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Can we adapt before climate change drowns us? - Frontline

  2024-02-22 in Frontline: The Hindu

Despite rising sea levels, heatwaves, and floods, global efforts to adapt to climate change fall short, leaving vulnerable communities exposed.

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Opinion: Why COP28’s climate failures are actually a nightmare for Norfolk

  2024-01-17 (or before) in

Last month, governments from across the world gathered in Dubai, with the goal of saving the world from the catastrophic breakdown of our climate. …

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Global annual finance flows of $7 trillion fueling climate, biodiversity, and land degradation crises

  2024-01-14 (or before) in UN Environment Programme

Dubai, 9 December 2023 – Close to $7 trillion is invested globally each year in activities that have a direct negative impact on nature from both public and private sector sources - equivalent to roughly 7 per cent of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - according to the latest State of Finance for Nature report released today at COP28 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and partners.  

  Tagged under: COP28 | Economic Growth | Finance

Oil industry veteran to lead next round of Cop climate change summit

  2024-01-05 in The Guardian

Mukhtar Babayev is named president-in-waiting of UN climate summit to be held in November

  Tagged under: COP29 | COP28

Deforestation effect of UK consumption unsustainable, say MPs

  2024-01-04 in The Guardian

Committee finds British consumers contributing particularly highly to destruction of world’s forests

  Tagged under: COP28 | Deforestation | Trees

World will look back at 2023 as year humanity exposed its inability to tackle climate crisis, scientists say

  2023-12-29 in The Guardian

Disastrous events included flash flooding in Africa and wildfires in Europe and North America

  Tagged under: COP28 | Wildfires | Africa

The Climate Treadmill Speeds Up At COP28, But Critics Say It’s Still Not Going Anywhere - Inside Climate News

  2023-12-25 by in Inside Climate News

Esa Sharon Mona Ainuu, Niue minister of natural resources and environment, was in tears as she met the press on Dec. 11, near the end of COP28 in Dubai. After 12 days of meetings, any references to a fossil fuel phase-out had suddenly been stripped out of the text by Sultan al-Jaber, the presiding officer […]

  Tagged under: COP28

Record number of fossil fuel lobbyists granted access to COP28 climate talks | Global Witness

  2023-12-21 (or before) in Global Witness

At least 2456 fossil fuel lobbyists have been granted access to the COP28 summit in Dubai, signalling an unprecedented presence at crucial climate talks from representatives of some of the world’s biggest polluters, according to a new analysis from the Kick Big Polluters Out (KBPO) coalition

  Tagged under: COP28

Nuclear expert Mycle Schneider on the COP28 pledge to triple nuclear energy production: ‘Trumpism enters energy policy’

  2023-12-18 by in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

A nuclear expert explains why it's impossible to triple nuclear energy capacity by 2050.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Nuclear Power

Forget Cop – local climate action can bring more tangible results | Letter

  2023-12-18 in The Guardian

Letter: Annette Gorst-Unsworth says she invests in community energy groups that are making a difference in her area

  Tagged under: COP28 | Solar Energy

Failure of Cop28 on fossil fuel phase-out is ‘devastating’, say scientists

  2023-12-14 in The Guardian

Climate experts say lack of unambiguous statement is ‘tragedy for the planet and our future’

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Science panel presents COP28 with blueprint for saving the Amazon

  2023-12-13 in Mongabay

Five policy briefs released at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai call for urgently protecting the Amazon Rainforest from degenerating into a dry savanna, providing insights about what drives destruction and degradation in the region and solutions for securing the basin’s sustainable future. The reports were published Dec. 9 by the Science Panel for the […]

  Tagged under: COP28 | Amazon Rainforest

Good Cop, bad Cop: what the Cop28 agreement says and what it means

  2023-12-13 in The Guardian

Some say the deal is historic, others that it is weak. We look closely at the text for the truth of the matter

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Rich countries are desperate to convince us their hollow Cop28 deal is a triumph. They’re lying | Asad Rehman

  2023-12-13 in The Guardian

The agreement on fossil fuel phase-out is full of loopholes, but those of us fighting for climate justice won’t give up, says Asad Rehman of War on Want

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Climate Justice

COP28: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Dubai - Carbon Brief

  2023-12-13 by in Carbon Brief

Carbon Brief provides in-depth analysis of all the key outcomes from the COP28 climate change summit in Dubai – both inside and outside the COP.

