygen Levels Dip, Fish Face an Uncertain Future

  2023-05-11 (or before) in Yale E360

Global warming not only increases ocean temperatures, it triggers a cascade of effects that are stripping the seas of oxygen. Fish are already moving to new waters in search of oxygen, and scientists are warning of the long-term threat to fish species and marine ecosystems.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Sea Level

Retained EU Law Bill: Government places hundreds of UK green laws on the chopping board

  2023-05-11 in Business Green

Laws, regulations, treaties and decisions related to habitats, air quality, climate change, renewable energy, farming and fishing proposed for scrapheap under government plans

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Farming | Climate Change | Fish

Revealed: most of EU delegation to crucial fishing talks made up of fishery lobbyists

  2023-04-26 in The Guardian

Europe accused of ‘neocolonialism’ for using vassal small island states to sway policy and continue ‘disgraceful plundering’ of distant waters

  Tagged under: Pacific Ocean | Africa | Fish | Wildlife | Indonesia

How 'rewiggling' Swindale Beck brought its fish back - BBC News

  2023-04-25 (or before) in The BBC

How re-wiggling artificially straightened rivers can give nature a boost.

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers

Mackerel loses sustainable status as overfishing puts species at risk

  2023-04-05 in The Guardian

Marine Conservation Society calls for better regulation of how north-east Atlantic mackerel is caught as stocks decline

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

Ocean salmon fishing ban off California and Oregon as stocks plummet

  2023-03-24 in The Guardian

Adult fall-run Chinook salmon returned to California’s rivers in near record low numbers in 2022

  Tagged under: Oregon | Oceans | Fish | Rivers | Salmon | California

Petition update · This could be bad news... ·

  2023-03-20 (or before) in

In 2015, Fish Legal won a landmark case that secured the public’s right to obtain environmental information from privatised water companies under the EIR 2004. If the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill is enacted these regulations will be repealed.  If this route disappears water companies will be able to withhold data on sewage spills. This is incredibly important for everyone who is campaigning to clean up our freshwater hence why I ask you take two minutes to sign here  United Utilities constantly refuse to provide data which makes it incredibly difficult to scrutinise what's going on. If this h...

  Tagged under: Water Resources | Fish

Menindee: Australia begins mass fish death clean-up - BBC News

  2023-03-20 (or before) in The BBC

Authorities are working out what to do with millions of rotting fish and reassuring the public about water quality.

  Tagged under: Fish

Politicians call for action on Menindee mass fish deaths

  2023-03-19 by in The New Daily - Latest News Headlines From Australia & World

Politicians are calling for the urgent removal of the millions of dead fish clogging the waterways of the Darling-Baaka River near Menindee.

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers

Menindee: Millions of dead fish wash up near Australian town - BBC News

  2023-03-19 (or before) in The BBC

"Just imagine leaving a fish in your kitchen to rot" said one resident, describing the smell.

  Tagged under: Fish

‘Phenomenal loophole’ in quotas could lead to massive overfishing

  2023-03-16 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Drastically weakened rules on how vessels document their catches of endangered species could endanger the marine ecosystem, confidential EU papers reveal

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife

High seas treaty: historic deal to protect international waters finally reached at UN

  2023-03-05 in The Guardian

After almost 20 years of talks, United Nations member states agree on legal framework for parts of the ocean outside national boundaries

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Sylvia Earle: ‘We are on the brink – a million species may be lost’

  2023-02-09 in The Guardian

We are a species that is superb at killing, says veteran oceanographer, who calls for us to stop treating fish like crops and give them the respect they deserve

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

What Is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

  2023-01-31 (or before) in Sustainable & Eco Friendly eCommerce Packaging | SR Mailing

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch is considered by many to be one of humanity’s biggest crimes against the planet – and really, just the name of it gives away the horror of what it actually is, considering the size of the Pacific Ocean. We talk a lot about what can be done to save the planet here at SR Mailing, and that’s because we’re absolutely passionate about it! The fact that there is so much to be done, and that there is so much that we can all be doing in our daily lives that can help us to save planet Earth from global warming and climate change. The issue, of course, is much, much bigger than...

