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Global Briefing: Spain advances plans for short haul flight ban

  2024-03-08 in Business Green

Spain to follow France in banning flights where rail offers viable alternative, Italy confirms coal phase out date, and Azerbaijan joins global methane pledge

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US joins in other nations in swearing off coal power to clean the climate

  2023-12-02 in Associated Press News

The United States is now committed to the idea of phasing out coal power plants, joining 56 other nations in kicking the coal habit. Saturday's announcement by U.S.

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UK grid: March sees record-breaking 83% zero-carbon electricity - Energy Live News

  2023-04-06 by in Energy Live News

In March, almost half of the UK's electricity was generated by renewables, with wind power delivering a new record and coal accounting for just 0.5% of generation

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Shell already knew about climate change in the early 1970s (and still promoted the use of coal)

  2023-04-01 by in

Shell already knew in the early 1970s (and not since 1986, as known until now) that burning fossil fuels plays a role in climate change. Yet the oil company still decided to get into a new fossil industry at that very time: coal. Newly unearthed documents show that Shell downplayed global climate knowledge to promote its coal business.

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Another big battery wanted to help replace Australia’s biggest coal generator

  2023-03-14 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

NSW is launching a new tender – likely for a big battery – focused on the “firming” gap created by the planned retirement of Australia’s biggest coal generator.

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Global CO2 emissions rose less than initially feared in 2022 as clean energy growth offset much of the impact of greater coal and oil use - News - IEA

  2023-03-10 (or before) in IEA – International Energy Agency

Global CO2 emissions rose less than initially feared in 2022 as clean energy growth offset much of the impact of greater coal and oil use - News from the International Energy Agency

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Two Years Ago, “Reliable Baseload” Gas, Coal, and Nuclear Failed in Texas Cold Outbreak

  2023-02-15 in Climate Denial Crock of the Week with Peter Sinclair

Two years ago I was listening to chatter on Twitter (back when twitter was a lot more useful than it has become today) and picking up some serious concerns from experts that I knew around Texas, an…

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Stranded assets and early closures in global coal mining under 1.5∘C - IOPscience

  2023-02-13 (or before) in IOPscience

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NSW forests face uncertain future as ‘desperation’ builds over major parties’ inaction over logging

  2023-02-12 in The Guardian

With no clear commitments, the gap between community expectations and actions of state MPs will be a major election flashpoint

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Clive Palmer-owned company withdraws appeal against ruling that coalmine would worsen climate crisis

  2023-02-12 in The Guardian

Landmark decision from Queensland land court declared emissions from Waratah Coal project would limit the rights of future generations

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Labor’s unlimited use of carbon offsets could lead to rise in emissions, report says

  2023-02-10 in The Guardian

Analysis says land-based carbon offsets lead to more fossil fuel mining and fail to deliver genuine emissions reductions

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What could a Fossil Fuel Treaty look like? — The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative

  2023-02-09 (or before) in The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative

Momentum is growing for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty to provide global oversight of a fair and rapid transition away from fossil fuels: the primary cause of climate change. With the Paris Agreement failing to even mention coal, oil, and gas, the need for a complementary international agreement is clear. But what would it contain?

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Despite billions to get off coal, why is Indonesia still building new coal plants?

  2023-02-06 (or before) in Inkl

World leaders recently announced a $20 billion deal to help get Indonesia off coal power. But there are doubts about the deal, because — for one thing — the country is building brand new coal plants.

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The Coal Cost Crossover 3.0 - Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology

  2023-01-31 (or before) in Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology

99% of the U.S. coal fleet is now more expensive than replacement by local clean energy, which could generate $589 billion in new investment.

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Celebrities call on UK banks to stop financing new oil, gas and coalfields | Climate crisis | The Guardian

  2023-01-28 (or before) in The Guardian

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EPA Moves to Reject Six Coal Plants’ Applications to Keep Toxic Coal Ash Dumps Open

  2023-01-26 (or before) in Earthjustice: Because the earth needs a good lawyer

EPA found that the six plants failed to prove that their coal ash ponds were not leaking and not contaminating groundwater

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Landmark Ruling in Strasbourg as MPs Challenge UK Government over Failure to Investigate Russian Interference in Brexit – Byline Times

  2023-01-19 by in Byline Times

'Nothing less than the future of democracy is at stake' says Caroline Lucas as a cross-party coalition and The Citizens win an unprecedented hearing over electoral safety and national security

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HSBC’s secretive loan to a coal company bulldozing a village

  2023-01-13 (or before) in The Bureau Investigates

Senior bankers greenlit $340m deal with energy giant RWE but recommended HSBC's involvement was kept quiet

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Coal power facility to stay open for extra two years in blow to net zero

  2023-01-12 (or before) in The Telegraph

Unit at Ratcliffe-on-Soar station was meant to shut in 2022

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Big solar smashes Australian generation record, crunches coal, to close out 2022

  2023-01-10 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Utility-scale solar generation notches up biggest month ever in Australia in December of 2022 and helps send NSW black coal output to new low.

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UK government faces legal action against new coalmine in Cumbria

  2023-01-04 in The Guardian

Friends of the Earth says significant climate impacts not taken into account when go-ahead was given

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Provincial environmental assessment certificate will not be granted for Sukunka coal mine | BC Gov News

  2022-12-22 (or before) in

A B.C. environmental assessment certificate will not be issued for the proposed Sukunka coal mine project in northeastern B.C., following a joint decision by provincial ministers.

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Cumbria coal mine: how to understand local support for the new pit

  2022-12-15 by in The Conversation

Local people describe a purposeful past in this former mining community – and a bleak future.

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Following the money: trade associations, political activity and climate change - Climatic Change

  2022-12-14 (or before) in Springer Verlag

The political activities of industries associated with the production and consumption of fossil fuels have thwarted state efforts to advance climate policy. Yet research on the role of trade associations that firms use to coordinate their activities remains sparse. Studies of business political activity are generally focussed on the firm level with trade associations typically considered only as part of wider advocacy coalitions. Scholars are still to examine the full range of political activities of trade associations. Using an original dataset built from trade associations’ IRS filings, we find that trade associations en...

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Gove’s defence of UK coalmine dismissed as ‘greenwashing nonsense’

  2022-12-13 in The Guardian

Head of offsetting standard rubbishes minister’s claim of Cumbrian mine’s carbon neutrality as ‘absurd’

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UK’s first new coalmine for 30 years gets go-ahead in Cumbria

  2022-12-07 in The Guardian

Michael Gove greenlights £165m project that will produce estimated 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year

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Lord Stern responds to media reports that the Government is due to give approval this week for a new coal mine in Cumbria - Grantham Research Institute on climate change and the environment

  2022-12-07 (or before) in London School of Economics

Responding to media reports that the Government is due to give approval this week for a new coal mine in...

