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On the brink: California’s luxe clifftop mansions in peril after record rain

  2024-03-05 in The Guardian

Homeowners in wealthy towns watching anxiously in face of heavy storms that have caused flash floods and coastal erosion

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California's insurance crisis is spiraling out of control

  2024-03-01 in Newsweek

The withdrawal of American National from the state is set to leave tens of thousands without coverage.

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  2024-02-29 (or before) in Fire Information for Resource Management - NASA

US and Canada fire map and data. NASA | USFS | Fire Information for Resource Management System US/Canada provides near real-time active fire data from MODIS and VIIRS to meet the needs of firefighters, scientists and users interested in monitoring fires with focus on US & Canada. Fire data is available for download or can be viewed through a map interface. Users can subscribe to email alerts bases on their area of interest.

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Thousands of decaying barrels off Los Angeles coast may contain radioactive waste: report

  2024-02-22 in New York Post Breaking News, Top Headlines, Photos & Videos

“This is a classic situation of bad versus worse.”

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Fears of more floods – and possibly tornadoes – as another storm hits California

  2024-02-19 in The Guardian

North sees strong winds while central coast at risk of ‘significant flooding’ as storm moves south toward Los Angeles

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Legal Legacies: Richmond, California — Law Students for Climate Accountability

  2024-01-30 (or before) in Law Students for Climate Accountability

Law firms facilitate egregious harms against communities around the world, but rarely have to face those communities. Here we examine how lawyers at Jones Day, Latham & Watkins, Pillsbury Winthrop, and Hogan Lovells have helped ensure Chevron can extract maximum profit from its Richmond, California refinery at the expense of residents, and highlight local organizing in response.

  Tagged under: Law and Legal Profession | California

Flash floods inundate homes in San Diego: ‘It’s never been that bad’

  2024-01-23 in The Guardian

Torrential rain swept through a large part of the US on Monday, days after a cold spell

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Eight people taken to hospital as waves up to 30ft high pound California coast

  2023-12-29 in The Guardian

Six million people under high surf warning as powerful storms sweep through California and Oregon

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Deemed Sustainable by Seafood Industry Monitors, Harvested California Squid Has an Unmeasurable Energy Footprint - Inside Climate News

  2023-12-08 by in Inside Climate News

Tens of thousands of tons of the cephalopods caught off the California coast are shipped to China for processing, then sold to consumers around the world.

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20 Calif. farm families use more Colorado River water than some states

  2023-11-10 (or before) in Desert Sun

Tens of millions of people rely on Colorado River water. But as its supply shrinks, these farmers get more water from the river than entire states.

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Pistachio Billionaires Accused of Artwashing California’s Water Crisis

  2023-11-09 by in Hyperallergic

Museum donors Lynda and Stewart Resnick’s orchards in California’s Central Valley reportedly use more water than all the homes in LA combined.

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Eight of the world’s most amazing trees – from the Major Oak to the Lone Cypress

  2023-10-06 in The Guardian

Spectacular ancient trees stir deep feelings, as the felling of Sycamore Gap showed. Here are more noble specimens, including one whose survival is a deep-rooted puzzle

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California sues big oil companies, alleging decades of deceit

  2023-10-06 (or before) in KCRW 89.9FM

The complaint says oil and gas executives have known about the dangers of fossil fuels for decades, and that they’ve intentionally suppressed that information.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | California

California is Suing Big Oil Thanks to Journalism

  2023-09-21 by in Legal Planet - Environmental Law and Policy

California is suing Big Oil and the lawsuit was made possible by the work of journalists. What's the state of climate journalism now?

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California sues world's largest oil companies, alleging they caused billions of dollars in damages

  2023-09-18 (or before) in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Chevron | Shell | Exxon | California | BP

'Big Oil has been lying to us': Califonia sues oil giants over climate change damages

  2023-09-16 in France 24

The US state of California sued five of the world's largest oil companies on Friday, alleging the firms caused billions of dollars in damages and misled the public by minimizing the risks from fossil…

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | California | Wildfires

California Passes Landmark Corporate Climate Transparency Bills - Legal Planet

  2023-09-14 by in Legal Planet - Environmental Law and Policy

After a hard-fought battle, the California Legislature passed the second of two nation-leading corporate climate accountability bills yesterday afternoon. The bills, SB 253 and SB 261, are important transparency measures that would, for the first time, allow Californians to meaningfully assess the carbon footprint of thousands of companies—and what those companies plan to do about the climate-related risks they face.

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How the illegal harvesting of giant trees in California shines a light on rural poverty

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Danny Garcia hoped to flee the life of poverty and crime that led him to poach wood from national park land. But the circle of violence was inescapable

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As wildfires spread, the rich buy protection - Tortoise

  2023-09-11 in Tortoise Media

Long stories short Luis Rubiales resigned as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Nato announced plans for its biggest military exercise since the Cold War. Novak Djokovic won a record-equalling 24th grand slam at the US Open. Firefighters for hire During California‚Äôs 2021 Caldor Wildfire, the president of the state‚Äôs firefighter union got a …

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Where's the trust? US climate deniers have no faith in university researchers

  2023-09-09 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

U.S. voters who don't trust universities are also more likely to believe that human activity doesn't cause climate change, a new collaborative study from researchers at the University of Cambridge and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) revealed in PLOS Climate.

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Deadly humid heatwaves to spread rapidly as climate warms – study

  2023-09-08 in The Guardian

Small rise in global temperatures would affect hundreds of millions of people and could cause a sharp rise in deaths

  Tagged under: Texas | California | Heatwaves

As Colorado River shrinks, California farmers urge 'one-dam solution'

  2023-09-05 in Los Angeles Times

Some California farmers are urging the federal government to consider draining Lake Powell, supporting environmentalists’ push for a ‘one-dam solution.’

