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Topic: Carbon Pricing

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Leaks reveal how McKinsey drives African climate agenda

  2023-11-27 by in Climate Home News

Whistleblowers caution about the increasing role of McKinsey in the climate agenda, promoting carbon markets and energy transition plans

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Energy | Carbon Pricing | Africa

UK government cuts cost of polluting in latest anti-green move | Financial Times

  2023-07-31 (or before) in Financial Times

Quietly announced changes to carbon pricing water down incentives for industry to reduce emissions

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

Does carbon pricing reduce emissions? A review of ex-post analyses - IOPscience

  2023-03-08 (or before) in IOPscience

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

After 25 Years of Futility, Democrats Finally Jettison Carbon Pricing in Favor of Incentives to Counter Climate Change - Inside Climate News

  2022-08-12 by in Inside Climate News

The nation’s first comprehensive climate law, expected to be sealed with a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, will not look anything like the program imagined by either climate economists or those in Washington and the environmental movement who had faith in bipartisan action. From the time that the world first agreed […]

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing | Climate Change

Far from optimal? Exploring the normative premises and politics of carbon pricing - ScienceDirect

  2022-01-12 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

Experts Lay Out Their Case Against Carbon Pricing | naked capitalism

  2021-04-14 in Naked Capitalism

Climate change policy advocates have turned against market approcaches like carbon offsets, which have clearly failed. But what next?

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing | Capitalism

Beyond Carbon Pricing: Tax Reform is Climate Policy

  2021-03-02 (or before) in Wiley Online Library

Before implementing new programs, or expanding current ones, we need more analysis of whether carbon pricing has already reduced emissions, and by how much. Thus, for the time being, policy makers sh...

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

Does carbon pricing reduce emissions? A review of ex-post analyses - IOPscience

  2021-03-02 (or before) in IOPscience

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

Australia out of the ‘climate club’ as EU advances carbon border tax

  2021-02-07 (or before) in Financial Review - Business, Finance and Investment News |

The European Parliament is set to back the plan to tax carbon-heavy imports, as Brussels hopes the US, Britain and even China will get on board.

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing

Climate Change

  2020-06-20 (or before) in World Bank

Latest news and information from the World Bank and its development work on Climate Change. Access facts, statistics, project information, development research from experts and latest news about Climate Change.

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing | Renewable Energy | Climate Change | Finance

It's the economy that needs to be integrated into the environment - not the other way around | Andrew Simms

  2016-06-14 in The Guardian

Andrew Simms: BP’s call for a ‘meaningful carbon price’ is the latest example of wrongly trying to apply economic theories and tools to the environment

  Tagged under: Carbon Pricing | Economics | BP

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