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Climate Change and "The Chosen One" - Legal Planet

  2024-02-05 by Dan Farber in Legal Planet - Environmental Law and Policy

A leading presidential candidate recently reposted a video that called him  the “Chosen One,” echoing the view of many of his followers that God has chosen him to lead the country. “And on June 14, 1946,” the video tells us, “God looked down on his planned paradise and said, ‘I need a caretaker.’ So God … Continue reading "Climate Change and “The Chosen One”"

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Windmills are Killing Our Donuts! And It’s All Biden’s Fault! - Legal Planet

  2024-01-22 by Dan Farber in Legal Planet - Environmental Law and Policy

Donald Trump has been talking a lot about donuts lately. Donuts, it seems, are threatened by renewable energy and depend on fossil fuels. Maybe because he’s heard that they’re cooked in oil? Trump’s knowledge of cooking is likely pretty minimal, given that it’s unlikely he’s ever been inside a kitchen. And windmills are terrible, just … Continue reading "Windmills are Killing Our Donuts! And It’s All Biden’s Fault!"

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Article 3 – Thank You Trump leans into climate denialism

  2024-01-08 in E&E News | Essential Energy and Environment News

CLIMATEWIRE | Former President Donald Trump isn’t known for his subtlety, especially when it comes to climate change — which […]

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Bannon is not finished: his ‘precinct strategy’ could alter US elections for years

  2022-09-10 in The Guardian

One longtime Bannon watcher says it’s too early to count him out – even a prison term could enhance his status among the Maga crowd

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The animals at risk from Alaska oil drilling - BBC News

  2022-04-29 (or before) in The BBC

As Donald Trump pushes forward with plans for drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, what is at stake?

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Toxic Nostalgia, From Putin to Trump to the Trucker Convoys

  2022-03-03 (or before) in The Intercept

War is reshaping our world. Will we harness that urgency for climate action or succumb to a final, deadly oil and gas boom?

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Biden administration moves to restore mercury rules for power plants weakened under Trump

  2022-02-01 in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

EPA reaffirmed its authority to regulate mercury and other hazardous air pollutants.

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US environmental agency releases climate report delayed by Trump - BBC News

  2021-06-04 (or before) in BBC

Climate change-related environmental disasters have grown more common, according to the EPA.

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Long Term Matters: BlackRock – time to pull your finger out!

  2021-03-05 (or before) in Investment & Pensions Europe

Donald Trump is not the only US leader to ignore the climate emergency. BlackRock's 2019 letter to companies, timed to coincide with Davos, it was equally silent on the crisis

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Trump Led An "All-Out Assault" On The EPA. Now Biden Has To Rebuild It.

  2021-02-12 (or before) in BuzzFeed News

Under Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency knelt to the country’s biggest polluters and lost more than 800 employees. Staffers say they want accountability.

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Pipeline CEOs, facing environmental activism, vow to fight back

  2021-02-07 (or before) in CNBC

Executives from some of the largest North American pipeline firms acknowledged they were too slow too respond to a surge in environmental activism.

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How Biden is reversing Trump's assault on the environment

  2021-02-02 in The Guardian

The new president is focusing on seven key areas to reverse a legacy of environmental destruction and climate denialism

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White House OSTP Releases Climate Denial Flyers on Private Site

  2021-01-12 (or before) in Earther | Gizmodo

The 10 flyers are akin to the greatest hits of climate denial.

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Federal appeals court rejects Trump administration permit for offshore oil project in Arctic Alaska

  2021-01-06 (or before) in Anchorage Daily News: Alaska News, Politics, Outdoors, Science and Events

Agencies did not follow environmental requirements in reviews that led to the permit, the court said.

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Trump loyalists aim to block Biden's goal to rejoin Iran and Paris agreements

  2020-12-22 in The Guardian

Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham urge Trump to submit Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement to Senate to undercut future attempts to revive them

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Trump kick-starts oil drilling licence sales in Arctic refuge

  2020-12-03 in The Guardian

Fossil fuel extraction sell-off in pristine Alaskan wilderness set for 6 January, predating Biden inauguration by days

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Revealed: Trump officials rush to mine desert haven native tribes consider holy

  2020-11-24 in The Guardian

Administration seeks to transfer ownership of Arizona area to mining company with ties to the destruction of an Aboriginal site

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics

A destructive legacy: Trump bids for final hack at environmental protections

  2020-11-21 in The Guardian

Administration finishing off regulatory moves to lock in drilling, loosen wildlife protections and roll back pollution standards

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Arctic | Wildlife

White House removes climate scientist Michael Kuperberg heading USGRP - The Washington Post

  2020-11-09 in The Washington Post

Change at Global Change Research Program may allow climate contrarian David Legates to take over.