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An advocacy coalition framework of policy change and the role of policy-oriented learning therein - Policy Sciences

  2022-10-28 (or before) in Springer Verlag

There has been a great deal of research in recent years concerning the use of substantive policy analysis in public policy-making. This paper seeks to integrate those findings - e.g., the ‘enlightenment function’ of policy research - into a more general model of policy-making over periods of a decade or more. The conceptual framework focuses on the belief systems of advocacy coalitions within policy subsystems as the critical vehicle for understanding the role of policy analysis in policy-oriented learning and the effect, in turn, of such learning on changes in governmental programs.

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With Fossil Fuel Companies Facing Pressure to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Private Equity Is Buying Up Their Aging Oil, Gas and Coal Assets - Inside Climate News

  2022-10-24 by in Inside Climate News

When Continental Resources announced a deal last week to take the oil company private, it joined a trend that has swept across the fossil fuel sector in recent years. With investors agitating for energy companies to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, many oil and gas drillers and utilities have sold off wells and coal plants […]

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Mark Carney denies big banks threatened to quit climate finance group

  2022-10-24 in The Guardian

Former BoE governor admits his net zero alliance weakened veto on coal investment because of ‘antitrust concerns’

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The Anti-Growth Coalition

  2022-10-13 (or before) in

THE anti growth coalition Welcome to the official site of the AGC. Demanding a better future for people and planet. About the AGC On October 5th, 2022 Liz Truss, the Prime Minister to the United Kingdom at the time, gave a speech at a Tory Conference in which she claimed the Tories faced an “anti-growth…

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Open Letter to Liz Truss on 'Anti Growth' - XR co-founder, Gail Bradbrook - Extinction Rebellion UK

  2022-10-13 by in Extinction Rebellion UK

In your recent speech at the Conservative party conference you mentioned growth 29 times; said "I will not allow the anti-growth coalition to hold us back” and named Extinction Rebellion as part of this coalition. Thank you for opening up this critical conversation. We appreciate the opportunity to share our understanding and we hope many others will join us for a grown up conversation in these urgent times.

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RSPB ‘not ruling out’ direct action to defend nature from government policy

  2022-10-10 in The Guardian

Beccy Speight says charity coalition plans to step up campaign against changes posing threat to wildlife

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Just Stop Oil

  2022-10-08 (or before) in Just Stop Oil – No New Oil and Gas

Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups working together to ensure the Government commits to halting new fossil fuel licensing and production. “What we do in the next 3 to 4 years will determine the future of humanity” - Sir David King, former UK Government Chief Scientist (2021)

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BHP proposal to extend Queensland coalmine until 2116 ‘delusional’, activists say

  2022-10-07 in The Guardian

Proposed expansion would cover about 4,000 hectares and involve clearing of habitat for the koala, greater glider and other threatened species

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‘Reckless’ coal firms plan climate-busting expansion, study finds

  2022-10-06 in The Guardian

Coal is the most polluting of all fossil fuels and investors must stop funding it, say campaigners

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Green activists jubilant as Kingsnorth shelved | The Independent | The Independent

  2022-09-07 (or before) in The Independent

E.on says coal plant is no longer needed as recession reduces electricity demand

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Mark Carney's firm involved in Rosebank oil field bid

  2022-09-04 in

The UN climate czar, Mark Carney, is a leader at a firm which owns a key piece of infrastructure set to be used at the Rosebank oil field.

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Documents Show How Polluting Industries Mobilized to Block Climate Action

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

Since its inception, the IPCC itself has been the target of corporate obstructionism.

  Tagged under: Coal | IPCC

New coal and gas projects will erase Albo’s climate gains several times over

  2022-07-26 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Australia’s massive pipeline for new coal and gas projects will cause more emissions than avoided by Labor’s climate policies. This is very bad.

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State of the environment: shocking report shows how Australia’s land and wildlife are being destroyed

  2022-07-18 in The Guardian

List of threatened species grows as ecosystems show signs of collapse due to climate crisis and habitat loss

  Tagged under: Coal | Wildlife | Great Barrier Reef | Collapse

How One Senator Doomed the Democrats’ Climate Plan

  2022-07-15 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Joe Biden | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change | US Politics

Coal Seam Fire memories still burning a decade later

  2022-07-05 (or before) by in

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado - Ten years ago today, a wildfire sparked by a burning underground coal seam and pushed by hot, dry gusting winds blew up into a roaring

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US supreme court rules against EPA and hobbles government power to limit harmful emissions

  2022-06-30 in The Guardian

Court sides with Republican states as ruling represents landmark moment in rightwing effort to dismantle ‘regulatory state’

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Chinese premier calls for more coal production as electricity demand soars

  2022-06-24 in The Guardian

Records for electricity usage broken in Shandong, Henan and Jiangsu after early summer heatwaves

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Cumbria coal mine: Steel expert claims little demand for coal - BBC News

  2022-06-20 (or before) in The BBC

Woodhouse Colliery in Whitehaven would supply coal for steel production not for energy.

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Methane leak at Russian mine could be largest ever discovered

  2022-06-14 in The Guardian

About 90 tonnes of methane an hour were released from the Raspadskaya mine in January, data shows

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U.S. Fossil Fuel Production Set To Hit Record Highs In 2023 |

  2022-05-31 (or before) in Crude Oil Prices Today |

Fossil fuel production in the United States is expected to hit record highs in 2023 as energy demand bounces back

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In a Bid to Save Its Coal Industry, Wyoming Has Become a Test Case for Carbon Capture, but Utilities are Balking at the Pricetag - Inside Climate News

  2022-05-29 by in Inside Climate News

Pipe Dreams: Fourth in a continuing series on whether capturing carbon is a climate solution or a dangerous distraction. Wyoming has bet its future on carbon capture technology. The state has poured money into research on how to remove carbon dioxide from industrial emissions, and what to do with the gas once it has been captured. State […]

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Here in Poland, “Going Green” Means Burning Even More Coal

  2022-05-27 in The Nation

With parents and children struggling to breathe, climate activism is a matter of life and death.

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels | Russia | Women and Children | Activism

Over 130 companies implement sustainability reporting metrics

  2022-05-25 (or before) in The World Economic Forum

A coalition of leading firms have co-created a comprehensive corporate system to highlight the need for an aligned and consistent ESG reporting system.

  Tagged under: Coal | Capitalism | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Sustainability

HELL ON THE HIGHVELD: Illegal miners started Mpumalanga coal mine fire weeks ago – it’s still burning today

  2022-05-18 by in Daily Maverick - South African news, opinion and investigations

This is what it looks like when unregulated, illegal mining meets governance failure – a fire in a coal mine that has been burning for weeks, leaving nearby communities choking in the fumes. Perhaps most worryingly, nobody knows the extent to which fires may be burning underground.

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Study: Existing oil, gas, and coal extraction sites need to be closed down to stay within 1.5C, findings show - Oil Change International

  2022-05-17 by in Oil Change International

A new peer-reviewed study published in Environmental Research Letters finds that existing oil, gas, and coal extraction sites need to be closed down to stay within 1.5C. The study, led by researchers at Oil Change International and the International Institute for Sustainable Development, finds that nearly 40% of developed fossil fuel reserves need to stay in the ground to keep the 1.5°C limit in reach.

