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Environmental Audit Committee letter to Rishi Sunak

  2023-09-30 (or before) in UK Parliament Committees

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | UK Politics

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Rishi Sunak’s report finds low-traffic neighbourhoods work and are popular

  2024-03-08 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Downing Street initially buried study, which Tories had hoped would strengthen arguments against traffic-reducing measures

  Tagged under: Transport | UK Politics | Rishi Sunak

Growing mountain of wasted money is a radioactive prospect

  2024-01-25 by in The Times & The Sunday Times

Rishi Sunak’s apparent determination to press ahead with mammoth investment in new nuclear reactors, whatever the cost, might not prove to be the best solution

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Rishi Sunak

Peer who praised rising temperatures appointed to climate crisis committee

  2024-01-22 in The Guardian

Labour says appointment of David Frost shows ‘wacky’ climate views no longer confined to Tory party fringes

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak facing renewed pressure over plans to ‘max out’ North Sea oil

  2024-01-21 in The Guardian

Dithering on renewable energy and insulation will leave people in Britain ‘colder and poorer’, campaigners warn

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Rishi Sunak | Insulation | Fossil Fuels

Sunak accused of being ‘all mouth and no trousers’ after failing on environmental targets

  2024-01-18 in Morning Star

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Greenpeace

It's January and Rishi Sunak has already misled us all

  2024-01-10 in

It sends exactly the wrong signal at the wrong time, and actively undermines global efforts to tackle climate change.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Revealed: Rishi Sunak's 'false' claim homegrown oil and gas is cleaner than imports

  2024-01-08 (or before) in Herald Scotland

Claims by Rishi Sunak’s government that home-grown oil and gas is better for the environment than imported fossil fuels has been thrown into doubt…

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Fossil Fuels

What links Rishi Sunak, Javier Milei and Donald Trump? The shadowy network behind their policies | George Monbiot

  2024-01-06 in The Guardian

The Atlas Network’s dark-money junktanks are behind neoliberal policies around the world, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Argentina | Rishi Sunak

Former Tory energy minister quits as MP over Sunak’s ‘harmful’ push for new oil and gas

  2024-01-05 in Politico

Chris Skidmore quits as MPs prepare to vote on controversial Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill Monday — teeing up yet another by-election.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Chris Skidmore resigns Conservative whip over Sunak’s oil and gas licence plan

  2024-01-05 in The Guardian

Former minister also resigns as an MP, which will trigger byelection in his Kingswood constituency

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Fossil Fuels

Labour accuses Sunak of being ‘asleep at the wheel’ over flood warnings

  2024-01-05 in The Guardian

‘Significant’ impact of surface water and river flooding continues across England, as showers forecast for Friday

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | UK Politics | UK | Flooding | Rivers

Conservatives are the 'political wing of the fossil fuel industry’ as Sunak invites BP and Shell to Downing Street | Global Witness

  2024-01-01 (or before) in Global Witness

New Global Witness analysis shows that government ministers met with fossil fuel companies 54 times between January and March.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | BP | Shell

‘The climate change argument is becoming ever more convincing’, says former BP chief

  2023-12-11 (or before) in The Telegraph

Former ‘sun king’ Lord Browne on why he’s no longer an oil and gas man

  Tagged under: COP28 | Rishi Sunak | BP

UK oil and gas regulator opposed Rishi Sunak’s mandatory licensing rounds

  2023-11-30 (or before) in Financial Times

Board of North Sea Transition Authority found unanimously that move was unnecessary

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Just Stop Oil: Rishi Sunak defends 'severe' jail sentences

  2023-11-21 (or before) in The BBC

One activist was jailed for two years and another for three after scaling Dartford Crossing bridge.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Activism

Sunak faces further pressure over net zero U-turn after IEA warning

  2023-10-24 in The Guardian

Energy watchdog says countries risks fuelling climate crisis and damaging their economies by rowing back on green policies

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

UK climate leadership left in tatters by Prime Minister’s speech - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment

  2023-10-16 (or before) in London School of Economics

Bob Ward reviews key elements of Rishi Sunak’s 20th September net zero speech and the implications of the announced policy changes.