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US formally exits Paris climate agreement as election hangs in balance - Net Zero Watch

  2020-11-04 (or before) in Net Zero Watch - News on net zero

But the outcome of the tight U.S. election contest will determine for how long. Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden, has promised to rejoin the agreement if e

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Donald Trump | Net Zero

Billionaire casino boss Sheldon Adelson splashes the cash in bid to help Trump

  2020-10-31 in The Guardian

The magnate, 87, is expected to have spent $250m this election cycle to support conservative causes, fundraisers say

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'Just like propaganda': the three men enabling Trump's voter fraud lies

  2020-10-26 in The Guardian

The hysteria over voter fraud has reached an alarming pitch – and this dangerous moment in US democracy wouldn’t be possible without the work of these men

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Donald Trump | US Politics

Revealed: the full extent of Trump’s ‘meat cleaver’ assault on US wilderness

  2020-10-26 (or before) in The Guardian

After four years of Trump, protected places such as national monuments and wildlife refuges have opened to oil drilling, new maps show – with more on the way

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Climate news Trump can use - by Emily Atkin - HEATED

  2020-10-26 (or before) by in HEATED | Emily Atkin | Substack

HEATED analyzed 30 news articles about Biden's climate policy, and found that 25 adopted Trump's preferred framing.

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War on NOAA? A Climate Denier’s Arrival Raises Fears the Agency's Climate Mission Is Under Attack - Inside Climate News

  2020-10-25 in Inside Climate News

In the shadow of the Trump administration’s dismissal of climate change, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has continued to press on with its work measuring the breadth and pace of the climate crisis. So far in 2020, NOAA recorded the nation’s hottest summer on record, the second-lowest Arctic sea ice minimum and the greatest […]

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Retirement Plans Push Back on Trump Rule Limiting Fossil Fuel Divestments

  2020-10-11 (or before) in Cheddar News

The new rule would tweak the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which regulates the fiduciary duties of private plan managers.

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Trump's public lands chief refuses to leave his post despite judge's order

  2020-10-10 in The Guardian

William Perry Pendley says ‘I have the support of the president’ despite court ruling he is serving illegally as head of the Bureau of Land Management

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Proud Boys and petro-masculinity - by Emily Atkin - HEATED

  2020-10-02 (or before) by in HEATED | Emily Atkin | Substack

The hate group Trump called out at Tuesday's debate subscribes to a version of masculinity that researchers say is a driving force behind climate denial.

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An analysis of the Trump Administration’s economic and policy arguments for withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment

  2020-09-28 (or before) in London School of Economics

This report investigates whether the evidence supports the reasons given by the Trump Administration to justify its decision to withdraw the US from the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, and concludes that the decision is irrational and does not promote the best interests of the American people.

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Trump's final phone call to Woodward: 'Nothing more could have been done' - CNNPolitics

  2020-09-15 (or before) by in CNN International

On August 14, the coronavirus pandemic was on fire in the US. More than 168,000 Americans had died, with more than 1,300 deaths that day alone. But when President Donald Trump called legendary journalist Bob Woodward, it was to find out one thing: He had recently learned that Woodward's new book "Rage" was done and would be coming out in September, and Trump wanted to find out how he'd be portrayed.

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A Climate Change Skeptic, Mike Pence Brought to the Vice Presidency Deep Ties to the Koch Brothers - Inside Climate News

  2020-08-31 in Inside Climate News

Find profiles of all the presidential election candidates here. Vice President Mike Pence’s fight to block climate action began long before he became President Donald Trump’s stalwart second-in-command. The former Indiana governor came into Trump’s orbit with a reputation as a culture warrior who sought to restrict gay marriage and reproductive rights, and he has described […]

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E.P.A. Relaxes Rules Limiting Toxic Waste From Coal Plants (Published 2020)

  2020-08-31 in The New York Times

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Trump in final push to open up Alaska's Arctic refuge to oil and gas drilling

  2020-08-17 in The Guardian

Interior department to reportedly auction leases before year’s end as critics condemn plan to drill in America’s ‘last great wilderness’

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In a Move That Could be Catastrophic for the Climate, Trump’s EPA Rolls Back Methane Regulations - Inside Climate News