  Tagged under: Rivers | Drought | Colorado River | California

The Climate Crisis Could Mean the Twilight of the American West

  2023-09-03 by in Rolling Stone - Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

In an excerpt from his book River Notes, leading anthropologist Wade Davis recalls how the taming of the Colorado River in the 1960s — ‘nature serves man’ went the thinking — helped sha…

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A suspense(ful) day for wind and fire

  2023-09-02 (or before) in Politico

We've got a deal on how the state will buy offshore wind power.

  Tagged under: Wind Power | California

Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled

  2023-09-02 in The Guardian

Flannery Associates, the California group behind the $800m effort, launched a website showcasing renderings

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Remarks by Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Graham Steele at Event Hosted by the Brookings Institution's Assessing Insurance Regulation and Supervision of Climate-Related Financial Risk

  2023-08-29 (or before) in

As Prepared for Delivery Introduction Thank you, Carlos.  It is my pleasure to be with you all today, both those in the room and watching virtually. As the Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions, my portfolio includes developing the Department’s policy views on banks, credit unions, consumer protection, access to capital, and financial sector cybersecurity matters.  My remarks will focus on the work that Treasury, through the Federal Insurance office (FIO), is doing to understand and help address the financial risks that our changing climate poses in the insurance sector. Work on climate-related financial...

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Scientists unearth warning about climate change, extinction

  2023-08-23 (or before) in Spectrum News

Scientists are warning that we're in an extinction crisis

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Solar Up 20X, Fossil Fuel Use Down In California

  2023-08-22 by in Cleantech News #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

California’s been getting a lot of bad press lately. There seems like an endless supply of videos on social media of robberies and shoplifting incidents, some committed in broad daylight. Housing shortages and homelessness, high interest rates, and even bad environmental stories flow out of the state as fast as residents supposedly do to other […]

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How climate scientists feel about seeing their dire predictions come true

  2023-08-18 in Los Angeles Times

Wildfires in Canada and Hawaii. Hurricane Hilary set to strike California. Scientists have warned about worse storms and more frequent fires for years.

  Tagged under: Predictions | California | Wildfires

Hurricane Hilary prompts California’s first tropical storm watch

  2023-08-18 in Orange County Register: Local News, Sports and Things to Do

It was forecast to still be a hurricane when approaching Mexico’s Baja California peninsula on Saturday night and a tropical storm when approaching Southern California on Sunday.

  Tagged under: Mexico | California

LA Hurricane Hilary: Tropical Storm Warning issued in Southern California for 1st time

  2023-08-18 (or before) in FOX 11 Los Angeles

The National Weather Service issued a Tropical Storm Warning for Southern California for the very first time as the remnants of Hurricane Hilary were expected to hit the region over the weekend.

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California's first Tropical Storm Watch on record as Hurricane Hilary heads for Baja » Yale Climate Connections

  2023-08-18 by in Yale Climate Connections

Even as it weakens, Hilary will pack an exceptional punch in the U.S. Southwest, with pockets of high wind and widespread flooding rains.

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Hurricane Hilary weakens but could still be deadly - US - BBC News

  2023-08-18 (or before) in The BBC

The storm is expected to hit Mexico's Pacific coast and then move towards southern California.

  Tagged under: Mexico | California

Erratic winds pose fresh threat to firefighters as rain helps with Mojave desert fire

  2023-08-01 in The Guardian

A brief downpour helped crews on the ground, but experts warn they could face unstable wind conditions that could blow fire back at them

  Tagged under: California | Wildfires

As Work Begins on the Largest US Dam Removal Project, Tribes Look to a Future of Growth

  2023-07-31 (or before) in

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The largest dam removal project in United States history is underway along the California-Oregon border — a process that won't conclude until the end of next year with the help of heavy machinery and explosives.

  Tagged under: Oregon | California

FEMA Stretched Beyond Climate Response as Disasters Balloon

  2023-07-13 (or before) in

Atmospheric rivers drenched California and deadly storms crept toward Mississippi as Deanne Criswell sat in her corner office in Washington, D.C., and tackled a loaded question: Is it all too much for FEMA?

  Tagged under: Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Rainfall | Flooding | Extreme Weather | Rivers | California

'An Insane Amount of Water': What Climate Change Means For California's Biggest Dairy District - Modern Farmer

  2023-07-10 by in Homepage - Modern Farmer

For Joseph Goni, a fourth-generation dairy farmer in Tulare County, California, the region’s historic floods were part of family lore. As such, his

  Tagged under: Farming | Climate Change | California

Desert Apocalypse, Episode 1: Yellow Pine Solar

  2023-07-09 (or before) in YouTube

Filmmaker Justin McAffee travels with Basin and Range Watch to explore what's at stake at the Yellow Pine Solar project site in Pahrump Valley. They discover...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Solar Energy | California

Anthropogenic climate change impacts exacerbate summer forest fires in California | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  2023-07-09 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Record-breaking summer forest fires have become a regular occurrence in California. Observations indicate a fivefold increase in summer burned area...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Forest Fires | California | Climate Change Impacts | Trees

Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder’

  2023-07-09 (or before) in Politico

At SXSW, the former California governor lets loose on climate change, Donald Trump and gives his first in-depth remarks on #MeToo.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California

There's no such thing as a perfect climate change solution

  2023-07-07 in Los Angeles Times

But we still need to confront global warming, fast.

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Californian winemakers are learning firefighting techniques - BBC News

  2023-07-06 (or before) in The BBC

Winemakers in the Napa Valley are having to battle wildfires affecting vineyards and wineries.