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Rishi Sunak | UK Politics

Dogger Bank: World's largest offshore wind farm starts exporting power

  2023-10-10 in Business Green

Giant North Sea offshore wind farm reaches major milestone on path to delivering clean power for six million homes a year

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Wind Power

Dear Keir Starmer: here’s what you should know about Sunak’s attack on climate policy – he lied and lied | Fiona Harvey

  2023-10-09 in The Guardian

He says costs will fall on the poor, but that’s a choice made by his government , says Fiona Harvey, an environment editor at the Guardian

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Rishi Sunak

‘Detached from reality’: anger as Rishi Sunak plans to restrict solar panels

  2023-10-07 in The Guardian

Climate campaigners dismiss government argument that move will improve food security

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Rishi Sunak

The Tories say 15-minute cities are sinister. That’s nonsense – here’s the truth | Kate Soper and Martin Ryle

  2023-10-05 in The Guardian

Labour shows little sign of wanting to counter Rishi Sunak’s rhetoric about a divide between motorists and ‘woke’ spoilsports, say academic Kate Soper and writer Martin Ryle

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak: Cars, boilers and net zero - key takeaways from PM's speech - BBC News

  2023-10-02 (or before) in The BBC

The PM announces changes to his green approach, but says 2050 net zero targets will still be met.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero | Cars

The UK’s rollback of climate policies will cost its citizens and the world

  2023-10-01 (or before) in Nature

Incoherent new climate-policy messages by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will dissolve the UK’s climate leadership, stifle innovation’s momentum and cost consumers. Incoherent new climate-policy messages by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will dissolve the UK’s climate leadership, stifle innovation’s momentum and cost consumers.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Environmental Audit Committee letter to Rishi Sunak

  2023-09-30 (or before) in UK Parliament Committees

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | UK Politics

'Misguided': Jupiter and Robeco join £1.5trn investor group urging Sunak to stop green delay

  2023-09-29 in Business Green

Dozens of firms sign letter to Prime Minister warning that watering down decarbonisation policies will hurt inward investment into UK

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Climate Change | Decarbonisation

Prime Minister accused of 'evoking conspiracy theories' with plan to restrict traffic calming measures

  2023-09-29 in Business Green

Reports suggest Rishi Sunak's conference speech will centre on a new 'plan for motorists' and cite concerns over '15-minute cities'

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Hydrogen Lobby Sets Sights On Labour Party

  2023-09-26 by in DeSmog

Hydrogen lobbyists are targeting the Labour Party after betting on the opposition winning next year’s general election, DeSmog can reveal. Energy policy will be a major focus at the October conferences of both major parties, which fall weeks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak dramatically announced plans to water down the UK’s green targets. Emails seen […]

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak delays petrol car ban in major shift on green policies - BBC News

  2023-09-25 (or before) in The BBC

The prime minister claims the changes will support "hard-pressed families" but opponents accuse him of "selling out".

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

In-depth Q&A: What do Rishi Sunak’s U-turns mean for UK climate policy? - Carbon Brief

  2023-09-22 by in Carbon Brief

In this article, Carbon Brief explains the context of the Rishi Sunak’s speech and factchecks his new announcements on UK climate policy.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

PM's U-turns weren't really about net zero - but playing politics with climate change is a big risk

  2023-09-22 (or before) in Sky News

Whatever Rishi Sunak says, the details of his changes in climate policy suggest he is thinking about politics, not the environment. In a year which is currently on course to be the warmest in human history, that's a pretty big risk to take.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

How the ‘Climate Avoiders’ Have Taken Over Our Politics

  2023-09-20 (or before) by in Bylines Supplement

Rishi Sunak's rapid retreat from his pledges on tackling climate change is a worrying sign of things to come, reports Adam Bienkov

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak

Sunak should be wary of backtracking on net zero – what history tells us about flip-flopping on the environment

  2023-09-20 by in The Conversation

Rishi Sunak has delayed some of the UK’s key net zero targets – a look back at history may explain why.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Rishi Sunak considers weakening key green policies - BBC News

  2023-09-19 (or before) in The BBC

Plans could include delaying a ban on sales of new petrol cars and the phasing out of gas boilers.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Cars

Tories took £291,000 from airports lobbying for expansion

  2023-09-18 (or before) in openDemocracy

Donations raise eyebrows with Rishi Sunak expected to reject Climate Change Committee advice on banning expansions

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak

Just Stop Oil targets think tank over protest crackdown role

  2023-09-08 (or before) in openDemocracy

Activists targeted Policy Exchange after openDemocracy revealed it received Big Oil funding and helped draft law

