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Thames Water accused of ‘misleading’ customers over level of debt payments

  2024-03-12 in The Guardian

Britain’s biggest water company said just 3p in every pound that appeared on bills went to its lenders

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US banks abandon ‘bare minimum’ environmental standards project, alarming climate groups

  2024-03-05 in The Guardian

Citi, BofA, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo leave framework that assesses environmental, social and governance (ESG) financing

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UN nuclear watchdog head urges development banks to fund new projects

  2024-03-04 (or before) in Financial Times

Rafael Grossi says World Bank and Asian Development Bank ‘out of touch’ with modern attitudes to atomic energy

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Exxon CEO Shares "Dirty Secret" Keeping Us From Net Zero Goals | Leadership Next

  2024-03-04 (or before) in YouTube

As CEO of the energy giant, Darren Woods is leading the third-largest U.S. company through the energy transition. While Exxon Mobil is investing in low-carbo...

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Climate Measures Risk Sparking Social Unrest, German Agency Warns - Bloomberg

  2024-02-28 in Bloomberg

The European Union is at risk of widespread backlash against its climate agenda unless politicians do more to blunt the effects of rising carbon prices on low-income households, according to the head of Germany’s Environment Agency.

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Ensure water companies clean up their act before bills rise, says Committee - Committees - UK Parliament

  2024-02-22 (or before) in UK Parliament Committees

Building on the Committee’s two hearings on Thames Water’s finances, the EFRA Chair, Sir Robert Goodwill, has today written to Ofwat Chief Executive David Black to respond to the publication of its Forward Programme 2024-2025.

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Can we adapt before climate change drowns us? - Frontline

  2024-02-22 in Frontline: The Hindu

Despite rising sea levels, heatwaves, and floods, global efforts to adapt to climate change fall short, leaving vulnerable communities exposed.

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'Government needs to lead': Green finance experts unveil blueprint for mobilising net zero investment

  2024-02-20 in Business Green

Green Finance Institute and IPPR call for deeper collaboration between private and public sectors and sector-specific transition pathways to boost much needed green investment

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Global annual finance flows of $7 trillion fueling climate, biodiversity, and land degradation crises

  2024-01-14 (or before) in UN Environment Programme

Dubai, 9 December 2023 – Close to $7 trillion is invested globally each year in activities that have a direct negative impact on nature from both public and private sector sources - equivalent to roughly 7 per cent of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - according to the latest State of Finance for Nature report released today at COP28 by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and partners.  

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‘We can’t pretend the ecological crisis is separate’: the economist thinking differently about climate breakdown

  2024-01-10 in The Guardian

James Meadway, once a Labour adviser and now a podcast host, says the separation between climate and economy has to end

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2023’s costliest climate disasters show poor lose out in ‘global postcode lottery’

  2023-12-27 in The Guardian

Countries less able to rebuild or who have contributed least to climate crisis suffer worst, research reveals

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UK students launch Barclays ‘career boycott’ over bank’s climate policies

  2023-12-27 in The Guardian

Campaign at leading universities such as Oxbridge and UCL warns lender it will miss out on top talent if it finances fossil fuels

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Rep. Mike Johnson - Campaign Finance Summary

  2023-12-13 (or before) in Open Secrets

Fundraising profile for Rep. Mike Johnson - Louisiana ( District 04)

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'Large gaps still need to be bridged': UN chief returns to COP28 as climate talks remain on knife edge

  2023-12-11 in Business Green

With crunch climate talks' scheduled close less than 24 hours away, negotiators are still wrangling over the future of fossil fuels, finance pledges, and climate adaptation goals

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UK likely to miss Paris climate targets by wide margin, analysis shows

  2023-12-05 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Under current policies, Britain could fall short of internationally agreed goal of 68% cut in emissions by 2030

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‘Nothing’s Predictable’: Extreme Weather is Ruining Farmers’ Crops and Finances | The Daily Yonder

  2023-11-27 by in The Daily Yonder | Your Top Source for Rural News and Storytelling

This story was originally published by Grist in partnership with the Economic Hardship Reporting Project. When David Marchant looked at the weather

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Why we let corporations act like monsters - 2SER

  2023-11-22 in 2ser Radio

A pharmaceutical company profits from legions of addicted customers; a gambling company knowingly markets to people in debt; a hospital kills its patients. People who do far less damage are locked up for life, yet corporations act like horror villains and get away with no criminal penalty. Why do we let them get away with […]

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Giant batteries drain economics of gas power plants

  2023-11-21 in Yahoo

Giant batteries that ensure stable power supply by offsetting intermittent renewable supplies are becoming cheap enough to make developers abandon scores of projects for gas-fired generation world-wide. The long-term economics of gas-fired plants, used in Europe and some parts of the United States primarily to compensate for the intermittent nature of wind and solar power, are changing quickly, according to Reuters' interviews with more than a dozen power plant developers, project finance bankers, analysts and consultants. They said some battery operators are already supplying back-up power to grids at a price competitive with...

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The subtle art of scaling up climate adaptation

  2023-11-20 by in Climate Home News

Climate funds are the early adopters of a different way of doing finance, prioritising the natural world and scaling up climate adaptation.

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Showdown at COP28

  2023-11-17 by in Counter Punch

“$200 trillion is needed to stop global warming” (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) Buckle up, fireworks will be going off in a couple weeks in the pristine

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Maria Powell: Madison's long history of racist planning and development

  2023-11-14 (or before) by in The Capital Times: Madison WI News

Flying in the face of its stated commitment to racial equity and social justice, Madison is as racist and classist as less “progressive” cities — and when it comes to

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‘Tax Cheat Twelve’ Vote to Cut IRS Funding in Israel Bill

  2023-11-04 (or before) by David Dayen in The American Prospect

The 12 House Democrats received a combined $8 million in campaign support from AIPAC and its affiliates last year.

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COP28 Action Tracker: Latest Updates on Climate Action and Sustainable Development

  2023-10-27 (or before) by in Edie Awards

Stay up to date with the latest updates on COP28, including headline news, UK preparations, and the global efforts towards climate action and sustainable development. This edition covers news from the UAE organisers, Latin America and Carribean Climate Week, and more.

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Personal contract purchase (PCP) explained - Car Finance Guide

  2023-10-24 (or before) in What Car

There are lots of different ways of buying a new or used car. Here, we look at the pros and cons of personal contract purchase (PCP) schemes

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High Car Loan Interest Rate Payments: Americans Struggle With Bills - Bloomberg

  2023-10-22 (or before) in Bloomberg

The risk of vehicle repossession is rising for many Americans facing a budget crunch.

