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Battery Recycling Market Size, Growth, Trends Analysis, Segmentation, And Forecast 2024-2032

  2024-03-14 (or before) by in


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Want to keep your home powered during an outage? Try a big battery that lasts 3 days | CBC News

  2024-03-13 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

Nova Scotia Power says it will take the next year to evaluate if it can expand a pilot project that put home-sized electrical storage batteries into 125 households across the province.

  Tagged under: Prepping | Batteries

UK government must kick-start the construction of large-scale electricity storage or fail to meet legal binding net zero targets by 2050, warns Royal Society report | Royal Society

  2024-03-11 (or before) in The Royal Society

‘Large-scale electricity storage’ report examines a wide variety of ways to store surplus wind and solar generated electricity which will be needed when Great Britain’s supply is dominated by volatile wind and solar power.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Energy Storage | UK | Renewable Energy | Electricity Grid | Wind Power

Large-scale electricity storage | Royal Society

  2024-03-11 (or before) in The Royal Society

This policy briefing explores the need for energy storage to underpin renewable energy generation in Great Britain. It assesses various energy storage technologies.

  Tagged under: Electricity Grid | Electricity | Batteries

World’s largest sand battery set to slash emissions in Finnish town

  2024-03-10 (or before) in Euronews

The battery will be able to store a week’s heat demand in winter - how does it work?

  Tagged under: Europe | Energy Storage | Batteries | Wind Power

“This is our North Star:” Auto giant backs sodium-ion EV battery technology

  2024-01-17 by in The Driven - Australian EV News

Dutch automotive giant Stellantis among several companies to invest in French company Tiamat which is commercialising sodium-ion battery technology.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Cars

Long Duration Energy Storage Could Cut Cost of GB Power System by up to £24 Billion 

  2024-01-13 (or before) in Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

New analysis by LCP Delta and published within the consultation on 'Designing a policy framework to enable investment in long duration electricity storage' from the Department for En...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | UK | Energy Storage | Batteries | Electricity

Another big battery wanted to help replace Australia’s biggest coal generator

  2023-03-14 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

NSW is launching a new tender – likely for a big battery – focused on the “firming” gap created by the planned retirement of Australia’s biggest coal generator.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Coal

This geothermal startup showed its wells can be used like a giant underground battery | MIT Technology Review

  2023-03-12 (or before) in MIT Technology Review

  Tagged under: Batteries | Geothermal Energy

How much lithium does Iran have?

  2023-03-10 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

At more than 8.5 million tons, the discovery could have enormous geopolitical implications

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Russia | Iran | Finance

Sodium-ion battery gets world-first certification, in new boost for cheaper storage

  2023-03-09 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

China storage company becomes world’s first to get certification of international safety standards of its sodium ion battery.

  Tagged under: Batteries | China

EV transition targets are ‘not achievable’ within current timelines, industry says

  2023-03-09 (or before) in

Manufacturers have named challenges in adapting to a new battery supply chain, concerns over the investment, shortages of raw materials and lack of grid capacity as barriers to the transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

  Tagged under: Batteries | Electric Cars | EVs | Electricity Grid

'Europe's biggest' battery in East Yorkshire opens - Energy Live News

  2023-03-03 by in Energy Live News

The project has the capacity to store enough energy to power around 300,000 homes in Yorkshire for two hours

  Tagged under: Batteries

Breakthrough in Battery Technology: Progress on Fast-Charging Lithium-Metal Batteries

  2023-02-09 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

In a new Nature Energy paper, engineers report progress toward lithium-metal batteries that charge fast – as fast as an hour. This fast charging is thanks to lithium metal crystals that can be seeded and grown – quickly and uniformly – on a surprising surface. The trick is to use a crystal growing s

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

4 ways to store renewable energy that don’t involve batteries

  2023-01-29 (or before) in The World Economic Forum

Energy storage is increasingly important as the world depends more on renewables. Here are four clever ways we can store renewable energy without batteries.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries

Iron-Air Batteries 10 Times Cheaper Than Li-Ion Will Start Mass Production in 2024

  2023-01-16 by in

Started in the labs at MIT, Form Energy is the company that improved a 140-year-old battery technology to revolutionize energy storage. Its iron-air batt...