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Pacific Ocean | Methane | Fish | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Economic Growth | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs | California | South America | BP | Sea Level | Indonesia

New report warns of massive decline in freshwater fish populations and threat to livelihoods

  2023-01-31 (or before) in Swansea University

The Living Planet Index for Migratory Freshwater Fish, the first comprehensive global report on the status of migratory fish has revealed that there has been a 76% average decline in freshwater fish populations from 1970 to 2016 - including a staggering average decline of 93% in Europe.

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Rapid worldwide depletion of predatory fish communities - Nature

  2023-01-22 (or before) in Nature

Serious concerns have been raised about the ecological effects of industrialized fishing1,2,3, spurring a United Nations resolution on restoring fisheries and marine ecosystems to healthy levels4. However, a prerequisite for restoration is a general understanding of the composition and abundance of unexploited fish communities, relative to contemporary ones. We constructed trajectories of community biomass and composition of large predatory fishes in four continental shelf and nine oceanic systems, using all available data from the beginning of exploitation. Industrialized fisheries typically reduced community biomass by 80% wit...

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Health

Loss of tiny organisms hurts ocean, fishing, scientists say

  2023-01-19 in Associated Press News

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The warming of the waters off the East Coast has come at an invisible, but very steep cost — the loss of microscopic organisms that make up the base of the ocean's food chain.

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Salmon deaths on Scotland’s fish farms double – but are jellyfish to blame?

  2023-01-15 in The Guardian

Marine farmers point finger at jellyfish swarms but campaigners call for boycott to curb ‘ever-worsening problem’ of overcrowding

  Tagged under: Fish | Salmon | Wildlife

Mass crab die-off: scientists say ‘we weren’t questioned’ for crucial report

  2023-01-15 in The Guardian

A review panel on the 2021 Teesside eco-disaster is due to send its findings to ministers this week, but evidence from academics may not be given full weight

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Investments' role in ecosystem degradation

  2022-12-07 (or before) in Science | AAAS

In their Review “Pervasive human-driven decline of life on Earth points to the need for transformative change” (13 December 2019, p. eaax3100), Díaz et al. discuss the results of the first integrated global-scale assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services. The authors identify extraction of resources to provide food, feed, and industrial feedstocks as the main direct driver of the observed changes in the ecosystems on which humans depend. Socioeconomic and institutional factors represent the indirect drivers. Although Díaz et al. mention that tax havens channel funds to support illegal fis...

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Fish farms scrutinised as antibiotic use soars

  2022-12-04 (or before) by in The Times & The Sunday Times

Dependence on antibiotics in aqua- culture has surged despite widespread efforts to reduce the use of drugs by intensive farmers.Salmon farms in Scotland deploy

  Tagged under: Fish | Salmon

Living Planet Report 2016

  2022-11-25 (or before) in

Populations of vertebrate animals—such as mammals, birds, and fish—have declined by 58% between 1970 and 2012. On average, there’s been a whopping 81% decline in freshwater species during this time.

  Tagged under: Fish

OPINIONISTA: Fossil fuel multinationals can never pay Africa enough compensation – the price is life on Earth

  2022-10-24 by in Daily Maverick - South African news, opinion and investigations

Many Africans live close to the land – as subsistence or small-scale farmers, or from fishing in rivers, lakes and coastal waters. When the oil and gas industry trumpets the jobs it will create, it never mentions the jobs, the land and the water it will destroy.