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Oil lobbyists spend millions to stall California’s game-changing climate bill

  2023-07-05 in The Guardian

Bills would force large companies that do business in the state to report all emissions and crack down on bogus carbon offset claims

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | California

‘Stay out of the water’: what lurks below California’s zombie lake?

  2023-07-03 in The Guardian

Winter storms inundated an industrial agricultural area the size of Lake Tahoe, flooding fields, homes and electricity grids

  Tagged under: Electricity | California | Electricity Grid

Facing the Dragon: California’s Nasty Ecological Debts

  2023-06-11 in California WaterBlog | A biologist, economist, engineer and geologist walk onto a bar…

By Andrew L. Rypel “Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.” ~N. Morris Pre-dam view of the Tuolumne River stretching across Hetch Hetchy Valley in the early…

  Tagged under: Rivers | California | Finance

Many Californians report being personally impacted by last year’s unusually heavy precipitation

  2023-06-07 (or before) in

Author(s): DiCamillo, Mark

  Tagged under: California | Extreme Rainfall

Why a majority of Californians are expecting 'weather whiplash' in near future

  2023-06-07 (or before) by in San Francisco Chronicle

A UC Berkeley poll asked Californians whether extreme weather is linked to climate change and asked how many people were affected by the winter storms.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California

Climate risks have made California uninsurable. When will we wake up? | Kate Aronoff

  2023-06-06 in The Guardian

State Farm will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California – with climate-exacerbated wildfires and bad public policy a large reason why

  Tagged under: Farming | Insurance | California | Wildfires | Finance

Insurance giant halts sale of new home policies in California due to wildfires

  2023-05-27 in The Guardian

State Farm also cites inflation of construction costs in statement which comes after increasing wildfires in state

  Tagged under: Insurance | California | Wildfires

How solar farms took over the California desert: ‘An oasis has become a dead sea’

  2023-05-21 in The Guardian

Residents feel trapped and choked by dust, while experts warn environmental damage is ‘solving one problem by creating others’

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | California

It Will Cost Up to $21.5 Billion to Clean Up California’s Oil Sites. The Industry Won’t Make Enough Money to Pay for It.

  2023-05-19 (or before) by in Pro Publica

An expert used California regulators’ methodology to estimate the cost of cleaning up the state’s onshore oil and gas industry. The study found that cleanup costs will be triple the industry’s projected profits.

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A significant heat wave from California to the Arctic Circle is set to shatter records.

  2023-05-13 (or before) in Daily Kos

"Fire isn't going away. We're going to be burning for this entire century. We're going through a global regime change and a whole bunch of things are going to catch on fire, and catch on fire again, until something new grows there, something different...

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Willie Soon

  2023-05-09 (or before) in DeSmog

Willie Wei-Hock Soon Credentials Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Southern California (1991). [1] M.Sc. University of Southern California (1987). [1] B.Sc. University of Southern California (1985). [1] Background Willie Wei-Hock Soon is an aerospace engineer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Since 1992, Dr. Soon has been an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory. Soon is also a receiving […]

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Climate Change Denial and Disinformation | Disinformation and Misinformation | California

In A World First, California Bans New Diesel Truck Sales From 2036 | ZeroHedge

  2023-05-02 (or before) in Zero Hedge

ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

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US States and Communities are Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry: Six Things You Need to Know 

  2023-04-24 in

In an important win for climate accountability in the United States, the US Supreme Court decided that lawsuits filed in Colorado, Maryland, California, Hawai’i, and Rhode Island against fossil fuel companies including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, Suncor, and others will remain in state courts. Now t

  Tagged under: Exxon | California | Shell | Colorado State

Colorado River snaking through Grand Canyon most endangered US waterway – report

  2023-04-18 in The Guardian

Unique ecosystem on the brink of collapse due to climate crisis and mismanagement, says conservation group American Rivers

  Tagged under: Rivers | Colorado River | California | Collapse

US considers imposing Colorado River water cuts to western states

  2023-04-11 in The Guardian

Depending on the plan, either California would be the most affected, or Arizona and Nevada would be parched

  Tagged under: Rivers | Colorado River | California | Colorado State

California: stunning shift as parched reservoirs replenished by storms

  2023-04-07 in The Guardian

Reservoirs whose water levels had plummeted during punishing drought have recovered – but officials warn of ‘weather whiplash’

  Tagged under: Drought | California

Ocean salmon fishing ban off California and Oregon as stocks plummet

  2023-03-24 in The Guardian

Adult fall-run Chinook salmon returned to California’s rivers in near record low numbers in 2022

  Tagged under: Oregon | Oceans | Fish | Rivers | Salmon | California

One State Generates Much, Much More Renewable Energy Than Any Other—and It’s Not California - Inside Climate News

  2023-03-09 by in Inside Climate News

A new batch of data about the country’s electricity generation shows the increasing dominance of one state as the clean energy leader. No, it’s not California. It’s Texas. This isn’t new. Texas has produced more gigawatt-hours of electricity from renewable sources than any other state for several years running, thanks largely to wind energy. Now, […]

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Texas | Electricity | California | Wind Power

Exxon Retreats From Major Climate Effort to Make Biofuels From Algae

  2023-02-10 (or before) in Bloomberg

Renewable fuels made from algae was the company’s most heavily publicized climate solution.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Exxon | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | California

How do we save water: Stop growing alfalfa in Imperial County

  2023-02-06 (or before) in Desert Sun

Is the California desert the right place to grow alfalfa? It needs a considerable water to sustain this crop for a year.