  Tagged under: Batteries

For U.S. Companies, the Race for the New EV Battery Is On

  2022-12-29 (or before) in Yale E360

Spurred by federal mandates and incentives, U.S. manufacturers are pushing forward with developing new battery technologies for electric vehicles. The holy grail is a battery that is safer, costs less, provides longer driving range, and doesn’t use imported “conflict” minerals.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Minerals

Cottingham: Europe's biggest battery storage system switched on - BBC News

  2022-11-22 (or before) in The BBC

The facility in Cottingham begins operating four months early to help ease UK winter power fears.

  Tagged under: Batteries

E-bike batteries have caused 200 fires in New York: ‘Everyone’s scared’

  2022-11-15 in The Guardian

Delivery workers grapple with danger after dozens injured in blazes that can spread quickly and suddenly

  Tagged under: Batteries

How your phone battery creates striking alien landscapes

  2022-11-12 (or before) in BBC

There's a global hunt for lithium to power our phones and electric vehicles. BBC Future explores the distinctive terrain where the stuff is mined.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

Storing renewable electricity on the grid of the future | by Kit Fitton | Medium

  2022-11-10 (or before) in Medium

Batteries are going to need some help

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Electricity | Electricity Grid

CATL Will Mass Produce Sodium-Ion Batteries in 2023 |

  2022-10-28 in – Coverage of Disruptive Science and Technology

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) plans to start mass production of its sodium-ion batteries in 2023. CATL has setup a large supply chain for

  Tagged under: Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Us

  2022-10-18 in The Nation

A national fleet of battery-powered cars is unlikely to prove sustainable and could have catastrophic consequences globally.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Joe Biden | Cobalt | Electric Cars | Cars

Crab and lobster shells could be used to make renewable batteries

  2022-09-01 in The Guardian

Prototype designed using chemical in crustacean shells remains 99.7% efficient after about 400 hours

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Shell | Batteries

Saudi Arabia’s EV Battery Bets Are a Warning

  2022-08-24 (or before) in Bloomberg

Apart from China, no country has managed to achieve manufacturing scale. That may be about to change.

  Tagged under: Batteries | China | Saudi Arabia

Development of vanadium-based polyanion positive electrode active materials for high-voltage sodium-based batteries - Nature Communications

  2022-08-14 (or before) in Nature

The development of high-capacity and high-voltage electrode materials can boost the performance of sodium-based batteries. Here, the authors report the synthesis of a polyanion positive electrode active material that enables high-capacity and high-voltage sodium battery performance.

  Tagged under: Batteries

Researchers seem to stumble across an electrolyte for a sodium battery

  2022-08-14 (or before) in Ars Technica

Sodium is cheap and plentiful, but its use in batteries brings some challenges.

  Tagged under: Batteries

Alsym Energy | Non-Flammable. Non-Toxic. Low-Cost. High Performance.

  2022-08-12 (or before) in Alsym Energy | Non-Flammable. Non-Toxic. Low-Cost. High Performance.

We're working to deliver performance comparable to lithium-ion batteries at a fraction of the cost and risk—something no other tech can do.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

Powdered sodium battery design promises a 15% leap in energy density

  2022-08-03 in New Atlas

With real uncertainty clouding the world's supply of lithium, alternative battery chemistries will be crucial as we continue our uptake of electric vehicles and mobile devices. One exciting candidate in this space is sodium-ion, and a research team in Russia has developed a novel battery of this…

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Lithium | Batteries | Russia

Redwood Materials To Recycle All Batteries From VW, Audi EVs In USA

  2022-07-15 (or before) in InsideEVs | Electric Vehicle News, Reviews, and Reports

The company headed by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel will work directly with VW Group's 1,000 US dealers to identify end-of-life batteries and materials.