  Tagged under: Africa | Fish | Rivers

Into the ice: A crab boat’s quest for snow crab in a Bering Sea upended by climate change

  2022-10-17 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The Bering Sea's winter ice is treacherous, but it's also a key ally to the snow crab fishery. When it's not there, the crab population suffers.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fish | Washington State

1 billion crabs go missing, causing cancellation of Alaskan snow crab season

  2022-10-16 (or before) in Massachusetts Local News, Breaking News, Sports and Weather

This marks the first time that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has canceled the winter snow crab season, coming as a consequence of their massive population drop.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife | Alaska

The New York Times: Digital and Home Delivery Subscriptions

  2022-10-14 in The New York Times

Discover the value of independent Times journalism today.

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Holy Island will die' - Stark warning over government's proposed fishing ban - Chronicle Live

  2022-09-03 (or before) by James Robinson in

  Tagged under: Fish

‘It will benefit the powerful’: row over Brixham fish market levelling up plan

  2022-08-28 in The Guardian

Conservationists and smaller fishers say expansion scheme is ‘good for the big boys’ but will not benefit Devon port

  Tagged under: Fish

Liz Truss allowed farmers to pollute England’s rivers after ‘slashing red tape’, say campaigners

  2022-08-27 in The Guardian

Agricultural waste outstrips sewage as the main danger – and activists blame the ex-environment secretary’s cuts to farm inspections

  Tagged under: Farming | Activism | Fish | Rivers | Wildlife

Europe’s rivers run dry as scientists warn drought could be worst in 500 years

  2022-08-13 in The Guardian

Crops, power plants, barge traffic, industry and fish populations devastated by parched waterways

  Tagged under: Drought | Fish | Rivers

Seagrass on the brink: Decline of threatened seagrass Posidonia australis continues following protection

  2022-07-19 (or before) in PLOS - Open Science

Seagrasses are in decline globally due to sustained pressure from coastal development, water quality declines and the ongoing threat from climate change. The result of this decline has been a change in coastal productivity, a reduction in critical fisheries habitat and increased erosion. Attempts to slow this decline have included legislative protection of habitat and direct restoration efforts. Monitoring the success of these approaches requires tracking changes in the abundance of seagrasses, but such monitoring is frequently conducted at either too coarse a spatial scale, or too infrequently to adequately detect changes withi...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fish | Sea Level | Climate Change Impacts

Scientists unveil bionic robo-fish to remove microplastics from seas

  2022-06-22 in The Guardian

Tiny self-propelled robo-fish can swim around, latch on to free-floating microplastics and fix itself if it gets damaged

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | Fish

Closing the high seas to fishing: A club approach

  2022-06-20 (or before) in

The world’s fisheries are governed by a vast, and largely ineffective, set of international and regional institutions. If we are to preserve and manag…

  Tagged under: Fish

Global fisheries subsidies: An updated estimate

  2022-06-20 (or before) in

The aim of this paper is to provide an updated estimate of global fisheries subsidies. It builds on earlier estimates and methodologies to re-estimate…

  Tagged under: Fish

Are the dead shellfish littering our beaches evidence of a toxic waste cover-up? | George Monbiot

  2022-06-06 in The Guardian

Environmentalists fear a toxic disaster is occurring on the seabed, and the government denials seem less and less plausible, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Shell | Fish

As California's big cities fail to rein in their water use, rural communities are already tapped out | CNN

  2022-06-05 by in CNN

Rural Californians live with the daily worry that they won't have enough water to bathe with or drink.

  Tagged under: Drought | Fish | California | Trees | Water Resources

Record low wild salmon catch in Scotland alarms ecologists

  2022-06-01 in The Guardian

Calls for action as decline is seen as evidence of harm caused by climate crisis, pollution and fish farming

  Tagged under: Fish | Salmon | Wildlife

Fishing industry still ‘bulldozing’ seabed in 90% of UK marine protected areas

  2022-05-31 in The Guardian

New data shows ‘mystifying’ lack of progress in post-Brexit pledge to curb bottom-trawling, two years after landmark legislation

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife | Legislation

Transparency for a Sustainable Ocean | Global Fishing Watch

  2022-05-31 (or before) in Global Fishing Watch - Transparency for a Sustainable Ocean