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Opinion | We Can’t Drill Our Way to Energy Security

  2022-05-14 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal

Climate chaos certain if oil and gas mega-projects go ahead, warns IEA chief

  2022-05-12 in The Guardian

Fatih Birol says ‘carbon bombs’, revealed in Guardian investigation, will not solve global energy crisis

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‘Canaries in the coalmine’: loss of birds signals changing planet

  2022-05-05 in The Guardian

Billions of birds are disappearing because of humanity’s impact on Earth, global review finds

  Tagged under: Coal | Wildlife

A pro-fossil fuel Disney ride voiced by Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye? Yes, it existed

  2022-03-16 in The Guardian

Buckle up for the story of Ellen’s Energy Adventure – a ride whose sympathetic stance toward oil and coal is newly relevant

  Tagged under: Exxon | Coal | Fossil Fuels

‘So angry’: climate activists distraught after court reverses climate change 'duty of care' ruling

  2022-03-15 in The Guardian

‘I’m devastated by today’s judgement’, says one of the students who brought the original case

  Tagged under: Activism | Coal | Climate Change

Sussan Ley does not have duty of care to protect young from climate crisis, appeal court rules

  2022-03-15 in The Guardian

Eight teenagers and a nun had previously won their case against the federal environment minister related to the expansion of a NSW coalmine

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FOOT.NOTES | FootPrint Coalition

  2022-03-14 (or before) in Foot.Notes | FootPrint Coalition

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Biggest power plant in coal-reliant Australia to close early - BBC News

  2022-02-25 (or before) in The BBC

It has been forced shut by the growth in renewables, but Australia remains heavily invested in coal.

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Narrabri mine expansion would make it dirtiest thermal coalmine in Australia, environmentalists say

  2022-02-14 in The Guardian

Whitehaven Coal’s underground expansion has been backed by New South Wales government

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Worst-Case Climate Change Scenarios Are Highly Implausible, Argues New Study

  2022-02-09 in Reason Magazine - Free Minds and Free Markets

Global temperature to rise to around 2.2°C above the pre-industrial average by 2100.

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | IPCC | Climate Change

Natural gas could warm the planet as much as coal in the short term | Science | AAAS

  2022-02-05 (or before) in Science | AAAS

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Australian regulator finds large-scale emissions misreporting by coalminer Peabody

  2022-01-30 in The Guardian

US giant agrees to hire auditors after calculation errors, poor record-keeping and inconsistent data collection discovered

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal

Nuclear Is Too Risky to Aid Climate Fight, Former Regulators Say

  2022-01-26 (or before) in Bloomberg

Nuclear power is too risky and expensive to address the growing threat of climate change, according to an international coalition of former regulators.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Coal | Climate Change | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Toxic potency-adjusted control of air pollution for solid fuel combustion - Nature Energy

  2022-01-19 (or before) in Nature

Policy effort has been put into pollution reduction from both coal-fired electricity and domestic solid fuel burning in China; however, the former has attracted greater research and funding. Li and colleagues now show that the more toxic pollution from residential combustion may be responsible for greater health impacts than coal electricity.

  Tagged under: Coal | Electricity | Health

NSW Planning Department recommends approval of climate wrecking Whitehaven coal mine, admits policy incoherence

  2022-01-19 (or before) in Lock The Gate - Working together to stop coal and gas

Lock the Gate Alliance has slammed the NSW Planning Department for recommending approval for a Whitehaven owned coal mine expansion that would be responsible for nearly half a billion tonnes of carbon emissions, and likely cause a 10m drop in groundwater levels.

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Surge in NSW coal mine expansions would drive up national emissions

  2022-01-19 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

Despite declining demand and efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions the NSW government is set to decide on a slew of coal mine expansions over coming months.

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change

'Extraordinary progress' - Beijing meets air pollution goals after coal crackdown

  2022-01-04 in Climate Home News

Social media protests and US direct diplomacy pushed authorities in China's capital to clean up heavy industry and home heating

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COP 26: The teenagers suing 33 countries

  2021-12-31 (or before) in YouTube

The deal struck at last month's COP26 climate summit in Glasgow -- involved global leaders promising to reduce carbon emissions -- and use less coal. But the...

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What’s Happening? Global Emissions Are Still Rising

  2021-12-29 (or before) by in Forbes

Global electricity demand will increase almost 10% by 2022, and half of this will be fossil fuel, particularly new coal in the developing world. Nuclear will grow by only 2%, and is one important reason emissions will grow so much during this period.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Nuclear Power | Coal | Climate Change | Electricity

Plan on table to halt new coal-fired power plants

  2021-12-25 (or before) in Business News Today: Read Latest Business news, India Business News Live, Share Market & Economy News | The Economic Times

At the UN climate change summit COP26 in Glasgow last month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced India's aim to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070 and also pledged to attain 500 GW of installed electricity capacity from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030.

  Tagged under: India | COP26 | Coal | Climate Change | Net Zero | Electricity

End new oil, gas and coal funding to reach net zero, says IEA | Reuters

  2021-12-22 (or before) in Reuters

  Tagged under: Coal | Net Zero | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Coal - Fuels & Technologies - IEA

  2021-12-22 (or before) in IEA – International Energy Agency

Coal supplies over one-third of global electricity generation and plays a crucial role in industries such as iron and steel.

  Tagged under: Coal | Electricity

Global demand for coal could hit all-time high in 2022

  2021-12-17 in The Guardian

Electricity from coal plants has risen by 9% this year to fuel economic recovery from Covid, says watchdog

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels | Electricity | Economics

‘Disappointing and patronising’: scientists rebut Science Museum chair’s defence of fossil fuel sponsors

  2021-12-16 in Culture Unstained

Leading scientists call out Science Museum Group’s chair Dame Mary Archer for claiming reasonable objections are ‘false attacks’Letter pushes back against museum’s claims new sponsor Adani Green Energy is unconnected to its parent company’s coal operations and that a problematic ‘gagging clause’ is ‘standard’One of UK’s leading scientists, Sir David King, also calls on museum…

  Tagged under: Coal

Doubts over Coalition’s net zero target as report finds soil carbon emissions will increase as climate warms

  2021-12-13 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns expected to increase losses and make it more difficult to identify net carbon emissions

  Tagged under: Extreme Rainfall | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Net Zero

Why the Climate Panic About Africa Is Wrong

  2021-12-07 (or before) by in Foreign Policy - the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

Once again, the rich world sees Africans as a threat to the planet.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Africa

Climate change: Is ‘blue hydrogen’ Japan’s answer to coal? - BBC News

  2021-12-06 (or before) in The BBC

The Fukushima disaster turned Japan away from nuclear. A new energy source may help it quit coal.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Hydrogen | Coal | Climate Change | Japan