  Tagged under: COP28

'Keeping Carbon in the Ground' Missed the Point: How COP28 Signals End of Oil – Byline Times

  2023-12-12 by in Byline Times

Western hypocrisy nearly scuppered global climate negotiations. But now the direction of travel is clear. Byline Times' columnist sums up his conclusions after addressing the Dubai summit

  Tagged under: COP28

Ted O’Brien’s nuclear love-in at COP28 gets a brutal reality check

  2023-12-11 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Release of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report provides a sobering reality check for an industry on life-support and a contrast to Ted O’Brien’s silliness at COP28 climate conferen…

  Tagged under: COP28 | Nuclear Power

COP28 Boosts Carbon Capture, a Long Shot Fix for the Climate - Bloomberg

  2023-12-11 in Bloomberg

Fossil fuel producers at COP28 want to use technologies to cut emissions from dirty energy rather than target consumption. The US experience shows it’s not that simple.

  Tagged under: COP28

‘The climate change argument is becoming ever more convincing’, says former BP chief

  2023-12-11 (or before) in The Telegraph

Former ‘sun king’ Lord Browne on why he’s no longer an oil and gas man

  Tagged under: COP28 | Rishi Sunak | BP

'Large gaps still need to be bridged': UN chief returns to COP28 as climate talks remain on knife edge

  2023-12-11 in Business Green

With crunch climate talks' scheduled close less than 24 hours away, negotiators are still wrangling over the future of fossil fuels, finance pledges, and climate adaptation goals

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Cop28: China ‘would like to see agreement to substitute renewables for fossil fuels’

  2023-12-09 in The Guardian

But country’s climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, would not say whether it would support phase-out wording in climate deal

  Tagged under: COP28 | Renewable Energy | Fossil Fuels

Opec rails against fossil fuel phase-out at Cop28 in leaked letters

  2023-12-08 in The Guardian

Oil cartel warns ‘pressure may reach a tipping point’ and that ‘politically motivated campaigns put our prosperity’ at risk

  Tagged under: COP28 | Tipping Points

Carbon capture is key to COP28 debate over ending or extending fossil fuels

  2023-12-07 in Newsweek

Carbon capture and storage technology has emerged as a central issue among U.N. COP28 climate negotiators considering a phaseout of fossil fuels.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

‘Unprecedented mass coral bleaching’ expected in 2024, says expert

  2023-12-07 in The Guardian

2023 is first year of potential pair of El Niño years and since 1997, every instance of these pairs has led to mass coral mortality

  Tagged under: Coral Reefs | Wildlife | COP28 | El Niño | Caribbean

Andrew Forrest calls for fossil fuel bosses' 'heads on spikes' in extraordinary outburst on sidelines of UN COP28 climate conference - ABC News

  2023-12-06 in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Australian mining magnate and climate campaigner lashes out at oil and gas supremos he says are "selfish beyond belief".

  Tagged under: COP28

Home - Global Tipping Points

  2023-12-06 (or before) by in Global Tipping Points | Home

Welcome Global Tipping Points is led by Professor Tim Lenton from the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute with the support of more than 200 researchers from over 90 organisations in 26 countries. The Global Tipping Points Report was launched at COP28 on 6 December 2023. The report is an authoritative assessment of the risks […]

  Tagged under: COP28 | Tipping Points

An Inevitable Showdown With the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Brewing at COP28 - Inside Climate News

  2023-12-05 by in Inside Climate News

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—The growing momentum at COP28 for a fossil fuel phaseout has not gone unnoticed by the fossil fuel industry, which has sent a record number of representatives and lobbyists to this year’s climate summit.  A report released this morning by a coalition of nonprofit climate policy watchdog groups shows that at least […]

  Tagged under: COP28

COP28: Bill Gates Says World Probably Won't Meet 2C Climate Warming Goal - Bloomberg

  2023-12-03 in Bloomberg

The billionaire clean-energy investor said it would be “fortunate” if temperature rise stays below 3C.

