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Topic: Water Resources

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Earth’s Fountain of Life Is Vanishing Beneath Our Feet

  2024-03-03 in Popular Mechanics

With each passing year, the world’s groundwater reserves shrink.

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Thames Water accused of ‘misleading’ customers over level of debt payments

  2024-03-12 in The Guardian

Britain’s biggest water company said just 3p in every pound that appeared on bills went to its lenders

  Tagged under: UK | Water Resources | Finance

Anglian Water set to invest £50m to stop sewage spills

  2024-03-11 in East Anglian Daily Times

Suffolk homes' supplier Anglian Water will invest £50m to help stop sewage spills.

  Tagged under: Water Resources | UK

India's water problems set to get worse as the world warms

  2024-03-11 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Winter storms that provide crucial snow and rainfall to northern India are arriving significantly later in the year compared to 70 years ago, a new study has found, exacerbating the risk of catastrophic flooding while also reducing vital water supplies for millions of residents of India.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change | Water Resources | Flooding | Himalayas | India

Teddington: Water samples to be taken after concerns of possible sewage

  2024-03-10 in The BBC

Residents near Teddington Lock said they saw what looked like "brown lumps of porridge" in the water.

  Tagged under: UK | Water Resources

Streets and gardens 'overwhelmed' by sewage - residents vent fury at Southern Water

  2024-03-05 in Brighton Argus

Residents say they continue to face sewage flowing through their streets as drainage issues continue to blight neighbourhoods across Sussex.

  Tagged under: UK | Water Resources

We need to talk about water – and the fact that the world is running out of it | George Monbiot

  2024-03-04 in The Guardian

On a planet becoming hotter and drier by the year, governments are wilfully ignoring a looming crisis, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Collapse | Water Resources

Earth’s Fountain of Life Is Vanishing Beneath Our Feet

  2024-03-03 in Popular Mechanics

With each passing year, the world’s groundwater reserves shrink.

  Tagged under: Water Resources

Rapid groundwater decline and some cases of recovery in aquifers globally - Nature

  2024-01-24 in Nature

Analysis of about 170,000 monitoring wells and 1,693 aquifer systems worldwide shows that extensive and often accelerating groundwater declines are widespread in the twenty-first century, but that groundwater levels are recovering in some cases.

  Tagged under: Water Resources

Groundwater decline is global but not universal

  2024-01-24 in Nature

Measurements of groundwater levels in 170,000 wells reveal the global extent of groundwater decline. But the data also show that such depletion is not inevitable in a changing climate, providing hope for a resilient water future. Measurements of groundwater in 170,000 wells.

  Tagged under: Drought | Water Resources

Water Scarcity in Africa: Everything You Need to Know

  2024-01-14 (or before) in Global Citizen

The water crisis across Africa is only getting worse due to climate change. By 2025, hundreds of millions of people will experience water scarcity.

  Tagged under: Africa | Water Resources

We need to talk about water

  2023-12-13 in Nature

Water needs to be central to India’s efforts to tackle floods, pollution and urbanization. Water needs to be central to India’s efforts to tackle floods, pollution and urbanization.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Adaption | Water Resources | India

‘Forever chemicals’ found in drinking water sources across England

  2023-11-28 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Experts ‘alarmed’ after potentially toxic chemicals detected in sources at 17 of England’s 18 water firms

  Tagged under: Water Resources | PFAS aka Forever Chemicals

How Climate Change Affects Water Markets Globally

  2023-10-18 in Bloomberg

More extreme weather is reshaping the availability of water, a commodity embedded in almost every product bought and sold in international markets

  Tagged under: Drought | Economics | Climate Change Impacts | Water Resources | Rivers

U.S. Groundwater Is Disappearing, and Our Survival Is at Stake

  2023-09-01 in Popular Mechanics

An eye-opening investigation reveals the devastation happening beneath our feet.

