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CAP AND WAIT. CLIMATE FOES GET THEIR DELAYS IN WA | by Mary Liz Thomson | Mar, 2024 | Medium

  2024-03-11 in Medium

Do climate programs like Washington’s cap and investment law automatically raise the price of gas? No, but mainstream media usually frames the story that way. Why do we have to accept this logic? We shouldn’t, it’s not even true. But this thinking is on track to take down Washington State’s newest carbon tax. After ten years of wrangling the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) was passed as a market-based program to reduce carbon pollution and achieve the greenhouse gas limits agreed to in state law. The program held it’s first auction last spring in 2023.

Right on cue after the industry had to pay ...

  Tagged under: Oil Industry | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | Legislation | Regulation | Washington State

America's Farmers Embrace Solar Panels to Protect Against Volatile Crop Prices - Bloomberg

  2024-03-07 in Bloomberg

US farmers are turning to solar power as a buffer against volatile crop prices, and Biden's clean-energy tax incentives are set to boost the trend.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | USA | Agriculture | Washington State

WA could become proving ground for greener concrete

  2024-01-17 in The Seattle Times

Concrete production generates 8% of global carbon emissions. Could Washington become a proving ground for cleaner mixes? The concoctions are already getting a try.

  Tagged under: Washington State

Seattle sets December temperature records, following global trend

  2024-01-04 in The Seattle Times

The unusually warm month came as Earth’s rapidly warming winters affected snowfall and winter sports, and as a strong, naturally occurring El Niño pushed tropical air into the region.

  Tagged under: El Niño | Washington State

Record-breaking atmospheric river soaks Western Washington

  2023-12-05 in The Seattle Times

A warm and wet system is continuing to drive rainfall through the region into Wednesday, breaking records, raising gushing rivers and causing landslides.

  Tagged under: Rivers | Washington State

Look out, gardeners. Seattle's winters just got warmer, new map says

  2023-11-24 in The Seattle Times

The average coldest night of the year has gotten warmer for much of the country and Seattle, though researchers warn against attributing it to climate change.

  Tagged under: Washington State

The world is ‘woefully off track’ on climate goals, scientists find - The Washington Post

  2023-11-14 in The Washington Post

The rise of electric vehicles stands out as a bright spot in the effort to cut down on emissions.

  Tagged under: The Paris Agreement | Climate Change Adaption | Washington State

Environmental group offers tourists bird’s-eye view on Northwest conservation issues - OPB

  2023-10-22 in Oregon Public Broadcasting

A conservation group is helping people see a different perspective of the Snake River dams in southeastern Washington.

  Tagged under: Oregon | Washington State | Rivers

US behind more than a third of global oil and gas expansion plans, report finds

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Study highlights conflict between Washington’s claims of climate leadership and its fossil fuel growth plans

  Tagged under: COP28 | Fossil Fuels | US Politics | Russia | Iran | Washington State

Home insurers cut natural disasters from policies over climate risk

  2023-09-03 in The Washington Post

Major insurers say they will cut out damage caused by hurricanes, wind and hail from policies underwriting property along coastlines and in wildfire country.

  Tagged under: Insurance | Washington State

National news' scant coverage of climate protests largely overlooked the scientific urgency driving controversial climate actions

  2023-08-27 (or before) in Media Matters for America

The past year has seen a global surge in climate activism, spurred by the escalating climate crisis, including controversial actions such as throwing paint and food at venerable works of art, bringing bustling city traffic to a halt, and disrupting major athletic competitions, among others.  A Media Matters analysis of coverage by major national TV news networks and the top five U.S. newspapers by circulation reveals a troubling trend: Coverage of such disruptive climate protests over the last year was not only limited, but also heavily skewed, often focusing on the disruptive tactics of the activists rather than the urgent...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Activism | Washington State

Wildfire smoke linked to increased risk of dementia, study says

  2023-08-22 in The Seattle Times

A study has found that people living in areas with persistent exposure to wildfire smoke may have higher risks of developing dementia later in life.

  Tagged under: Washington State

Skin disease in orcas off North American coast concerns scientists

  2023-06-29 in The Guardian

Lesions found on 99% of southern resident orcas studied on Pacific north-west coast

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Washington State

City Settles with West Seattle Homeowners Over Cutting Public Trees

  2023-06-28 (or before) in Seattle Met

The two settlements together amount to a fine of $5,229 per tree.

  Tagged under: Washington State | Trees

Accountability Needed at the Country’s Most Toxic Site

  2023-05-26 by in Counter Punch

On the edge of Washington state, just a few miles from the great Columbia River, boiling radioactive sludge is seeping out of a huge underground tank

  Tagged under: Rivers | Washington State

Industry pushes back against Biden rules on climate disclosure

  2023-05-02 in The Washington Post

Big business is bucking President Biden’s efforts to use SEC rules and the purchasing power of the U.S. government to reveal and reduce climate emissions.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Washington State

How the climate movement learned to win in Washington

  2023-04-06 (or before) in Politico

After a staggering defeat, environmentalists needed a plan they could sell. Thus began a decade-long climb propelled by mass protests, heavy campaign spending and intense lobbying. Then came a final assist from Mother Nature herself.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Washington State