Sustainable ocean through increased transparency: we create map visualizations, data and analysis to enable scientific research and transform ocean management

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Major New Zealand salmon producer shuts farms as warming waters cause mass die-offs

  2022-05-26 in The Guardian

Up to 42% of company’s fish have died in warm water areas this year, with CEO warning climate change is ‘faster than people think’

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Pacific Ocean | Fish | Salmon

Environment tipping points fast approaching in UK, says watchdog

  2022-05-12 in The Guardian

From fisheries collapse to dead rivers, official body urges government to urgently turn ambition into action

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers | Wildlife | Collapse | Tipping Points

Anglian Water fined £18k after sewage flooded river in Yaxley - BBC News

  2022-05-07 (or before) in The BBC

At least 60 fish died when two pumps failed and raw sewage entered the waterway.

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers

Fact Sheet: Global Species Decline - Earth Day

  2022-03-18 by in Earth Day

The world is facing a mass extinction of species.  All species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods (insects and arachnids), fish, crustaceans, corals and other cnidarians, and plants have declined, in many cases, severely. Human civilization has had a negative impact on most living things.   We are currently living through a mass species extinction […]

  Tagged under: Fish | Insects | Coral Reefs

UN ocean treaty is ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to protect the high seas

  2022-03-10 in The Guardian

Negotiators aim to agree on legal framework for protecting international waters that are key to ‘life as we know it’

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Bottom trawling triples in key marine protected area despite Brexit promise

  2022-02-28 in The Guardian

Analysis by the Marine Conservation Society shows dredging at England’s Dogger Bank site has increased despite government pledge to ban the practice

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

Lake Malawi's Fish Defy Death - While Their World Heritage Home Is Threatened | We Don't Have Time

  2022-02-28 (or before) in

By Jeffrey Barbee January 27, 2022 In the shallow rocky waters below a high granite outcrop a fish lies sideways, fallen onto the sand below. Its skin the hue of a rotting corpse, the fish is unmoving, apparently dead. But looks can be deceiving. As scavenger fish approach, the play-dead fish springs into action, snapping up the would-be eaters in a flurry of motion. One of hundreds of new fish species discovered in the warm waters of Lake Malawi in the last four decades, the play-dead fish’s only home is now in danger of being destroyed. Play dead fish Nimbochromis livingstonii. Picture: Ken McKaye/ Lake...

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Extreme Weather | Africa | Fish | Rivers | Insects | Legislation | Electricity | Health | Trees | Finance

Death and decimation: Whitby devastated by declining marine life

  2022-02-10 in The Guardian

Unprecedented levels of crabs, lobsters, coral and sea birds are dying on north-east coast

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife | Coral Reefs | Sea Level

UK drops ‘absurd’ case against Greenpeace for dropping rocks in sea

  2022-02-07 in The Guardian

Judge rebukes Marine Management Organisation for prosecution over direct action to stop bottom trawling

  Tagged under: Activism | Greenhouse Gases | Fish | Wildlife | Greenpeace

Illegal overfishing by Chinese trawlers leaves Sierra Leone locals ‘starving’

  2022-02-01 in The Guardian

As illegal industrial-scale fishing by foreign fleets pillages fish populations, despairing coastal communities say they feel powerless

  Tagged under: Africa | Fish | Wildlife

The smell of money: why locals think Peru’s billion-dollar fishmeal sector stinks

  2022-01-21 in The Guardian

Those living in the coastal city of Chimbote say the industry pollutes the air and water, makes their children sick and has put local fishers out of work

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Women and Children

Expanding national parks not enough to protect nature, say scientists

  2022-01-19 in The Guardian

‘Urgent’ coordinated action to tackle overconsumption, farming subsidies and the climate crisis also needed to halt biodiversity loss

  Tagged under: Oceans | Farming | Fish | Wildlife

Dumped fishing gear is killing marine life. Yet no governments seem to care | George Monbiot

  2022-01-19 in The Guardian

One Scottish trawlerman is so incensed by the dumping of nets he’s come to me – a longstanding critic of his industry – with evidence, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife

‘It’s mind-boggling’: the hidden cost of our obsession with fish oil pills

  2022-01-18 in The Guardian

The market in this prized commodity is worth billions – but are the supposed benefits worth the cost to global ecosystems?

