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Topic: Colorado State

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There’s a New Financial Crisis Brewing in Uninsurable US Homes

  2024-03-06 in Bloomberg

In places most prone to wildfires and hurricanes, state “insurers of last resort” are absorbing trillions of dollars in risk.

  Tagged under: USA | Insurance | Colorado State | Florida

Colorado ranchers sentenced after tampering with rain gauges to increase crop subsidies - CBS Colorado

  2024-03-02 in CBS News

Two southeastern Colorado ranch owners were recently sentenced to pay $6.6 million to resolve federal charges that they damaged or altered rain gauges in an effort to get paid for worsening drought conditions.

  Tagged under: Agriculture | Colorado State

‘The crisis has arrived’: An elder statesman unpacks the battle over the West's water

  2023-12-18 (or before) in Politico

Former Interior Secretary Babbitt talks about the big meeting in Las Vegas this week and the kind of concessions needed to save the crucial waterway.

  Tagged under: Rivers | Colorado River | Colorado State

20 Calif. farm families use more Colorado River water than some states

  2023-11-10 (or before) in Desert Sun

Tens of millions of people rely on Colorado River water. But as its supply shrinks, these farmers get more water from the river than entire states.

  Tagged under: Farming | Colorado River | California | Rivers | Colorado State

US States and Communities are Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry: Six Things You Need to Know 

  2023-04-24 in

In an important win for climate accountability in the United States, the US Supreme Court decided that lawsuits filed in Colorado, Maryland, California, Hawai’i, and Rhode Island against fossil fuel companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, Suncor, and others will remain in state courts. Now t

  Tagged under: Exxon | California | Shell | Colorado State

US considers imposing Colorado River water cuts to western states

  2023-04-11 in The Guardian

Depending on the plan, either California would be the most affected, or Arizona and Nevada would be parched

  Tagged under: Rivers | Colorado River | California | Colorado State

Biden administration sides with climate lawsuit against fossil fuel companies

  2023-03-16 in The Guardian

DoJ brief argues that Colorado case against energy giants ExxonMobil and Suncor should be heard in state court instead of federal

  Tagged under: Exxon | Fossil Fuels | US Politics | Colorado State

Colorado River: US states fail to reach deal on cutting water use - BBC News

  2023-02-01 (or before) in The BBC

More than 40 million people in seven Western states rely on the drought-stricken Colorado River.

  Tagged under: Colorado River | Drought | Rivers | Colorado State

A Water War Is Brewing Over the Dwindling Colorado River

  2022-12-23 (or before) by in Pro Publica

Diminished by climate change and overuse, the river can no longer provide the water states try to take from it.

  Tagged under: Colorado River | Climate Change | Rivers | California | Colorado State

Coal Seam Fire memories still burning a decade later

  2022-07-05 (or before) by in

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado - Ten years ago today, a wildfire sparked by a burning underground coal seam and pushed by hot, dry gusting winds blew up into a roaring

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires | Coal

Colorado winter wildfires destroy hundreds of homes as thousands flee

  2021-12-31 in The Guardian

Gusts of up to 105 mph whipped up flames, destroying hundreds of homes and prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires

Wildfires sweep through Colorado destroying homes as tens of thousands evacuate – video report

  2021-12-31 in The Guardian

Two fast-moving wildfires driven by strong winds erupted in northern Colorado on Thursday afternoon, destroying close to 600 homes and forcing tens of thousands of residents to flee

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires

‘Climate change is fundamentally altering the Colorado River,' congressional panel hears - Colorado Newsline

  2021-10-17 in Colorado Newsline

States in the Colorado River Basin are adjusting to the reality that their rights outstrip the available water by nearly one-third.

  Tagged under: Colorado River | US Politics | Climate Change | Rivers | Colorado State

Why won't anyone ask why? - by Emily Atkin - HEATED

  2021-06-25 (or before) by in HEATED | Emily Atkin | Substack

A Colorado journalist's analysis of local heatwave coverage reveals a systemic failure to inform.

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Heatwaves

Colorado Denied Its Citizens the Right-to-Repair After Riveting Testimony

  2021-04-05 (or before) in VICE

Stories of environmental disaster and wheelchairs on fire weren’t enough to move legislators to pass right-to-repair.

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Right to Repair

Colorado's record-breaking wildfires show "climate change is here and now" - CBS News

  2020-11-04 (or before) in CBS News

As bad as this year has been, scientists warn it's "unlikely that the records from 2020 will stand for long."

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires | Climate Change

California and Colorado Fires May Be Part of a Climate-Driven Transformation of Wildfires Around the Globe - Inside Climate News

  2020-08-22 by in Inside Climate News

The wildfires that exploded over the past few days in California and Colorado show clear influences of global warming, climate scientists say, and evidence of how a warming and drying climate is increasing the size and severity of fires from the California coast to the high Rocky Mountains.  They may also be the latest examples […]

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

  2019-08-13 in The Guardian

Discovery raises new questions about the amount of plastic waste permeating the air, water, and soil virtually everywhere on Earth

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Colorado State

Big Oil spent big and won big in Washington and Colorado

  2018-11-08 (or before) in ThinkProgress

  Tagged under: Lobbying | US Politics | Oil Industry | Colorado State | Washington State

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