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Topic: Whales and Dolphins

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Whale song mystery solved by scientists

  2024-02-22 in The BBC

Scientists deduce how whales sing under the sea, and why they can be drowned out by noisy ships.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins

Study makes troubling revelation about killer whales: ‘We’ve really come to learn that you are what you eat’

  2023-12-09 in Yahoo

“The top of the food chain ... is extremely vulnerable.”

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins

Amazon tragedy as endangered river dolphins die in hot water

  2023-11-06 in Whale and Dolphin Conservation

The climate crisis is accelerating at such an alarming rate that some whale and dolphin populations haven’t got time to adapt. More frequent and severe droughts and heatwaves are threatening the survival of species and ecosystems that are crucial to our own existence. When 155 endangered river dolphins died suddenly in Lake Tefé in Brazil, this heartbreaking event gave us a stark warning of the severity of the situation.

  Tagged under: Drought | Rivers | Amazon Rainforest | Whales and Dolphins | Brazil | Heatwaves

Welsh Water admits illegally spilling sewage for years

  2023-10-19 (or before) in The BBC

The company released untreated sewage at dozens of sites, including near a bottlenose dolphin habitat.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins

Likely culprit found for recent gray whale die-off

  2023-10-15 (or before) in Oregon Live

Over the past four years, hundreds of gray whales have washed up dead on the beaches of Mexico, the U.S. and Canada – and scientists have been trying to figure out what’s causing the majestic animals to die en masse for so many years. Now, researchers from Oregon State University have an answer.

  Tagged under: Oregon | Whales and Dolphins | Mexico

Deaths of 120 Amazon dolphins linked to severe drought, high temperatures | Climate Crisis News | Al Jazeera

  2023-10-04 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Amazon River’s pink, grey dolphins are a threatened species and among the few freshwater dolphins found in the world.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Brazil

More than 100 dolphins dead in Amazon as water hits 102 degrees Fahrenheit | CNN

  2023-10-01 by in CNN

More than a hundred dolphins have been found dead in the Brazilian Amazon amid an historic drought and record-high water temperatures that in places have exceeded 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Tagged under: Amazon Rainforest | Drought | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | South America | Brazil | Health

Study finds human-driven mass extinction is eliminating entire branches of the tree of life

  2023-09-19 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The passenger pigeon. The Tasmanian tiger. The Baiji, or Yangtze river dolphin. These rank among the best-known recent victims of what many scientists have declared the sixth mass extinction, as human actions are wiping out vertebrate animal species hundreds of times faster than they would otherwise disappear.

  Tagged under: Rivers | Whales and Dolphins

‘Nature is being destroyed’: Russia’s arms buildup in Barents Sea creating toxic legacy

  2023-07-24 in The Guardian

Indigenous people and experts say Moscow’s military push and increased shipping and mining will destroy Arctic environment

  Tagged under: Arctic | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Russia

The world's most endangered large whale species is even closer to extinction than researchers thought - CBS News

  2023-07-24 (or before) in CBS News

Only a few dozen North Atlantic Right Whales are able to actively reproduce, as many of the animals continue to be found dead or seriously injured – many of them babies and females.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Whales and Dolphins

Skin disease in orcas off North American coast concerns scientists

  2023-06-29 in The Guardian

Lesions found on 99% of southern resident orcas studied on Pacific north-west coast

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Washington State

Article removed: North Sea oil spills exceed safe level - activists - BBC News

  2023-04-13 (or before) in The BBC

Data and satellite images show oil spills over five years that threaten species like orca whales.

  Tagged under: Activism | Whales and Dolphins | Sea Level

'Real and imminent' extinction risk to whales - BBC News

  2023-02-20 (or before) in The BBC

A letter signed by hundreds of scientists calls for global action to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins

What Is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

  2023-01-31 (or before) in Sustainable & Eco Friendly eCommerce Packaging | SR Mailing

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch is considered by many to be one of humanity’s biggest crimes against the planet – and really, just the name of it gives away the horror of what it actually is, considering the size of the Pacific Ocean. We talk a lot about what can be done to save the planet here at SR Mailing, and that’s because we’re absolutely passionate about it! The fact that there is so much to be done, and that there is so much that we can all be doing in our daily lives that can help us to save planet Earth from global warming and climate change. The issue, of course, is much, much bigger than...

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Pacific Ocean | Methane | Fish | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Economic Growth | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs | California | South America | BP | Sea Level | Indonesia

US gets 1 bid for oil and gas lease in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

  2023-01-07 (or before) in

(AP) - The U.S. government on Friday said it received on bid for the right to drill offshore for oil and gas in Alaska’s Cook Inlet near habitat for bears, salmon, humpback whales and endangered beluga whales.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Salmon | Alaska

Ten years later, BP oil spill continues to harm wildlife—especially dolphins

  2022-11-23 (or before) in National Geographic

Some species, such as brown pelicans, have rebounded, while long-lived species have been hindered for generations. Still, data is scarce.

  Tagged under: BP | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife

Krill, The Most Abundant Species on Earth and Key Food Source for Whales, Are in Trouble

  2022-09-09 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

Antarctic krill are one of the most abundant species in the world in terms of biomass, but there is concern about the future of the species.

  Tagged under: Antarctic | Whales and Dolphins

Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving? | George Monbiot

  2022-06-30 in The Guardian

Modern biofuels are touted as a boon for the climate. But, used on a large scale, they are no more sustainable than whale oil, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Whales and Dolphins | Cars

Marine wildlife warning as UK whale sightings rise - BBC News

  2021-12-31 (or before) in The BBC

Experts say human activities are disrupting marine wildlife such as orcas, whales and dolphins.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife

Rising From the Antarctic, a Climate Alarm

  2021-12-13 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Oceans | Global Warming | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Antarctic | Whales and Dolphins

Why whales in Alaska have been so happy - BBC News

  2021-08-11 (or before) in The BBC

What will happen to Alaska's whales when tourism returns to waters stilled by Covid?

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Alaska

Nature Metrics

  2021-03-26 (or before) in eDNA Surveys | Biodiversity Analysis & Monitoring Experts - NatureMetrics

Welcome to the home of cutting edge biodiversity monitoring Chat to our team Powerful, scalable biodiversity data delivered safely and sustainably using DNA From bacteria to blue whales, we will help you monitor biodiversity in contexts ranging from conservation to environmental impact assessments.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins

Fatal freshwater skin disease in dolphins linked to climate crisis

  2020-12-29 in The Guardian

Researchers report affected animals off the coasts of the US, South America and Australia

  Tagged under: Oceans | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife

What’s the Value of a Whale? | Novara Media

  2020-10-16 (or before) in Novara Media

The natural world, some claim, could be saved from destruction if only we established its monetary worth. In the first piece of a new series on isolation, connection and environmental breakdown, Adrienne Buller argues it’s time to free nature from finance.

  Tagged under: Whales and Dolphins | Finance

Mutilated dolphins wash up on French coast in record numbers

  2019-03-31 in The Guardian

Activists say 1,100 dolphins found since January - but real figure may be 10 times higher

  Tagged under: Activism | France | Fish | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife

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