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Exxon | Activism

The RSPB took on ministers and fell to earth. How it happened is a warning to us all | George Monbiot

  2023-09-08 in The Guardian

This is not just a story of a wildlife charity being bullied – it’s about the ugly truth of power dynamics in today’s Britain, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Wildlife

George Monbiot DESTROYS Rishi Sunak AND Keir Starmer

  2023-09-08 (or before) in Double Down News

No matter who’s in charge YOU lose

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

RSPB chief apologises after charity calls ministers ‘liars’ over green policy

  2023-08-31 in The Guardian

Beccy Speight says frustration at ‘weaker protections’ prompted charity’s criticism of Sunak, Gove and Coffey

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Wildlife

New Housing Plans Could Cause 'Total Ecological Collapse' Of UK Rivers, Warn Campaigners

  2023-08-29 in Huffington Post UK

Levelling up secretary Michael Gove is set to announce plans to make it easier to build houses near rivers, according to reports.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Housing | Rivers | Collapse

Rishi Sunak took helicopter to housebuilding visit where he defended government’s ‘green credentials’ – as it happened

  2023-08-29 in The Guardian

PM flew to Norwich for the event where it was announced the government scrapping of nutrient neutrality rules

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Housing

Tories hope a royal grilling at Balmoral will stop Sunak's 'f**king disastrous' green U-turn

  2023-08-26 by in

It is a tradition for the monarch to host the PM at the royal estate in Aberdeenshire. But the experience could be a test for Mr Sunak

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Sunak Pushes North Sea Fossil Fuel as Political Shift Gains Pace - Bloomberg

  2023-07-31 (or before) in Bloomberg

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak committed to granting hundreds of new licenses for oil and gas production in the North Sea, as his governing Conservatives intensify efforts to draw a political dividing line with the poll-leading opposition Labour Party on energy policy and the environment.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak

Carbon capture isn't just a disaster for the environment, it's entirely unworkable

  2023-07-31 by in

The Acorn project announced by Rishi Sunak is a dangerous flight of fantasy

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak warned that Tories’ key green pledges are ‘unachievable’

  2023-07-29 in The Guardian

Whitehall watchdog gives red rating to set of measures aimed to bring net-zero goals, amid backlash over retreat on climate policy

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Sunak Eyes Scrapping an EU-Era Pollution Law to Boost Housebuilding - Bloomberg

  2023-07-07 (or before) in Bloomberg

Rishi Sunak is considering scrapping an environmental law dating back to UK membership of the European Union, as his government faces pressure to build more houses while fending off a voter backlash on pollution.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Revealed: UK plans to drop flagship £11.6bn climate pledge

  2023-07-04 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Disclosure provokes fury as Rishi Sunak accused of betraying populations vulnerable to global heating

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Finance

Sunak U-turn on wind farms in England draws wrath of green Tories

  2023-07-02 in The Guardian

Prime minister under fire as government backtracks on plan for more onshore turbines to keep voters on side

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Rishi Sunak | Wind Power

The UK electricity bill is the highest in the entire world

  2023-05-13 in Vox Political | politics for the people

So now we know. All Rishi Sunak’s talk about working hard to get our energy bills down has been silly nonsense. The UK has the highest electricity bills, not just in Europe or the West, but i…

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Electricity

Sunak food summit promises star guest and lots of rhubarb

  2023-05-13 in The Guardian

It’s hard to see the PM’s talks with farmers, store chiefs and the (rumoured) odd TV star producing concrete proposals

  Tagged under: Farming | Rishi Sunak

Trust is a finite resource

  2023-05-12 in Business Green

The government will try and argue its bonfire of regulations will not weaken environmental protections, just as it is trying to convince people it is serious about onshore wind development - but such gaslighting will be met with a weary scepticism

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

The politics of poo: How sewage-strewn beaches became Britain’s new election battleground

  2023-04-04 in Politico

Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives are under fire over the rancid state of Britain’s waterways.