  2020-08-13 in Inside Climate News

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced a long-anticipated rollback of methane emission regulations for the oil and gas industry on Thursday, marking the latest in a long series of attacks on federal climate policy by the Trump administration. The move, which was opposed by several leading oil and gas companies, could result in a catastrophic […]

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Big oil remembers 'friend' Trump with millions in campaign funds

  2020-08-09 in The Guardian

Donations to support the president’s re-election have flooded in from a fossil fuel industry that has enjoyed three years of energy deregulation and tax cuts

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Trump Administration Moves Forward With Plan To End Wild Bird Protections

  2020-08-07 (or before) by in

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Why Trump abandoning the climate fight puts the planet in even more danger – video explainer

  2020-07-27 by in The Guardian

The Guardian's enviroment reporters Emily Holden and Oliver Milman look at why Donald Trump wants to leave the agreement and whether the world can make a success of the deal without America's cooperation

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How the global climate fight could be lost if Trump is re-elected

  2020-07-27 in The Guardian

The US will officially exit the Paris accord one day after the 2020 US election and architects of that deal say the stakes could not be higher

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Power Up: Trump says he has the best environmental record. That's not true. - The Washington Post

  2020-07-17 in The Washington Post

The president will today speak on his 'environmental leadership.'

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Trump administration moves forward with plan to end wild bird protections

  2020-06-05 in PBS - Public Broadcasting Service

The Trump administration is moving forward with plans to scale back a century-old law protecting most American wild birds despite warnings that billions of birds could die.

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Trump signs order removing environmental review of major projects

  2020-06-04 by in The Hill

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday evening that would waive requirements under a suite of environmental laws, a move the administration says will boost the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Trump, Citing Pandemic, Moves to Weaken Two Key Environmental Protections (Published 2020)

  2020-06-04 in The New York Times

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'Disastrous at a time like this': the US Postal Service is on the brink of crisis

  2020-06-03 in The Guardian

The post office could be key to people voting during the pandemic but perverse financial rules and Trump’s hostility put that at risk

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Four More Years of Donald Trump Could Delay Global Emissions Cuts by 10 Years

  2020-06-02 (or before) by Josh Gabbatiss in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

Trump’s call to step back from international climate action endangers any prospect of hitting global emissions targets.

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Canadian Court Slams Trump Climate Advisor in Successful Libel Case

  2020-05-27 by in DeSmog

Climate science denier and Trump transition team advisor Dr. Tim Ball, who a Canadian court earlier derided as incompetent, ill-intended, and apparently indifferent to the truth, has been further rebuffed in the British Columbia Court of Appeal and must now stand libel for a 9-year-old attack against prominent Canadian climate scientist (and outgoing BC Green Party leader) Dr. […]

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Trump Adviser Calls Workers “Human Capital Stock,” Says We Should Get Back to Work

  2020-05-26 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

To them, we are only meat for the machine, nothing more than an entirely expendable commodity.

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Trump admin slaps solar, wind operators with retroactive rent bills | Reuters

  2020-05-19 (or before) in Reuters

The Trump administration has ended a two-year rent holiday for solar and wind projects operating on federal lands, handing them whopping retroactive bills at a time the industry is struggling with the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, according to company officials.

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Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people to efforts to restrict voting

  2020-05-18 in The Guardian

The RNC is seeking people in 15 key states to serve as poll watchers and challenge the registration of voters they believe ineligible

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Steve Linick: State Department official investigating Pompeo is fired

  2020-05-16 in The Guardian

Latest move against independent executive branch watchdogs who have found fault with Trump administration

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'It's all rigged': Trump foreshadows how he could undermine presidential election

  2020-05-12 in The Guardian

Trump accusations shed light on how he could use the Covid-19 pandemic to undermine the results of the November election

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics | California

Trump dismantles environmental protections under cover of coronavirus

  2020-05-11 in The Guardian

Administration is weakening protections ahead of the election, making changes that could take years for a Democratic president to undo

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Trump's 'juggernaut' re-election bid like the Death Star, campaign boss boasts

  2020-05-07 in The Guardian

Brad Parscale raises eyebrows with Star Wars comparison: ‘In a few days we start pressing FIRE for the first time’

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McConnell’s Pandemic Priority Is Appointing Conservative Judges

  2020-05-06 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

McConnell and Trump’s appointees threaten not only the COVID-19 recovery, but also federal programs for decades to come.

