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Sunak accused of being ‘all mouth and no trousers’ after failing on environmental targets

  2024-01-18 in Morning Star

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Greenpeace

Shell sues Greenpeace for $2.1m in damages over fossil fuel protest in North Sea

  2023-11-09 in The Guardian

Energy firm’s lawsuit seeks indefinite block on protesters targeting its infrastructure

  Tagged under: Litigation | Activism | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace | Shell

Shell sues Greenpeace for $2.1mn in one of largest claims against group

  2023-11-09 (or before) in Financial Times

Oil major is ‘seeking to silence legitimate demands for climate justice’, says environmental organisation

  Tagged under: Greenpeace | Shell | Climate Justice

Why is Shell suing Greenpeace for €2 million?

  2023-11-09 (or before) in Euronews

The environmental group says it is 'one of the biggest legal threats' in history against its ability to campaign.

  Tagged under: Shell | Greenpeace | Activism

Fossil fuel firms spent millions on US lawmakers who sponsored anti-protest bills

  2023-10-25 in The Guardian

About 60% of oil and gas operations protected from protest due to money spent on lobbying, says Greenpeace USA report

  Tagged under: Exxon | Louisiana | Fossil Fuels | Activism | Greenpeace

Greenpeace loses legal challenge to UK's new North Sea oil and gas licences | Reuters

  2023-10-19 in Reuters

Britain's decision to authorise new licences for oil and gas exploration in the North Sea was lawful, London's High Court ruled on Thursday, dismissing a legal challenge by Greenpeace.

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Fossil criminals should stop drilling and start paying

  2023-09-18 (or before) in

It’s time for the fossil fuel industry to stop drilling, and start paying.

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Targeting Congolese exploration, Greenpeace pursues insurers

  2023-09-08 by in Energy Voice

The report finds that coverage for the oil blocks would be “prohibitively expensive” for any winning companies. Congo lacks the capacity domestically to provide insurance.

  Tagged under: Congo | Africa | Insurance | Greenpeace

Watch ‘TotalPollution: A Dirty Game’ Greenpeace France’s new film on fossil fuel greenwashing - Greenpeace International

  2023-09-01 (or before) in Greenpeace

Fossil fuel companies like TotalEnergies sponsor popular sports events like the Rugby World Cup to distract everyone from their climate destruction. Watch Greenpeace France’s new film to discover the shocking truth

  Tagged under: France | TotalEnergies | Greenpeace

Recycled plastic can be more toxic and is no fix for pollution, Greenpeace warns

  2023-05-24 (or before) in Inkl

Campaign group says plastics are incompatible with circular economy as countries prepare for treaty talks

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Tidal barrier proposal for Lincolnshire and Norfolk sets off wave of opposition

  2023-05-19 in The Guardian

Wildlife and environment groups condemn plan promising renewable energy for 600,000 homes

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Activism | Wildlife | Greenpeace | Tidal Energy

French oil giant TotalEnergies sues Greenpeace over emissions report

  2023-05-03 in The Guardian

Green group accused company of emitting more than it disclosed but TotalEnergies says report used dubious methodologies

  Tagged under: France | Activism | TotalEnergies | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Tributes paid after death of passionate climate activist who 'lost hope in future'

  2023-04-14 (or before) in Brighton Argus

A student and climate activist died after growing “increasingly concerned” about the effects of climate change, his family has revealed.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Activism | Greenpeace

Six months on from Iraq flaring investigation - how did BP respond?

  2023-03-31 by in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

After Unearthed and the BBC revealed high flaring at BP's Iraq field, the company promised an ‘immediate’ review. What has it done so far?

  Tagged under: Greenpeace | BP

Greenpeace to take European Commission to court over controversial gas and nuclear greenwashing - Greenpeace European Unit

  2023-02-09 (or before) in Greenpeace

Greenpeace will take the European Commission to the European Court of Justice over the inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear energy in the EU’s Taxonomy

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Greenpeace | Climate Justice

The Amazon — and our future — is being burned for profit - Greenpeace International

  2022-09-09 (or before) in Greenpeace

The Amazon rainforest is shrinking. The fires in the Amazon are growing. And the impacts of this destruction are a risk to the entire planet.