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Definitions changing in UK’s bid to meet climate finance target

  2023-10-17 in The Guardian

Andrew Mitchell, the development minister, said ‘clarifications’ would more accurately reflect spending

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A billion deaths at two degrees? Why climate activists should make a special effort to get the science right - Mark Lynas

  2023-10-16 by in Mark Lynas

The world owes a great debt to Extinction Rebellion. XR’s heyday protests in London helped deliver a UK net zero commitment, forcing many other countries to adopt similar targets. XR […]

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Climate change could devastate household finances, U.S. Treasury warns

  2023-10-14 (or before) in CNBC

Between 2018 and 2022, weather and climate disasters cost more than $617 billion in the U.S., a Treasury Department report found.

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A supervisory framework for assessing nature-related financial risks

  2023-10-04 (or before) by in

This paper presents a methodological supervisory framework to help central banks and financial supervisors assess biodiversity-related financial risks, impacts and dependencies in the financial sector, including transmission channels for physical and...

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Clifford Chance | Energy in transition – The role of decommissioning

  2023-09-27 (or before) in Clifford Chance | International Law Firm | Global Law Experts

Decommissioning is an integral part of the energy transition. The move by oil & gas companies to decarbonise their operations often leads to a transfer of their ageing assets to new, and often under-resourced, players. This can create opportunities but is also fraught with complexities and challenges for both outgoing and incoming operators.In this extract from a recent webinar, our experts discuss the risks arising in decommissioning operations, offer suggestions on how to mitigate and manage those risks, and identify key factors for any robust decommissioning strategy.

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Nature Action 100: Global investors call on corporates to tackle biodiversity impacts

  2023-09-26 in Business Green

New group unveils list of 100 companies in key sectors that investors will push to improve their nature-related policies

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World Bank spent billions of dollars backing fossil fuels in 2022, study finds

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Campaigners estimate about $3.7bn in trade finance was supplied to oil and gas projects despite bank’s green pledges

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African leaders call for debt relief to help tackle climate crisis

  2023-09-06 in The Guardian

Nairobi declaration, issued at first Africa Climate Summit, also includes call for global carbon taxes

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8 easy — and cheap — ways to cut your carbon emissions

  2023-09-06 (or before) in CNBC

Here are some simple ways for Americans of all income groups to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Biden administration cancels years-long attempt to drill in Alaska National Wildlife Refuge | CNN Politics

  2023-09-06 by in CNN

The Biden administration announced Wednesday it will cancel seven Trump-era oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and protect more than 13 million acres in the federal National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, stymieing a years-long attempt to drill in the protected region.

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Modelling Climate Litigation Risk for (Re)Insurers

  2023-08-30 (or before) by in Columbia Law School

In response to the growing threat of climate change, the insurance industry has made significant investments in modelling and quantifying physical climate risks. However, the emerging risk of climate litigation has proven particularly difficult to model. In 2015 Mark Carney, then-Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, warned that climate litigation poses “long-tail risks” for insurers that may be “significant, uncertain and non-linear.” Since that warning, the number of climate-related cases has more than doubled, and the scope and financial significance of climate ...

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Income-based U.S. household carbon footprints (1990–2019) offer new insights on emissions inequality and climate finance

  2023-08-30 (or before) in PLOS - Open Science

Current policies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase adaptation and mitigation funding are insufficient to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C. It is clear that further action is needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and achieve a just climate future. Here, we offer a new perspective on emissions responsibility and climate finance by conducting an environmentally extended input output analysis that links 30 years (1990–2019) of United States (U.S.) household-level income data to the emissions generated in creating that income. To do this we draw on over 2.8 billion inter-sectoral tran...

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Remarks by Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Graham Steele at Event Hosted by the Brookings Institution's Assessing Insurance Regulation and Supervision of Climate-Related Financial Risk

  2023-08-29 (or before) in

As Prepared for Delivery Introduction Thank you, Carlos.  It is my pleasure to be with you all today, both those in the room and watching virtually. As the Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, my portfolio includes developing the Department’s policy views on banks, credit unions, consumer protection, access to capital, and financial sector cybersecurity matters.  My remarks will focus on the work that Treasury, through the Federal Insurance office (FIO), is doing to understand and help address the financial risks that our changing climate poses in the insurance sector. Work on climate-related financial...

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Money down the drain: scandal of Kenya’s failed dams reveals a country drowning in debt

  2023-08-29 in The Guardian

Kenya came out of the 2008 financial crisis in fine shape. Today, it is mired in ‘shocking corruption and debt dependency’. The tale of two ill-fated infrastructure projects explains why

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Big money is trashing trust in British politics. ‘Democracy vouchers’ could be the solution | Daniel Chandler

  2023-08-29 in The Guardian

The way our system is funded allows rich donors to buy influence, says economist and philosopher Daniel Chandler

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'Catastrophic' loss: Huge colonies of emperor penguins saw no chicks survive last year as sea ice disappears | CNN

  2023-08-24 by in CNN

As rapidly warming global temperatures help push Antarctica’s sea ice to unprecedented lows, it’s threatening the very existence of one of the continent’s most iconic species: emperor penguins.

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Rich countries ‘trap’ poor nations into relying on fossil fuels

  2023-08-21 in The Guardian

Campaigners criticise ‘new form of colonialism’, where countries in the global south are forced to invest in fossil fuel projects to repay debts

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The liberal limits to transformation in the Green Climate Fund

  2023-08-20 (or before) in Taylor & Francis Online: Peer-reviewed Journals

International climate finance institutions increasingly articulate their goals as catalyzing transformation, but can these institutions bring about deep structural change when they reflect the same...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Climate Justice | Finance

Misreading the Bengal Delta | University of Washington

  2023-08-18 (or before) in University of Washington

Perilously close to sea level and vulnerable to floods, erosion, and cyclones, Bangladesh is one of the top recipients of development aid earmarked for climate change adaptation. Yet, to what extent do adaptation projects address local needs and concerns? Combining environmental history and ethnographic fieldwork with development professionals, rural farmers, and landless women, *Misreading the Bengal Delta* critiques development narratives of Bangladesh as a “climate change victim.” It examines how development actors repackage colonial-era modernizing projects, which have caused severe environmental effects, as clim...

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From laggards to leaders: An assessment of Australian banks’ climate commitments

  2023-08-15 (or before) in

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Global South issues in the Global North? A fossil toxic tour through Texas and Louisiana - Part 2 |

  2023-08-10 in | The Global Energiewende

In May 2023, Andy Gheorghiu travelled along the US Gulf coast and visited LNG export sites (operating, under construction and planned) which have been co-financed by German banks or enabled through…

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Why did the Maui fire spread so fast? Drought, nonnative species and climate change among possible reasons | CNN

  2023-08-09 by in CNN

Drought conditions are becoming more extreme and common in Hawaii and other Pacific islands.