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife | Health

Yorkshire coast fishermen scared for livelihoods as 'everything is dead for miles' - YorkshireLive

  2022-01-15 (or before) by Megan Banner in

  Tagged under: Fish

Unprecedented die-offs, melting ice: Climate change is wreaking havoc in the Arctic and beyond

  2022-01-06 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Forces profound and alarming are reshaping the upper reaches of the North Pacific and Arctic oceans, breaking the food chain that supports billions of creatures and one of the world's most important fisheries.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Arctic | Climate Change | Fish | Ice Melting

Cancel the Apocalypse: Here Are 30 Documentaries to Help Unlock the Good Ending

  2021-12-09 (or before) in Films for Action

Our present moment is saturated in dystopian, apocalyptic fantasies of the future. As the late Mark Fisher said, "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.” We can...

  Tagged under: Fish | Capitalism

OPINIONISTA: The mind of every Ogoni person is imprinted with what Shell has done to our land

  2021-12-07 by in Daily Maverick - South African news, opinion and investigations

I was born in Bane, a coastal village of the Ogoni people. My family bears testimony to what Shell does to the environment. I saw my grand-uncle’s fishing business come to an abrupt stop and my father relocate to the periphery of the city where he spent the rest of his life as a fisher around the city.

  Tagged under: Shell | Fish

Eyewitnesses to disaster: Commercial fishermen implore action on the collapse of Alaska ecosystems

  2021-10-30 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The North Pacific ecosystem is asking us to re-calibrate. Fish and crab stocks are crashing. As professional commercial fishermen, we need regulatory rules nimble enough to deal with new, rapidly-changing realities.

  Tagged under: Pacific Ocean | Fish | Collapse | Alaska | Washington State

‘Toilet of Europe’: Spain’s pig farms blamed for mass fish die-offs

  2021-10-13 in The Guardian

Exclusive: pork industry’s role in pollution of one of Europe’s largest saltwater lagoons may be greater than publicly acknowledged, investigation reveals

  Tagged under: Spain | Farming | Fish | Wildlife

Salmon & Trout Conservation

  2021-09-13 (or before) in WildFish | Working To Protect Wild Fish & Their Waters

Our vision at Salmon & Trout Conservation is to keep our waters wild. We campaign for sustainable water environment which support an abundance of wild fish.

  Tagged under: Fish | Salmon

‘Everything is changing’: the struggle for food as Malawi’s Lake Chilwa shrinks

  2021-08-30 in The Guardian

The livelihoods of 1.5 million people are at risk as the lake’s occasional dry spells occur ever more frequently

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Africa | Fish | Wildlife | Sustainability

Spain bans fertilisers near saltwater lagoon after dead fish wash up

  2021-08-26 in The Guardian

Officials close eight beaches as residents complain of cloudy, green water that emits a foul smell

  Tagged under: Spain | Fish

Video shows salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures after heatwave

  2021-07-27 in The Guardian

A conservation group recorded the video after a heatwave in the Pacific north-west on a day when water temperatures breached 70F

  Tagged under: Heatwaves | Pacific Ocean | Fish | Rivers | Salmon | Washington State

UK food supply chain vulnerable to cyber-attack, expert warns

  2021-07-11 in The Guardian

‘Complacent reliance’ on overseas produce and computer ordering has put supply at risk

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish

Plastic rafting: the invasive species hitching a ride on ocean litter

  2021-06-14 in The Guardian

There is now so much ocean plastic that it has become a route for invasive species, threatening native animals with extinction