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What Is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

  2023-01-31 (or before) in Sustainable & Eco Friendly eCommerce Packaging | SR Mailing

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch is considered by many to be one of humanity’s biggest crimes against the planet – and really, just the name of it gives away the horror of what it actually is, considering the size of the Pacific Ocean. We talk a lot about what can be done to save the planet here at SR Mailing, and that’s because we’re absolutely passionate about it! The fact that there is so much to be done, and that there is so much that we can all be doing in our daily lives that can help us to save planet Earth from global warming and climate change. The issue, of course, is much, much bigger than...

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Pacific Ocean | Methane | Fish | Rivers | Whales and Dolphins | Wildlife | Economic Growth | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs | California | South America | BP | Sea Level | Indonesia

California’s rainstorm hell ‘among the most deadly disasters in our history’

  2023-01-16 in The Guardian

The series of storms that have pummeled the state have killed at least 19 people and left swaths of land flooded

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Rivers | California

Take That, California! Wyoming Legislators Draft Resolution Banning Electric Vehicles By 2035 | Cowboy State Daily

  2023-01-13 by in

In response to California and other states phasing out the sale of gasoline-powered cars, Wyoming legislators have introduced a resolution that would ban new electric vehicles in the Cowboy State by 2035.

  Tagged under: Electric Cars | Cars | California

Scientists have debunked a popular corporate greenwashing tactic

  2022-12-27 (or before) in Inverse

A recent study found that forest carbon offsets, a popular corporate tactic, don't do much to help the environment.

  Tagged under: California | Trees

In Arizona, Colorado River crisis stokes worry over growth and groundwater depletion

  2022-12-26 in Los Angeles Times

Even as Arizona grapples with cuts in Colorado River water, Phoenix’s suburbs are expanding. Experts warn that desert growth based on groundwater poses risks.

  Tagged under: Colorado River | Drought | Rivers | California

California's carbon offsetting may actually be increasing emissions | New Scientist

  2022-12-24 (or before) in New Scientist

The state's ambitious plan to be carbon-neutral by 2045 relies on carbon offsets through the state’s forests. But scientists say it may be causing more harm than good

  Tagged under: California | Trees

A Water War Is Brewing Over the Dwindling Colorado River

  2022-12-23 (or before) by in Pro Publica

Diminished by climate change and overuse, the river can no longer provide the water states try to take from it.

  Tagged under: Colorado River | Climate Change | Rivers | California | Colorado State

California’s “forever chemicals” lawsuit is the first of its kind

  2022-11-16 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

  Tagged under: California

Colorado River conditions are worsening quicker than expected. Feds prepare to step in.

  2022-11-02 in The Denver Post - Colorado breaking news, sports, business, weather, entertainment.

Running out of time and options to save water along the drying Colorado River, federal officials said they’re considering whether to release less water from the country’s two largest re…

  Tagged under: Colorado River | Drought | Rivers | California

Mike Davis, prophetic writer on disaster and social unrest, dies aged 76

  2022-10-26 in The Guardian

Writer of over a dozen books and California’s ‘prophet of doom’ told the Guardian in August: ‘Despair is useless’

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US Pig Industry Fights To Keep Gestation Crates

  2022-10-07 by in We Animals Media | Animal Photojournalism

On October 11, the Supreme Court will hear a case from the pig industry that could put California's Proposition 12 – the strongest animal welfare law in the US – at risk.

  Tagged under: California

‘The climate crisis is now’: haunting video spotlights California wildfires

  2022-09-23 in The Guardian

The release by a Greta Thunberg-inspired activist group was timed with the global climate strike protests launching Friday

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Activism | Wildfires | California

It’s the thirstiest crop in the US south-west. Will the drought put alfalfa farmers out of business?

  2022-09-12 in The Guardian

Agriculture – mainly alfalfa – consumes 80% of the Colorado River’s dwindling water supply, prompting calls for conservation efforts. Read the other stories in our megadrought series

  Tagged under: Farming | Colorado River | Drought | Rivers | California

‘Can’t afford to live’: California heatwave leaves older adults teetering on edge

  2022-09-10 in The Guardian

Extreme temperatures, especially in the state’s interiors, has left the vulnerable population reeling from the heat’s effects

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | California | Health

Brutal heatwave scorches US west, sparking fires and health warnings

  2022-08-31 in The Guardian

Several California cities broke heat records, rising as high as 112F in the LA suburbs, and blazes erupted as residents were forced to flee

  Tagged under: Oregon | Heatwaves | California | Health

Mike Davis, California’s ‘prophet of doom’, on activism in a dying world: ‘Despair is useless’

  2022-08-31 in The Guardian

His warnings of ecological and social breakdown have proved accurate. But with months to live, Davis is anything but defeated

  Tagged under: Activism | California

Risk of catastrophic megafloods has doubled in California, study finds

  2022-08-12 in The Guardian

Scientists concluded that a series of storms could dump enough rainfall to displace millions, causing over $1tn in losses

  Tagged under: Extreme Rainfall | Wildfires | Drought | California

California wildfire: McKinney Fire spreads rapidly in north of state - BBC News

  2022-08-01 (or before) in The BBC

Thunderstorms and erratic winds could complicate the US state's largest fire so far this year.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

‘All that’s needed is a spark’: why the US may be headed for a summer of mega-fire

  2022-07-07 in The Guardian

An explosive spring season has already burned more land than the 10-year average, with summers only expected to intensify

  Tagged under: Oregon | Wildfires | Drought | Texas | California | Alaska

California Assemblyman Kills Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill

  2022-06-28 by in DeSmog

The California legislature was close to passing a bill that would require the state’s two massive pension funds to divest from fossil fuels, but on June 21 the legislation was killed by one Democratic assemblyman who has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the energy industry. Senate Bill 1173 would have […]

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Legislation | US Politics | California

As California's big cities fail to rein in their water use, rural communities are already tapped out | CNN

  2022-06-05 by in CNN

Rural Californians live with the daily worry that they won't have enough water to bathe with or drink.