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Fossil fuel firms linked to Trump get millions in coronavirus small business aid

  2020-05-01 in The Guardian

Revealed: Oil and mining firms – some with ties to Trump officials – taking advantage of funding, review shows

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Despite COVID-19, Trump Keeps on Gutting Protections for Workers

  2020-04-26 (or before) by Mike Ludwig in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

Plummeting labor standards and enforcement under Trump has made workplaces even more dangerous during the pandemic.

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There is no point talking to Trump. We need to talk past him | Jan Werner-Muller

  2020-04-25 in The Guardian

Governors, officials and Democrats should start proposing concrete plans to deal with the crisis. It’s time to build a ‘parallel polis’

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We can't let Trump roll back 50 years of environmental progress | Elizabeth Southerland

  2020-04-22 in The Guardian

I worked for the EPA for 33 years. We can’t let this administration obliterate half a century of environmental progress

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Why Is Trump’s Inspector General Purge Not a National Scandal?

  2020-04-08 in

The removal of a couple of inspectors general for transparently—and in one case, admittedly—self-interested reasons no longer generates outrage.

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Trump Administration Finalizes Rationalization of Fuel Economy Mandates

  2020-03-31 in American Energy Alliance - Legislative and public policy advocacy concerning energy and environmental issues.

Today the Trump administration finalized the second half of its proposed rule to correct the overreach of the Obama administration’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations. The first half came last fall when the administration halted California’s ability to force fuel economy standards on the other 49 states. Today’s second half brings fuel economy mandates […]

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Coronavirus Doesn’t Slow Trump’s Regulatory Rollbacks (Published 2020)

  2020-03-25 in The New York Times

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'Individual actions do add up': Christiana Figueres on the climate crisis

  2020-03-05 in The Guardian

Trump’s words made the architect of the Paris accord livid – but she’s become an advocate for positivity about climate action

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Donald Trump’s Climate Preparedness Policy: “Get Your Mops And Buckets Ready” — Covering Climate Now

  2020-02-29 (or before) in Covering Climate Now

The Climate Beat On October 30, 1975, the New York Daily News published one of the great headlines of all time: “Ford To City: Drop Dead.” US president Gerald Ford had just announced that the federal government would refuse to bail out New York if the city government went bankrupt. Ford later said that the headline and [...]Read More...

  Tagged under: Flooding | Donald Trump

Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere | by Alex Steffen | The Nearly Now

  2020-02-22 (or before) by Alex Steffen in The Nearly Now

American journalists, pundits and media executives have largely convinced themselves that climate change is not a serious political issue, because they think the polls tell them that. A majority of…

  Tagged under: Vladimir Putin | Carbon Bubble | Global Warming | Donald Trump | Climate Change

Trump's magical mystery climate solutions - by Emily Atkin

  2020-01-27 (or before) by in HEATED | Emily Atkin | Substack

In Davos, the president promised secret "scientific breakthroughs" to fight climate change. Here's why, and what they might be.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

House Republicans caught between Trump and young voters on climate change

  2020-01-27 (or before) in Politico

GOP leaders are putting together their own more modest set of climate policies that their party can rally behind.

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‘Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

  2020-01-24 in The Guardian

Revealed: emails show Trump and appointees tried to craft a narrative that forest protection efforts are responsible for wildfires

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | US Politics | California | Trees

BP lobbied Trump to weaken climate safeguards on oil and gas projects

  2020-01-23 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Together with the American Petroleum Institute, BP asked Trump to largely exclude the climate impacts of oil projects from environmental assessments

  Tagged under: BP | Donald Trump | Climate Change | Greenpeace | Climate Change Impacts

Trump weakened environmental laws after BP lobbying

  2020-01-23 in The Guardian

Letter suggests oil firm pushed for changes whereby fewer projects would need impact assessments

  Tagged under: BP | Donald Trump | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | US Politics

"Flood the zone with shit": How misinformation overwhelmed our democracy

  2020-01-16 by Sean Illing in Vox

The impeachment trial didn’t change any minds. Here’s why.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Disinformation and Misinformation

Police contradict claims spread online exaggerating arson's role in Australian bushfires

  2020-01-08 in The Guardian

Donald Trump Jr was among those who retweeted misleading figures published by News Corp

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Trump Rule Would Exclude Climate Change in Infrastructure Planning (Published 2020)

  2020-01-03 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Voter purges: are Republicans trying to rig the 2020 election?