  Tagged under: Batteries | USA | Electric Cars | EVs

‘Insane’ lithium price bump threatens EV fix for climate change | Climate Crisis | Al Jazeera

  2022-07-07 (or before) by in Al Jazeera

The price of the metal used in batteries for electric cars has risen six-fold since the start of the year.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Climate Change | Electric Cars | Cars

Green Energy’s Dirty Secret: Its Hunger for African Resources

  2022-07-04 (or before) by in Foreign Policy - the Global Magazine of News and Ideas

The scramble for battery metals threatens to replicate one of the most destructive dynamics in global economic history.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Congo | China | Minerals | Africa | Colonialism

Exhausted: How We Can Stop Lithium Mining from Depleting Water Resources, Draining Wetlands, and Harming Communities in South America

  2022-06-28 (or before) in Natural Resources Defense Council

Many green technologies, such as electric vehicles and renewable power plants, depend on lithium-ion batteries, which require lithium. Lithium may play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but a climate-friendly future cannot come at the expense of destroying...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Lithium | Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Wetlands | South America | Water Resources

How a Battery Metals Squeeze Puts EV Future at Risk

  2022-06-08 (or before) in Bloomberg

The world’s epic shift into electric vehicles needs to overcome a major obstacle: how to meet rocketing demand for batteries, the vital component, while cutting the cost to help the cars go mainstream. Factory lines churning out power packs to fuel a clean energy future are being built faster than strained supply chains can keep up. A global rush to lock in stocks of lithium, nickel, cobalt and other key ingredients from a handful of nations has sent prices hurtling higher. There are major conce

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Cobalt | Electric Cars | Cars

How the humble battery can help save the world - BBC Ideas

  2022-02-07 (or before) in The BBC

  Tagged under: Batteries

Nissan Teases Teeny, Tiny Micra EV, & A Solid-State Battery Plan, Too

  2022-01-31 in Cleantech News — #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

Nissan relaunches a 100% electric version of its Micra subcompact, and a low cost, long range solid-state battery could be in the works, eventually.

  Tagged under: Batteries

The Black Forest Holds a Secret to Making Electric Cars Greener

  2021-12-15 (or before) in Bloomberg

A new mining process aims to produce battery-grade lithium in Germany without hurting the environment.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Germany | Electric Cars | Cars | Trees

Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles

  2021-11-26 in The Guardian

EVs are seen as key in transition to low-carbon economy, but as their human and environmental costs become clearer, can new tech help?

  Tagged under: Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Electric Cars | EVs | Cars

‘Battery arms race’: how China has monopolised the electric vehicle industry

  2021-11-25 in The Guardian

Chinese companies dominate mining, battery and manufacturing sectors, and amid human rights concerns, Europe and the US are struggling to keep pace

  Tagged under: Batteries | Congo | Africa | Electric Cars | Cars

Rio Tinto’s past casts a shadow over Serbia’s hopes of a lithium revolution

  2021-11-19 in The Guardian

People in the Jadar valley fear environmental catastrophe as Europe presses for self-sufficiency in battery technology

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

Cars Are Going Electric. What Happens to the Used Batteries?

  2021-11-03 (or before) in WIRED Magazine

  Tagged under: Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

Indigenous tribes tried to block a car battery mine. But the courts stood in the way

  2021-10-15 in The Guardian

Legal setbacks in efforts to block a new lithium mine in Nevada’s Thacker Pass highlight how federal courts routinely fail to protect sacred lands

  Tagged under: Activism | Lithium | Batteries

Sun Cable: World’s biggest solar and battery project expands again, gets Indonesia approval

  2021-09-23 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

Sun Cable expands to a solar project of up to 20GW and up to 42GWh of battery storage, as it gains approval from Indonesia for a sub-sea cable.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Solar Energy | Indonesia

Vanadium redox flow battery for utility-scale applications, microgrids – pv magazine International

  2021-07-25 (or before) in pv magazine International

A unit of Largo Resources is launching a new vanadium redox flow battery for utility-scale storage projects, microgrids, renewable energy integration, grid smoothing, and backup power. The battery will feature a modular architecture, based on 1 MW "building blocks" and 2 MWh blocks of storage capacity.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Electricity Grid

World's cheapest energy storage will be an iron-air battery, says Jeff Bezos-backed start-up | Recharge

  2021-07-23 in Recharge | Latest renewable energy news

Secretive US start-up Form Energy finally reveals the chemistry of its revolutionary long-duration battery — which it says will store energy at one tenth the co

  Tagged under: Batteries

Only batteries have the power to save British carmaking

  2021-07-03 in The Guardian

Nissan’s ‘gigafactory’ in Sunderland must be the first of many sites if the UK is to compete in the electric vehicle era