  Tagged under: Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Greenpeace

Green activists jubilant as Kingsnorth shelved | The Independent | The Independent

  2022-09-07 (or before) in The Independent

E.on says coal plant is no longer needed as recession reduces electricity demand

  Tagged under: Activism | Coal | Climate Change | Electricity | Greenpeace

Congo to Auction Land to Oil Companies: ‘Our Priority Is Not to Save the Planet’

  2022-07-24 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Congo | Land Use | Africa | Greenpeace | Trees

Climate emergency is a legacy of colonialism, says Greenpeace UK

  2022-07-21 in The Guardian

Report says global south has been ‘used as place to dump waste’ and that people of colour are suffering disproportionately

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Greenpeace

‘Carbon Capture’ Is No Fix. Big Oil’s Known for Decades | The Tyee

  2022-07-08 (or before) in The Tyee British Columbia

The touted tech is still scarce and pricey, and even oilsands allies counsel caution.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Greenpeace | Sustainability

How the beef industry is trying to change the maths of climate change

  2022-03-09 by in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

A new metric for the greenhouse gas methane could see the beef industry claim to be climate neutral without significantly cutting emissions

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Methane | Climate Change | Net Zero | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Greenpeace

UK drops ‘absurd’ case against Greenpeace for dropping rocks in sea

  2022-02-07 in The Guardian

Judge rebukes Marine Management Organisation for prosecution over direct action to stop bottom trawling

  Tagged under: Activism | Greenhouse Gases | Fish | Wildlife | Greenpeace

Nota de repúdio à violência contra os povos indígenas no Brasil - Greenpeace Brasil

  2022-01-11 (or before) in Greenpeace

A violência contra os povos indígenas que defendem seus territórios e modo de vida é chocante e inaceitável. Exigimos que sejam tomadas todas as medidas para proteger a vida e…

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

The Guardian view on climate activism: between obedience and resistance | Editorial

  2021-12-29 in The Guardian

Editorial: Non-violent civil disobedience remains a vital tool for protest, but its form is shifting

  Tagged under: Extinction Rebellion | Greta Thunberg | Activism | COP26 | Greenpeace

Leaked documents reveal the fossil fuel and meat producing countries lobbying against climate action

  2021-10-21 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Leaked documents detail how some of the world’s biggest coal, oil and meat producing nations are lobbying to weaken a key UN climate report

  Tagged under: Coal | IPCC | Greenpeace

Russia forest fire damage worst since records began, says Greenpeace

  2021-09-22 in The Guardian

Analysis shows over 18.16m hectares were destroyed in 2021, an absolute record since satellite monitoring began

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Arctic | Greenpeace | Russia | Trees

Environmentalists warn of close ties between oil and gas sector and UK’s North Sea regulator

  2021-09-17 in The Guardian

Members of Oil and Gas Authority hold shares in fossil fuel firms, raising conflict of interest concerns

  Tagged under: COP26 | Fossil Fuels | Activism | Greenpeace

Death toll rises and thousands flee homes as floods hit China

  2021-07-21 in The Guardian

Torrential rainfall and burst rivers swamp Henan cities, with commuters trapped on subway trains

  Tagged under: Extreme Rainfall | China | Greenhouse Gases | Rivers | Greenpeace | Trains

Leading housebuilder pushed for weaker climate targets

  2021-07-05 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Taylor Wimpey, one of Britain’s largest housebuilders, tried to water down the government’s signature green homes policy.

  Tagged under: Housing | Net Zero | Greenpeace

Exxon Disavows Remarks After Video Shows Lobbyists Dismissing Company’s Climate Stance

  2021-07-01 (or before) by in The Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial & Economic News, World News and Video

CEO Darren Woods said Exxon lobbyists tricked into speaking on video by Greenpeace didn’t reflect the company’s positions, after they said Exxon only supports a carbon tax because it is unlikely to pass.

  Tagged under: Exxon | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Exxon lobbyists caught on video in Greenpeace sting, CEO apologizes - Axios

  2021-07-01 (or before) by in Axios

  Tagged under: Exxon | Greenpeace

Inside Exxon’s playbook

  2021-06-30 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

How America's biggest oil company continues to oppose action on climate change

  Tagged under: Exxon | Climate Change | Greenpeace

Boris Johnson, your climate change scorecard is ready

  2021-06-03 in Greenpeace

How is the government REALLY doing on climate change?