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Hasty changes to Sunak’s climate strategy reveal a warring Tory party

  2023-03-30 in The Guardian

Major omissions and a last-minute refocus on energy security rather than net zero suggest a prime minister buffeted by internal factions

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Hundreds of UK scientists and academics urge Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to prevent any new oil and gas field development |

  2023-03-30 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

UK scientists urge Rishi Sunak to halt new oil and gas developments

  2023-03-29 in The Guardian

Call comes on eve of revised net zero strategy that allows drilling in North Sea and boosts ‘unproven’ carbon capture

  Tagged under: IPCC | Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

The UK’s ‘green day’ has turned into a fossil fuel bonanza – dirty money powers the Sunak government | George Monbiot

  2023-03-29 in The Guardian

In prioritising oil and gas over renewables, ministers are doing the bidding of the polluters, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenhouse Gases | Rishi Sunak | Fossil Fuels

'Green Day'? Fears grow government is to prioritise fossil fuel projects in upgraded climate strategy

  2023-03-27 in Business Green

Reports suggest Number 10 wants to rebadge much-anticipated 'Green Day' package of decarbonisation policies as 'Energy Security Day' and ensure a lead role for new gas projects

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero | Decarbonisation

Police in England and Wales to get new powers to shut down protests before disruption begins

  2023-01-15 in The Guardian

Plans aimed at preventing tactics such as ‘slow marching’ part of Rishi Sunak’s public order crackdown

  Tagged under: Activism | Rishi Sunak

'Mad Dash' Plan To Scrap Thousands Of EU Laws This Year Called 'Bonkers' By Legal Experts

  2023-01-14 (or before) in Politics Home

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is sticking with his post-Brexit plan sort out around 4,000 EU laws by the end of the year, despite warnings that doing so ...

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Sunak’s government ‘going backwards’ on green economy, says CBI

  2022-12-05 in The Guardian

Business bosses ‘confused and disappointed’ by PM’s lack of growth plan in face of recession

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Economics | Economic Growth

Sunak’s growth fetish is a problem: he’s heading for the same budget trap as Truss | Tim Jackson

  2022-11-16 in The Guardian

The siren call of climate-burning expansion bewitches British politics. More of the same will emerge in the autumn statement, says Tim Jackson, professor of sustainable development at the University of Surrey

  Tagged under: COP27 | Rishi Sunak | Economics | Economic Growth

Britain faces £100m loss over drilling at biggest new oil field, says research

  2022-10-30 in The Guardian

Norwegian firm wants to develop Rosebank field in North Sea but Sunak’s tax break for fossil fuel producers could cost UK dear

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak

Sunak urges banks to keep funding oil and gas firms after windfall tax

  2022-06-23 in The Guardian

Sector says £5bn energy profits levy will make investment in new projects and renewables more difficult

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Rishi Sunak

Fossil fuel projects that qualify for Rishi Sunak’s tax relief ‘could create 899 million tonnes of CO2’ | The Independent

  2022-06-07 (or before) in The Independent

If all 39 projects are approved they could produce the equivalent of nearly 1.9 billion barrels of oil

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Fossil Fuels

Rishi Sunak’s Stealth Subsidy for Fossil Fuel Firms is ‘Disastrous’ says UK’s Former Climate Chief – Byline Times

  2022-05-27 by in Byline Times

Sir David King told Adam Bienkov that the stealth tax cut would damage the fight for 'a manageable future for humanity'

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak

Sunak urged to issue green bonds with higher returns if climate goals missed

  2022-05-02 in The Guardian

Thinktank says following Chile’s example would give ministers greater incentive to meet targets

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Chile

UK set to ‘torpedo climate action’ by approving six new North Sea oil and gas fields

  2022-02-14 (or before) in The Independent

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said he wants to encourage more investment in new fossil fuel drilling

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Six North Sea oil and gas fields to be fired up amid Cabinet row over net zero

  2022-02-08 (or before) in The Telegraph

New drilling to be approved as Number 10 faces resistance over green moves and spending

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero

Treasury leak reveals rift between Johnson and Sunak over costs of zero-carbon economy

  2021-10-16 in The Guardian

With weeks to go before the Cop26 climate summit, documents show PM being warned about the risks of damage to the UK from green investment

  Tagged under: COP26 | Rishi Sunak

Government preps autumn green bond and pension push, but tensions over net zero plans remain

  2021-09-06 in Business Green

Debate over how to fund raft of net zero programmes looks set to dominate the coming months

  Tagged under: COP26 | Rishi Sunak | Net Zero | Finance

UK spending far more on polluting policies than green ones, says WWF

  2021-08-12 in The Guardian

Just £145m of budget went on environment with £40bn spent on emissions-increasing measures, says charity

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Rishi Sunak

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