  2019-12-31 in The Guardian

Controversies in Wisconsin and Georgia show how the mass removal of voters from the rolls has become a key part of the fight to win

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics

Trump's dark legacy: a US judiciary remade in his own image

  2019-12-25 in The Guardian

No president has secured so many important judgeships so quickly – and progressives say the damage will be lasting

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Judiciary

US Congress commits to act on climate crisis, despite Donald Trump

  2019-12-02 in The Guardian

Nancy Pelosi tells UN conference in Madrid that commitment is ‘iron-clad’

  Tagged under: US Politics | Donald Trump | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change

Former Trump official says climate change is ‘imaginary threat’ invented by ‘insular and paranoid' scientists

  2019-11-05 in

William Happer failed at the chance of his lifetime.

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Naomi Oreskes: ‘Discrediting science is a political strategy’

  2019-11-03 in The Guardian

The Harvard professor on science and scepticism – and why climate deniers have run out of excuses

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Paris Agreement: Trump confirms US will leave climate accord - BBC News

  2019-10-24 (or before) in The BBC

Donald Trump says Paris deal would "punish the American people" as he hails US fossil fuel boom.

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Climate change: 'Trump effect' threatens Paris pact - BBC News

  2019-10-24 (or before) in The BBC

President Trump's actions are restricting global efforts to cut carbon, a study suggests.

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Buried, altered, silenced: 4 ways government climate information has changed since Trump took office

  2019-10-21 (or before) by in The Conversation

Despite scientists’ initial concerns, federal climate change data sets are still available. But other documents and web pages have changed over the last year.

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Climate change: Trump's rollback of climate change regulations will be felt far beyond his presidency - CNNPolitics

  2019-10-19 (or before) by in CNN

In his time in office, President Trump has rolled back dozens of environmental regulations, and critics say the impacts of his policies will be felt for generations to come.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Climate change could be the spark that sets global productivity on fire

  2019-10-16 (or before) in The Telegraph

Donald Trump has said many silly things in his time, but among the silliest was his insistence that “trade wars are good and easy to win”.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Greta Thunberg in exclusive interview: ”The election of Trump was a turning point for the climate movement”

  2019-10-13 in Nyheter -

What is it like to talk about science in a country where the president denies it?DN’s Alexandra Urisman Otto and Roger Turesson have travelled with

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Donald Trump

Political polarisation over climate crisis has surged under Trump

  2019-10-11 in The Guardian

Revealed: divide exacerbated by fossil fuel industry’s record contribution to Republicans

  Tagged under: US Politics | Donald Trump | Greenhouse Gases | Fossil Fuels

Greta, not Trump, is the true leader of the free world | Opinion

  2019-09-24 in Newsweek

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Donald Trump | Climate Change

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation - EcoWatch

  2019-08-28 in EcoWatch - For a Healthier Planet and Life

Trump has reportedly ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to open Alaska's 16.7 million-acre Tongass National Forest — the planet's largest intact temperate rainforest — to logging and other corporate development projects, a move that comes as thousands of fires are ripping through the Amazon rainforest and putting the "lungs of the world"

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Wildfires | Rainforests | Forest Fires | Alaska | Trees

Trump officials weaken protections for animals near extinction

  2019-08-12 in The Guardian

Changes to how Endangered Species Act is implemented come as world scientists warn biodiversity crisis will put humanity at risk

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Wildlife

War on science: Trump administration muzzles climate experts, critics say

  2019-07-26 in The Guardian

Whistleblowers and groups tracking agency decisions say administration is ignoring science and censoring expertise

  Tagged under: Donald Trump

Trump to claim US is environmental leader in spite of ripping up protections

  2019-07-03 in The Guardian

Exclusive: On Monday president will likely tout America’s clean air and water, even though he’s rescinded rules to cut pollution

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Fossil Fuels | US Politics

Trump dismisses need for climate change action: ‘We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air’ | The Independent | The Independent

  2019-07-01 (or before) in The Independent

‘It doesn’t always work with a windmill,’ says US president as he rejects green energy

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Trump ditches sole climate rule that aimed to reduce coal plant pollution

  2019-06-19 in The Guardian

Administration to roll back Obama-era Clean Power Plan as experts say move shows Trump’s ‘determination to avoid action to address climate change’

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Barack Obama

White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science

  2019-06-14 in The Guardian

William Happer contacted Heartland Institute, one of the most prominent groups to dispute that fossil fuels cause global heating

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Fossil Fuels | US Politics

Not Even Automakers Can Support Trump's Love Affair With Pollution

  2019-06-07 by in Rolling Stone - Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

The industry got more than it bargained for when it asked the president to relax regulations