  Tagged under: COP26 | Climate Change | Greenpeace

The Big Smoke: the global emissions of the UK financial sector

  2021-06-03 (or before) in Greenpeace

The UK’s 'financed emissions' likely representing one of the country's most significant contributions to climate change.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Greenpeace | Finance

UK plastics sent for recycling in Turkey dumped and burned, Greenpeace finds

  2021-05-17 in The Guardian

Investigation reveals that ‘plastic waste coming from the UK to Turkey is an environmental threat, not an economic opportunity’

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Court convicts French state for failure to address climate crisis

  2021-02-03 in The Guardian

State found guilty of ‘non-respect of its engagements’ aimed at fighting global warming

  Tagged under: Activism | Greenhouse Gases | France | Greenpeace

How Oil and Gas Corporations Funded an Attempted Coup

  2021-01-11 (or before) in Greenpeace

Washington, DC — Oil and gas corporations, including Chevron and Exxon, have donated a total of $5.4 million to the seven Senators who voted to overturn the presidential election and bolstered a violent, failed attempted coup by pro-Trump extremists [1]. Greenpeace USA Senior Climate Campaigner John Noël said:  “Oil and gas corporations aided the political …

  Tagged under: USA | Exxon | Chevron | TotalEnergies | Greenpeace

China biodegradable plastics 'failing to solve pollution crisis' - BBC News

  2020-12-27 (or before) in The BBC

China's increase in biodegradables is outpacing its ability to degrade plastic, warns Greenpeace.

  Tagged under: China | Greenpeace

Climate crisis hits the Supreme Court of Norway - Greenpeace International

  2020-11-06 (or before) in Greenpeace

“Opening up the Arctic for oil drilling in the time of climate emergency is unacceptable, and the Norwegian government must be held accountable."

  Tagged under: Arctic | Greenpeace

EU Parliament signs death sentence for small farms and nature, Greenpeace - Greenpeace European Unit

  2020-10-23 (or before) in Greenpeace

Brussels, 20 October 2020 – A vote on the EU’s common agricultural policy by the European Parliament plenary session is a signature on the death sentence of European farming, said…

  Tagged under: Farming | Greenpeace

Majority of European crops feeding animals and cars, not people - Greenpeace European Unit

  2020-10-23 (or before) in Greenpeace

Brussels, 16 October 2020 – The vast majority of European crop production is used to feed animals and create biofuels, rather than feeding people, new analysis has found. At the…

  Tagged under: Cars | Greenpeace | Food Production and Consumption

Tesco urged to ditch meat company over alleged links to Amazon deforestation

  2020-08-05 in The Guardian

Responding to Greenpeace campaign to cut links to Brazilian meat giant JBS, supermarket calls on government to ensure all UK food is deforestation-free

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Greenpeace | Activism

Covid-19 relief for fossil fuel industries risks green recovery plans

  2020-06-06 in The Guardian

Over $500bn is going to high-carbon industries undermining goals of Cop26 climate talks

  Tagged under: COP26 | Greenpeace

'Promiscuous treatment of nature' will lead to more pandemics – scientists

  2020-05-07 in The Guardian

Habitat destruction forces wildlife into human environments, where new diseases flourish

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Rainforests | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Wildlife | Greenpeace | Trees

Brazil to weaken environmental safeguards amid increase in deforestation

  2020-04-29 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Brazil: Critics accuse Bolsonaro of using COVID-19 as cover to rush through amnesty for destruction and occupation of forest

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bolsonaro | Amazon Rainforest | Brazil | Greenpeace | Trees

South Korea’s ruling political party becomes East Asia’s first to announce Green New Deal manifesto - Greenpeace International

  2020-03-18 (or before) in Greenpeace

South Korea became the first country in East Asia whose ruling political party publicly announced climate manifestos and embraced the idea of a comprehensive Green New Deal.

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

EU environment cases against UK left in limbo by Brexit

  2020-02-25 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Brexit has left the fate of up to eleven key legal cases, on issues from air pollution to porpoises, hanging in the balance

  Tagged under: European Union | Greenpeace

Revealed: Pesticide giants make billions on toxic, bee-harming chemicals

  2020-02-20 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Global pesticide giants make more than a third of their income from selling highly hazardous pesticides that threaten human health and the environment.