  Tagged under: Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Electric Cars | Cars

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from seawater

  2021-06-04 in Electrek

Researchers have figured out how to extract lithium, an essential part of EV batteries, from seawater in an economical way.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

The next-generation cobalt-free EV battery is just around the corner | LMC AUTOMOTIVE

  2021-05-27 in LMC AUTOMOTIVE - Automotive Forecasting Sales Production Powertrain

Innovations in the development of electric vehicle batteries may mean that cobalt is no longer a neccesity

  Tagged under: Batteries | Cobalt

Caldera - The Heat Battery Company

  2021-05-17 (or before) in Caldera Heat Batteries - Low Carbon Heat

We are the makers of Warmstone™, the world’s most efficient and technologically advanced zero carbon heat battery for household use.

  Tagged under: Batteries

Developer Of Aluminum-Ion Battery Claims It Charges 60 Times Faster Than Lithium-Ion, Offering EV Range Breakthrough

  2021-05-14 (or before) by in Forbes

The graphene aluminum-ion battery cells from the Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) are claimed to charge up to 60 times faster than the best lithium-ion cells and hold more energy.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

In Boost for Renewables, Grid-Scale Battery Storage Is on the Rise

  2021-05-04 (or before) in Yale E360

Driven by technological advances, facilities are being built with storage systems that can hold enough renewable energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes. The advent of “big battery” technology addresses a key challenge for green energy — the intermittency of wind and solar.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Solar Energy | Wind Power | Electricity Grid

Alternatives to Cobalt, the Blood Diamond of Batteries

  2021-04-22 (or before) in WIRED Magazine

  Tagged under: Batteries | Cobalt

New high-capacity sodium-ion could replace lithium in rechargeable batteries - University of Birmingham

  2021-04-22 (or before) in University of Birmingham - A leading global university

University of Birmingham scientists are paving the way to swap the lithium in lithium-ion batteries with sodium, according to research publi

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

Did QuantumScape Just Solve a 40-Year-Old Battery Problem?

  2021-04-14 (or before) in WIRED Magazine

  Tagged under: Batteries

This super-energy-dense battery could nearly double the range of electric vehicles

  2021-04-14 (or before) in MIT Technology Review

But some observers aren’t convinced that QuantumScape’s lithium-metal batteries will power cars and trucks on the road as soon as the company claims.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

Fossil fuel cars make 'hundreds of times' more waste than electric cars

  2021-03-01 in The Guardian

Analysis by transport group says battery electric vehicles are superior to their petrol and diesel counterparts

  Tagged under: Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Electric Cars | Fossil Fuels | Cars

Powering up: UK hills could be used as energy 'batteries'

  2021-02-08 in The Guardian

Engineers explore using gentle slopes rather than steep dams or mountains to store electricity

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Electricity

Electric car batteries with five-minute charging times produced

  2021-01-19 in The Guardian

Exclusive: first factory production means recharging could soon be as fast as filling up petrol or diesel vehicles

  Tagged under: Batteries | Greenhouse Gases | Electric Cars | Cars

Thermally modulated lithium iron phosphate batteries for mass-market electric vehicles - Nature Energy

  2021-01-19 (or before) in Nature

Ternary layered oxides dominate the current automobile batteries but suffer from material scarcity and operational safety. Here the authors report that, when operating at around 60 °C, a low-cost lithium iron phosphate-based battery exhibits ultra-safe, fast rechargeable and long-lasting properties.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

Kirill Klip: The rEVolution Feeding Frenzy and the Shadow Beneath: Lithium-Ion Batteries and the Next Leap Forward.

  2020-12-27 (or before) in Kirill Klip

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

How to hybridise batteries and supercapacitors | The Economist

  2020-11-06 (or before) in The Economist Magazine

The offspring will give electric cars more range and power

  Tagged under: Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

Powerhouses: nanotechnology turns bricks into batteries

  2020-08-11 in The Guardian

Research could pave way for cheap supercapacitor storage of renewable energy

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries

Electric vehicles: the future we made and the problem of unmaking it

  2020-06-24 (or before) in Oxford Academic

Abstract. The uptake of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), subject to bottlenecks, seems to have reached a tipping point in the UK and this mirrors a general tre

  Tagged under: Batteries | Tipping Points

California Utility Is Set to Build Giant 770-MW Energy Battery Storage

  2020-05-18 (or before) in Engineering News-Record | ENR

Southern California Edison project cost was not disclosed but system is set to be one of the largest procured in the U.S. to store more clean power.