  Tagged under: COP28

Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

  2023-12-03 in The Guardian

Exclusive: UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

COP28: UN climate talks go big on ending fossil fuels

  2023-12-03 (or before) in The BBC

Countries and companies pledge more renewables and emissions cuts but critics say the measures fall short.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Renewable Energy | Fossil Fuels

Greenhouse gas emissions soar – with China, US and India most at fault

  2023-12-03 in The Guardian

Satellite tracking data shows many countries and firms do not provide accurate figures

  Tagged under: COP28

Kamala Harris addresses Cop28 amid mixed reaction to US climate pledges

  2023-12-02 in The Guardian

US vice-president, deputising for Joe Biden, tells summit that world faces a ‘pivotal moment’ in the climate crisis

  Tagged under: COP28 | Joe Biden

US joins in other nations in swearing off coal power to clean the climate

  2023-12-02 in Associated Press News

The United States is now committed to the idea of phasing out coal power plants, joining 56 other nations in kicking the coal habit. Saturday's announcement by U.S.

  Tagged under: COP28 | US Politics | USA | Coal | Electricity | Middle East | Renewable Energy

The Climate Summit Is a Sick Joke. You Should Be Angry and Afraid

  2023-12-01 in Newsweek

The primary cause of global heating is fossil fuels; and global heating is what's driving all the crazy heat, fire, smoke, storms, flooding, drought, crop yield losses, and ecosystem death that is

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Drought | COP28

‘Climate collapse in real time’: UN head António Guterres urges Cop28 to act

  2023-11-30 in The Guardian

World Meteorological Organization says 2023 will be hottest year on record, leaving ‘trail of devastation and despair’

  Tagged under: COP28 | Collapse | Wildfires

Fossil Fuel Friendly Daily Mail Firm Handed £500k Government Contract to Run UK COP28 Events

  2023-11-29 by in DeSmog

The UK’s events at this year’s COP28 summit will be hosted by a Daily Mail events firm that specialises in organising exhibitions for the oil and gas industry, DeSmog can reveal.  Government records show that dmg events, which is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), will be paid £545,000 for “commissioning and […]

  Tagged under: COP28

Biden admin holds oil, gas auctions amid COP28 climate talks: Environmentalists furious

  2023-11-29 in Axios

The last auction is due to take place on Dec. 12 — the final day of Cop28.

  Tagged under: COP28

US oil and gas production set to break record in 2023 despite UN climate goals

  2023-11-27 in The Guardian

United States projected to extract 12.9m barrels of crude oil per day as countries at Cop28 to push for agreed fossil fuels ‘phaseout’

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

COP28 president secretly used climate summit role to push oil trade with foreign government officials – Centre for Climate Reporting

  2023-11-27 by in Centre for Climate Reporting

Leaked documents reveal COP28 president and UAE national oil company boss Sultan Al Jaber’s plans to discuss boosting fossil fuel business in bilateral meetings about the climate summit.

  Tagged under: COP28

UAE planned to use COP28 climate talks to make oil deals

  2023-11-27 in The BBC

Leaked documents show how the COP28 host planned to use its role to strike fossil fuel business deals.

  Tagged under: COP28

Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to ‘hook’ poor countries on oil

  2023-11-27 in The Guardian

Climate scientists say fossil fuel use needs to fall rapidly – but oil-rich kingdom is working to drive up demand

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Middle East | Saudi Arabia | Africa

World stands on frontline of disaster at Cop28, says UN climate chief

  2023-11-24 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Simon Stiell says leaders must ‘stop dawdling’ and act before crucial summit in Dubai

  Tagged under: COP28

The Fossil Fuel Industry Has Been Infiltrating U.N. Climate Talks for Decades

  2023-11-23 (or before) in The New Republic

  Tagged under: COP28

World facing ‘hellish’ 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28

  2023-11-20 in The Guardian

‘We must start setting records on cutting emissions,’ UN boss says after temperature records obliterated in 2023

  Tagged under: COP28

'Insufficient ambition and not enough action': UN warns world is on track for 3C of warming