Older Americans protest against ‘dirty banks’ funding oil and gas projects

  2023-03-22 in The Guardian

Protesters cut up credit cards and march to Washington branches of JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Washington State

When scientists tagged a curious seal, he led them to signs of a potential climate disaster

  2023-01-20 in The Washington Post

Scientists found a climate change disaster waiting to happen in one of the most mysterious regions on Earth.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Antarctic | Washington State

Keystone pipeline leaks 14,000 barrels of oil into creek in biggest spill yet

  2022-12-09 in The Guardian

The leak occurred in Washington county, Kansas, with the affected segment being ‘isolated’ and the drip contained

  Tagged under: Washington State

Nothing to be afraid of: an introduction | by Emily Johnston | Medium

  2022-11-24 (or before) by in Medium

About a dozen years ago, I became friends with a couple who lived in central Washington’s Methow Valley — a wide open landscape nestled…

  Tagged under: Washington State

Into the ice: A crab boat’s quest for snow crab in a Bering Sea upended by climate change

  2022-10-17 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The Bering Sea's winter ice is treacherous, but it's also a key ally to the snow crab fishery. When it's not there, the crab population suffers.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fish | Washington State

Eyewitnesses to disaster: Commercial fishermen implore action on the collapse of Alaska ecosystems

  2021-10-30 (or before) in The Seattle Times

The North Pacific ecosystem is asking us to re-calibrate. Fish and crab stocks are crashing. As professional commercial fishermen, we need regulatory rules nimble enough to deal with new, rapidly-changing realities.

  Tagged under: Pacific Ocean | Fish | Collapse | Alaska | Washington State

Severe drought devastates Washington state's wheat crop

  2021-09-06 (or before) in ABC News

A drought in eastern Washington state that is the worst since 1977 has devastated what is normally the fourth largest U.S. wheat crop

  Tagged under: Drought | Washington State

Washington State fails to protect low-income communities from toxic chemicals - Toxic-Free Future

  2021-08-10 in Toxic-Free Future | Science, Advocacy, Results

By Colin Hartke Community members living in affordable housing and construction workers building affordable housing in Washington State are left vulnerable to toxic chemicals under a recently updated regulation. The Department of Commerce (DOC) has released an update to the Evergreen Sustainable De

  Tagged under: Housing | Washington State

Video shows salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures after heatwave

  2021-07-27 in The Guardian

A conservation group recorded the video after a heatwave in the Pacific north-west on a day when water temperatures breached 70F

  Tagged under: Heatwaves | Pacific Ocean | Fish | Rivers | Salmon | Washington State

Our climate change turning point is right here, right now | Rebecca Solnit

  2021-07-12 in The Guardian

People are dying. Aquatic animals are baking in their shells. Fruit is being cooked on the tree. It’s time to act

  Tagged under: Oregon | Shell | Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Washington State

Joe Biden blames climate crisis for deadly heatwave in western US and Canada

  2021-06-30 in The Guardian

Record-shattering temperatures linked to dozens of deaths, buckled roads, blackouts and wildfires

  Tagged under: Oregon | Joe Biden | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Heatwaves | Washington State

Bank of America Says It Won’t Finance Oil and Gas Exploration in the Arctic

  2020-12-01 (or before) in Bloomberg

Bank of America Corp. said that it won’t provide project financing for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic after facing opposition from environmentalists.

  Tagged under: Arctic | Washington State | Finance

Federal Court Upholds Ruling Blocking Construction of Keystone XL and Other Oil and Gas Pipelines | Bold Nebraska

  2020-05-11 in Bold Nebraska | We mobilize unlikely alliances to protect the land and water.

"Reject & Protect" march against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington, D.C. in 2014 (Photo: Mary Anne Andrei) For Immediate Release: Monday, May 11, 2020 Federal Court Upholds Ruling Blocking Construction of Keystone XL and Other Oil and Gas Pipelines Court blocks the use of Nationwide Permit 12 for pipeline water crossings Great Falls, MT -- A federal judge today largely upheld an April 15 ruling vacating Nationwide Permit 12, a key water crossing permit used byTC Energy’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and many other pipelines nationwide. The April ruling held that the Corps violated the Endangered Species Act in i...

  Tagged under: Washington State

Fisheries management is actually working, global analysis shows

  2020-01-22 (or before) in University of Washington

Nearly half of the fish caught worldwide are from stocks that are scientifically monitored and, on average, are increasing in abundance. Effective management appears to be the main reason these stocks...

  Tagged under: Fish | Washington State

Young climate activists chain selves to Washington pier amid pipeline delivery

  2019-11-05 in The Guardian

Protest comes amid effort to disrupt 700-mile Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

  Tagged under: Activism | Washington State

Amazon’s ‘climate pledge’ commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and 100% renewables by 2030 – TechCrunch

  2019-09-23 (or before) in TechCrunch | Startup and Technology News

In Washington today, Amazon announced a series of initiatives and issued a call for companies to reduce their carbon emissions 10 years ahead of the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement as part of a sweeping effort to reduce its own environmental footprint. “We’re done being in the middle of the herd on this […]

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Net Zero | Washington State

Big Oil spent big and won big in Washington and Colorado

  2018-11-08 (or before) in ThinkProgress

  Tagged under: Lobbying | US Politics | Oil Industry | Colorado State | Washington State

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