  Tagged under: Drought | Fish | California | Trees | Water Resources

Carbon dioxide now more than 50% higher than pre-industrial levels

  2022-06-03 in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Carbon dioxide measured at NOAA’s Mauna Loa Atmospheric Baseline Observatory peaked for 2022 at 421 parts per million in May, pushing the atmosphere further into territory not seen for millions of years, scientists from NOAA and Scripps Institution of Oceanography offsite link at the University of California San Diego announced

  Tagged under: Oceans | California

List of California wildfires - Wikipedia

  2022-05-15 (or before) in Wikipedia

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

A drought so bad it exposed a long-ago homicide. Getting the water back will be harder than ever

  2022-05-06 in Los Angeles Times

The added heat from global warming has made drought-stricken lands extra-dry. It will take more precipitation than usual to end it.

  Tagged under: Drought | Climate Change | California

With water running out, California faces grim summer of dangerous heat, extreme drought

  2022-05-04 in Los Angeles Times

La Niña was expected to dissipate, but it may linger through the summer. That's bad news for drought and wildfire-prone California.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought | California

This Timber Company Sold Millions of Dollars of Useless Carbon Offsets

  2022-03-18 (or before) in Bloomberg

Now Lyme Timber CEO Jim Hourdequin wants to fix a broken system to create a market that actually helps slow climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California

'Surreal' January wildfire shuts California highway - BBC News

  2022-01-25 (or before) in The BBC

An unseasonal blaze rages in the Monterey County, forcing evacuations and the closure of Highway 1.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

US snowstorms: California and other western states battered - BBC News

  2021-12-28 (or before) in The BBC

Almost 30in (76cm) of snow fall in parts of northern California and Nevada over 24 hours.

  Tagged under: California

This is what a year of climate disasters looked like

  2021-12-19 (or before) in YouTube

From -25C temperatures in Spain to a record-equalling 54.4C in Death Valley, the extremes of our climate are becoming more acute. (Subscribe:

  Tagged under: Spain | Extreme Weather | Texas | California | Louisiana

UK Power Station Pillages North Carolina Forests

  2021-11-03 (or before) in Byline Times

  Tagged under: California | Trees

California’s landscapers to bear brunt of ban on gas-powered lawnmowers

  2021-10-31 in The Guardian

The state’s move to electric off-road engines will cut noise and pollution – but some businesses are far from happy

  Tagged under: California

California Is Banning Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers and Lawnmowers

  2021-10-18 (or before) in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

Using a gas-powered leaf blower for an hour can produce as much carbon pollution as driving for 8 hours, so this is a good move. But the timeline isn't clear.

  Tagged under: California

Anthropogenic warming has increased drought risk in California | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  2021-10-14 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

California is currently in the midst of a record-setting drought. The drought began in 2012 and now includes the lowest calendar-year and 12-mo pre...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Drought | Climate Change | California

Increasing precipitation volatility in twenty-first-century California - Nature Climate Change

  2021-10-14 (or before) in Nature

California recently experienced a rapid shift from multi-year drought to abundant rainfall. A large ensemble of climate model simulations suggests that the frequency of extreme wet-to-dry precipitation events will increase by 25% to 100% across California due to anthropogenic forcing.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Climate Change | California

Huntington Beach: California oil spill sparks concern for wildlife - BBC News

  2021-10-05 (or before) in The BBC

The spill has been described by one official as a potential ecological disaster.

  Tagged under: Wildlife | California

Global urban population exposure to extreme heat

  2021-10-04 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Increased extreme heat exposure from both climate change and the urban heat island effect threatens rapidly growing urban settlements worldwide. Yet, because we do not know where urban population growth and extreme heat intersect, we have limited capacity to reduce the impacts of urban extreme heat exposure. Here, we leverage fine-resolution temperature and population data to measure urban extreme heat exposure for 13,115 cities from 1983 to 2016. Globally, urban exposure increased nearly 200%, affecting 1.7 billion people. Total urban warming elevated exposure rates 52% above population growth alone. However, spatially heteroge...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | California | Climate Change Impacts

Utilities Took Public Money, Turned People’s Lights Off During Pandemic

  2021-09-30 in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

Some of the country's most powerful utilities took public money and then just kept disconnecting customers in the midst of a public health emergency.

  Tagged under: California | Health | Finance

Where Americans Moved Into Fire Danger Zones

  2021-09-25 (or before) in Bloomberg

In the first year of Covid, migration increased into areas that have seen recent wildfires — even as climate change intensifies risk.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | Insurance | California | Trees

Fresh California wildfire prompts evacuations as forest blazes grow

  2021-09-24 in The Guardian

Fawn fire scorches more than 8.5 sq miles amid hot, dry and gusty conditions as smoke from forest raises air quality concerns

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California | Trees

Fire creeps closer to ancient sequoias, reaching Trail of 100 Giants

  2021-09-20 in Los Angeles Times

Flames from the Windy fire are chewing the trunks of trees within Long Meadow Grove, home to some 1,500-year-old sequoias along the Trail of 100 Giants.

  Tagged under: California | Trees

Center for Constitutional Rights

  2021-08-18 in The Mercury News - Bay Area news, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle and commentary

In visit to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, governor talks climate change, wildfire recovery

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | California

Images show decline of California's 'life source'

  2021-08-17 (or before) in The BBC

Justin Sullivan has been following California's second-largest reservoir's falling water levels.

  Tagged under: California

Forget crypto: Here’s how to play the rising price of carbon - ImpactAlpha

  2021-08-17 by in ImpactAlpha

ImpactAlpha, August 17, 2021 – Rising demand. Shrinking supply. Higher prices.  Carbon markets in Europe, California and elsewhere are finally starting to work ...

