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Topic: Flooding

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India's water problems set to get worse as the world warms

  2024-03-11 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Winter storms that provide crucial snow and rainfall to northern India are arriving significantly later in the year compared to 70 years ago, a new study has found, exacerbating the risk of catastrophic flooding while also reducing vital water supplies for millions of residents of India.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change | Water Resources | Flooding | Himalayas | India

Somerset Levels farming may become 'unsustainable' due to floods

  2024-03-08 in The BBC

Alan Franks' family has been in dairy farming since the 1950s but he now fears for his business.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | UK | Agriculture | Flooding

Water rescues reported in Atlanta as millions face severe weather, flash flood threats in South

  2024-03-05 in FOX Weather

Flash flooding and water rescues were reported in the Atlanta metro area on Wednesday morning, and millions of people will continue to be at risk of seeing severe weather across the South through the rest of the week.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | USA | Flooding | Florida

Southern France hit by severe floods for third time in six months | Voice of Europe

  2024-03-05 in

Share this:FacebookXEmailGoogle+LinkedIn Read more: Severe storms hit central Tennessee, killing six people and injuring nearly two dozen others 22 dead: wettest July day in decades as deadly floods hit northern...

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Extreme Weather | Flooding | France

British farmers say 'shocking' levels of floods are pushing them to the brink | ITV News

  2024-03-01 in ITV

Heavy periods of rain this autumn and winter have decimated farms around the UK, with some saying their land has been constantly submerged since October. | ITV National News

  Tagged under: Food Production and Consumption | UK | Flooding | Agriculture

Labour accuses Sunak of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ over flood warnings

  2024-01-05 in The Guardian

‘Significant’ impact of surface water and river flooding continues across England, as showers forecast for Friday

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | UK Politics | UK | Flooding | Rivers

Storm Henk-hit farmers call for stronger river defences

  2024-01-04 (or before) in The BBC

Thousands of acres of crops and productive farmland are under water thanks to Storm Henk's flooding.

  Tagged under: UK | Flooding | Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Rainfall | Farming | Adaptation | Rivers

Climate Change made Libya's deadly rainfall up to 50 times more likely - study | Reuters

  2023-09-19 in Reuters

Climate Change made the heavy rainfall that led to deadly floods in Libya up to 50 times more likely, scientists said on Tuesday.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Libya | Flooding | Extreme Rainfall | Africa

Floods in Greece, a statistical and spatial approach

  2023-09-09 (or before) in ResearchGate

PDF | Flooding is one of the most important types of disasters in southern Europe recording many victims and extended damages over the last century. The... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate

  Tagged under: Flooding

Misreading the Bengal Delta | University of Washington

  2023-08-18 (or before) in University of Washington

Perilously close to sea level and vulnerable to floods, erosion, and cyclones, Bangladesh is one of the top recipients of development aid earmarked for climate change adaptation. Yet, to what extent do adaptation projects address local needs and concerns? Combining environmental history and ethnographic fieldwork with development professionals, rural farmers, and landless women, *Misreading the Bengal Delta* critiques development narratives of Bangladesh as a “climate change victim.” It examines how development actors repackage colonial-era modernizing projects, which have caused severe environmental effects, as clim...

  Tagged under: Farming | Climate Change | Flooding | Sea Level | Health | Women and Children | Finance

Deadly floods hit China's major grain-producing region, fueling food security concerns | CNN

  2023-08-07 by in CNN International

Days of heavy rain have caused severe flooding in China’s leading grain-producing region in the northeast, killing 14 people and raising concerns about food security as floodwater inundated farmlands.

  Tagged under: Farming | Fish | Flooding | Health | Trees | Finance

Climate graphic of the week: Global warming is supercharging weather events, say scientists | Financial Times

  2023-07-16 (or before) in Financial Times

Flooding in US, South Korea, India and Japan and extreme heat in Europe raises concerns about pace of change

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Flooding | Japan

Outgoing Flood Re Chair urges urgent action to adapt to climate change - Reinsurance News

  2023-07-14 by in Reinsurance News

Mark Hoban, former City Minister and outgoing Chair of Flood Re, has issued a stark warning, emphasising the urgent need for the UK to adapt to climate

  Tagged under: Flooding | Insurance | UK | Adaptation

FEMA Stretched Beyond Climate Response as Disasters Balloon

  2023-07-13 (or before) in

Atmospheric rivers drenched California and deadly storms crept toward Mississippi as Deanne Criswell sat in her corner office in Washington, D.C., and tackled a loaded question: Is it all too much for FEMA?