The role of public relations firms in climate change politics - Climatic Change

  2021-12-04 (or before) in Springer Verlag

Climate change policy has long been subject to influence by a wide variety of organizations. Despite their importance, the key role of public relations (PR) firms has long been overlooked in the climate political space. This paper provides an exploratory overview of the extent and nature of involvement of PR firms in climate political action by organizations in five sectors: Coal/Steel/Rail, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Renewable Energy, and the Environmental Movement. The analysis shows that the engagement of public relations firms by organizations in all of these sectors is widespread. In absolute terms, the Utility and Gas &...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Climate Change | US Politics

The PR Industry Has Been a ‘Major’ But ‘Overlooked’ Influence in Climate Politics for Decades, Says Study

  2021-11-30 by in DeSmog

From coining “clean coal” to “carbon footprint,” public relations firms have been instrumental in shaping the public discourse around climate and energy policy, and as a new study underlines, their powerful efforts have flown under the radar for too long. PR firms have played a key role in obstructing action on climate change over the […]

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

China cancels proposed 3GW coal plant in the Limpopo MM-SEZ

  2021-11-18 in Fossil Free South Africa - The SA campaign for fossil fuel divestment

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa has confirmed in correspondence with Fossil Free SA that China will not be funding the proposed 3GW power plant in the Limpopo MM-SEZ

  Tagged under: Coal | South Africa | Africa

Australian deputy PM mocks Alok Sharma’s emotional reaction at Cop26

  2021-11-15 in The Guardian

Barnaby Joyce takes a swipe at chair of the climate summit for trying to ‘shut down industries in other people’s countries’

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal

Coal Elimination Treaty — Planet Politics Institute

  2021-11-14 (or before) in Planet Politics Institute

A bold new proposal to phase out, eliminate and ban the mining and burning of coal by the 2030s.

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Powering Down Coal — COP26’s Impact on the Global Coal Power Fleet – Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air

  2021-11-12 in Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air

The commitments to “no new coal”, ending fossil fuel financing, coal phase outs and carbon neutrality targets announced in the run-up to and at the UN climate summit in Glasgow are going to have an unprecedented impact on global coal power industry, the world’s largest CO2 emitting sector, according to new CREA analysis. Key findings: […]

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal

Coal Power Emissions Per Capita

  2021-11-11 in Ember Climate

New analysis shows that the world’s richest countries are among the worst coal power emitters when you adjust for population size.

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COP26 Presented Forests as a Climate Solution, But May Not Be Able to Keep Them Standing - Inside Climate News

  2021-11-09 in Inside Climate News

The first week of the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland, saw a global pledge to cut emissions of the climate super-pollutant methane, more than 40 countries promise to phase out coal and 20 agree to stop public funding for some fossil fuel projects.  But to stop global warming soon, the world needs to remove […]

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal | Climate Change | Methane | Trees

Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report

  2021-11-09 in The Guardian

Research from world’s top climate analysis coalition contrasts sharply with last week’s optimism

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal

COP26: Deal to end public funding for unabated fossil fuels by 2022

  2021-11-04 in DRILL OR DROP? - Independent journalism on UK fracking, onshore oil and gas and the reactions to it

More than 20 countries and institutions have committed to ending international public finance for unabated coal, oil and gas by the end of 2022.

  Tagged under: COP26 | Coal | Fossil Fuels | Finance

Summary - Insights from the UK coal phase out experience

  2021-11-01 (or before) in E3G - A safe climate for all

  Tagged under: Coal

Home - Coal Action Network

  2021-11-01 (or before) in Coal Action

Under direction by grassroots campaign organisation, Coal Action Network, Barrister Estelle Dehon has sent a letter-before-action to the Welsh Government and the Coal Authorit... Read more

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groundWork Homepage

  2021-10-28 (or before) in Groundwork

groundWork is a non-profit environmental justice service and developmental organization working primarily in Southern Africa in the areas of Climate & Energy Justice, Coal, Environmental Health, Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and Waste.

  Tagged under: Coal | Africa | Health | Climate Justice

COP26 news live: Emotional Alok Sharma 'deeply sorry' – as Glasgow pact receives mixed reactions

  2021-10-28 (or before) in Sky News

Latest COP26 news as: 200 countries reach agreement after 15 days of talks; COP president "deeply sorry" as India's request leads to watered down language on coal.

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Why the COP26 climate summit won’t save the planet

  2021-10-27 in Politico

Efforts to stop warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius may already have slipped away.

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China to cut fossil fuel use to below 20% by 2060

  2021-10-25 in The Guardian

Despite pushing ahead with dozens of new coal power plants, China has a new plan to increase wind and solar power in its march towards carbon neutrality

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Climate change: Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade - BBC News

  2021-10-22 (or before) in BBC

Government plans to extract coal, oil and gas are incompatible with safe temperatures, says the UN.

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G20 split over coal, 1.5 degree climate limit ahead of Rome summit -sources | Reuters

  2021-10-21 (or before) in Reuters

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Leaked documents reveal the fossil fuel and meat producing countries lobbying against climate action

  2021-10-21 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Leaked documents detail how some of the world’s biggest coal, oil and meat producing nations are lobbying to weaken a key UN climate report

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Over 650 People Arrested in D.C. During Week of Indigenous-led Climate Action Calling on Biden to be the Climate Leader he Promised to be

  2021-10-18 by in DeSmog

As environmental advocates from across the United States converged in Washington, D.C. last week to take part in the five day “People vs. Fossil Fuels” action, President Biden’s infrastructure package remained stalled, in part, by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s push to cut its largest climate measure. The series of fossil fuel protests were organized by a coalition of over […]

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How will post-Merkel Germany tackle the climate crisis? | View

  2021-10-14 (or before) in Euronews

"Angela Merkel had more luck in pushing the climate agenda abroad than at home - in Germany, she had no choice but to balance between competing demands from powerful car and coal industries."

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For a liveable planet, we cannot allow any new oil, gas and coal projects.

  2021-10-11 (or before) in Stop the Cambo oil field

The start of the project will extract up to 170 million barrels of oil - the same as the annual carbon pollution from 18 coal-fired power stations.

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Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds

  2021-10-06 in The Guardian

Trillions of dollars a year are ‘adding fuel to the fire’ of the climate crisis, experts say

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India's vulnerability to coal shocks exposed amid surging energy demand and prices

  2021-10-05 in Climate Home News

The country's looming energy crisis raises serious questions over India's coal expansion plan as private investors move away from the sector, analysts say

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Queensland police refuse to remove traditional owners occupying Adani’s coalmine site

  2021-10-02 in The Guardian

Miner says group is ‘trespassing’ but police have acknowledged their cultural rights under human rights act

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COP26: Australia PM undecided on attending crucial climate summit - BBC News

  2021-09-28 (or before) in The BBC

The coal-supporting nation has faced increasing pressure to commit to a net zero emissions target.

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Scott Morrison says Australia ‘really good at digging stuff up’ while announcing clean energy summit

  2021-09-25 in The Guardian

Morrison says after Quad meeting that there is a ‘deep appreciation’ about Australia’s role ‘providing critical minerals’

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Bylong Community Wins Again as Coal Mine Appeal is Dismissed - Environmental Defenders Office

  2021-09-14 in Environmental Defenders Office

The NSW Court of Appeal has today upheld the decision to refuse the Bylong Coal Project. The decision comes two years after the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) first rejected the 6.5 million-tonnes-per-year greenfield coal mine, calling the greenhouse gas emissions from the project ‘problematical’.