  Tagged under: California

'Nothing's safe' as wildfire tears through California town | AP News

  2021-08-06 (or before) in Associated Press News

GREENVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Shelton Douthit and his team at the Feather River Land Trust in Northern California have been working to restore the lush natural habitat and protect Indigenous artifacts around Lake Almanor.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Rivers | California

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

  2021-07-18 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | Insurance | California

Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

  2021-07-18 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Coal | Climate Change | Insurance | California

California ISO has 80GW of solar and 148GW of storage in its queue, smashing last year’s figures

  2021-07-16 in PV Tech

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) has almost 80GW of solar and 148GW of storage in its interconnection queue.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | California

"The fires are outpacing the resources": Western wildfires take toll on firefighters - CBS News

  2021-07-15 (or before) in CBS News

Firefighters in the West are stretched thin as fires cause extensive damage.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

American west stuck in cycle of ‘heat, drought and fire’, experts warn

  2021-07-13 in The Guardian

Wildfires in several states are burning with worrying ferocity across a tinder-dry landscape

  Tagged under: Oregon | Wildfires | Drought | California

US heatwave: California and Nevada brace for record-breaking temperatures - BBC News

  2021-07-11 (or before) in The BBC

California's Death Valley matches what may be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded.

  Tagged under: Heatwaves | California

'Unrecognizable.' Lake Mead, a lifeline for water in Los Angeles and the West, tips toward crisis

  2021-07-11 in Los Angeles Times

Lake Mead is at the lowest water levels in its 85-year history. Federal officials who manage the lake expect to soon declare a water shortage.

  Tagged under: Drought | California

What a Water Shortage Is Doing to Some of America’s Best Farmland

  2021-06-30 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Farming | Drought | Greenhouse Gases | California

10% of the World's Sequoias Burned in 2020 Castle Fire

  2021-06-04 (or before) in Gizmodo | The Future Is Here

The climate crisis has put sequoias on a dangerous path. A draft report from the National Park Service indicates that 10% of the largest trees in the world were wiped out in last year’s Castle Fire.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California | Trees

Op-Ed: Yes, California is in a Drought — Even if Officials Aren’t Saying it out Loud - Pacific Institute

  2021-04-30 (or before) in Pacific Institute - Advancing Solutions to the World's Most Pressing Water Challenges

  Tagged under: Drought | California

Clam hunters’ supertool has California worried: ‘It might be too good’

  2021-04-18 in The Guardian

Hydraulic pumps can collect a day’s worth of clams in minutes, but experts are concerned about how they affect the ecosystem

  Tagged under: Shell | Wildlife | California

'Kern runs on oil': as California confronts climate crisis, one county is ready to drill

  2021-03-12 in The Guardian

Kern county has approved the drilling of thousands of new wells despite opposition from farmers and activists

  Tagged under: Farming | Drought | Fossil Fuels | California

The collapse of Northern California kelp forests will be hard to reverse

  2021-03-11 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Satellite imagery shows that the area covered by kelp forests off the coast of Northern California has dropped by more than 95 percent, with just a few small, isolated patches of bull kelp remaining. Species-rich kelp forests have been replaced by "urchin barrens," where purple sea urchins cover a seafloor devoid of kelp and other algae.

  Tagged under: California | Collapse | Trees

Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave - Communications Biology

  2021-03-05 (or before) in Nature

Meredith McPherson et al. use a 34-year time series of satellite and in situ derived data to study bull kelp forests of northern California and demonstrate the ecosystem shifts following a marine heatwave event between 2014 and 2016. The results show that increased herbivory by sea urchins due to the loss of a predator reduced bull kelp forest resistance to fluctuating environmental conditions and point to the importance of ecosystem-based and adaptive management strategies.

  Tagged under: Heatwaves | California | Trees

Then and now: A 'megadrought' in California - BBC News

  2021-03-04 (or before) in The BBC

See how extreme weather has affected an vital reservoir in California.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | California

How fires have spread to previously untouched parts of the world

  2021-02-19 (or before) by in The Guardian

Fires have always been a part of our natural world. But they’re moving to new ecosystems previously untouched by fire – and this is concerning scientists

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Wildfires | Brazil | California

Texas electric grid was at the mercy of cold weather - The Washington Post

  2021-02-16 in The Washington Post

The widespread power failures in Texas in the face of a winter cold snap shine a light on what some see as the derelict state of America’s electricity infrastructure, a mirror reflection of the chaos that struck California last summer.

  Tagged under: Electricity | Texas | California | Electricity Grid

California's rainfall is at historic lows. That spells trouble for wildfires and farms

  2021-02-11 in The Guardian

Precipitation fills reservoirs, limits fire danger and feeds important crops. But the state has seen only 30% to 70% of what it would expect

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Rainfall | Wildfires | Drought | California

Climate crisis: the international scientific community says it’s time to get real with people

  2021-01-23 in the scroll - formerly politika news

INTERVIEW Biodiversity scientists from Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia), Stanford University (California, USA) and UCLA (California, USA) have released a joint report on the prognosis for …

  Tagged under: California

Op-Ed: Concrete steps California can take to prevent massive fire devastation

  2020-09-16 in Los Angeles Times

Fires are inevitable in the West, but widespread devastation doesn't have to be. Here are concrete steps California can take to mitigate fire damage.

