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Topic: Mali

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Sahel region is 'canary in the coalmine' on climate, says UN official

  2020-10-19 in The Guardian

Mark Lowcock criticises ‘totally inadequate’ effort to help Sahel countries adapt to global heating

  Tagged under: Coal | Africa | Mali

Blue Gold : Hydro-Agricultural Infrastructure & Climate Change in the Sahel - Climate CoLab

  2020-04-07 (or before) in Climate CoLab

A vision for renewing agricultural infrastructure in the Office du Niger in Mali, transferable to the 4 major watersheds of the Sahel.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Mali

The battle on the frontline of climate change in Mali - BBC News

  2019-01-22 (or before) in The BBC

Climate change is aggravating the conflict in Mali and making it harder to survive. writes Lyse Doucet.

  Tagged under: Africa | Global Warming | Conflict | Climate Change | Mali

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Climate CoLab
The Guardian

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