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Topic: Recycling

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Battery Recycling Market Size, Growth, Trends Analysis, Segmentation, And Forecast 2024-2032

  2024-03-14 (or before) by in


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  Tagged under: Recycling | Batteries

When wind turbine blades get old what's next?

  2024-03-12 in The BBC

As more wind farms are decommissioned ways need to be found to dispose of their tough turbine blades.

  Tagged under: Recycling | Wind Power

These are the top 5 most sustainable drink containers ranked

  2024-03-11 (or before) in

Ever wondered how different drink containers fare in terms of sustainability? These results suggest that reusing and reducing waste is still the best way to protect the environment.

  Tagged under: Aluminium | Plastic | Recycling | Sustainability

Glass or plastic: which is better for the environment?

  2023-04-28 in BBC

For centuries we have used glass to store food, beverages, chemicals and cosmetics. But is it time to find a more sustainable alternative?

  Tagged under: Plastic | Recycling

Mess still unfolding after plastic recycling scandal

  2023-02-11 in Canberra news, sport and weather | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

  Tagged under: Recycling

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