  2023-11-20 in Business Green

UN's latest Emissions Gap Report warns that even if governments' decarbonisation goals are met the world is still facing around 2.5C of warming this century

  Tagged under: Global Warming | United Nations | COP28 | Decarbonisation

The world's largest single-site solar farm just came online

  2023-11-17 by in Electrek

The United Arab Emirates has launched Al Dhafra solar farm – now the world's largest single-site solar farm – ahead of COP28.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Solar Energy

Cop28 host UAE breaking its own ban on routine gas flaring, data shows

  2023-11-17 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Fields run by climate summit host have burned gas near daily despite 20-year-old pledge, satellite monitoring reveals

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Showdown at COP28

  2023-11-17 by in Counter Punch

“$200 trillion is needed to stop global warming” (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) Buckle up, fireworks will be going off in a couple weeks in the pristine

  Tagged under: COP28 | Global Warming | Finance

Opinion | More lightning, more wildfires and a warmer world. Welcome to the ‘doom loop’ | South China Morning Post

  2023-11-17 in South China Morning Post

Climate-induced lightning is becoming more frequent and powerful, triggering more wildfires, particularly in Siberia, Canada and Alaska, and releasing the carbon locked in permafrost.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Permafrost | Wildfires | Alaska | Russia

Climate-heating gases reach record highs, UN reports

  2023-11-15 in The Guardian

World Meteorological Organization sees ‘no end in sight to the rising trend’, largely driven by fossil fuel burning

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | COP28

ICCI – International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

  2023-11-10 (or before) in International Cryosphere Climate Initiative

  Tagged under: COP28

‘Insanity’: petrostates planning huge expansion of fossil fuels, says UN report

  2023-11-08 in The Guardian

Plans by nations including Saudi Arabia, the US and UAE would blow climate targets and ‘throw humanity’s future into question’

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Russia | Saudi Arabia

McKinsey & Company pushes fossil fuel interests as advisor to UN climate talks, whistleblowers say

  2023-11-07 in France 24

The world's top management consultancy McKinsey & Company is using its position as a key advisor to the UN's COP28 climate talks to push the interests of its big oil and gas clients, undermining efforts…

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | COP28

UN to seek assurances UK will not renege on net zero pledge

  2023-11-03 in The Guardian

Concerns ahead of Cop28 climate summit that Rishi Sunak among leaders backsliding on green measures

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | COP28 | COP27 | COP26

In 2023 we’ve seen climate destruction in real time, yet rich countries are poised to do little at Cop28 | Saleemul Huq and Farhana Sultana

  2023-11-01 in The Guardian

As another big climate conference looms and global ‘loss and damage’ takes hold, we must keep pressure on the biggest emitters, write Farhana Sultana and the late Saleemul Huq

  Tagged under: COP28 | COP27

COP28 Action Tracker: Latest Updates on Climate Action and Sustainable Development

  2023-10-27 (or before) by in Edie Awards

Stay up to date with the latest updates on COP28, including headline news, UK preparations, and the global efforts towards climate action and sustainable development. This edition covers news from the UAE organisers, Latin America and Carribean Climate Week, and more.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Climate Justice | Finance

'We have to be realistic': Government dismisses CCC's concerns over UK's net zero progress

  2023-10-26 in Business Green

Government insists UK can meet all its climate targets, but rejects recommendations 'that force families to make costly and burdensome changes to their lifestyles'

  Tagged under: Net Zero | COP28

Inside the campaign that put an oil boss in charge of a climate summit – Centre for Climate Reporting

  2023-10-25 by in Centre for Climate Reporting

Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of the UAE’s national oil company, mobilized a PR army to secure the COP28 presidency despite concerns over his green credentials.

