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Topic: Argentina

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Revealed: the 1,200 big methane leaks from waste dumps trashing the planet

  2024-02-12 in The Guardian

The huge leaks of the potent greenhouse gas will doom climate targets, experts say, but stemming them would rapidly reduce global heating

  Tagged under: Argentina | Methane

Seal pup die-off from avian flu in Argentina looks 'apocalyptic'

  2024-01-17 by in Popular Science

The highly contagious strain of bird flu is not spreading among humans, but it may in the future.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Disease | Birds

What links Rishi Sunak, Javier Milei and Donald Trump? The shadowy network behind their policies | George Monbiot

  2024-01-06 in The Guardian

The Atlas Network’s dark-money junktanks are behind neoliberal policies around the world, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Argentina | Rishi Sunak

Wildfires rage in Argentina’s Cordoba province amid heatwave | In Pictures News | Al Jazeera

  2023-10-11 in Al Jazeera

Authorities evacuate people as massive flames surround populated areas in Cordoba province.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Wildfires

Argentina’s grain harvest suffers under worst drought in 60 years | Drought News | Al Jazeera

  2023-03-09 in Al Jazeera

Already struggling under spiralling inflation, the South American country faces a decline in grain, its main export.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Drought | South America

Argentina’s Cristina Fernández sentenced to six years in $1bn fraud case

  2022-12-06 in The Guardian

Vice-president and former president also given lifelong ban on holding public office after being found guilty

  Tagged under: Argentina

‘Everything is on fire’: Flames rip through Iberá National Park in Argentina

  2022-02-24 in Mongabay

The fires were still several miles away, but Talía Zamboni and her colleagues wanted to work fast. Early in the morning on Feb. 23, they traveled to San Alonso Island in Argentina’s Iberá National Park, where several giant river otters were being housed in a large enclosure, awaiting their release into the wild. But today […]

  Tagged under: Argentina | Rivers

'Furnace': Argentina roasts in record-setting heat wave | Reuters

  2022-01-15 (or before) in Reuters

  Tagged under: Argentina

A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

  2022-01-07 in Climate Home News

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

  Tagged under: Argentina | Lithium | Water Resources

Attack of the giant rodents or class war? Argentina’s rich riled by new neighbors

  2021-08-22 in The Guardian

Hordes of capybaras have taken up residence at a gated community, sparking a debate on the environment and inequality

  Tagged under: Argentina | Wildlife

Hundreds of fishing fleets that go ‘dark’ suspected of illegal hunting, study finds

  2021-06-02 in The Guardian

Vessels primarily from China switch off their tracking beacons to evade detection while they engage in possible illegal fishing

  Tagged under: Argentina | China | Pacific Ocean | Fish | Wildlife

Bitcoin Could Push Global Emissions Above 2 Degrees Celsius, Scientists Say

  2021-02-15 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

Bitcoin mining may consume more than 120 terawatt-hours of electricity globally this year — more energy than Argentina.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Electricity

UK imported 1m tonnes of soya with deforestation risk in 2019

  2020-12-01 in The Guardian

New analysis finds 40% was brought in without sourcing checks from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay

  Tagged under: Argentina | Deforestation | Farming | Brazil | Trees

'Total destruction': why fires are tearing across South America

  2020-10-09 in The Guardian

Wildfires, mostly caused by land clearing for cattle grazing and soya production, have set four nations ablaze

  Tagged under: Argentina | Deforestation | Wildfires | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Forest Fires | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Trees

Oil Companies Wonder If It’s Worth Looking for Oil Anymore

  2020-08-16 (or before) in Bloomberg

More European producers are saying energy resources worth billions of dollars now might never be pumped out of the ground.

  Tagged under: Argentina

Argentina could become 'sacrificial country' for plastic waste, say activists

  2019-11-01 in The Guardian

Country has changed definition of waste, which campaigners fear could lead to imports of low-grade plastic scraps

  Tagged under: Argentina | Activism

UK to use finance meant for green energy to support fracking in Argentina

  2019-10-22 in The Guardian

Documents show government’s £1bn commitment in 2017 later prioritised support of major oil companies

  Tagged under: Argentina | Renewable Energy | BP | Shell | Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Penguins suffering from climate change, scientists say

  2014-01-30 in The Guardian

Heatwaves killing Magellanic penguin chicks in Argentina, and Adelie penguins in Antarctica are finding it harder to feed

  Tagged under: Argentina | Climate Change | Antarctic | Wildlife | Heatwaves

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