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Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement

  2021-09-14 in The Guardian

Report by climate groups found more than three-quarters of projects were discarded after the deal was signed

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‘No satisfactory explanation’: court blasts Keith Pitt over grant agreement with gas company

  2021-09-14 in The Guardian

Judge orders federal resources minister to explain his actions in case over Beetaloo Basin drilling and describes events as ‘not reflecting well’ on him

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UK planning last-ditch China climate talks to break impasse before Cop26

  2021-09-10 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Crunch meeting of world leaders tabled for this month, with Xi key to success of climate summit

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How much of the world’s oil needs to stay in the ground?

  2021-09-08 in The Guardian

Analysis shows future is bleak for fossil fuel industry with trillions of dollars of assets at stake

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Cumbria coal mine: Local Tory MP drops support for controversial project ahead of Cop26 | The Independent

  2021-09-07 (or before) in The Independent

Exclusive: Dr Neil Hudson calls on government to heed scientists’ warnings, and instead invest in clean renewable technologies

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Report Reveals How Joe Manchin Made Millions of Dollars Pushing Coal and Relaxing Environmental Regulations | The Smirking Chimp

  2021-09-06 (or before) in The Smirking Chimp | News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

News and commentary from the vast, left-wing conspiracy

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As the Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan, coal is a key source of revenue

  2021-08-26 in Climate Home News

Mining was a major source of finance for the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and has strategic importance as the militants seek to govern

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Surface Water Vulnerable to Widespread Pollution From Fracking, a New Study Finds - Inside Climate News

  2021-08-20 in Inside Climate News

Fossil fuels don’t just damage the planet by emitting climate-warming greenhouse gases when they are burned. Extracting coal, oil and gas has a huge impact on the surface of the earth, including strip mines the size of cities and offshore oil spills that pollute country-sized swaths of ocean.  Years of research has shown how the […]

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Prudential in talks to buy out and shut coal-fired plants in Asia

  2021-08-03 in The Guardian

Scheme with Asian Development Bank could help make big progress on climate goals, says insurer

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‘Reckless’: G20 states subsidised fossil fuels by $3tn since 2015, says report

  2021-07-20 in The Guardian

Support for coal, oil and gas remains high despite pledges to tackle climate crisis

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Scorched, Parched and Now Uninsurable: Climate Change Hits Wine Country

  2021-07-18 in The New York Times

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Who Funds Overseas Coal Plants? The Need for Transparency and Accountability | Global Development Policy Center

  2021-07-08 (or before) in Boston University

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Home - Coalition for Negative Emissions

  2021-07-01 (or before) in Coalition for Negative Emissions

The Coalition for Negative Emissions aims to build momentum, shape policy, and develop the market for negative emissions globally

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Guest post: Hundreds of planned coal mines ‘incompatible with 1.5C target’ - Carbon Brief

  2021-06-10 in Carbon Brief

Proposals to build hundreds of new coal mines could raise global output of the fossil fuel by 30%, putting the world’s climate goals or up to $91bn of investment at risk.

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Whitehaven pleads guilty to stealing one billion litres of water during drought

  2021-06-07 (or before) in Lock The Gate - Working together to stop coal and gas

Farmers are relieved after Whitehaven pleaded guilty to stealing one billion litres of water at its Maules Creek coal mine, vindicating community complaints of water theft first lodged in 2018.

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Australian court finds government has duty to protect young people from climate crisis

  2021-05-27 in The Guardian

Eight teenagers, along with 86-year-old nun, launched case to prevent the approval of a massive coalmine

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Wyoming stands up for coal with threat to sue states that refuse to buy it

  2021-05-07 in The Guardian

Republican governor says measure sends message that Wyoming is ‘prepared to bring litigation to protect her interests’

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Australian governments spend $19,000 a minute subsidising fossil fuels, report finds

  2021-04-25 in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A new report by progressive think tank The Australia Institute sheds light on how much money Australia pays to subsidise the fossil fuel industry. But exactly what constitutes a "subsidy" remains at the centre of the debate.

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Gas Is the New Coal With Risk of $100 Billion in Stranded Assets

  2021-04-17 (or before) in Bloomberg

Natural gas is falling out of favor with emissions-wary investors and utilities at a quicker pace than coal did, catching some power generators unaware and potentially leaving them stuck with billions of dollars of assets they can’t sell.

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Turning the Supertanker

  2021-04-15 (or before) in TransitionZero

Powering Chinas coal to clean transition with actionable analytics

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Ten Point Plan For A Green Recovery — The Climate Coalition

  2021-03-07 (or before) in The Climate Coalition

Read our 10 Point Plan for a green, fair and healthy economic recovery

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The Only Carbon Capture Coal Plant in the US Just Closed

  2021-03-03 (or before) in Earther | Gizmodo

Last week, NRG Energy announced that it would shut down the only commercial carbon capture project in the U.S., ironically due to low oil prices. The closure of the Petra Nova plant may be one of the last gasps for the technology in the U.S.

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Australia students launch class action to prevent coal mine approval | Reuters

  2021-03-02 (or before) in Reuters

Eight young Australian students have brought a class action in the country's federal court seeking an injunction to prevent government approval of a coal project, lawyers representing the claimants said on Wednesday.

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Cancel all planned coal projects globally to end ‘deadly addiction’, says UN chief

  2021-03-02 in The Guardian

Call comes at event hosted by UK government, which is under pressure over planned coalmine in Cumbria

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EDO Challenges HSBC and Barclays Over Finance for Vietnamese Coal Plant - Environmental Defenders Office

  2021-03-01 in Environmental Defenders Office

UPDATE: The Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) has announced it will stop funding overseas coal power projects. It comes just weeks after EDO’s Safe Climate team challenged Barclays and HSBC over their involvement in a JBIC fund, which is financing a new coal fired power plant in Vietnam. Both HSBC and Barclays publicly committed [...]Read More...

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Cumbria coal mine plan 'damaging PM's reputation' - BBC News

  2021-03-01 (or before) in The BBC

Foreign ambassadors say Boris Johnson's tacit support for the mine prompts accusations of hypocrisy.

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How Biden could use foreign and trade policy to protect the Amazon

  2021-02-19 (or before) by in News Thomson Reuters Foundation News

To tackle rising deforestation in the Amazon, experts urge U.S. climate diplomacy to focus on trade policies, economic incentives and new coalitions

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Methane Leaks Erase Some of the Climate Benefits of Natural Gas

  2021-02-11 (or before) by in Scientific American

The switch from coal to gas has driven down CO 2 emissions, but leaks negate much of those gains in the short term

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How Steel Might Finally Kick Its Coal Habit

  2021-02-10 (or before) in WIRED Magazine

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With 10-Point Declaration, Global Coalition of Top Energy Experts Says: '100% Renewables Is Possible'

  2021-02-10 (or before) in Common Dreams

The solutions will not only save consumers money, but also create jobs and provide energy and more international security, while substantially reducing air pollution and climate damage from energy.