  Tagged under: Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Rainfall | Flooding | Extreme Weather | Rivers | California

Weekly Climate News Headlines

  2023-07-03 (or before) in YouTube

Weekly climate news headlines from around the world. #bangladesh #India #USA #Canada #wildfires #mexico #pakistan #heatwaves #Spain #Romania #Chile

  Tagged under: Spain | Wildfires | Flooding | Canada | India | Chile | Mexico | Heatwaves

Pigs, rabbits and fish are dying from searing temperatures in China | CNN Business

  2023-06-02 by in CNN

With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy.

  Tagged under: Drought | Farming | Fish | Flooding | Rivers | Health | Food Production and Consumption | El Niño | Trees | Finance

The oceans just reached their hottest temperature on record as El Niño looms. Here are 6 things to watch for | CNN

  2023-04-01 by in CNN

It's unclear how strong the coming El Niño will be -- some models predict it could reach super-strength, others suggest it will be more moderate.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Drought | Predictions | Climate Change | Antarctic | Flooding | El Niño | Health | Climate Change Impacts | Finance

Before the floods I thought climate change wasn’t my problem. Now, I’m not waiting for someone else to fix it | Ella Buckland

  2023-02-28 in The Guardian

A year on in Lismore, we can’t afford to forget the people who lost everything they loved – because next time it could be you

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Flooding

Flood: Price of rice to increase due to crops lost, says Olam | TheCable

  2022-10-07 in

Olam Nigeria Limited, an agri-business company, says the price of rice will go up by December as massive flooding from River Benue damaged the company’s crops and infrastructure. Speaking on

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Flooding | Rivers

We cling to our memory of the perfect summer – before flood, fire and plague. But the past is gone and we have to wake up | Brigid Delaney

  2022-03-03 in The Guardian

Signs of collapse are everywhere, and if we think it’s possible to return to ‘normal’, then we are deluded

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | IPCC | Climate Change | Flooding | Collapse

Death toll from Brazil flooding rises in Bahia's 'worst disaster' ever | Reuters

  2021-12-29 (or before) in Reuters

  Tagged under: Brazil | Flooding

Apocalypse When? | by Diane Coyle - Project Syndicate

  2021-08-05 by Diane Coyle in Project Syndicate

Diane Coyle worries that humans’ perception of major global threats militates against timely and decisive action.

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Climate Change | Flooding

Climate change disasters in B.C. likely to increase if industrial logging continues unchecked: report | CBC News

  2021-02-03 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

A report commissioned by Sierra Club B.C. says keeping healthy, mature forests safe from industrial logging will help protect the province from catastrophic flooding, wildfires, droughts and heat waves caused by climate change.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Drought | Climate Change | Flooding | Health | Trees

UK Hydrological Status Update - May 2020 | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

  2020-05-27 (or before) in UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

For 2020 so far, the hydrological situation has been extremely mixed. In February we saw record-breaking rainfall and river flows, and one of the most significant flood events of recent years. Just a couple of months later, after a prolonged period of dry weather, records were broken at the other end of the hydrological spectrum. In the latest in a briefing note, this caused widespread and sustained flooding in many parts of the country.An exceptionally dry spring so far?March is often a 'transitional' spring month but the contrast between the UK Water Resources Portal. Figure right: April monthly mean river flows for the UK. Fr...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Predictions | Flooding | Rivers | Sea Level | Health | Water Resources

Donald Trump’s Climate Preparedness Policy: “Get Your Mops And Buckets Ready” — Covering Climate Now

  2020-02-29 (or before) in Covering Climate Now

The Climate Beat On October 30, 1975, the New York Daily News published one of the great headlines of all time: “Ford To City: Drop Dead.” US president Gerald Ford had just announced that the federal government would refuse to bail out New York if the city government went bankrupt. Ford later said that the headline and [...]Read More...

  Tagged under: Flooding | Donald Trump

Beavers introduced to Yorkshire in 2019 may have prevented Storm Dennis flooding with their dams | Yorkshire Post

  2020-02-22 (or before) in Yorkshire Post

A pair of beavers introduced to a Yorkshire forest last year may have played a vital role in preventing flooding this month.

  Tagged under: Flooding | Trees

Venice ‘disaster’ after worst floods for 50 years | World | The Times

  2019-11-14 (or before) by in The Times & The Sunday Times

The mayor of Venice declared a state of emergency last night as St Mark’s Square was deluged and gondolas were torn from their moorings during the worst flooding in the city for more than 50 years.Sirens sounded as floodwaters in the Venice lagoon rose 187cm above normal amid high winds. It was clos

  Tagged under: Italy | Flooding

Venice floods: Climate change behind highest tide in 50 years, says mayor - BBC News

  2019-11-13 (or before) in The BBC

A state of disaster is declared as the Italian city is hit with a high tide of more than 1.87m.

  Tagged under: Italy | Flooding | Climate Change

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