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

‘We’re causing our own misery’: oceanographer Sylvia Earle on the need for sea conservation

  2021-06-12 in The Guardian

‘Queen of the Deep’ says it is not too late to reverse human-made damage to oceans and preserve biodiversity

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

‘Sea snot’ covers Turkish coast, threatening fishing industry

  2021-06-05 in The Guardian

The mucilage blamed on pollution and warming is killing shellfish in the Sea of Marmara and alarming residents of Istanbul

  Tagged under: Shell | Fish

Hundreds of fishing fleets that go ‘dark’ suspected of illegal hunting, study finds

  2021-06-02 in The Guardian

Vessels primarily from China switch off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in possible illegal fishing

  Tagged under: Argentina | China | Pacific Ocean | Fish | Wildlife

Banned pesticide blamed for killing bees may be approved for fish farms

  2021-05-27 in The Guardian

Government agency appears to support introduction of system which uses insecticide US termed an ‘environmental hazard’

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish | Wildlife | Bees | Insects

Pesticide-resistant blood-sucking lice threaten wild and farmed fish

  2021-05-27 (or before) by in New Scientist

  Tagged under: Fish | Salmon

‘Catastrophic’: Sierra Leone sells rainforest for Chinese harbour

  2021-05-17 in The Guardian

Controversial deal with China would be disastrous for fishing and protected rainforest, say opponents

  Tagged under: China | Rainforests | Africa | Fish

Regulators missing pollution’s effect on marine life, study finds

  2021-04-27 in The Guardian

Chemicals and plastics, not just overfishing, threaten aquatic food chain with ‘disaster’, report warns

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife

Alaska Red King Crab Dethroned by Scientific Fraud -

  2021-04-26 by in Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility -

Bristol Bay red king crab is nearing commercial extinction due to scientific fraud by the fisheries branch of NOAA, according to a complaint filed by PEER.

  Tagged under: Fish | Alaska

Is Netflix's Seaspiracy film right about fishing damaging oceans? - BBC News

  2021-04-09 (or before) in The BBC

Are the activities of the fishing industry destroying the world's oceans as a new film suggests?

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Marine species increasingly can’t live at equator due to global heating

  2021-04-07 in The Guardian

Study suggests it is already too warm in tropics for some species to survive

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife

How Industrial Fishing Creates More CO2 Emissions Than Air Travel

  2021-03-17 in TIME Magazine

A new study is the first to calculate the immense carbon toll of dragging weighted nets along the ocean floor

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Air Travel

Retailers join calls for ‘urgent’ action to restrict harmful tuna fishing methods

  2021-03-09 in The Guardian

‘Fish aggregating devices’ have been linked to depletion of yellowfin populations and increased bycatch in the Indian Ocean

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

This Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales Just Won the James Dyson Award

  2021-03-07 (or before) by in Smithsonian Magazine

British product designer Lucy Hughes has invented a biodegradable plastic made from fish offcuts

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Women and Children | Sustainability

Tax havens and global environmental degradation - Nature Ecology & Evolution

  2021-03-02 (or before) in Nature

Analysis from global fisheries and the Brazilian Amazon elaborates the links between financial flows through tax havens and environmental degradation.

  Tagged under: Brazil | Fish

Extinction: Freshwater fish in 'catastrophic' decline - BBC News

  2021-02-23 (or before) in The BBC

Numbers are plunging due to pollution, unsustainable fishing and the draining of rivers.

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers

Magnets, vacuums and tiny nets: the new fight against microplastics

  2021-02-18 in The Guardian

Tiny plastics are turning up in the air, our drinking water and our placentas. Here’s how innovators are handling the crisis

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

'Hedge trimmer' fish facing global extinction - BBC News

  2021-02-12 (or before) in The BBC

These extraordinary fish, which are a type of ray, are vanishing in many countries due to overfishing.