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Miliband Loses His Marbles

  2021-02-08 in NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT | “We do not believe any group of men adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it is to be free to inquire. We know that in secrecy error undetected will flourish and subvert”. - J Robert Oppenheimer.

By Paul Homewood There’s a very good article about the proposed Cumbria coal mine by Dominc Lawson today: In it, Lawson refers to Andrew Marr’s interview with the idiot Ed Miliband yesterday:

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Australia's electric vehicle policy steers us to a future based on fossil fuels. It needs to be dumped | Simon Holmes à Court

  2021-02-08 in The Guardian

Australia is way behind on vehicle electrification, but there are solutions to help us catch up

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UK North Sea oil rigs release as much CO2 as coal-fired power station – study

  2021-02-01 in The Guardian

Rigs burn off enough unwanted gas to heat 1m homes, UK regulator said last year

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Texas' move to control coal ash pollution could shield industry from tougher rules under Biden-led EPA

  2020-12-29 by in Texas Tribune

Texas is close to finalizing a years-long effort to wrangle control of coal ash pollution from the EPA, a move that could, for a time, keep coal companies insulated from tougher rules expected from the next administration.

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Stop believing in fairytales: Australia’s coal industry doesn’t employ many people or pay its fair share of tax | Richard Denniss

  2020-12-23 in The Guardian

The evidence to the contrary comes from the Morrison government’s own data

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'Zero return': government savaged over taxpayer grants to open up new gas basin in Australia

  2020-12-18 in The Guardian

Coalition funding for gas exploration in Northern Territory labelled a costly plan ‘for a climate catastrophe’

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Lloyd's of London steps back from coal in first climate change policy | Reuters

  2020-12-16 (or before) in Reuters

Lloyd's of London is scaling back its exposure to coal and oil sands, the commercial insurance market said in its first sustainability report on Wednesday, in a reversal of its traditional hands-off approach to climate change strategy.

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How the Kingston coal ash spill unearthed a nuclear nightmare

  2020-12-15 in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

Workers wondered: What happened the night the dredging stopped?

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No more natural gas in new San Francisco buildings starting next year

  2020-11-11 (or before) by in San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to ban natural gas in...

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Roman Krznaric: How to be a good ancestor

  2020-10-24 (or before) by in TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Our descendants own the future, but the decisions and actions we make now will tremendously impact generations to come, says philosopher Roman Krznaric. From a global campaign to grant legal personhood to nature to a groundbreaking lawsuit by a coalition of young activists, Krznaric shares examples of ways we can become good ancestors -- or, as he calls them, "Time Rebels" -- and join a movement redefining lifespans, pursuing intergenerational justice and practicing deep love for the planet.

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Sahel region is 'canary in the coalmine' on climate, says UN official

  2020-10-19 in The Guardian

Mark Lowcock criticises ‘totally inadequate’ effort to help Sahel countries adapt to global heating

  Tagged under: Coal | Africa | Mali

Queensland transition to renewables would generate almost 10,000 jobs, analysis shows

  2020-10-14 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Sunshine and available land offer a ‘world-class’ opportunity, expert says

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Hydrogen | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Wind Power

New Study Casts Doubt On The Climate Benefits Of Natural Gas Power Plants

  2020-10-09 in HuffPost - Breaking News, U.S. and World News | HuffPost

The emissions and methane leaks from new gas plants zero out the CO2 cuts achieved from closing coal plants, a peer-reviewed analysis found.

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Methane | Coal | Climate Change | Fracking

The New Climate Math: The Numbers Keep Getting More Frightening

  2020-10-02 (or before) in Yale E360

Scientists keep raising ever-louder alarms about the urgency of tackling climate change, but the world’s governments aren’t listening. Yet the latest numbers don’t lie: Nations now plan to keep producing more coal, oil, and gas than the planet can endure.

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First new deep coalmine in UK for 30 years gets go ahead

  2020-10-02 in The Guardian

Planning permission granted to Cumbria project that will extract 2.7m tonnes of coal per year

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels

E.P.A. Relaxes Rules Limiting Toxic Waste From Coal Plants (Published 2020)

  2020-08-31 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Coal

UN secretary general urges India to swiftly turn away from coal

  2020-08-28 in The Guardian

António Guterres tells country to stop building coal-fired power stations for sake of climate

  Tagged under: India | Coal | Fossil Fuels

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

  2020-08-08 in The Guardian

Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘self-reliant India’ comes at a terrible price for its indigenous population

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Wildlife | Fossil Fuels | Trees

Britain goes coal free as renewables edge out fossil fuels - BBC News

  2020-06-09 (or before) in The BBC

On Wednesday, Britain will mark two months without burning any coal to generate power.

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US fossil fuel giants set for a coronavirus bailout bonanza

  2020-05-12 in The Guardian

Exclusive: oil, coal and fracking companies in line to benefit from $750bn bond scheme

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Covid-19 crisis will wipe out demand for fossil fuels, says IEA

  2020-04-30 in The Guardian

Renewable electricity may be only source to withstand biggest shock in 70 years

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BlackRock to advise EU on environmental rules for banks

  2020-04-12 in The Guardian

Campaigners raise concerns over investor’s financial interests in fossil fuel companies

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Mapped: The world’s coal power plants in 2020

  2020-03-26 in Carbon Brief

Since 2000, the world has doubled its coal-fired power capacity to around 2,045 gigawatts (GW) after explosive growth in China and India. A further 200GW is being built and 300GW is planned.

  Tagged under: India | Coal

China must reject coal power in its post-COVID-19 stimulus

  2020-03-18 (or before) in The World Economic Forum

When China jump-starts its economy after containing the coronavirus, it must do so without deploying capital into stranded coal power investments. Here's why.

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Coal | How to waste over half a trillion dollars- Carbon Tracker Initiative

  2020-03-12 (or before) in Carbon Tracker Initiative

Coal developers risk wasting more than $600 billion because it is already cheaper to generate electricity from new renewables than from new coal plants.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Electricity

Natural gas is a much ‘dirtier’ energy source, carbon-wise, than we thought

  2020-02-20 (or before) in National Geographic

Coal, oil, and gas are responsible for much more atmospheric methane, the super-potent warming gas, than previously known.

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How Germany closed its coal industry without sacking a single miner

  2020-02-16 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

After Coal: Can Australia learn from Germany's efforts to end its coal era while protecting its workers and communities?

  Tagged under: Coal | Germany | Climate Change

EU Power Sector 2019 - Ember

  2020-02-15 (or before) in Ember | Clean Energy Policy | Coal to clean energy policy

Ember and Agora's annual review of the electricity transition in Europe shows for the first time wind & solar power overtook coal

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Coal | European Union | Wind Power | Electricity

Australian bushfires intensify scrutiny on insuring, investing in coal

  2020-02-06 (or before) in S&P Global S&P Global

Bushfires across Australia are drawing increased attention to the financial risks of climate change, even as the country recently completed a year of record coal exports with plans to further increase production.

