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Topic: Energy

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Price cap to increase by £693 from April

  2024-03-11 (or before) in

The energy price cap will increase from 1 April for approximately 22 million customers.

  Tagged under: UK | Energy

Exponential Growth Arithmetic, Population and Energy, Dr. Albert A. Bartlett

  2024-03-06 (or before) in YouTube

Dr. Albert A. BartlettProfessor EmeritusDepartment of PhysicsUniversity of Colorado, Boulder

  Tagged under: Energy | Science

Government confirms £1bn budget for clean power auction, but fears grow over offshore wind target

  2024-03-06 in Business Green

Experts warn next auction round likely to leave the UK badly off track to meet its target of 50GW of new offshore wind capacity by 2030

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Energy | UK Politics | Wind Power

Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels, boosted by energy security strengths - News - IEA

  2024-01-24 (or before) in IEA – International Energy Agency

Clean energy investment is extending its lead over fossil fuels, boosted by energy security strengths - News from the International Energy Agency

  Tagged under: Fossil Fuels | Energy

Special report: Redesigning the UK's energy grid for a greener climate

  2023-12-15 (or before) in YouTube

The UK's electricity grid is struggling to catch up with the shifting energy map, as renewables replace fossil fuels and the grid’s infrastructure and manage...

  Tagged under: Energy | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero | Electricity | Electricity Grid | Renewable Energy

Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda

  2023-11-27 by in Climate Home News

Whistleblowers caution about the increasing role of McKinsey in the climate agenda, promoting carbon markets and energy transition plans

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Energy | Carbon Pricing | Africa

Contracts-for-Difference (CfDs)

  2023-04-12 by in Florence School of Regulation - European University of Institute

What are Contracts-for-Difference (CfDs)? How are they designed? And how do they apply to the markets?

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Energy

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