  Tagged under: Bees | Greenpeace | Health

BP lobbied Trump to weaken climate safeguards on oil and gas projects

  2020-01-23 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Together with the American Petroleum Institute, BP asked Trump to largely exclude the climate impacts of oil projects from environmental assessments

  Tagged under: BP | Donald Trump | Climate Change | Greenpeace | Climate Change Impacts

Microsoft Announces New Commitment to Renewable Energy—Greenpeace Response

  2020-01-23 (or before) in

Common Dreams has been providing breaking news & views for the progressive community since 1997. We are independent, non-profit, advertising-free and 100% reader supported. Our Mission: To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenpeace

Dirty Power: Big Coal’s network of influence over the coalition government

  2020-01-09 (or before) in YouTube

Find out more:’ve uncovered the web of connections between the world’s biggest coal giants, industry groups, lobby...

  Tagged under: Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Tackling degraded oceans could mitigate climate crisis - report

  2019-12-04 in The Guardian

Sanctuaries and treaties to restore seas’ ecosystems would boost their capacity to absorb heat and store carbon

  Tagged under: Oceans | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Wildlife | Greenpeace

Brexit Party and Tories worst for climate change policies, Greenpeace analysis shows | The Independent | The Independent

  2019-12-03 (or before) in The Independent

Conservative support for polluting industries, such as aviation, oil and gas ‘at odds with their net zero target’, analysis says

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Net Zero | Greenpeace

'Black wall' of redacted pages as UK fracking report finally released

  2019-12-02 in The Guardian

People will wonder why there is so much the government wants to conceal, says Greenpeace

  Tagged under: Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

Investigative journalism from Greenpeace UK

  2019-11-14 (or before) in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

Environmental news and investigations brought to you by Unearthed, Greenpeace UK's award-winning, editorially-independent journalism team.

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

UK set to miss raft of key environmental targets in 2020 and beyond

  2019-11-12 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

The UK is running out of time to meet environmental targets, from air pollution to recycling. As 2020 approaches, here's a lowdown of the key ones.

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Charities say next UK government must bring forward climate targets

  2019-11-04 in The Guardian

Groups including Greenpeace, WI and Oxfam call for faster action in letter to all parties

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Greenpeace | Activism

Labour unveils plans for carbon-neutral energy system by 2030s

  2019-10-23 in The Guardian

Strategy includes 30 recommendations including insulation upgrades for every home in UK

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenhouse Gases | Insulation | Greenpeace

Government's shift to relax shale gas fracking safeguards condemned

  2019-08-15 in The Guardian

Environment groups fear possibly ‘weakened’ earthquake risk rules after report on Cuadrilla drilling

  Tagged under: Activism | Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace

We went undercover at one of London's recycling plants

  2019-06-26 in Greenpeace UK - Unearthed

We saw unopened recycling bags picked from the line and sent for incineration as workers battled rats, cockroaches and targets

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

Theresa May commits to net zero UK carbon emissions by 2050

  2019-06-11 in The Guardian

UK to put down legislation but Greenpeace warns of impact on developing nations

  Tagged under: Greenhouse Gases | Net Zero | Legislation | Greenpeace

Climate change activists vow to step up protests around world

  2018-12-17 in The Guardian

Campaigners say they will force governments to act after lack of progress at UN summit

  Tagged under: Activism | Climate Change | Greenpeace

Greenpeace, Renewable Energy, and Data Centers – Perspectives

  2018-12-14 (or before) in Perspectives - James Hamilton's Blog

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenpeace

Greenpeace #ClickClean

  2018-12-14 (or before) in Change the code, not the climate

  Tagged under: Greenpeace

World's largest carbon producers face landmark human rights case

  2016-07-27 in The Guardian

Filipino government body gives 47 ‘carbon majors’ 45 days to respond to allegations of human rights violations resulting from climate change

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Greenpeace | Activism

Cloud Computing, Server Utilization, & the Environment | Amazon Web Services

  2015-06-05 in Cloud Computing Services - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

After reading the Greenpeace, Renewable Energy, and Data Centers blog entry from my colleague James Hamilton a couple of weeks back, I took a look at the Greenpeace report on data center power consumption and noted that it’s pretty unusual for an environmental report to not feature energy conservation as a primary evaluation criteria. It […]

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Greenpeace

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