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Deadly floods hit China's major grain-producing region, fueling food security concerns | CNN

  2023-08-07 by in CNN International

Days of heavy rain have caused severe flooding in China’s leading grain-producing region in the northeast, killing 14 people and raising concerns about food security as floodwater inundated farmlands.

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IMF increasingly worried about 'material' impact of climate change on economies | Reuters

  2023-07-28 (or before) in Reuters

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday called for better coordinated efforts to address the causes of climate change, warning extreme weather is posing material risks to countries globally, especially developing economies already saddled with high debts.

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A world of debt

  2023-07-13 (or before) in

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At least two dead in oil platform fire in Gulf of Mexico | CNN

  2023-07-07 by in CNN

At least two people were killed after a fire broke out Friday at the Nohoch Alfa oil platform at the Bay of Campeche, in the Gulf of Mexico, the state-owned Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) said in a statement.

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Ofwat boss denies water industry badly regulated as he predicts higher bills

  2023-07-05 in The Guardian

David Black says water firms’ debt is ‘their issue to sort out’ because regulator did not have powers to tackle problem until recently

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Revealed: UK plans to drop flagship £11.6bn climate pledge

  2023-07-04 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Disclosure provokes fury as Rishi Sunak accused of betraying populations vulnerable to global heating

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Mounting debts and public anger could finally sink water companies in England and Wales

  2023-06-28 in The Guardian

Firms have loaded up debt to pay dividends and been fined millions for dumping raw sewage into rivers

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Managing Climate Risk: The Role of Financial Regulators in the Net Zero Transition | Policy Report

  2023-06-27 in CUSP | Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity

This Aldersgate Group report with CUSP calls on the UK Government to provide a strong legal basis for financial regulators to support the transition to a net zero and nature positive economy. It fi…

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Finance

Rainforest destruction soared in 2022 despite global pledges to halt deforestation, new report finds | CNN

  2023-06-27 by in CNN

The destruction of the world’s rainforests ramped up last year, despite global pledges to end deforestation by 2030, according to a new report.

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Potential pension fund losses should not deter high-income countries from bold climate action

  2023-06-24 (or before) in Cell Press

Governments in advanced economies must consider potential social repercussions of stranded fossil-fuel asset ownership. We show that the vast majority of stranded assets (two-thirds of the total) are held by the wealthiest 10% of individuals. Stranded asset losses constitute less than 2% of the wealth of the top 10%. Given this stark inequality, any potential financial loss incurred by low and middle groups can be compensated at low cost by governments and poses no credible deterrent to ambitious climate policy.

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Paris climate finance summit fails to deliver debt forgiveness plan

  2023-06-23 in The Guardian

Countries in debt distress thrown financial lifeline but critics say measures fall short of what is needed

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The climate crisis is this century’s biggest threat. We need a global finance pact that reflects the task ahead | Chris Bowen, Steven Guilbeault and James Shaw

  2023-06-22 in The Guardian

As climate change ministers, we urge multilateral banks to come together to help vulnerable nations, who face cascading challenges

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Barbados PM fights for shake-up of global climate finance - BBC News

  2023-06-22 (or before) in The BBC

At a climate summit in Paris, Barbados's prime minister wants to raise billions for poor nations.

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Triple-digit heat across Texas is forecast to break energy records | CNN

  2023-06-15 by in CNN

Summer is still a week away and the Lone Star State is already sweltering, as triple-digit heat could lead to more than 75 heat records being broken across Texas this week.

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Nearly Every Major Move by GOP-Controlled House So Far Has Had an Anti-Climate Angle

  2023-06-14 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

From the debt ceiling to their latest tax plan, the GOP has been taking pot shots at the climate movement at every turn.

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Facing the Dragon: California’s Nasty Ecological Debts

  2023-06-11 in California WaterBlog | A biologist, economist, engineer and geologist walk onto a bar…

By Andrew L. Rypel “Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.” ~N. Morris Pre-dam view of the Tuolumne River stretching across Hetch Hetchy Valley in the early…

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Climate risks have made California uninsurable. When will we wake up? | Kate Aronoff

  2023-06-06 in The Guardian

State Farm will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California – with climate-exacerbated wildfires and bad public policy a large reason why

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The Biden administration sees hydrogen as a game-changing climate technology. The reality is far more complicated | CNN Politics

  2023-06-05 by in CNN

The Biden administration on Monday announced a goal to produce 50 million metric tons of clean hydrogen fuel by 2050 – a roadmap that, if successful, would cut around 10% of the country’s planet-warming pollution by the same date.

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Climate crisis: rich nations undermining work to help poor countries, research suggests

  2023-06-04 in The Guardian

Oxfam report says only $11.5bn (£9.2bn) of climate finance in 2020 devoted to helping vulnerable states

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Debt Ceiling Deal Stains Biden’s Legacy on Climate, Environmental Justice

  2023-06-02 (or before) in Center for Biological Diversity

Center for Biological Diversity: Legislation Gives Away Mountain Valley Pipeline, Environmental Law Rollbacks

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Pigs, rabbits and fish are dying from searing temperatures in China | CNN Business

  2023-06-02 by in CNN

With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy.

  Tagged under: Drought | Farming | Fish | Flooding | Rivers | Health | Food Production and Consumption | El Niño | Trees | Finance

Green funds in Indonesia were spent clearing forests for biomass

  2023-06-01 by in Climate Home News

Millions of dollars in green funds were spent reviving a project by Indonesia's Medco group, which cleared rainforests in Papua.

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Shanghai records its highest May temperature in more than 100 years | CNN

  2023-05-29 by in CNN

The Chinese city of Shanghai recorded its highest May temperature in more than 100 years on Monday, hitting a record 36.1 degrees Celsius (nearly 97 degrees Fahrenheit).

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'Murderers' and 'criminals': Meteorologists face unprecedented harassment from conspiracy theorists | CNN

  2023-05-27 by in CNN International

National weather services, meteorologists and climate communicators in countries from the US to Australia say they’re experiencing an increase in threats and abuse, often around accusations they are overstating, lying about or even controlling the weather.

  Tagged under: Spain | Climate Change | Health | Finance

Stockholm+50 - Debt for Climate

  2023-05-21 (or before) in YouTube

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Home | debtforclimate

  2023-05-21 (or before) in Home | debtforclimate

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The world's largest lakes are shrinking dramatically, and scientists say they have figured out why | CNN

  2023-05-18 by in CNN

More than half of the world’s largest lakes and reservoirs have lost significant amounts of water over the last three decades.

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Google Installing 500 Megawatts of Solar for Environmental Justice

  2023-05-18 by Zachary Shahan in Cleantech News — #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

Solar power is not just for rich people, but it’s not free and you typically need to show a decent credit score to finance it. As with many things in life, the less wealthy people in society are left behind a bit as we transition into this cleaner, more financially sensible (in the long term) […]

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Senator Whitehouse: 275 of 315 Pages of GOP Debt Limit Bill Are Big Oil Favors

  2023-05-09 by in Truthout - Fearless Independent Journalism

The proposal contains the entirety of Republicans’ H.R. 1, a major pro-fossil fuel package.

