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There’s a New Financial Crisis Brewing in Uninsurable US Homes

  2024-03-06 in Bloomberg

In places most prone to wildfires and hurricanes, state “insurers of last resort” are absorbing trillions of dollars in risk.

  Tagged under: USA | Insurance | Colorado State | Florida

Water rescues reported in Atlanta as millions face severe weather, flash flood threats in South

  2024-03-05 in FOX Weather

Flash flooding and water rescues were reported in the Atlanta metro area on Wednesday morning, and millions of people will continue to be at risk of seeing severe weather across the South through the rest of the week.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | USA | Flooding | Florida

Scientists continue to search for what's poisoning Lower Keys fish. Another dead sawfish is confirmed

  2024-03-01 in WLRN Miami and South Florida

An another dead endangered sawfish was confirmed this week as reports of sick sawfish rose to 49 in the Florida Keys.

  Tagged under: Fish | Florida

‘There won’t be anything left’: Florida teens battle city over plan to loosen wetland protections

  2023-10-05 in The Guardian

Youth environmentalists take on Republican-led city commission over proposal to hasten development in fragile wetlands

  Tagged under: Wetlands | US Politics | Florida

Manatee County Commissioners move a step closer to ending wetland protections to the dismay of many residents

  2023-10-05 (or before) in FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Manatee County commissioners have voted to get rid of local protections for wetlands, and instead align with Florida's looser regulations. It's a move that's leaving many residents unhappy, but the decision is not final. The state must now approve the commissioner's choice and then it will go back to the county for a final vote. 

  Tagged under: Wetlands | Florida

America’s most iconic coral reef is dying. Only one thing will save it.

  2023-09-17 by in Vox

An extreme heat wave has pushed Florida’s reef to the brink — and burned up years worth of progress.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Coral Reefs | Florida

Hurricane Idalia leaves trail of floods and wreckage in south-eastern US

  2023-08-31 in The Guardian

Tropical storm moves into Atlantic but torrential rain and inland flooding still likely in North Carolina, officials warn

  Tagged under: Florida

Hurricane Idalia could become 2023’s costliest climate disaster for the US

  2023-08-31 in The Guardian

Analysts estimate the category 3 storm has already racked up a preliminary cost of $9.36bn, straining the insurance industry

  Tagged under: Insurance | Florida

Remarks by Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Graham Steele at Event Hosted by the Brookings Institution's Assessing Insurance Regulation and Supervision of Climate-Related Financial Risk

  2023-08-29 (or before) in

As Prepared for Delivery Introduction Thank you, Carlos.  It is my pleasure to be with you all today, both those in the room and watching virtually. As the Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, my portfolio includes developing the Department’s policy views on banks, credit unions, consumer protection, access to capital, and financial sector cybersecurity matters.  My remarks will focus on the work that Treasury, through the Federal Insurance office (FIO), is doing to understand and help address the financial risks that our changing climate poses in the insurance sector. Work on climate-related financial...

  Tagged under: Drought | Finance | Climate Change | Housing | Insurance | Litigation | Economic Growth | California | Climate Change Impacts | Wildfires | Florida | Climate Change Mitigation

Florida schools ‘hijacked by the left’ turn to anti-climate cartoons

  2023-08-07 by in E&E News | Essential Energy and Environment News

Florida's Department of Education approves classroom use of videos produced by a conservative group that denies climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Florida


  2023-07-21 in Coral Restoration Foundation | United States

The vibrant coral reefs of Florida, crucial to the local community and the state’s economy, are facing a severe and urgent crisis due to soaring water temperatures. The potential loss of coral populations within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is quickly becoming an alarming reality. Just as humans thrive within a specific temperature range, so too do corals, delicate animals that are now succumbing to the heat at an alarming rate. "On July 20th, CRF™ teams visited Sombrero Reef, a re

  Tagged under: Coral Reefs | Florida

Florida rocked by home insurance crisis: ‘I may have to sell up and move’

  2023-07-15 in The Guardian

Soaring hurricane-cover premiums are bad news for the state’s homeowners – and Ron DeSantis is accused of dragging his feet

  Tagged under: Insurance | Florida

‘Cascading impacts’ warning as Farmers becomes latest insurer to quit Florida

  2023-07-12 in The Guardian

State’s efforts unable to persuade company to stay amid growing risk for carriers as climate crisis increases strength of storms

  Tagged under: Insurance | US Politics | Florida

Heat dome’s scorching temperatures in Texas expected to expand across US

  2023-06-28 in The Guardian

Power use in the state reached a record high Tuesday and will continue to strain the grid as the heatwave moves north

  Tagged under: Texas | Electricity Grid | Florida | Alabama

Farmers Insurance has stopped writing Florida policies. Here’s why

  2023-06-14 (or before) by in ClickOrlando l Orlando, Florida News, Local Headlines l WKMG News 6

  Tagged under: Insurance | Florida

Florida’s beaches may catch a break on seaweed this summer | Miami Herald

  2023-06-02 in

The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt mysteriously shrank in May, which scientists say will bring some relief for swimmers and sunbathers in the Florida Keys, Miami and the rest of South Florida.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Oceans | Florida

Sargassum seaweed on Florida beaches: Latest reports

  2023-05-22 in Florida Rambler | Getaways to the authentic Florida

Florida beaches face an onslaught of sargassum seaweed as a 5,000-mile-wide bog drifts our way. This article includes links to live beach cams so you can monitor your beach.

  Tagged under: Florida

State leaders taking on climate saw boost from fossil fuel

  2023-04-25 (or before) in CNBC

Republicans have slammed ESG investing platforms and pulled funds away from BlackRock and other firms that have adopted them.