  Tagged under: COP28

Pope urges rich world to make profound changes to tackle climate crisis

  2023-10-04 in The Guardian

Francis also defends climate protesters and calls on governments to make Cop28 in Dubai a turning point

  Tagged under: COP28 | Climate Change | Religion | Pope Francis

Boycott COP28: 'Holding a climate conference in Dubai is absurd and dangerous' -

  2023-10-02 by in Earth Action Global League

Boycott COP28: 'Holding a climate conference in Dubai is absurd and dangerous'. The venue of the 28th edition COP (Conference of the Parties)

  Tagged under: COP28

How do we raise trillions of dollars to fight the climate crisis? The answer is staring us in the face | Gordon Brown

  2023-09-25 in The Guardian

The profits for oil and gas companies have reached truly staggering proportions. A simple levy could funnel money to the global south, says former UK prime minister Gordon Brown

  Tagged under: COP28

Tory launches international climate declaration to bring politicians together | The Independent

  2023-09-19 (or before) in The Independent

Chris Skidmore wants to create a cross-party, international group of legislators committed to climate action.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Climate Change

Climate action must respond to extreme weather driving health crisis, says WHO

  2023-09-19 in The Guardian

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels are urgent but people care more about the floods, wildfires and droughts that are here now, New York summit hears

  Tagged under: COP28 | Libya | Drought | Africa | Ice Melting | Sea Level | Health | Middle East | Wildfires

Fossil fuel investment ‘very unwise economic risk’, says energy expert

  2023-09-14 in The Guardian

Fatih Birol, head of International Energy Agency, warns large-scale fossil fuel projects carry big financial risks

  Tagged under: COP28 | Renewable Energy | Fossil Fuels

American PR Firm Edelman Enabled Oil Baron Al Jaber’s Ascension to Lead COP28 Climate Conference

  2023-09-13 by in DeSmog

With three months to go until the COP28 United Nations climate talks begin in Dubai, critics have stepped up their condemnation of the decision to put Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, the head of Abu Dhabi’s state oil company ADNOC, in charge of the conference. What few may realize, however, is that Al Jaber’s ascent to the highest levels of climate diplomacy began 16 years ago, and Edelman, the largest public relations firm in the world, played a crucial role.

  Tagged under: COP28

US behind more than a third of global oil and gas expansion plans, report finds

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Study highlights conflict between Washington’s claims of climate leadership and its fossil fuel growth plans

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | US Politics | Russia | Iran | Washington State

‘A critical moment’: UN warns world will miss climate targets unless fossil fuels phased out

  2023-09-08 in The Guardian

Governments failing to cut emissions fast enough to meet Paris agreement goals and avoid disaster, major report says

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Only genuinely clean hydrogen can help solve the climate crisis | Malcolm Turnbull

  2023-08-17 in The Guardian

COP28 in Dubai needs to be the moment the world commits to producing hydrogen with near zero emissions by 2030

  Tagged under: COP28 | Hydrogen

Fossil Fuel Exec Is Slated to Lead COP28. We Must Decolonize Climate Governance.

  2023-08-03 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

Current climate governance is rooted in the same colonial mindsets that led us to this very crisis.

  Tagged under: COP28

Phase down of fossil fuel inevitable and essential, says Cop28 president

  2023-07-13 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Sultan Al Jaber calls on world to up its renewable energy capacity and says oil and gas companies must be involved

  Tagged under: COP28 | Renewable Energy | Fossil Fuels

So what if fossil fuel lobbyists have to declare themselves at Cop28? That won’t curb their power| Amy Westervelt

  2023-06-28 in The Guardian

Oil and gas companies don’t just have a seat at the Cop table: they are in charge of the table, says climate journalist Amy Westervelt

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

How long before climate change claims the Thwaites Glacier?

  2023-06-23 by in The National News UK

The National visits the British Antarctic Survey, which plans to use AI to study data that could offer hope for the planet's future

  Tagged under: COP28 | Climate Change | Antarctic

Countdown to COP28: Time for world to focus on oil and gas phase-out, renewables target – not distractions like CCS

  2023-06-08 (or before) in Climate Action Tracker

  Tagged under: COP28 | Renewable Energy

Army of fake social media accounts defend UAE presidency of climate summit

  2023-06-08 in The Guardian

Sultan Al Jaber – Cop28 president and CEO of state oil firm – is ‘ally the climate movement needs’, posts say

  Tagged under: COP28 | Africa | Middle East

Indicators of Global Climate Change 2022: annual update of large-scale indicators of the state of the climate system and human influence

  2023-06-08 (or before) in Earth System Science Data

Abstract. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments are the trusted source of scientific evidence for climate negotiations taking place under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), including the first global stocktake under the Paris Agreement that will conclude at COP28 in December 2023. Evidence-based decision-making needs to be informed by up-to-date and timely information on key indicators of the state of the climate system and of the human influence on the global climate system. However, successive IPCC reports are published at intervals of 5–10 years, creating potential...