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Opinion: To unleash the clean trillions we need more sticks, less carrots

  2023-05-09 by in Energy Monitor

More robust government intervention like credit guidance and golden shares is needed to unleash the clean trillions needed to reach net zero.

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Insurance giant ‘breached international guidelines’ by backing oil pipeline

  2023-05-05 (or before) in The Bureau Investigates

A group of NGOs allege that Marsh is contributing to the serious harm caused by the pipeline by providing the insurance services necessary for the project to progress

  Tagged under: Africa | Insurance | Finance

Five Times Faster by Simon Sharpe review – a radical but realistic path to net zero emissions

  2023-04-09 in The Guardian

A former civil servant makes a persuasive case for dropping economy-wide emissions targets and focusing on tipping points where green technologies become affordable

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Economics | Net Zero | Tipping Points | Finance

Opinion: Biden betrays our generation by greenlighting the Willow Project | CNN

  2023-04-07 by in CNN

President Joe Biden's recent approval of the Willow Project in Alaska has alarmed many young people. Climate activists Sophia Kianni, Greta Thunberg, and Vanessa Nakate urge Biden to consider our collective future before short-term political gains.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Climate Change | Activism | Joe Biden | Health | Alaska | Finance

Insuring the net-zero transition: Evolving thinking and practices – United Nations Environment – Finance Initiative

  2023-04-04 (or before) in UN Environment Programme - Finance Initiative

  Tagged under: Insurance | Net Zero | Finance

Net-Zero Insurance Alliance – United Nations Environment – Finance Initiative

  2023-04-04 (or before) in UN Environment Programme - Finance Initiative

  Tagged under: Insurance | Net Zero | Finance

The oceans just reached their hottest temperature on record as El Niño looms. Here are 6 things to watch for | CNN

  2023-04-01 by in CNN

It's unclear how strong the coming El Niño will be -- some models predict it could reach super-strength, others suggest it will be more moderate.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Drought | Predictions | Climate Change | Antarctic | Flooding | El Niño | Health | Climate Change Impacts | Finance

The Case For Fossil Fuel Divestment

  2023-03-28 (or before) by in Forbes

In the face of the climate crisis, calls for divestment from fossil fuels have grown louder. What does divestment mean? Does it work? Understand the financial and social impacts of the divestment movement in reducing carbon emissions.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Climate Change Impacts | Finance

The Case For Fossil Fuel Engagement

  2023-03-28 (or before) by in Forbes

Although fossil fuels may have no future in a decarbonized world, fossil fuel firms may still have a role to play in the decades of climate transition ahead. Can responsible financial engagement with these companies support current energy needs and climate goals?

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Finance

Credit Suisse Collapse Throws Climate Debt Market Into Turmoil - Bloomberg

  2023-03-21 (or before) in Bloomberg

The failure of the Swiss bank leaves a hole in the debt-for-nature market that analysts said could one day exceed $800 billion.

  Tagged under: Caribbean | Collapse | Finance

US banks are sacrificing poor communities to the climate crisis | Ben Jealous and Bill McKibben

  2023-03-16 in The Guardian

It took decades to force banks to abandon racist redlining. We don’t have decades to avert catastrophic climate crisis

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New report: Commitment to end international finance for fossil fuels is shifting billions, but key countries breaking promises missing in action - Oil Change International

  2023-03-15 by in Oil Change International

Promise Breakers, a report released today by Oil Change International, reveals that the stop funding fossils commitment forged at COP26, is already shifting an estimated USD 5.7 billion per year out of fossil fuels and into clean energy, with the potential of a further 13.7 billion per year if all signatories fulfill their commitments.

  Tagged under: COP26 | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Promise Breakers: Assessing the impact of compliance with the Glasgow Statement commitment to end international public finance for fossil fuels - Oil Change International

  2023-03-15 by in Oil Change International

New research shows stop funding fossils commitment forged at the 2021 UN climate summit is already shifting an estimated USD 5.7 billion per year out of fossil fuels and into clean energy. If all signatories fulfill their commitments, then a further 13.7 billion per year will be shifted out of fossil fuels and into clean energy.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Finance

How much lithium does Iran have?

  2023-03-10 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

At more than 8.5 million tons, the discovery could have enormous geopolitical implications

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Russia | Iran | Finance

Customers boycotting Southern Water bills over sewage spills claim win

  2023-02-17 (or before) by in The Times & The Sunday Times

Southern Water customers refusing to pay their wastewater bills in protest at the firm’s sewage spills have celebrated the retreat of debt collection agenci

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NatWest to end new business loans for oil and gas extraction

  2023-02-10 in The Guardian

Bank also plans to phase out similar lending for existing customers under its first climate transition plan

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The growth of the finance industry is strangling the UK economy

  2023-02-10 in Left Foot Forward

'In pursuit of the high returns in the shortest possible time, the finance industry has moved into the high street.'

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Clean energy investment tops $US1 trillion, sits neck and neck with fossil fuels

  2023-01-30 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Bloomberg New energy Finance says investment in low carbon energy has hit a new high – and for the first time reached parity with capital invested in fossil fuels.

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Concerns that Government’s Finance Bill Benefits Big Money and Harms the Planet – Byline Times

  2023-01-27 by in Byline Times

The Financial Services and Markets Bill risks wrecking the UK's commitment to net zero, writes Thomas Perrett

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Portugal agrees to swap Cape Verde's debt for environmental investment

  2023-01-24 by in Climate Home News

Cape Verde owes around $150m to the Portugese state - but Portugal says it will write off the debt if the African island nation spends the money on environmental measures

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Activist #MMT - podcast: Ep137: Steve Kelsey: Trans-jurisdictional caring

  2023-01-21 (or before) in

Welcome to episode 137 of activist #MMT. Today I talk with Steve Kelsey, about what money and money issuance, and our entire money system, should and could be, if we could start over and design it from scratch. You'll find two of his papers linked below (in the Resources section). Before that, we discuss , which is one of the most viral MMT tweet threads of all time more than 3000 retweets and nearly 7000 likes. The topic of his thread is the big lies told by former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The first big lie is "TINA" which stands for "there is no alternative." This is how those already on top tell the rest to sit do...