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Florida

South Florida endures 'life threatening' floods

  2023-04-14 (or before) in The BBC

Record flooding has impacted airports and roads across southern Florida.

  Tagged under: Florida

Foot of rain causes severe flooding in South Florida in ‘1-in-1,000 year event’

  2023-04-13 in The Guardian

Forecasts predicted more rain on Thursday as Fort Lauderdale issues a state of emergency with flooding persisting in parts of city

  Tagged under: Predictions | Florida

Huge Atlantic seaweed bloom threatens beaches in Florida, Mexico

  2023-03-19 (or before) in NBC News

Seasonal sargassum blooms have exploded in the tropical Atlantic over the past decade and more. This year's is already staggeringly large.

  Tagged under: Mexico | Florida

GOP vs. ESG: Why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Republicans are fighting 'woke' ESG investing

  2023-01-30 (or before) in USA Today

Why red states are pulling billions in pension funds from BlackRock and piling on investigations: ESG or environmental, social, governance principles.

  Tagged under: Florida | USA | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Florida manatees are dying at alarming rate

  2023-01-21 (or before) in The BBC

A sea grass shortage has resulted in an influx of manatee deaths, who rely on the food to survive.

  Tagged under: Florida

Coastal residents fear ‘hideous’ seawalls will block waterfront views

  2023-01-13 in The Guardian

Aesthetics and social inequity are cause for concern as locals grapple with proposals to protect cities from climate change

  Tagged under: Florida | Climate Change | Sea Level

No debate anymore: Climate change makes extreme weather worse, federal scientists say

  2023-01-11 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

South Florida has always been hot, rainy and vulnerable to hurricanes. So it's understandable that some longtime residents remain skeptical that climate change is doing anything to make the region's age-old problems any worse.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Florida

US Vegetable Prices Soar Nearly 40% as Water Cuts Crush Supply

  2022-12-14 (or before) in Bloomberg

  Tagged under: Farming | Climate Change | Florida

The Right to Crash Cars Into People

  2022-10-10 (or before) by in The New Republic

How Republicans across the country came to endorse a terrorist tactic against protesters

  Tagged under: Activism | Cars | Florida

Florida Leaders Rejected Major Climate Laws. Now They’re Seeking Storm Aid. (Published 2022)

  2022-10-04 in The New York Times

Discover the value of independent Times journalism today.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenhouse Gases | US Politics | Florida

To understand the scale of the climate emergency, look at hurricanes | Peter Kalmus

  2022-10-01 in The Guardian

Climate breakdown is far more intense in 2022 than even many scientists expected, yet the world still isn’t treating this like a crisis

  Tagged under: Florida | Extreme Weather | Fossil Fuels

Global heating means almost every sea turtle in Florida now born female

  2022-08-04 in The Guardian

Rising temperatures have made beach sand so warm that eggs incubate above 31C and are overwhelmingly born female, experts say

  Tagged under: Florida

Leaked: US power companies secretly spending millions to protect profits and fight clean energy

  2022-07-27 in The Guardian

One industry consulting firm has influenced politics across Florida, Alabama and at least six other states

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | US Politics | Florida | Alabama

An urgent effort is underway to save Florida’s manatees - The Washington Post

  2022-01-23 in The Washington Post

Florida is scrambling to prevent another horrific year of starvation deaths among the beloved mammals

  Tagged under: Florida

Miami Senior Weather Man John Morales on Flooding and Florida Home Owners

  2022-01-19 in Climate Denial Crock of the Week with Peter Sinclair

At the beginning of the year, I made a folder for my next Yale Climate Connections video, and just titled it “2021WTF” – because the last 8 months or so of climate extremes have l…

  Tagged under: Florida | Extreme Weather

Miami condo collapse prompts questions over role of climate change

  2021-06-29 in The Guardian

Experts suggest vulnerability of south Florida to rising seas could lead to destabilization of further buildings

  Tagged under: Florida | Climate Change | Collapse

New Florida Law Mandates Cities Keep Using Fossil Fuels

  2021-06-26 in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

Florida just took a huge step backward in the clean energy revolution. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a piece of legislation into law earlier this week that requires Florida cities and towns to keep using fossil fuels.

  Tagged under: Florida | Climate Change | Economics | Fossil Fuels | Legislation | Sustainable Cities | Finance

‘The water is coming’: Florida Keys faces stark reality as seas rise

  2021-06-24 in The Guardian

Officials prepare to elevate streets despite financial shortfalls, amid recognition that not every home can be saved

  Tagged under: Oceans | Climate Change | Sea Level | Florida

Likely weakening of the Florida Current during the past century revealed by sea-level observations - Nature Communications

  2021-02-25 (or before) in Nature

Understanding trends in ocean circulation and dynamics is hampered by a lack of long-term records. Here the author uses probabilistic reanalysis of available data to show that transport by the Florida Current has declined over the past 110 years, indicating a slowdown of Atlantic Ocean circulation.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Sea Level | Florida

‘Forever chemicals’ pollute water from Alaska to Florida

  2020-12-22 in The Guardian

Whichever state you are in, there could be harmful PFAS chemicals in water near you

  Tagged under: Florida | PFAS aka Forever Chemicals | Alaska

How Florida’s summer of slime turned Republicans into eco-warriors

  2019-07-09 in The Guardian

After toxins in the water killed animals and left humans scared to swim, the state’s future governor made cleanup a campaign issue

  Tagged under: Florida | US Politics

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