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Topic: Decarbonisation

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Explainer: How the world’s largest ocean decarbonisation plant will work

  2024-03-04 by in - Asia Pacific's Sustainable Business Community

The plant, backed by Singapore's water agency PUB and US-based startup Equatic, aims to remove 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the ocean each day.

  Tagged under: Asia | Carbon Capture and Storage | Decarbonisation

'Insufficient ambition and not enough action': UN warns world is on track for 3C of warming

  2023-11-20 in Business Green

UN's latest Emissions Gap Report warns that even if governments' decarbonisation goals are met the world is still facing around 2.5C of warming this century

  Tagged under: Global Warming | United Nations | COP28 | Decarbonisation

Synergies between renewable energy and energy efficiency

  2023-10-14 (or before) in IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency

This working paper considers how renewables and energy efficiency can work together to contribute to global energy decarbonisation, and how this synergy affects energy system and technology cost.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation conference lauds progress, but warns UK could soon ‘lag behind’ global leaders

  2023-10-12 by in Energy Voice

Over 200 energy industry leaders gathered in Aberdeen today as Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) held its first ever decarbonisation conference. Speakers at the

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation in Oil and Gas

  2023-10-03 by in Energy Voice

Mark Davison, Group Engineering and Technical Director PD&MS Group, discusses decarbonisation and the challenges it presents. The oil and gas sector

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

'Misguided': Jupiter and Robeco join £1.5trn investor group urging Sunak to stop green delay

  2023-09-29 in Business Green

Dozens of firms sign letter to Prime Minister warning that watering down decarbonisation policies will hurt inward investment into UK

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Climate Change | Decarbonisation

As Sea Ice Melts and Forests Burn, Will the World Heat More than We Feared? – Byline Times

  2023-08-07 by in Byline Times

If there’s any risk future climate change may be worse than we’re anticipating, we must double-down on decarbonisation even more urgently, writes Charlie Gardner

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Decarbonisation | Trees

Climate Change Committee warns UK has 'lost' its global net zero leadership position

  2023-06-28 in Business Green

Annual progress report warns government's official advisors have 'markedly less' confidence in the UK's ability to meet its decarbonisation targets from 2030 onwards

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Net Zero | Decarbonisation

'We're going to throw everything at this': Labour to unveil Green Prosperity Plan

  2023-06-19 in Business Green

Labour Leader to deliver major speech providing more detail on Opposition's sweeping decarbonisation plans, including proposals for state owned GB Energy

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation must not cause ‘undue disturbance’ to public, says Tory MP | The Independent

  2023-05-25 (or before) in The Independent

Dr Liam Fox said the climate debate must be positive if it is to bring people along and ‘augment’ their expected standard of living if possible.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Decarbonisation

Greener flights will cost more, says industry - BBC News

  2023-04-17 (or before) in The BBC

Demand for air travel will be hit as decarbonisation drives up ticket prices, says industry.

  Tagged under: Air Travel | Decarbonisation

Road-building spree will derail UK’s net zero targets, warn campaigners

  2023-04-12 in The Guardian

Hybrid vehicle pollution and van traffic update adds 26 megatonnes of carbon emissions to Department for Transport decarbonisation plan

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Decarbonisation

Munich Re Exits Net-Zero Alliance   - ESG Investor

  2023-04-04 (or before) in ESG Investor – Investing in the Future

Munich Re has left the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) citing anti-trust concerns. In a statement, Joachim Wenning, CEO of Munich Re, said: “In our view, the opportunities to pursue decarbonisation goals in a collective approach among insurers worldwide without exposing ourselves to material antitrust risks are so limited that it is more effective to pursue […]

  Tagged under: Insurance | Net Zero | ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance | Decarbonisation

Industrial heavyweights call for urgent action on cutting Australia’s emissions

  2023-04-03 in The Guardian

In joint statement companies say they are ‘ready to seize opportunity’ of decarbonisation and call on others to join them

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

National contributions to climate change due to historical emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide since 1850 - Scientific Data

  2023-03-30 (or before) in Nature

Anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have made significant contributions to global warming since the pre-industrial period and are therefore targeted in international climate policy. There is substantial interest in tracking and apportioning national contributions to climate change and informing equitable commitments to decarbonisation. Here, we introduce a new dataset of national contributions to global warming caused by historical emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide during the years 1851–2021, which are consistent with the latest findings of the IPCC. ...

  Tagged under: IPCC | Climate Change | Methane | Decarbonisation

'Green Day'? Fears grow government is to prioritise fossil fuel projects in upgraded climate strategy

  2023-03-27 in Business Green

Reports suggest Number 10 wants to rebadge much-anticipated 'Green Day' package of decarbonisation policies as 'Energy Security Day' and ensure a lead role for new gas projects

  Tagged under: Rishi Sunak | Net Zero | Decarbonisation

The Breakthrough Effect

  2023-01-19 by in SYSTEMIQ | The system change company

The Breakthrough Effect: three “super-leverage points” could trigger a cascade of decarbonisation in sectors covering 70% of global GHGs.

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

The cost of not zero

  2022-07-11 in Business Green

The Conservative Party leadership race is fuelling fears the government could dilute its decarbonisation efforts - such a move would amount to a catastrophic economic and strategic error

  Tagged under: Net Zero | Decarbonisation

Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

  2022-02-17 (or before) in IRENA International Renewable Energy Agency

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the geopolitical drivers and potential consequences of the development of clean hydrogen value chains.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Climate Change | Decarbonisation

How to make climate action popular

  2021-10-24 (or before) by in The Conversation

What research shows is important to win support for bold decarbonisation measures.

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

Absolute Zero Report | UK FIRES | Julian Allwood, Professor of Engineering and the Environment | Renewable Heat | Renewable Heating | Renewable Cooling

  2021-08-23 (or before) in Ground Source Energy | District Heating | Heat Networks | Clean Heating | Sustainable Energy | Renewable Energy | Ground source heating | Heat Pumps | Ground source cooling

Absolute Zero Report | we can respond to climate change with today’s technologies | Decarbonisation of Heating | Electrification of heating | electric heat pumps | electric cars

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Climate Change | Electric Cars | Cars | Decarbonisation

Oil and gas funds are no longer Wellcome, says trust's CIO Nick Moakes | New Private Markets

  2021-07-07 in New Private Markets

The $45.2bn foundation's decarbonisation efforts are likely to focus on private equity holdings and it will consider divesting from oil and gas assets.

  Tagged under: Decarbonisation

In-depth: Royal Dutch Shell plc (Shell) climate vote - Global Climate Insights

  2021-05-05 (or before) in Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility

Shell released its climate transition plan, which sets out its emission reduction targets and decarbonisation strategy—read ACCR's in-depth analysis.

  Tagged under: Shell | Decarbonisation

Why ending fossil fuel subsidies and investing in solar is essential for decarbonisation and prosperity - Solarcentury

  2019-11-15 in Solarcentury - International solar PV company

David Edwards, Solarcentury Strategy and Resources Director, takes us through the numbers. The Earth’s carbon budget is rapidly expiring. Since the Paris Agreement, world leaders, major corporations and financial investors have talked much about the importance of transitioning to a decarbonised global economy. However, their ongoing subsidising of and investment in fossil fuels is already […]

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Fossil Fuels | Decarbonisation | Economics

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