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Nadhim Zahawi to pay millions in tax after dispute over family finances

  2023-01-15 in The Guardian

Questions were raised over Tory chair’s use of offshore company to hold shares in polling firm YouGov

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HSBC’s secretive loan to a coal company bulldozing a village

  2023-01-13 (or before) in The Bureau Investigates

Senior bankers greenlit $340m deal with energy giant RWE but recommended HSBC's involvement was kept quiet

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Fueling Resistance

  2022-12-14 (or before) in MIT

In Fueling Resistance, Kate Neville dissects the processes, and political economy framework, of resistance to two different alternative fuel projects in two distinct and disparate locations. The comparison centers on resistance to a biofuel project in Kenya and a fracking project in the Yukon territory of Canada. The unwritten premise is that these two energy projects, and the subsequent resistance to them, may not have obvious similarities given their distinct characteristics and locations but in fact have several elements in common. Neville outlines how these cases can be viewed as similar and concludes that understanding the ...

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The Surprising Lifetime Cost of Car Ownership

  2022-11-29 (or before) in

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A New Tool to Move Finance Out of Fossil Fuels

  2022-11-10 (or before) in

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Mines, pipelines and oil rigs: what HSBC’s ‘sustainable finance’ really pays for

  2022-11-01 (or before) in The Bureau Investigates

Bank is using ‘green’ initiatives to raise billions for companies that are fuelling the climate crisis

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Mark Carney denies big banks threatened to quit climate finance group

  2022-10-24 in The Guardian

Former BoE governor admits his net zero alliance weakened veto on coal investment because of ‘antitrust concerns’

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Built Environment: measuring Climate Change impact

  2022-10-21 by in Spacewell Energy (Dexma) | Energy Intelligence Management

Climate change is making the built environment more vulnerable. How to measure the impact of climate change on buildings?

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Greta Thunberg on the climate delusion: ‘We’ve been greenwashed out of our senses. It’s time to stand our ground’

  2022-10-08 in The Guardian

Governments may say they’re doing all they can to halt the climate crisis. Don’t fall for it – then we might still have time to turn things around

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‘Missed opportunities’ on energy efficiency and cleantech: UK’s green economy reacts to mini-Budget - edie

  2022-10-02 (or before) in Edie Awards

Thought leaders and key organisations from across the UK’s green economy have voiced disappointment that Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng did not use his mini-Budget or Growth Plan to announce new energy efficiency measures to safeguard homes and businesses in the longer term.

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A dynamic model of nonviolent resistance strategy

  2022-08-08 (or before) in PLOS - Open Science

Why have some nonviolent revolutions succeeded even with modest participation numbers, while others have failed despite massive mobilization? We develop an agent-based model that predicts the outcomes of three well-known activism strategies. The first rapidly recruits a wide number of activists, which overwhelms the opponent’s support network and encourages large-scale defections. In the second, activists who have already mobilized remain committed to success and inspire other civilians to protest even when they are unable to protest themselves. In the third strategy, campaigns focus their energy and influence directly on ...

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Parliament votes to give green labels to nuclear and gas

  2022-07-06 in Politico

Such power plants will be allowed to be marketed as sustainable investments on financial markets.

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Water Risk Is a Financial Risk: Companies Will Soon Have the Tools to Calculate, Disclose and Mitigate It

  2022-07-05 in

For too long, investors have lacked the data and analytics to make well-informed investment decisions around the financial risks of water impacts. That is about to change.

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White House official blasts 'outrageous' oil profits, leaves door open to windfall profit tax | CNN Politics

  2022-06-09 by in CNN

A White House official is strongly criticizing Big Oil for banking huge profits in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which the administration has blamed for soaring gas prices.

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The clean energy claims of BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell: A mismatch between discourse, actions and investments

  2022-05-02 (or before) in PLOS - Open Science

The energy products of oil and gas majors have contributed significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and planetary warming over the past century. Decarbonizing the global economy by mid-century to avoid dangerous climate change thus cannot occur without a profound transformation of their fossil fuel-based business models. Recently, several majors are increasingly discussing clean energy and climate change, pledging decarbonization strategies, and investing in alternative energies. Some even claim to be transforming into clean energy companies. Given a history of obstructive climate actions and “greenwashing&rd...

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A mechanism that can change the world | Stefan Brunnhuber | TEDxDresden

  2022-03-05 (or before) in YouTube

Ending poverty. Offering education to everyone. Saving our environment. Transforming into a sustainable and fair society is possible but it is very expensive...

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Lake Malawi's Fish Defy Death - While Their World Heritage Home Is Threatened | We Don't Have Time

  2022-02-28 (or before) in

By Jeffrey Barbee January 27, 2022 In the shallow rocky waters below a high granite outcrop a fish lies sideways, fallen onto the sand below. Its skin the hue of a rotting corpse, the fish is unmoving, apparently dead. But looks can be deceiving. As scavenger fish approach, the play-dead fish springs into action, snapping up the would-be eaters in a flurry of motion. One of hundreds of new fish species discovered in the warm waters of Lake Malawi in the last four decades, the play-dead fish’s only home is now in danger of being destroyed. Play dead fish Nimbochromis livingstonii. Picture: Ken McKaye/ Lake...

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Harmful subsidies: why is the world still funding the destruction of nature?

  2022-02-17 in The Guardian

Government-financed support in sectors including agriculture, fossil fuels and water is incentivising the annihilation of the natural world. But reforming the system is politically fraught

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Financial institutions calling on governments to align financial flows with global biodiversity goals – Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

  2022-02-17 (or before) in Finance for Biodiversity Foundation

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  2022-02-11 (or before) in MIT Press

An optimistic—but realistic and feasible—action plan for fighting climate change while creating new jobs and a healthier environment: electrify everything.Climate change is a planetary emergency. We have to do something now—but what? Saul Griffith has a plan. In Electrify, Griffith lays out a detailed blueprint—optimistic but feasible—for fighting climate change while creating millions of new jobs and a healthier environment. Griffith's plan can be summed up simply: electrify everything. He explains exactly what it would take to transform our infrastructure, update our grid, and adapt our households...

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Water firms Thames, Yorkshire and Southern pay NO tax | This is Money

  2022-01-31 (or before) in This is Money

They forked out a total of £1.4billion to service massive debts and satisfy other charges. This wiped out their profits and therefore their corporation tax liabilities.

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GRAPHIC CONTENT – Floods wipe out livestock in northern Kenya

  2022-01-26 (or before) in YouTube

The carcasses of goats and sheep strewn across the scrubland of northern Kenya are testament to the devastation wrought by the once-in-a-generation floods th...

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EU green finance advisors slam Brussels over nuclear, fossil gas

  2022-01-25 (or before) in EURACTIV

The group of experts advising the European Commission on green finance has criticised plans by Brussels to label gas and nuclear power as a “transitional” source of energy under the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy.

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What is the EU’s ‘taxonomy’ for sustainable finance, and will states agree on it?