  Tagged under: Fish

Only a third of UK’s key fish populations are not overfished

  2021-01-22 in The Guardian

First post-Brexit audit finds of the top 10 UK stocks, only three are in ‘a healthy state’

  Tagged under: Fish | Health

EU set to miss targets on sustainability after agreeing fishing quotas

  2020-12-17 in The Guardian

Member states blame uncertainty over Brexit as reason for breach of next year’s limits

  Tagged under: Fish | Sustainability

Vast majority of Europe's key habitats in poor or bad condition – report

  2020-10-19 in The Guardian

State of Nature in the EU survey finds only a quarter of species have good conservation status

  Tagged under: Farming | Birds | Fish | Wildlife | Trees

MPs reject attempts to strengthen post-Brexit fishing protections

  2020-10-13 in The Guardian

Fisheries bill amendments on sustainable quotas and banning of supertrawlers defeated

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife

Revealed: 97% of UK marine protected areas subject to bottom-trawling

  2020-10-09 in The Guardian

Vessels spent 200,000 hours in 2019 bottom trawling or dredging the seabed in protected areas set up to safeguard vital ecosystems

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Wildlife

Israel fish deaths linked to rapid warming of seas

  2020-09-21 in The Guardian

Bacterial infection alongside quick rise in marine temperature may have triggered mortality, suggests study

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Israel

'It's terrifying': can anyone stop China's vast armada of fishing boats?

  2020-08-25 in The Guardian

Ecuador stood up for the Galápagos, but other countries don’t stand a chance against the 17,000-strong distant-water fleet

  Tagged under: Pacific Ocean | Fish | Wildlife

College fined £50,000 for polluting stream causing deaths of 1,500 fish

  2020-08-24 (or before) in Brighton Argus

AN agricultural college has been fined £50,000 for polluting a stream, causing the deaths of more than 1,500 fish, according to the Environment…

  Tagged under: Fish

Alarm over discovery of hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels near Galápagos Islands

  2020-07-28 in The Guardian

The fleet, found just outside a protected zone, raises the prospect of damage to the marine ecosystem

  Tagged under: China | Fish

Migratory river fish populations plunge 76% in past 50 years

  2020-07-27 in The Guardian

Decline in species such as salmon harms entire ecosystems and livelihoods, say researchers

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish | Rivers | Salmon | Wildlife

Supertrawlers ‘making a mockery’ of UK’s protected seas

  2020-06-11 in The Guardian

Vast vessels spent almost 3,000 hours fishing in officially protected areas in 2019

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

These three post-Brexit bills bulldoze a hole through environmental protections | Fiona Harvey

  2020-02-12 in The Guardian

Wildlife, air quality and fish stocks are all at risk, says Guardian journalist Fiona Harvey

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish | Wildlife

Global economic growth will take big hit due to loss of nature

  2020-02-12 by Fiona Harvey in The Guardian

Damage to environment could wipe £368bn a year from growth by 2050 and UK will be hard hit, WWF warns

  Tagged under: Animal Populations | Biodiversity Loss | Natural World | Economics | GDP | Fish | Economic Growth | Trees

Race to exploit the world’s seabed set to wreak havoc on marine life

  2020-01-25 in The Guardian

New research warns that ‘blue acceleration’ – a global goldrush to claim the ocean floor – is already impacting on the environment.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Fish

Fisheries management is actually working, global analysis shows

  2020-01-22 (or before) in University of Washington

Nearly half of the fish caught worldwide are from stocks that are scientifically monitored and, on average, are increasing in abundance. Effective management appears to be the main reason these stocks...