  Tagged under: Donald Trump

Trump lied to Prince Charles's face - and to the world | Opinion

  2019-06-06 (or before) in Newsweek

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Donald Trump tells Prince Charles US has 'clean climate'

  2019-06-05 in The Guardian

President blames other countries for environmental crisis, in long talk with prince

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change | US Politics | Health

There's a climate crisis – but Trump's cabinet continues to backtrack on science | Kate Aronoff

  2019-05-29 in The Guardian

Conservative donors and fossil fuel companies have the most to lose from large-scale decarbonization – and they know it

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics

Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science (Published 2019)

  2019-05-27 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Greenhouse Gases | US Politics

BP pushed for Arctic drilling rights after Trump's election

  2019-05-19 in The Guardian

Despite PR damage over earlier spills, documents show oil firm pressed for reduced regulation

  Tagged under: BP | Donald Trump | Arctic

Trump Will Meet With Top Advisers To Discuss Plans To Challenge Climate Change Reports, Source Says

  2019-05-02 (or before) in

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with officials to discuss creating a commission to scrutinize climate change reports, according to a source.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Trump administration sabotages major conservation effort, defying Congress

  2019-04-08 in The Guardian

Revealed: federal support to research centers cut off as scientists fear years of successful work will go ‘down the drain’

  Tagged under: US Politics | Donald Trump

Climate change group scrapped by Trump reassembles to issue warning

  2019-04-04 in The Guardian

Panel was disbanded after a Trump official voiced concerns that it did not have enough members ‘from industry’

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Trump ditches coal when hyping 'revolution in American energy' in SOTU speech

  2019-02-05 by in The Hill

President Trump did not mention coal when he declared Tuesday night that his administration has “unleashed a revolution in American energy” that has lead to historic energy export highs and economic grow

  Tagged under: Economic Growth | Donald Trump | Coal | Economics

Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing – study

  2019-01-16 in The Guardian

Administration’s alternative to clean power plan would let emissions ‘rebound’ via coal-fired power plants, researchers find

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Coal | Barack Obama | US Politics

She trolled Trump, but can she lead a green wave across Europe?

  2018-11-24 in The Guardian

Swedish minister Isabella Lövin found fame in a jibe aimed at the White House. Now she aims for change beyond Twitter

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change | Fish

Top White House aide 'fired' after Melania Trump intervention, report says – as it happened

  2018-11-13 by Lauren Gambino in The Guardian

First lady called for Mira Ricardel, top aide to John Bolton, to go after the two had a dispute over plane seating during Africa trip

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Africa | US Politics

Neil Young criticises Trump after losing his home in California fires

  2018-11-12 in The Guardian

Songwriter says state is vulnerable because of climate change and accuses US president of defying science

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

'It'll change back': Trump says climate change not a hoax, but denies lasting impact

  2018-10-15 in The Guardian

Climate scientists have political agendas, US president says in interview with 60 Minutes

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change

Climate change: local efforts won't be enough to undo Trump's inaction, study says

  2018-08-30 in The Guardian

Onus still falls on national governments to cut emissions to stave off worst impacts of climate change, Yale researchers say

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Conserving oil no longer necessary for US, says Trump administration

  2018-08-19 in The Guardian

New policy threatens to undermine decades of campaigns for efficient cars and other conservation programs

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics | Cars

'Truth isn't truth': Giuliani trumps 'alternative facts' with new Orwellian outburst

  2018-08-19 in The Guardian

President’s lawyer keeps up attack on Mueller investigation, leading NBC host Chuck Todd to say: ‘This is going to become a bad meme’

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics | Russia

Have American newspapers given Donald Trump a gift? - BBC News

  2018-08-18 (or before) in BBC

The joint effort by US newspapers against Donald Trump is likely to prove counter-productive.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump

Paul Manafort trial: judge won't release jurors' names over safety concerns

  2018-08-17 in The Guardian

Judge TS Ellis says he won’t make names public: ‘I’ve received criticism and threats … I imagine they would, too’

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Russia

US interior secretary's school friend blocking climate research, scientists say

  2018-08-17 in The Guardian

Trump administration forces some scientific funding to be reviewed by adviser who was high-school football teammate of Ryan Zinke

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics

A Climate-Friendly Response to Trump’s Protectionism | by Barbara Unmüßig & Michael Kellner - Project Syndicate

  2018-06-04 by Barbara Unmüßig & Michael Kellner in Project Syndicate

Barbara Unmüßig & Michael Kellner call on the EU to implement a levy on greenhouse-gas emissions, including climate border adjustment.

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Greenhouse Gases

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