  2022-01-25 (or before) in China Dialogue | China environment and climate news

The system classifying sustainable economic activities has divided the bloc’s member states but could be headed for a compromise solution

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We can afford to reverse poverty and climate breakdown. What we can’t afford is the alternative | Kevin Watkins

  2022-01-24 in The Guardian

Our global finance system is failing to rise to the challenges we face. It’s time it was reimagined – and grounded in our shared humanity

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Exxon Announces Weak Net Zero Pledge

  2022-01-20 (or before) in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

The company announced it plans to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. There are just a few teeny, tiny problems.

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Here’s how to repay developing nations for colonialism – and fight the climate crisis | Michael Franczak and Olúfẹ́mi O Táíwò

  2022-01-14 in The Guardian

The IMF allots voting rights and emergency funds according to an outdated and unfair quota system established in 1944, before most colonies were free. Let’s change it

  Tagged under: COP26 | Climate Change | Colonialism | Finance

Sustainable Investing Is Mostly About Sustaining Corporations

  2021-12-12 (or before) in Bloomberg

Wall Street uses ESG ratings to boost “sustainable” labels on stock and bond funds—but what do these ratings really measure?

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Mia Mottley: the 'fearless' leader pushing a global settlement for the climate frontlines

  2021-11-18 in Climate Home News

The first female prime minister of Barbados is elevating wonky discussions on the future of global finance to the highest political level

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Fossil Fuels in the COP Decision Text: Why the U.S., not India, is the problem - ActionAid USA News

  2021-11-14 (or before) in ActionAid USA

The United States government is poised to get what it wanted out of COP26: namely, no new obligations on climate finance or loss & damage, two of the

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COP26: Deal to end public funding for unabated fossil fuels by 2022

  2021-11-04 in DRILL OR DROP? - Independent journalism on UK fracking, onshore oil and gas and the reactions to it

More than 20 countries and institutions have committed to ending international public finance for unabated coal, oil and gas by the end of 2022.

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State of Climate Action 2021: Systems Transformations Required to Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C

  2021-10-28 (or before) in World Resources Institute

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires far-reaching transformations across power generation, buildings, industry, transport, land use, coastal zone management, and agriculture, as well as the immediate scale-up of technological carbon removal and climate finance. This report translates these transitions into 40 targets for 2030 and 2050, with measurable indicators.

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Rich countries break ‘totemic’ $100B annual climate pledge

  2021-10-25 in Politico

That undermines a bargain where developing countries were to cut emissions in return for climate finance.

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Climate finance: rich countries aren't meeting aid targets – could legal action force them?

  2021-10-07 (or before) by in The Conversation

Rich countries have promised to compensate poor ones for the impacts of climate change.

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Utilities Took Public Money, Turned People’s Lights Off During Pandemic

  2021-09-30 in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

Some of the country's most powerful utilities took public money and then just kept disconnecting customers in the midst of a public health emergency.

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Alok Sharma: COP26 is for ordinary people, not just climate warriors

  2021-09-24 (or before) by in New Scientist

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Meeting Cop26 finance goals ‘going to be tough’, says Boris Johnson

  2021-09-20 in The Guardian

Prime minister estimates just 60% chance of securing $100bn in aid pledges before Glasgow conference

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Government preps autumn green bond and pension push, but tensions over net zero plans remain

  2021-09-06 in Business Green

Debate over how to fund raft of net zero programmes looks set to dominate the coming months

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‘Use your £11bn climate fund to pay for family planning,’ UK told

  2021-08-26 in The Guardian

More than 60 NGOs call for spending rule change, saying people on frontline of climate crisis want greater access to reproductive healthcare

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As the Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan, coal is a key source of revenue

  2021-08-26 in Climate Home News

Mining was a major source of finance for the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and has strategic importance as the militants seek to govern

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Swedish Group Delivers the World’s First Batch of Green Steel

  2021-08-20 in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

HYBRIT, a partnership between a mining firm, an electric utility, and a steel company, made the world's first delivery of clean steel to Volvo. It's a huge leap.

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Prudential in talks to buy out and shut coal-fired plants in Asia

  2021-08-03 in The Guardian

Scheme with Asian Development Bank could help make big progress on climate goals, says insurer

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Banking on Climate Chaos 2021 - Banking on Climate Chaos

  2021-07-05 (or before) in Rainforest Action Network

Runaway funding for fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure fuels climate chaos and threatens the lives and livelihoods of millions. In the 5 years since the Paris Agreement, the world’s 60 biggest banks have financed fossil fuels to the tune of $3.8 trillion.

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New Florida Law Mandates Cities Keep Using Fossil Fuels

  2021-06-26 in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

Florida just took a huge step backward in the clean energy revolution. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a piece of legislation into law earlier this week that requires Florida cities and towns to keep using fossil fuels.

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Politics Is Now The Battleground For Climate Change Says Leading U.K. Scientist

  2021-06-26 (or before) by in Forbes

Leading climate experts have launched an international advisory group with a program aimed at mitigating the consequences of climate change through emissions reduction, greenhouse gas removal, and climate repair.

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The Big Smoke: the global emissions of the UK financial sector

  2021-06-03 (or before) in Greenpeace

The UK’s 'financed emissions' likely representing one of the country's most significant contributions to climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Greenpeace | Finance

'A pathway to a brighter future': IEA unveils landmark net zero global energy roadmap

  2021-05-18 in Business Green

Delivering net zero energy is achievable but 'perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced', says IEA

  Tagged under: COP26 | Net Zero | Finance

Out of the window? Green monetary policy in China: window guidance and the promotion of sustainable lending and investment - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment

  2021-05-14 (or before) in London School of Economics

Investigating the use of the green monetary policy tool ‘window guidance’ in China, the authors draw lessons for the design of green finance policies for other countries that seek to enhance sustainable finance and mitigate climate change and related risks.

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Making money work for climate

  2021-04-27 (or before) in

MAKING MONEY WORK FOR CLIMATE All public actors must take responsibility and fight the climate emergency. Yet, central banks—the pillars of our economy—remain dangerously passive. Central banks can significantly influence how polluting and “green” activities are financed. They supervise the monetary and financial system

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Total signs deal to build East African oil pipeline, despite lack of finance

  2021-04-12 by in Climate Home News

Uganda and Tanzania have given political backing to the 1,445km East African Crude Oil Pipeline, but climate campaigners are deterring investment

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Boris Johnson told to get grip of UK climate strategy before Cop26

  2021-04-12 in The Guardian

‘Worrisome’ policy decisions could undermine UK leadership and the talks themselves, say senior climate experts

  Tagged under: COP26 | Finance

World's top emitters a long way from aligning with climate goals | Reuters

  2021-03-23 (or before) in Reuters

The world's biggest carbon-emitting companies are far from aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement, a report by the leading climate-focused investor group showed on Monday.