  Tagged under: Insurance | Bushfires | Coal | Climate Change

Scott Morrison says NSW minister Matt Kean 'doesn't know what he's talking about' on climate

  2020-01-19 in The Guardian

PM rebukes NSW environment minister over call to review emissions policy, saying most of the federal cabinet wouldn’t know who Kean was

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Cumbria deserves better than this proposed coal mine

  2020-01-15 in Inside track - Green Alliance's blog on environmental policy and politics

This post is by Professor Rebecca Willis and Professor Mike Berners-Lee of Lancaster University, co-authors of The case against new coal mines in the UK. Cumbria’s West Coast, the very north wester…

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Dirty Power: Big Coal’s network of influence over the coalition government

  2020-01-09 (or before) in YouTube

Find out more:’ve uncovered the web of connections between the world’s biggest coal giants, industry groups, lobby...

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Renewables beat fossil fuels on 137 days in greenest year for UK energy

  2020-01-07 in The Guardian

Renewable energy up 9% on 2018 but nuclear outages are limiting progress, report warns

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Nuclear Power | Coal | Wind Power | Fossil Fuels

Goldman Sachs Curbs New Lending on Coal and Arctic Oil

  2019-12-19 (or before) in Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has tightened its policy on fossil fuel financing in a move welcomed by environmental groups, just as global talks on climate change faltered in Madrid over the weekend.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Arctic | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change

Australia took a match to UN climate talks while back home the country burned | Julie-Anne Richards

  2019-12-16 in The Guardian

The gleeful coal lobby stalked the Madrid COP25 meeting halls as the Morrison government threw out compassion and international citizenship

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

Australia ranked worst of 57 countries on climate change policy

  2019-12-11 in The Guardian

Thinktank report deems Morrison government ‘an increasingly regressive force’

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change

Climate change: Emissions edge up despite drop in coal - BBC News

  2019-12-05 (or before) in BBC

Emissions of CO2 have risen in 2019, say researchers, as oil and gas use continues to grow.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Will Asia’s insurers follow Axa’s lead on coal?

  2019-12-04 in InsuranceAsia News

The key resource for accurate, insightful and reliable coverage of Asia’s insurance and reinsurance market.

  Tagged under: Coal | Insurance

Insurers Ditching Coal Doubled in 2019, but U.S. Industry Lags Behind — INSURE OUR FUTURE — end fossil insurance

  2019-12-04 (or before) in Insure Our Future - end fossil insurance

New report shows 46% of reinsurance market and 37% of industry’s global assets now covered by coal exit policies

  Tagged under: Coal | Insurance

John Kerry launches coalition to fight climate crisis: ‘We are way behind’

  2019-12-01 in The Guardian

Bipartisan bloc aims to convince people that rapid action is required to halt carbon emissions within 30 years

  Tagged under: Coal | US Politics

John Kerry Launches Star-Studded Climate Coalition (Published 2019)

  2019-11-30 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Russia's Taymyr plan: Arctic coal for India risks pollution - BBC News

  2019-11-30 (or before) in BBC

A huge wildlife haven is at risk as Russian coal ships exploit melting Arctic ice in Siberia.

  Tagged under: India | Arctic | Coal | Wildlife | Ice Melting | Russia

China Set for Massive Coal Expansion in Threat to Climate Goals

  2019-11-23 (or before) in Bloomberg

China has enough coal-fired power plants in the pipeline to match the entire capacity of the European Union, driving the expansion in global coal power and confounding the movement against the polluting fossil fuel, according to a report.

  Tagged under: China | Coal | Climate Change

Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit

  2019-11-20 in The Guardian

‘We’re in a deep hole over the climate crisis and we need to stop digging,’ warn experts

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels

Financing the energy transition: Where's the money?

  2019-11-18 (or before) in EURACTIV

  Tagged under: Coal

Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis – study

  2019-11-15 in The Guardian

Millions of tonnes belched into atmosphere as bad as shipping and aviation emissions combined, researchers find

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Methane | Coal | Fossil Fuels

This is what it looks like when your government sells out the climate for votes | Katharine Murphy

  2019-11-15 in The Guardian

The real reason the Coalition doesn’t want to talk about the climate is that its record is one of unmitigated shame and failure

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Coal

Coal Mine Methane - Ember

  2019-11-14 (or before) in Ember | Clean Energy Policy | Coal to clean energy policy

  Tagged under: Methane | Coal | Climate Change

Climate change: do more now or risk catastrophe, warns energy agency

  2019-11-13 in The Guardian

IEA says deep disparity between words and action on climate change risks failing to cap global temperatures

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Wind Power

Climate change: Asia 'coal addiction' must end, UN chief warns - BBC News

  2019-11-09 (or before) in The BBC

António Guterres says Asian countries must use greener energy sources to tackle the climate crisis.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Are Employees Pushing Insurers to Shun Coal in Climate Change Movement?

  2019-11-07 in Insurance Journal - Property Casualty Insurance News

Seventeen insurers have restricted insurance services to coal projects in the past two years. A dozen insurers have adopted policies to stop all direct

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change | Insurance

Government under fire for approval of new coalmine in Cumbria

  2019-11-03 in The Guardian

Decision coincides with net-zero emissions review and is branded ‘backwards step’

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero

Repeat a lie often enough - Lock on laws passed in parliament - Frontline Action on Coal

  2019-10-25 in Frontline Action on Coal

You know the saying, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. Various psychological studies over the years have found some validity in the theory, and on a daily basis around the world people try it out for various reasons and to various extents. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk seems to have stumbled across […]

  Tagged under: Coal

US green economy has 10 times more jobs than the fossil fuel industry

  2019-10-23 (or before) by in New Scientist

  Tagged under: Coal

Firms ignoring climate crisis will go bankrupt, says Mark Carney

  2019-10-13 in The Guardian

Bank of England governor warns of financial collapse linked to climate emergency

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Economics | Fossil Fuels | Collapse

Analysis: UK renewables generate more electricity than fossil fuels for first time - Carbon Brief

  2019-10-13 in Carbon Brief

In the third quarter of 2019, the UK’s windfarms, solar panels, biomass and hydro plants generated more electricity than coal, oil and gas put together.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | UK | Renewable Energy | Coal | Solar Energy | Wind Power | Electricity

Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions

  2019-10-09 in The Guardian

New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangers

  Tagged under: BP | Shell | Exxon | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Africa | Chevron | Fossil Fuels | Middle East | Saudi Arabia | Aramco

Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C

  2019-09-22 in The Guardian

United in Science report ahead of UN summit says climate is changing faster than forecast, and current plans would lead to ‘catastrophic’ global temperature rise

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels

Jacinda Ardern says Australia has to 'answer to Pacific' on climate change

  2019-08-14 in The Guardian

New Zealand prime minister warns Scott Morrison about Canberra’s stance but refuses to call for Australia to transition out of coal

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change | Pacific Ocean

'Coal is over': the miners rooting for the Green New Deal

  2019-08-12 in The Guardian

An area desperately in need of an economic transformation looks to new promise after Trump’s prove empty

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels | US Politics

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition'

  2019-08-01 in The Guardian

Redirecting small portion of subsidies would unleash clean energy revolution, says report

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Fossil Fuels

So You Think We're Reducing Fossil Fuel Use? Think Again.

