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Topic: Disease

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The next pandemic? It’s already here for Earth’s wildlife

  2024-03-11 by in The Conversation

Bird flu is decimating species already threatened by climate change and habitat loss.

  Tagged under: Disease | Birds

Seal pup die-off from avian flu in Argentina looks 'apocalyptic'

  2024-01-17 by in Popular Science

The highly contagious strain of bird flu is not spreading among humans, but it may in the future.

  Tagged under: Argentina | Disease | Birds

Candida Auris: An Unforeseen Threat Amplified by Climate Change

  2023-09-20 in Popular Mechanics

Candida auris is a fungal infection already deadly for humans. Meanwhile, Valley fever infections will only continue to grow as global temperatures rise.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Disease

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