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UK climate leadership seen weakened by aid cut for world's poor | Reuters

  2021-03-16 (or before) in Reuters

Britain's decision to cut its aid budget will likely dent its reputation on the global diplomatic stage and may weaken a push for other wealthy governments to find more funding to help poor nations tackle climate change, aid groups and think-tanks said.

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Report: 2 in 3 banks have no commitments to stop financing deforestation

  2021-03-06 (or before) in Edie Awards

Some 95 of the world's largest 150 banks and investment firms have not published policies to prevent the companies they finance from destroying forests, with laggards including BlackRock and Wells Fargo.

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Trees | Finance

Mark Carney Walks Back Brookfield Net-Zero Claim After Criticism

  2021-03-05 (or before) in Bloomberg

By describing Brookfield’s $600 billion portfolio as carbon neutral, a key climate-finance leader provoked a backlash by questioning what ‘net zero’ really means

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Liebreich: Climate and Finance – Lessons from a Time Machine | BloombergNEF

  2021-03-03 in BloombergNEF

The global economy’s pivot to low carbon is gathering momentum. By the time of COP26 in Glasgow in November this year, countries responsible for 78% of global GDP will have pledged net-zero emissions by 2050 or, in the case of China and Brazil, 2060.

  Tagged under: COP26 | Net Zero | Economic Growth | Finance

The climate crisis can't be solved by carbon accounting tricks | Simon Lewis

  2021-03-03 in The Guardian

Disaster looms if big finance is allowed to game the carbon offsetting markets to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions, says climate scientist and writer Simon Lewis

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | Finance

EDO Challenges HSBC and Barclays Over Finance for Vietnamese Coal Plant - Environmental Defenders Office

  2021-03-01 in Environmental Defenders Office

UPDATE: The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has announced it will stop funding overseas coal power projects. It comes just weeks after EDO’s Safe Climate team challenged Barclays and HSBC over their involvement in a JBIC fund, which is financing a new coal fired power plant in Vietnam. Both HSBC and Barclays publicly committed [...]Read More...

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Arabesque - Sustainable Finance

  2021-03-01 (or before) in

Arabesque brings together AI, ESG data and financial technology to deliver sustainable investment and intelligence.

  Tagged under: ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Finance

China Can Help Solve the Debt and Environmental Crises | Global Development Policy Center

  2021-02-19 (or before) in Boston University

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Call to tax international flights to raise climate funds for poor countries

  2021-02-18 in The Guardian

Six experts say failure to reform climate finance risks undermining trust in Paris agreement

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Finance

How Much the Oil and Gas Industry Paid Lying Texas Republicans

  2021-02-17 (or before) in Earther | Gizmodo

As the crisis of rolling blackouts in Texas unfolds this week, some of the state’s loudest Republican politicians are falsely dragging “frozen wind turbines” as the cause. But behind the wind energy smears is a dizzying amount of fossil fuel money.

  Tagged under: Chevron | Economics | Texas | Wind Power | Finance

Capitalism Is Struggling With the Language of Climate Change

  2021-02-10 (or before) in Bloomberg

The technical terminology of science can sometimes be muddled in powerful climate messages from finance and political leaders.

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Capitalism | Finance

Rich countries must update financial vows to tackle climate crisis, says UN

  2021-02-04 in The Guardian

Patricia Espinosa says fulfilling $100bn-a-year promise must be top priority to support developing world

  Tagged under: COP26 | Finance

Climate crisis: FTSE giants fail to disclose their carbon footprint

  2020-12-13 in The Guardian

BP, Glencore, Rolls-Royce, Just Eat and B&M among last eight firms yet to provide investors with information

  Tagged under: BP | Greenhouse Gases | Finance

Biodiversity Risk, Natural Capital and actuarial practice | Blog by Aled Jones et al

  2020-12-03 in CUSP | Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity

A new cross-sector work programme has been launched by CUSP researcher Aled Jones together with the Institute and Faculty of the Actuaries, to take forward a series of activities including think pieces, webinars and external engagement to ensure the proactive engagement of the actuary profession with the importance, perils and impacts of global biodiversity risks. This blog is outlining the agenda.

  Tagged under: Finance

Bank of America Says It Won’t Finance Oil and Gas Exploration in the Arctic

  2020-12-01 (or before) in Bloomberg

Bank of America Corp. said that it won’t provide project financing for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic after facing opposition from environmentalists.

  Tagged under: Arctic | Washington State | Finance

Climate Bonds Initiative

  2020-11-27 (or before) in Climate Bonds Initiative | Mobilizing debt capital markets for climate change solutions

Mobilizing debt capital markets for climate change solutions

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Finance

What’s the Value of a Whale? | Novara Media

  2020-10-16 (or before) in Novara Media

The natural world, some claim, could be saved from destruction if only we established its monetary worth. In the first piece of a new series on isolation, connection and environmental breakdown, Adrienne Buller argues it’s time to free nature from finance.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Finance

Academic Citations on the Pitfalls of Congressional Transparency

  2020-10-15 (or before) by in The Congressional Research Institute

Via increased transparency Congress has gotten more corrupt and lobbyists have gained power. This dynamic drives climate change, the debt, incarceration and partisanship. We compile academic on this topic and investigate its roots in the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970

  Tagged under: US Politics | Climate Change | Finance

Mark Carney says banks should link executive pay to Paris climate goals

  2020-10-13 in The Guardian

Ex-Bank of England boss tells UN summit that boardroom pay link can help meet climate targets faster

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Finance

Big bang theory: how blowing up a Transit van wiped out £1m of debt

  2020-09-15 in The Guardian

Hilary Powell and Dan Edelstyn filled a gold van with £1m in banknotes then blew it up. As their film Bank Job hits the screens, the art avengers explain how they took on toxic debt culture – and won

  Tagged under: Finance

Insurance giant Suncorp to end coverage and finance for oil and gas industry

  2020-08-21 in The Guardian

Suncorp’s decision to pull out of industry by 2025 puts it at odds with government push for gas-led recovery

  Tagged under: Insurance | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Climate Change

  2020-06-20 (or before) in World Bank

Latest news and information from the World Bank and its development work on Climate Change. Access facts, statistics, project information, development research from experts and latest news about Climate Change.

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing | Renewable Energy | Climate Change | Finance

The Stark Racial Inequity of Personal Finances in America (Published 2020)

  2020-06-09 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Finance

Responsible Investor | The latest thinking on sustainable finance for investors

  2020-05-16 (or before) in

Responsible Investor's aim is to lead strategic, sustainable change in financial markets through thought-leadership, proprietary journalism, events and community building amongst business professionals.