  Tagged under: Fish | Washington State

Patrick Moore

  2020-01-20 (or before) by in DeSmog

Patrick Moore Credentials Honorary Doctorate of Science, North Carolina State University (2005). [1] Ph.D., Forestry*, University of British Columbia (1974). [1], [97] Honors B.Sc. in Forest Biology, University of British Columbia. [1] *Note: Patrick Moore has listed himself with a “Ph.D. in Ecology, Institute of Resource Ecology, University of British Columbia” in his profile at EcoSense and at the Heartland Institute, […]

  Tagged under: Fish | Trees

EU ministers opt to continue overfishing, despite 2020 deadline

  2019-12-18 in The Guardian

Governments accused of ‘betrayal’ for setting quotas to miss sustainability targets

  Tagged under: Fish | European Union | Wildlife | Sustainability

Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise - BBC News

  2019-12-07 in The BBC

A warmer world means oceans are able to hold less dissolved oxygen, which is bad news for many fish.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Climate Change | Fish

Oceans losing oxygen at unprecedented rate, experts warn

  2019-12-07 in The Guardian

Sharks, tuna, marlin and other large fish at risk from spread of ‘dead zones’, say scientists

  Tagged under: Oceans | Climate Change | Fish | Wildlife

Fears as supertrawler fishes in protected marine zone off Sussex coast

  2019-11-01 (or before) in Brighton Argus

A SUPERTRAWLER fished in a conservation zone off the Sussex coast, GPS data has revealed.

  Tagged under: Fish

Fishery collapse ‘confirms Silent Spring pesticide prophecy'

  2019-10-31 in The Guardian

Common pesticides found to starve fish ‘astoundingly fast’ by killing aquatic insects

  Tagged under: Farming | Insect Populations | Fish | Pesticides | Wildlife | Insects | Collapse

Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as SF Bay’s native fish species die off

  2019-10-23 (or before) by in San Francisco Chronicle

Climate havoc is wiping out the California coast’s kelp, an important food source for...

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers | Wildlife | California | El Niño

UK needs sustainability act to avert economic collapse, says IPPR

  2019-08-01 in The Guardian

Thinktank says country must focus on building abundance to avoid 2008-style financial crisis

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Fish | Wildlife | Collapse | Sustainability

Mutilated dolphins wash up on French coast in record numbers

  2019-03-31 in The Guardian

Activists say 1,100 dolphins found since January - but real figure may be 10 times higher

  Tagged under: Activism | France | Fish | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife

Two-Thirds Of The World's Seafood Is Over-Fished -- Here's How You Can Help

  2019-03-30 (or before) by in Forbes

  Tagged under: Fish | Sustainability

She trolled Trump, but can she lead a green wave across Europe?

  2018-11-24 in The Guardian

Swedish minister Isabella Lövin found fame in a jibe aimed at the White House. Now she aims for change beyond Twitter

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change | Fish

On the wrong track: ocean acidification attracts larval fish to irrelevant environmental cues - Scientific Reports

  2018-04-11 in Nature

Population replenishment of marine life largely depends on successful dispersal of larvae to suitable adult habitat. Ocean acidification alters behavioural responses to physical and chemical cues in marine animals, including the maladaptive deterrence of settlement-stage larval fish to odours of preferred habitat and attraction to odours of non-preferred habitat. However, sensory compensation may allow fish to use alternative settlement cues such as sound. We show that future ocean acidification reverses the attraction of larval fish (barramundi) to their preferred settlement sounds (tropical estuarine mangroves). Instead, acidi...

  Tagged under: Fish | Ocean Acidification

World's deepest lake crippled by putrid algae, poaching and pollution

  2017-10-19 in The Guardian

Lake Baikal in Siberia holds one fifth of the world’s unfrozen fresh water, but its precious fish stocks are disappearing

  Tagged under: Fish | Wildlife | Russia

The Decline of the Firth of Clyde | British Sea Fishing

  2014-06-13 in Welcome to British Sea Fishing

The Firth of Clyde is a semi-enclosed expanse of water located on the west coast of Scotland.

  Tagged under: Fish

Collapse of the Grand Banks Cod Fishery | British Sea Fishing

  2012-07-18 in Welcome to British Sea Fishing

In the 1950s the Grand Banks fisheries were subjected to their most intensive fishing ever.

  Tagged under: Fish | Collapse

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