  2019-07-21 (or before) by in Forbes

If you think we’re doing a good job of curbing fossil fuel use, you're mistaken. Oil production is exploding in America. Growth in coal in the developing world shows no sign of slowing, and gas has kicked into high gear most everywhere. Renewables are increasing slower. Nuclear and hydro are flat.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Nuclear Power

"We Are in Deep Trouble": Carbon Emissions Break Record in Devastating Global Setback

  2019-07-09 (or before) by in ScienceAlert

Global energy experts released grim findings Monday, saying that not only are planet-warming carbon-dioxide emissions still increasing, but the world's growing thirst for energy has led to higher emissions from coal-fired power plants than ever befor

  Tagged under: Coal

HMRC pushes steep VAT increase for new solar-battery systems

  2019-06-24 in The Guardian

Treasury proposes rise from 5% to 20%, while the tax on coal will stay at lower rate

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Solar Energy | Coal

Trump ditches sole climate rule that aimed to reduce coal plant pollution

  2019-06-19 in The Guardian

Administration to roll back Obama-era Clean Power Plan as experts say move shows Trump’s ‘determination to avoid action to address climate change’

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Barack Obama

Ex-BP boss John Browne: ‘It’s going to take a long time to take oil and coal out of the energy system’

  2019-06-08 in The Guardian

The energy executive talks about fracking, Huawei and Greta Thunberg

  Tagged under: BP | Greta Thunberg | Coal | Fracking | Fossil Fuels

Ryanair one of Europe's top polluters, EU data suggests - BBC News

  2019-04-02 (or before) in The BBC

It is the first time a company not running a coal-fired power plant has come near the top of the ranking.

  Tagged under: Air Travel | Coal | European Union

Global coal use up as greenhouse gas emissions rise

  2019-03-26 in The Guardian

Younger coal-fired power plants in Asia account for increase, says energy agency

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels

Britain has its first new deep coal mine in decades – a result of pretending climate change isn't political

  2019-03-23 (or before) by in The Conversation

Cumbria council has approved the £165m Woodhouse colliery – and highlighted the failings of national climate policy.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Deep coal mine gets go ahead in Cumbria despite protests

  2019-03-19 in The Guardian

Environmental campaigners say backing for Woodhouse colliery cannot be justified

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels

Revealed: Glencore bankrolled covert campaign to prop up coal

  2019-03-06 in The Guardian

The mining company engaged Sir Lynton Crosby’s firm to push anti-renewables message and counter anti-coal activists

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Coal | Fossil Fuels | Activism

UK's initial progress on carbon cutting starts to slow

  2019-03-04 in The Guardian

Emissions fell for sixth year running in 2018, but reductions margins have shrunk

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels

'Very disappointed': Ministers berate coal miner over climate change commitment

  2019-03-01 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

"My colleagues have given companies like Glencore a lot of support and I think it's a kick in the guts for us," Coalition MP Michelle Landry said.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

'No Means No': the story of a 9-year Indigenous struggle against Adani mining : Peoples Dispatch

  2019-02-11 by in

The Wangan & Jagalingou have been relentlessly struggling to prevent Adani mining from taking over their ancestral land for the Carmichael project in the Galilee Basin, Australia’s largest reservoir of coal.

  Tagged under: Coal

Landmark Australian ruling rejects coal mine over global warming

  2019-02-11 (or before) in Nature

The case is the first time a mine has been refused in the country because of climate change. The case is the first time a mine has been refused in the country because of climate change.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Trump ditches coal when hyping 'revolution in American energy' in SOTU speech

  2019-02-05 by in The Hill

President Trump did not mention coal when he declared Tuesday night that his administration has “unleashed a revolution in American energy” that has lead to historic energy export highs and economic grow

  Tagged under: Economic Growth | Donald Trump | Coal | Economics

Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing – study

  2019-01-16 in The Guardian

Administration’s alternative to clean power plan would let emissions ‘rebound’ via coal-fired power plants, researchers find

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Coal | Barack Obama | US Politics

How China’s Big Overseas Initiative Threatens Global Climate Progress

  2019-01-10 (or before) in Yale E360

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a colossal infrastructure plan that could transform the economies of nations around the world. But with its focus on coal-fired power plants, the effort could obliterate any chance of reducing emissions and tip the world into catastrophic climate change.

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change

Tackle climate or face financial crash, say world's biggest investors

  2018-12-10 in The Guardian

UN summit urged to end all coal burning and introduce substantial taxes on emissions

  Tagged under: Coal

Protesters disrupt US panel's fossil fuels pitch at climate talks

  2018-12-10 in The Guardian

Official event praising coal, oil and gas met with laughter and chants of ‘shame on you’

  Tagged under: Coal | Fossil Fuels | US Politics

The Guardian view on climate change: too much, too soon | Editorial

  2018-12-05 in The Guardian

Editorial: We are losing the war against climate change; the use of fossil fuels is driving higher carbon emissions when they need to be coming down

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Bolsonaro | Arctic | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

Policies of China, Russia and Canada threaten 5C climate change, study finds

  2018-11-16 by Jonathan Watts in The Guardian

Ranking of countries’ goals shows even EU on course for more than double safe level of warming

  Tagged under: China | Canada | Russia | Global Warming | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds

  2018-11-14 in The Guardian

Coal, oil and gas subsidies risking rise in global temperatures to 3.2C, well beyond agreed Paris goal

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change

Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change (Published 2018)

  2018-08-01 by in The New York Times

We knew everything we needed to know, and nothing stood in our way. Nothing, that is, except ourselves. A tragedy in two acts.

  Tagged under: CO2 | US Politics | Climate Change | Exxon | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Economics

Anti-coal protesters arrested after storming climate change sceptic's land

  2015-10-26 in The Guardian

Nine held by police after blocking entrance to mine on Lord Ridley’s Northumberland estate and forcing operations to shut down

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change Denial and Disinformation | Activism

Keep fossil fuels in the ground to stop climate change | George Monbiot

  2015-03-10 in The Guardian

George Monbiot: Once coal, oil and gas are produced, they will be used. And yet, after 23 years of UN negotiations there have been almost no steps taken to stop the production – rather than the use of – fossil fuels

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change, study urges

  2015-01-07 in The Guardian

New research is first to identify which reserves must not be burned to keep global temperature rise under 2C, including over 90% of US and Australian coal and almost all Canadian tar sands

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change

  2014-11-18 in IEEE Spectrum

Today’s renewable energy technologies won’t save us. So what will?

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Coal | Climate Change | Economics

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