  Tagged under: Finance

Exclusive: U.S. banks prepare to seize energy assets as shale boom goes bust | Reuters

  2020-04-14 (or before) in Reuters

Major U.S. lenders are preparing to become operators of oil and gas fields across the country for the first time in a generation to avoid losses on loans to energy companies that may go bankrupt, sources aware of the plans told Reuters.

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Triodos Annual Report 2019 Summary

  2020-04-01 (or before) in Annual Report 2021 Summary

In this shortened online report you will find a number of films featuring the extraordinary work of the sustainable companies we finance, a brief video and our key financial and impact performance. The full, audited 2019 Annual Report is also available, as well as a summary of Triodos Bank’s activities in the UK during the year.

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Pope urges politicians to take 'drastic measures' on climate change | Reuters

  2020-03-10 (or before) in Reuters

Pope Francis challenged governments on Sunday to take "drastic measures" to combat global warming and reduce the use of fossil fuels, saying the world was experiencing a climate emergency.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | Africa | Forest Fires | Fossil Fuels | Pope Francis | Finance

Teck Resources pulling application for Frontier oil sands mine - The Globe and Mail

  2020-02-23 in The Globe and Mail: Canadian, World, Politics and Business News & Analysis

The Teck mine had already passed a lengthy regulatory review and Ottawa was expected to decide this week whether to approve the project

  Tagged under: Oil Industry | Canada | Climate Change | Economics | Finance

The European Green Deal will bypass the poor and go straight to the rich | Daniela Gabor

  2020-02-19 in The Guardian

For all the talk of retraining Polish miners, this fund will most likely line the pockets of the carbon finance elites, says economist Daniela Gabor

  Tagged under: Finance

The Great Affordability Crisis Breaking America

  2020-02-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

In one of the best decades the American economy has ever recorded, families were bled dry.

  Tagged under: Housing | Economic Growth | Health | Economics | Finance

'They're Trying to Wipe Us Off the Map.' Why Independent Farming in America Is Close to Extinction

  2020-01-24 (or before) in TIME Magazine

A perfect storm of factors has lead to the biggest crisis for American farmers in decades.

  Tagged under: Farming | Finance

Guest view: Extinction Rebellion, finance’s friend

  2020-01-24 (or before) in Breakingviews

The radical UK climate movement may sound like the corporate sector’s last idea of a kindred spirit. But spokesperson Rupert Read argues its focus on fast, deep carbon reductions are simple common sense, for financiers too. That’s why he is in Davos this week.

  Tagged under: Extinction Rebellion | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Sustainability | Finance

IMF chief 'couldn't sleep' after reading climate report: 'What have we done?'

  2020-01-24 (or before) in Yahoo Finance - stock market live, quotes, business & finance news

'The big eye opener was when last year I read IPCC report,' Kristalina Georgieva said. 'I tell you, I could not sleep that night.'

  Tagged under: IPCC | Finance

UK solar company secures funding to build two major solar plants in Spain - Business Leader News

  2020-01-22 in Business News - Business Leader

UK-based solar energy company, Solarcentury, has secured new financing to build two of the largest solar plants in Spain demonstrating the UK’s leadership on climate change. UK Export Finance (UKEF), the […]

  Tagged under: Spain | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Finance

BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance (Published 2020)

  2020-01-14 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Finance

Banking on Climate Change 2019 - Banking on Climate Chaos

  2020-01-10 (or before) in Rainforest Action Network

Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2019 - The tenth annual fossil fuel finance report card grades banks on their fossil fuel-related policy commitments and calculates their financing for fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Pension funds urge Barclays to stop lending to fossil fuel firms

  2020-01-08 in The Guardian

Institutional investors file resolution for AGM of bank to phase out loans to fossil fuel projects or companies

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Finance

Development Priorities Evidence Program | 3ie

  2019-12-28 (or before) in 3ie

Launched in 2015, this program focused on generating evidence in priority sectors closely aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. 3ie supported 14 rigorous, high-quality impact evaluations in four sectors: environment, governance, infrastructure and public finance. UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (formerly DFID) funded this work.

  Tagged under: Finance

Carbon offsets have patchy human rights record. Now UN talks erode safeguards

  2019-12-09 in Climate Home News

A new global carbon market could unleash finance for projects around the world. But protections for local communities were weakened in draft rules at Cop25

  Tagged under: Finance

UN appoints Mark Carney to help finance climate action goals

  2019-12-01 in The Guardian

Bank of England governor steps down in January and will replace Michael Bloomberg

  Tagged under: Finance

Exxon’s Credit Rating Outlook Lowered by Moody’s on Cash Burn

  2019-11-20 (or before) in Bloomberg

Exxon Mobil Corp. had the outlook on its top-notch debt rating lowered by Moody’s Investors Service Inc. to negative due to a “substantial” cash burn to fund growth.

  Tagged under: Exxon | Finance

Canada's farmers pushed to the brink by politics, weather and banks

  2019-11-18 in The Guardian

Poor conditions coupled with dismal harvests are taking a severe toll on workers’ mental health

  Tagged under: Farming | Health | Finance

UK to use finance meant for green energy to support fracking in Argentina

  2019-10-22 in The Guardian

Documents show government’s £1bn commitment in 2017 later prioritised support of major oil companies

  Tagged under: Argentina | Renewable Energy | BP | Shell | Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Bank of England boss says global finance is funding 4C temperature rise

  2019-10-15 in The Guardian

Mark Carney says capital markets are financing projects likely to fuel a catastrophic rise in global heating

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Economics | Finance

No 10 hands Jaguar Land Rover £500m loan guarantee to develop electric cars

  2019-07-15 in The Guardian

Meeting of carmakers also told of plan for new houses to have EV charging point

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Electric Cars | Cars | Finance

How sustainable finance can tackle the climate emergency - Social Market Foundation.

  2019-07-12 (or before) in The Social Market Foundation | Britain’s Leading Cross-Party Think-Tank

This collection of essays published by the Social Market Foundation think-tank and the Chartered Banker Institute focuses on green finance and the role that financial services can play in delivering environmental goals. Contributors include: Mary Robinson and Sir Roger Gifford.

  Tagged under: Finance

European rail operators call for end to tax-free status of aviation fuel

  2019-06-21 in International Railway Journal

European rail operators have called on the European Union’s (EU) finance ministers to end the tax-free exemption of aviation fuel.

  Tagged under: Trains | Finance

More than 5m people in Britain suffer low-paid, insecure work

  2019-06-11 in The Guardian

Living Wage Foundation research study shows families struggling to make ends meet

  Tagged under: Economics | Finance

Britain fell for a neoliberal con trick – even the IMF says so | Aditya Chakrabortty

  2018-10-17 by Aditya Chakrabortty in The Guardian

The fund reports that Britain’s finances are weaker than all other nations except Portugal, and says privatisation is to blame, says Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty

  Tagged under: Economics | Finance

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