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Topic: Colonialism

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How Wealthy Corporations Use Investment Agreements to Extract Millions From Developing Countries - Inside Climate News

  2024-01-14 by in Inside Climate News

A case in point: When Ecuador placed a windfall tax on foreign oil operations, French and U.S. companies filed claims—and were awarded more than $800 million.

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Litigation | France

Green Colonialism | NOEMA

  2023-12-23 (or before) in Noema Magazine

In Sweden’s Arctic, a battle for the Earth’s climate rages, and a question looms: Are we simply trading out one extractive industry for another?

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Revealed: How colonial rule radically shifts historical responsibility for climate change - Carbon Brief

  2023-11-26 by in Carbon Brief

Historical responsibility for climate change is radically shifted when colonial rule is taken into account, Carbon Brief analysis reveals.

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Corruption and Rights Abuses Are Flourishing in Lithium Mining Across Africa, a New Report Finds - Inside Climate News

  2023-11-15 by in Inside Climate News

On a Sunday afternoon in March 2023, Darlington Vito was shot in the head outside an industrial lithium mine in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.  A subsistence miner, he had been searching for chunks of ore in a rubble pile when a security guard at the mine site fired his weapon without warning, family members and local […]

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Zimbabwe | Africa | Lithium

A Shadowy Corner of International Law Is Threatening Climate Action, U.N. Expert Warns - Inside Climate News

  2023-10-21 by in Inside Climate News

Soon after Italy approved a ban on offshore oil drilling, in 2015, the country received some alarming news: A British oil company that had been planning to drill was suing the government, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. The company, called Rockhopper, brought its claim not in Italian courts but through a system […]

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Colonialism not all positive for Aboriginal people

  2023-09-27 in Cosmos Science News, Features, Podcasts, Video and Print Magazine

Psychologist has spoken out on recent claims made about wellbeing of Aboriginal people during the Voice debate, saying: “…trauma feeds trauma.”

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Climate Colonialism: The New Face of Power Abuse

  2023-09-27 (or before) in Tiredearth

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Welcome to the New Green Colonialism

  2023-09-19 by in

In a fit of madness or just plain desperation, you’ve enrolled in a get-rich-quick scheme. All you have to do is sell some products, sign up some friends, make some phone calls. Follow that simple

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Rich countries ‘trap’ poor nations into relying on fossil fuels

  2023-08-21 in The Guardian

Campaigners criticise ‘new form of colonialism’, where countries in the global south are forced to invest in fossil fuel projects to repay debts

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Fossil Fuels | Finance

‘Green colonialism’: Indigenous world leaders warn over west’s climate strategy

  2023-04-23 in The Guardian

UN summit in New York hears how resources needed for sustainable energy threaten Indigenous land and people

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Tiredearth | Climate Colonialism: The New Face of Power Abuse

  2023-03-30 (or before) in Tiredearth

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Fueling Resistance

  2022-12-14 (or before) in MIT

In Fueling Resistance, Kate Neville dissects the processes, and political economy framework, of resistance to two different alternative fuel projects in two distinct and disparate locations. The comparison centers on resistance to a biofuel project in Kenya and a fracking project in the Yukon territory of Canada. The unwritten premise is that these two energy projects, and the subsequent resistance to them, may not have obvious similarities given their distinct characteristics and locations but in fact have several elements in common. Neville outlines how these cases can be viewed as similar and concludes that understanding the ...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Colonialism | Rivers | Fracking | Fossil Fuels | Wind Power | Health | Climate Justice | Food Production and Consumption | Finance

The colonial roots of the present crisis: Interview with Amitav Ghosh - Brave New Europe

  2022-10-19 by in Brave New Europe

A fascinating interview with an Indian writer of fiction and non-fiction about colonialism, climate change and much more Cross-posted from the Green European Journal This August, Pakistan was hit with floods that left 50 million [...]

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Colonialism

Climate emergency is a legacy of colonialism, says Greenpeace UK

  2022-07-21 in The Guardian

Report says global south has been ‘used as place to dump waste’ and that people of colour are suffering disproportionately

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Greenpeace

Green Energy’s Dirty Secret: Its Hunger for African Resources

  2022-07-04 (or before) by in Foreign Policy - the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

The scramble for battery metals threatens to replicate one of the most destructive dynamics in global economic history.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Congo | China | Minerals | Africa | Colonialism

Here’s how to repay developing nations for colonialism – and fight the climate crisis | Michael Franczak and Olúfẹ́mi O Táíwò

  2022-01-14 in The Guardian

The IMF allots voting rights and emergency funds according to an outdated and unfair quota system established in 1944, before most colonies were free. Let’s change it

  Tagged under: COP26 | Climate Change | Colonialism | Finance

Jeffrey Sachs' speech at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit (full speech)

  2021-10-14 (or before) in YouTube

Speaking about food systems transformation, colonialism, the CIA, the Republicans, the UN budget, and taxing the rich

  Tagged under: Colonialism

Excerpt | To End Fossil Fuels, End Settler Colonialism

  2021-07-11 (or before) in YES! Magazine

Much environmental framing misses the point about capitalism and Indigenous sovereignty.

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Capitalism | Fossil Fuels

The oft-overlooked psychological wounds of climate apartheid and climate colonialism

  2021-02-22 (or before) by in Gen Dread | Britt Wray | Substack

An interview with philosopher Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò

  Tagged under: Colonialism

It’s time to add global justice to XR’s demands

  2019-10-24 (or before) in Red Pepper

Extinction Rebellion must recognise the impacts of colonialism and capitalism, and demand a just transition for all, argues Aranyo Aarjan

  Tagged under: Extinction Rebellion | Colonialism | Capitalism

As the left wakes up to climate injustice, we must not fall into ‘green colonialism’ | Dalia Gebrial

  2019-05-08 in The Guardian

Any Green New Deal must avoid the imperial mistakes of the past, and value the global south as much as westerners, says freelance journalist Dalia Gebrial

  Tagged under: Activism | Colonialism

Sustainable Development is a Lie

  2015-11-19 by in Fair Observer

The term “development” is just colonialism applied to the natural world, says Derrick Jensen.

  Tagged under: Sustainable Development | Colonialism

In name of "conservation", Kenyan forces torch homes of indigenous Sengwer people

  2014-01-26 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

By New Internationalist Kenyan security forces have been burning hundreds of homes – belonging to some of the country’s oldest hunter-gatherers – in the last fortnight, in the name of ‘conserving forest biodiversity’ and safeguarding the area’s water catchment area for urban access. The Kenya Forest Service Guard, along with riot troops armed with AK-47 machine […]

  Tagged under: Colonialism | Trees

Activist groups take aim at World Bank for assisting corporate land takeovers in Africa

  2012-04-23 by in Deep Green Resistance News Service

By John Vidal & Claire Provost / The Guardian The World Bank is helping corporations and international investors snap up cheap land in Africa and developing countries worldwide at the expense of local communities, environment and farm groups said in a statement released on Monday to coincide with the bank’s annual land and poverty conference […]

  Tagged under: Farming | Africa | Activism | Colonialism

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