  Tagged under: California | Wildfires

Climate change is already making California feel unlivable 

  2020-09-11 (or before) in The Telegraph

Through pandemic and wildfires, residents can no longer socialise indoors or out

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Climate Change | California

Broadcast TV networks’ August wildfire coverage missed key factors including climate change, coronavirus, and prison labor

  2020-09-10 (or before) in Media Matters for America

August was a turbulent month for wildfire activity in the Western U.S. California alone suffered through two of its largest wildfires in recent history, and there are more than 80 other large, active fires burning in 15 states. Record-breaking temperatures and climate change are playing a role in the size and scale of the fires, and the coronavirus pandemic is complicating efforts to contain the blazes and safely evacuate those in their path. But a review by Media Matters found that these factors were largely ignored in broadcast TV news coverage of the month’s wildfires. Key Findings: Corporate broadcast TV ou...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

Reuters finds 3,810 U.S. areas with lead poisoning double Flint’s

  2020-09-01 (or before) in Reuters

Since last year, Reuters has obtained neighborhood-level blood lead testing results for 34 states and the District of Columbia. This data allows the public its first hyper-local look at communities where children tested positive for lead exposure in recent years.

  Tagged under: USA | Louisiana | California | Health | Women and Children

Climate Apocalypse Now

  2020-08-27 by in Rolling Stone - Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

Maybe it’s just a failure of human imagination to understand what is coming

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

California and Colorado Fires May Be Part of a Climate-Driven Transformation of Wildfires Around the Globe - Inside Climate News

  2020-08-22 by in Inside Climate News

The wildfires that exploded over the past few days in California and Colorado show clear influences of global warming, climate scientists say, and evidence of how a warming and drying climate is increasing the size and severity of fires from the California coast to the high Rocky Mountains.  They may also be the latest examples […]

  Tagged under: Colorado State | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

California wildfires: thousands evacuate as 'siege' of flames overwhelms state

  2020-08-20 in The Guardian

Hundreds of fires, stoked by a searing heatwave, prompt governor to declare a state of emergency

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Heatwaves | California

California Reveals That the Transition to Renewable Energy Isn’t So Simple

  2020-08-19 by in Slate Magazine

Sometimes the features of a wind-and-solar system turn out to be bugs.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Wind Power | California | Electricity Grid

New Rule in California Will Require Zero-Emissions Trucks (Published 2020)

  2020-06-25 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: California

False Biomass Energy Industry Claims Demand a Response | Save Our Roots

  2020-06-03 in Save Our Roots - An Indigenous Peoples Campaign to Protect the Sacred Biodiversity of Our Natural Forests

One pervasive piece of biomass industry fiction in this article is that recent tree mortality in California will cause more intense wildfires, so dead trees should be cut down. Yet numerous studies show that dead trees do not increase wildfire severity or extent.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California | Trees

Oroville Dam Spillway Overflow February 2017

  2020-05-22 (or before) in Climate Signals

A series of weather systems has delivered record-breaking heavy precipitation to California since early January 2017. On top of heavy precipitation, warm weather systems dropped rainfall in mountain regions where snow pack was forced to melt back to higher elevations and the resulting melt water joined the mountain run-off from the passing storms. Climate change contributes to both heavy precipitation as well as warmer temperatures that prematurely melt snow pack. The combination of heavy precipitation and snow-pack melt has driven the state from drought to flood. Natural climate variability in California is extremely ...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Climate Change | California | Collapse

Trump admin slaps solar, wind operators with retroactive rent bills | Reuters

  2020-05-19 (or before) in Reuters

The Trump administration has ended a two-year rent holiday for solar and wind projects operating on federal lands, handing them whopping retroactive bills at a time the industry is struggling with the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak, according to company officials.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | USA | Donald Trump | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Wind Power | US Politics | California | Alaska

UC becomes nation's largest university to divest fully from fossil fuels

  2020-05-19 in Los Angeles Times

The University of California has fully divested from all fossil fuels, the nation's largest university to do so as pressure grows at Harvard, Stanford and other campuses to join the fight against climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | California

California Utility Is Set to Build Giant 770-MW Energy Battery Storage

  2020-05-18 (or before) in Engineering News-Record | ENR

Southern California Edison project cost was not disclosed but system is set to be one of the largest procured in the U.S. to store more clean power.

  Tagged under: Batteries | California

'It's all rigged': Trump foreshadows how he could undermine presidential election

  2020-05-12 in The Guardian

Trump accusations shed light on how he could use the Covid-19 pandemic to undermine the results of the November election

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | US Politics | California

Trump Administration Finalizes Rationalization of Fuel Economy Mandates

  2020-03-31 in American Energy Alliance - Legislative and public policy advocacy concerning energy and environmental issues.

Today the Trump administration finalized the second half of its proposed rule to correct the overreach of the Obama administration’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations. The first half came last fall when the administration halted California’s ability to force fuel economy standards on the other 49 states. Today’s second half brings fuel economy mandates […]

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Barack Obama | California

California communities suing Big Oil over climate change face a key hearing Wednesday

  2020-02-05 in Los Angeles Times

For nearly three years, a group of California communities have been suing oil companies for damages incurred by climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California

‘Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

  2020-01-24 in The Guardian

Revealed: emails show Trump and appointees tried to craft a narrative that forest protection efforts are responsible for wildfires

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | US Politics | California | Trees

Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees

  2020-01-18 in The Guardian

Deadly interaction between insects, drought and fire damage have forced California’s park officials to trigger climate crisis plans intended for the 2050s

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought | Insects | California | Trees

City Bonds May Be Hit by Climate Change. Moody's Can Now See How

  2019-12-04 (or before) in Bloomberg

For Moody’s Investors Service, it’s no longer enough for cities to have plans addressing their risks from climate change. The company’s municipal-bond analysts, armed with data, will soon determine how those strategies compare with others -- and may change their credit ratings as a result.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California

California: thousands flee from fire burning near Santa Barbara

  2019-11-26 in The Guardian

Up to 6,300 people evacuated and 2,400 homes threatened by wind-driven wildfire that erupted Monday afternoon in Los Padres national forest

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California | Trees

Newsom halts new dangerous steam injection, oil fracking in California

  2019-11-19 (or before) in Desert Sun

Dozens of illegal spills have occurred since new law took effect. Industry study says gas prices could rise sharply with permanent drilling ban.