  Tagged under: Batteries | California

To Understand the Medical Supply Shortage, It Helps to Know How the U.S. Lost the Lithium Ion Battery to China

  2020-04-21 (or before) by in Pro Publica

The failed U.S. effort to dominate global production of the lithium ion battery — which is key to energy independence, automobile innovation and more — holds lessons for leaders grappling with the U.S.’s reliance on China for emergency medical supplies.

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries

Is GM's New EV Battery a Tesla Killer?

  2020-03-08 (or before) in Popular Mechanics

It goes 400 miles on a charge—and it's flexible in an important new way.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Tesla

Waste firm reveals batteries sparked six fires in its depots last year

  2020-01-27 (or before) in Brighton Argus

A WASTE firm has revealed batteries caused six fires in its depots last year.

  Tagged under: Batteries

Electric cars could charge in 10 minutes with a new kind of battery

  2020-01-06 (or before) by in New Scientist

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars | Electricity

A new battery could keep your phone charged for five days

  2020-01-06 (or before) by in New Scientist

  Tagged under: Lithium | Batteries | Electric Cars | EVs

The Underestimated Potential of Battery Electric Vehicles to Reduce Emissions - ScienceDirect

  2019-11-25 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Batteries

SRP plans to install Arizona's biggest battery for massive solar plant

  2019-11-15 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Batteries | Solar Energy | Rivers

Electric car future may depend on deep sea mining - BBC News

  2019-11-14 (or before) in BBC

Demand is soaring for the metal cobalt, an essential ingredient in batteries and abundant on the seabed.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Cobalt

Electric cars could be charged in 10 minutes in future, finds research

  2019-10-30 in The Guardian

Scientists are developing rapid-charging batteries that could be in use in a couple of years

  Tagged under: Batteries | Electric Cars | Cars

UK firm announces plans for first 'liquid to gas' cryogenic battery

  2019-10-21 in The Guardian

Highview Power claims device will be Europe’s largest energy storage project

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Fossil Fuels


  2019-08-07 in The International Chronicles - Interactive Forum of political culture

“Green Energy” advocates dream of powering society entirely with wind and solar farms combined with massive batteries. Realizing this dream would require the biggest expansion in mining…

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Batteries | Wind Power

HMRC pushes steep VAT increase for new solar-battery systems

  2019-06-24 in The Guardian

Treasury proposes rise from 5% to 20%, while the tax on coal will stay at lower rate

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Batteries | Solar Energy | Coal

Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki, and Mazda to Throw Their Combined 16 Million Might Behind BEVs

  2019-06-11 (or before) by in The Drive - Automotive News, Car Reviews and Car Tech | The Drive

Long list of battery-electric products lined-up. Solid-state battery to be launched next year. Nagging doubts about profitability.

  Tagged under: Batteries

Patent Suggests Tesla Is On Cusp Of Battery Chemistry Breakthrough

  2019-06-04 (or before) in InsideEVs | Electric Vehicle News, Reviews, and Reports

Tesla's battery expert Jeff Dahn has submitted a new patent for battery cell chemistry that will lead to faster charging, longer life, and lower cost.

  Tagged under: Batteries | Tesla

Tesla manager warns of global shortage of battery minerals in near future

  2019-05-03 in Computing - The UK's leading source for the analysis of business technology

Some minerals cannot be easily obtained, due to underinvestment in the mining sector

  Tagged under: Batteries | Tesla | Minerals

Tesla Model S battery degradation data

  2015-01-24 in Steinbuch Want to read about the acceleration we are seeing in our society in the area of mobility? Read our new book 'Forward'. Updated June 9, 2020. Today, Tesla Motors published their 2019 Impact report. The report contains very interesting data about the environmental impact of their products. In the report, for the first time, there…

  Tagged under: Batteries | Tesla

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