  Tagged under: Water Resources | USA

‘Drought is on the verge of becoming the next pandemic’

  2023-06-15 in The Guardian

The long read: While the world becomes drier, profit and pollution are draining our resources. We have to change our approach

  Tagged under: Drought | Water Resources

The world's largest lakes are shrinking dramatically, and scientists say they have figured out why | CNN

  2023-05-18 by in CNN

More than half of the world’s largest lakes and reservoirs have lost significant amounts of water over the last three decades.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Health | Water Resources | Finance

World Water Day 2023: The State of English Chalk Streams - River Action UK

  2023-03-22 by in River Action UK

On this World Water Day, we want to focus our attention on the importance of chalk streams and advocate for the sustainable management of these unique and vulnerable freshwater resources.

  Tagged under: Rivers | Water Resources

Petition update · This could be bad news... ·

  2023-03-20 (or before) in

In 2015, Fish Legal won a landmark case that secured the public’s right to obtain environmental information from privatised water companies under the EIR 2004. If the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill is enacted these regulations will be repealed.  If this route disappears water companies will be able to withhold data on sewage spills. This is incredibly important for everyone who is campaigning to clean up our freshwater hence why I ask you take two minutes to sign here  United Utilities constantly refuse to provide data which makes it incredibly difficult to scrutinise what's going on. If this h...

  Tagged under: Water Resources | Fish

Toxic 'forever chemicals’ about to get their first US limits

  2023-03-02 in Associated Press News

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose restrictions on harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water after finding they are dangerous in amounts so small as to be undetectable. But experts say removing them will cost billions, a burden that will fall hardest on small communities with few resources.

  Tagged under: PFAS aka Forever Chemicals | Health | Water Resources

Opinion | Arizona Is in a Race to the Bottom of Its Water Wells, With Saudi Arabia’s Help

  2022-12-26 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Farming | Colorado River | Rivers | Saudi Arabia | Water Resources

Lithium Mining Is Leaving Chile’s Indigenous Communities High and Dry (Literally)

  2022-06-28 (or before) in Natural Resources Defense Council

As the metal fuels the clean tech boom, companies race to mine the Atacama Region. At stake: fragile ecosystems, scarce water resources, and ancient ways of life.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Chile | Water Resources

Exhausted: How We Can Stop Lithium Mining from Depleting Water Resources, Draining Wetlands, and Harming Communities in South America

  2022-06-28 (or before) in Natural Resources Defense Council

Many green technologies, such as electric vehicles and renewable power plants, depend on lithium-ion batteries, which require lithium. Lithium may play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but a climate-friendly future cannot come at the expense of destroying...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Lithium | Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Wetlands | South America | Water Resources

As California's big cities fail to rein in their water use, rural communities are already tapped out | CNN

  2022-06-05 by in CNN

Rural Californians live with the daily worry that they won't have enough water to bathe with or drink.

  Tagged under: Drought | Fish | California | Trees | Water Resources

A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

  2022-01-07 in Climate Home News

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

  Tagged under: Argentina | Lithium | Water Resources

Bangladesh Really Is a Climate Success Story

  2021-10-10 (or before) by in The Atlantic

The country shows the power of self-determination when it comes to development and climate policy.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Geothermal Energy | Fossil Fuels | Economic Growth | Water Resources

‘There’s nothing you can do about it’: Drought threatens crops across Canada |

  2021-09-06 (or before) in Global News Canada

"You are seeing drought a lot more widespread and a lot earlier than on record and I've been farming for 15 years now and this is the driest I've ever seen it this early."

  Tagged under: Farming | Drought | Water Resources

Nature-based solutions in action: Lessons from the frontline

  2021-08-25 (or before) in Bond

From a farmers’ seed network in China that supports agroecology by conserving traditional seeds, to large-scale watershed management in glacial mountain ecosystems in Peru, this report highlights successful nature-based solutions.

  Tagged under: Farming | China | Water Resources

$21 million in Beetaloo gas grants to face Federal Court challenge - Environmental Defenders Office

  2021-07-29 in Environmental Defenders Office

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) has today filed urgent proceedings on behalf of the Environment Centre Northern Territory (ECNT), challenging the lawfulness of a Federal Government decision to grant up to $21 million to gas company Imperial Oil and Gas. The decision by the Commonwealth Minister for Resources and Water was announced earlier this month [...]Read More...