  Tagged under: Fracking | California

California says it won’t buy cars from GM, Toyota, others opposing tough tailpipe standards

  2019-11-16 in CalMatters - California Politics, Policy, and Political News

California's decision to buy only from carmakers that have agreed to follow its clean car rules may well cost GM's Chevrolet tens of millions of dollars.

  Tagged under: Cars | California

Waking Up from the California Dream in the Age of Wildfires

  2019-11-12 (or before) in The New Yorker

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

Californians close to wildfires are more likely to vote green

  2019-11-11 (or before) in The Economist Magazine

Climate disasters are changing Democratic voters’ minds, but not Republicans’ | Graphic detail

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

After wildfires, hundreds of thousands of Californians can't get insurance - CBS News

  2019-11-09 (or before) in CBS News

Insurance companies are saying, "We're done with you," one resident says, while others face soaring costs

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Insurance | California

Elected Officials, Community Groups Tell Fire Insurers to Ditch Fossil Fuels in Wake of Rate Hikes and Non-Renewals — INSURE OUR FUTURE — end fossil insurance

  2019-11-09 (or before) in Insure Our Future - end fossil insurance

Amidst ongoing wildfires and massive insurance rate hikes and policy non-renewals across California, 44 groups, businesses, and elected representatives released a letter to the three biggest fire insurers in California to stop fueling the climate crisis, which is creating the conditions for longer wildfire seasons and more destructive fires.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Insurance | Fossil Fuels | California

'Ecological breakdown': Greta Thunberg and youth activists rally as wildfires burn

  2019-11-02 in The Guardian

The Swedish climate activist joined more than 1,000 people for an afternoon of youth-led climate action in Los Angeles

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Activism | Wildfires | California

California's fire season has been bad. But it could have been much worse

  2019-11-01 in The Guardian

With planning – and luck – firefighters quickly contained most fires ignited in the past week. But the state remains vulnerable if it doesn’t adapt to more extreme weather

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Ordinary life has vanished in fire-ravaged California | Rebecca Solnit

  2019-10-31 in The Guardian

It’s impossible to quantify the losses caused by the Kincade fire

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Has the climate crisis made California too dangerous to live in? | Bill McKibben

  2019-10-29 in The Guardian

As with so many things, Californians are going first where the rest of us will follow

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Getty fire off 405 Freeway in L.A. destroys several homes; thousands flee

  2019-10-28 in Los Angeles Times

A wind-driven brush fire chewed through hillside communities on the west side of Los Angeles on Monday, burning homes and prompting widespread evacuations.

  Tagged under: California

'You can't fight this': California wildfires force evacuation in Sonoma county

  2019-10-28 in The Guardian

185,000 evacuated as firefighters battle el diablo winds and governor calls state emergency as 2 million left without power

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

California’s governor declares statewide emergency over wildfires as mass evacuation continues - The Washington Post

  2019-10-27 in The Washington Post

The mandatory evacuations affected nearly 180,000 people. About 54,000 acres already have been torched, 94 structures destroyed and State Route 128 turned into a hellish gantlet.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | California

'Potentially historic': dangerous winds expected as fires burn across California

  2019-10-26 in The Guardian

Fresh evacuations in Sonoma county as Kincade fire spreads and wave of power blackouts begin across the state

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

California wildfires: tens of thousands ordered to evacuate as power shut off

  2019-10-25 in The Guardian

California’s utility companies impose blackouts to stop winds toppling power lines as strong winds fan fires near Santa Clarita and Geyserville

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Sea urchin population soars 10,000% in five years, devastating US coastline

  2019-10-24 in The Guardian

Voracious purple urchins in waters of California and Oregon pose threat to mighty kelp forests and risk upending delicate ecosystems

  Tagged under: Oregon | Oceans | Wildlife | California | Trees

Climate havoc wipes out coastal kelp as SF Bay’s native fish species die off

  2019-10-23 (or before) by in San Francisco Chronicle

Climate havoc is wiping out the California coast’s kelp, an important food source for...

  Tagged under: Fish | Rivers | Wildlife | California | El Niño

What climate change will do to three major American cities by 2100

  2019-10-19 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

How the worst-case climate scenario will play out, decade by decade, in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Houston.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | California | Cities | Texas

This Is Why California Will Keep Burning

  2019-10-09 (or before) in VICE

Can we make our infrastructure stop killing us?

  Tagged under: California

The biggest likely source of microplastics in California coastal waters? Our car tires

  2019-10-02 in Los Angeles Times

Driving is not just an air pollution and climate change problem. Turns out, rubber particles from car tires might be the largest contributor of microplastics in California coastal waters, according to the most comprehensive study to date.

  Tagged under: Microplastics and Nanoplastics | Oceans | California

California was warned about climate change 30 years ago. Now it's feeling the effects

  2019-06-27 in Los Angeles Times

A report issued in 1989 warned that California would see more droughts, floods, and fires under climate change. Those projections are now coming true.

  Tagged under: Drought | Predictions | Climate Change | California

Why water will be the next battleground in the fight against climate change

  2018-11-28 in The Guardian

In the third part of our series looking at the climate report Trump tried to bury over Thanksgiving, we look at its alarming projections for our water supplies

  Tagged under: Drought | Climate Change | US Politics | California

Neil Young criticises Trump after losing his home in California fires

  2018-11-12 in The Guardian

Songwriter says state is vulnerable because of climate change and accuses US president of defying science

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

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