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Topic: Regulation

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CAP AND WAIT. CLIMATE FOES GET THEIR DELAYS IN WA | by Mary Liz Thomson | Mar, 2024 | Medium

  2024-03-11 in Medium

Do climate programs like Washington’s cap and investment law automatically raise the price of gas? No, but mainstream media usually frames the story that way. Why do we have to accept this logic? We shouldn’t, it’s not even true. But this thinking is on track to take down Washington State’s newest carbon tax. After ten years of wrangling the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) was passed as a market-based program to reduce carbon pollution and achieve the greenhouse gas limits agreed to in state law. The program held it’s first auction last spring in 2023.

Right on cue after the industry had to pay ...

  Tagged under: Oil Industry | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | Legislation | Regulation | Washington State

SEC’s landmark Climate Disclosure Rule explained

  2024-03-07 by in New Private Markets

The SEC's long-awaited and controversial Climate Disclosure Rule will require registered companies to disclose material climate risks to their business strategies and operations, and GHG emissions for the largest companies.

  Tagged under: USA | Regulation | Capitalism

Not such a bright idea: cooling the Earth by reflecting sunlight back to space is a dangerous distraction

  2024-02-29 by in The Conversation

A UN meeting this week considered a motion on a suite of technologies known as ‘solar radiation modification’, but no consensus could be reached on the controversial topic.

  Tagged under: Regulation | United Nations | Geoengineering

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