  Tagged under: Water Resources

Global Land Outlook (GLO) | Knowledge Hub

  2021-06-04 (or before) in Knowledge Hub | Knowledge Hub

The premise of the Global Land Outlook (GLO) is that land, and its associated resources such as soil, water, and biodiversity, comprise a relatively fixed stock of natural capital. The increasing demand for land-based goods and services, and the way they are today produced is adversely impacting human health and the future sustainability of the planet.

  Tagged under: Health | Water Resources | Sustainability

Fracking 101: What You Should Know - EcoWatch

  2021-05-11 in EcoWatch - For a Healthier Planet and Life

Fracking involves blasting water, chemicals and frac sand deep into the earth to break up rock formations and extract natural gas and crude oil. It's one of the most important environmental issues today, and a case study in how a new technology that offers immediate economic and political advantages can overpower environmental and health concerns.

  Tagged under: Environmental Protection Agency USA | Water Resources | Fracking | Health | Economics

An Overview of Seabed Mining Including the Current State of Development, Environmental Impacts, and Knowledge Gaps

  2020-11-15 (or before) in Frontiers

Rising demand for minerals and metals, including for use in the technology sector, has led to a resurgence of interest in exploration of mineral resources located on the seabed. Such resources, whether seafloor massive (polymetallic) sulfides around hydrothermal vents, cobalt-rich crusts on the flanks of seamounts or fields of manganese (polymetallic) nodules on the abyssal plains, cannot be considered in isolation of the distinctive, in some cases unique, assemblages of marine species associated with the same habitats and structures. In addition to mineral deposits, there is interest in extracting methane from gas hydrates on c...

  Tagged under: Cobalt | Minerals | Methane | Papua New Guinea | Water Resources

Soil erosion: An agricultural production challenge | Integrated Crop Management

  2020-09-20 (or before) in Integrated Crop Management

Soil erosion is a gradual process that occurs when the impact of water or wind detaches and removes soil particles, causing the soil to deteriorate. Soil deterioration and low water quality due to erosion and surface runoff have become severe problems worldwide. The problem may become so severe that the land can no longer be cultivated and must be abandoned. Many agricultural civilizations have declined due to land and natural resource mismanagement, and the history of such civilizations is a good reminder to protect our natural resources.

  Tagged under: Water Resources

UK Hydrological Status Update - May 2020 | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

  2020-05-27 (or before) in UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

For 2020 so far, the hydrological situation has been extremely mixed. In February we saw record-breaking rainfall and river flows, and one of the most significant flood events of recent years. Just a couple of months later, after a prolonged period of dry weather, records were broken at the other end of the hydrological spectrum. In the latest in a briefing note, this caused widespread and sustained flooding in many parts of the country.An exceptionally dry spring so far?March is often a 'transitional' spring month but the contrast between the UK Water Resources Portal. Figure right: April monthly mean river flows for the UK. Fr...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Predictions | Flooding | Rivers | Sea Level | Health | Water Resources

History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin

  2020-03-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Minerals | Papua New Guinea | Fossil Fuels | Namibia | Water Resources

Water Conflict - World's Water

  2019-12-31 (or before) in World Water

In an ongoing effort to understand the connections between water resources, water systems, and international security and conflict, the Pacific Institute initiated a project in the late 1980s to track and categorize events related to water and conflict, which has been continuously updated since. The database, updated in January 2019, presents the information as a chronology and map. Use the links below to explore the chronological list of events or the interactive events map.

  Tagged under: Conflict | Water Resources

Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions

  2019-07-09 in The Guardian

Researchers say one invention could solve two problems for people lacking basic resources

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Health | Water Resources

World Resources Institute | Making Big Ideas Happen

  2018-12-11 (or before) in World Resources Institute

A global research nonprofit working on six critical goals that the world must achieve this decade in order to secure a sustainable future: climate, energy, food, forests, water, cities & transport.

  Tagged under: Trees | Water Resources | Sustainable Cities

Water shortages may make fracking impractical, industry says

  2013-11-27 in The Guardian

Quantities required for the fracking process may make it problematic in areas of the UK where resources are scarce

  Tagged under: Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Water Resources

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