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Topic: Aviation

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Global Briefing: Spain advances plans for short haul flight ban

  2024-03-08 in Business Green

Spain to follow France in banning flights where rail offers viable alternative, Italy confirms coal phase out date, and Azerbaijan joins global methane pledge

  Tagged under: Coal | Legislation | Methane | Italy | Spain | Aviation | Trains | France

France plans 70% 'supertax' on fuel for private jets

  2023-04-07 in

France is set to dramatically increase taxes on fuel for private jets, as the government rejects a proposal from environmentalist and left-wing senators to ban short flights altogether.

  Tagged under: France | Aviation | Air Travel

Airlines downplayed climate science to block new regulations

  2023-03-20 (or before) in openDemocracy

Campaigners say the lobbying tactics used to argue against tougher measures on emissions echo those of the 20th century tobacco industry

  Tagged under: Aviation

Electric-Powered Commercial Airplane Makes History

  2019-12-10 (or before) in Fortune

Harbour Air’s electric Beaver aircraft lifted off from Vancouver on Tuesday.

  Tagged under: Air Travel | Aviation

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