  Tagged under: COP28 | IPCC | Climate Change | Earth Energy Imbalance

Countries must put aside national interests for climate crisis, UN says

  2023-06-05 in The Guardian

Simon Stiell tells conference in Bonn the world is at ‘tipping point’ and must fight together for common good

  Tagged under: COP28 | Tipping Points

Climate crisis: rich nations undermining work to help poor countries, research suggests

  2023-06-04 in The Guardian

Oxfam report says only $11.5bn (£9.2bn) of climate finance in 2020 devoted to helping vulnerable states

  Tagged under: COP28 | Finance

COP28: Government defends oil boss Jaber to head talks - BBC News

  2023-05-28 (or before) in The BBC

Government minister pushes back against EU and US calls for removal of Sultan al-Jaber as head of COP28.

  Tagged under: COP28

COP28 team marshals oil and gas industry alliance ahead of climate summit | Financial Times

  2023-05-09 (or before) in Financial Times

Goals outlined in initiating letter do not address most damaging emissions

  Tagged under: COP28

‘Mind-boggling’ methane emissions from Turkmenistan revealed

  2023-05-09 in The Guardian

Leaks of potent greenhouse gas could be easily fixed, say experts, and would rapidly reduce global heating

  Tagged under: COP28 | Methane | Fossil Fuels

'Accelerate the phase out': How the G7 cooled on fossil fuels as the answer to the energy crisis

  2023-04-17 in Business Green

G7 Energy and Environment Ministers acknowledge energy crisis requires reduction in global gas demand and reiterate support for clean tech, but stop short of setting out roadmap for phasing out fossil fuel power

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Cop28 president: world needs business mindset to tackle climate crisis

  2023-04-07 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Sultan Al Jaber aims to use UN talks to set out how private sector can limit greenhouse gas emissions

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels

Revealed: UAE plans huge oil and gas expansion as it hosts UN climate summit

  2023-04-04 in The Guardian

Exclusive: UAE’s fossil fuel boss will be the president of Cop28, making a mockery of the summit, say campaigners

  Tagged under: COP28 | Africa | Fossil Fuels | Middle East

The COP28 Agenda is a Recipe for Economic Armageddon: An Open Letter to Sultan Al Jaber, President of COP28

  2023-03-15 (or before) by in Bylines Supplement

This open letter is co-published by Byline Supplement with the Age of Transformation, a newsletter by Nafeez Ahmed promoting systems-thinking for the ‘global phase-shift’.

  Tagged under: COP28


  2023-02-13 (or before) by in Cool Earth | Bill McGuire | Substack

It beggars belief that the UN thought it a good idea to allow an authoritarian petro-state to host an already compromised Cop28

  Tagged under: COP28

COP28 Chief’s Global Tour Begins With a Defense of Fossil Fuels

  2023-02-09 (or before) in Bloomberg

Oil and gas will have a key role to play even as the world shifts to cleaner energy and climate talks should reflect the challenges of energy poverty, according to the president of this year’s COP summit.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | Saudi Arabia

UN chief: Fossil fuel firms without credible net zero plans 'should not be in business'

  2023-02-06 in Business Green

UN Secretary General António Guterres calls on governments, businesses, and investors to urgently step up action to deliver on climate and biodiversity goals

  Tagged under: COP28 | Net Zero

Let’s face reality. Fossil fuel interests have destroyed the Cops – we need something new | Bill McGuire

  2023-01-16 in The Guardian

It beggars belief that the UN thought it a good idea to allow an authoritarian petro-state to host the already compromised summit, says Bill McGuire, professor emeritus of climate hazards

  Tagged under: COP28 | Africa | Middle East

COP28: Why has an oil boss been chosen to head climate summit? - BBC News

  2023-01-14 (or before) in The BBC

The UAE has named state oil company chief Sultan Al Jaber as president of the UN climate conference.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Middle East

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