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Heat pumps, not hydrogen boilers, are the future of home heating (despite what gas and boiler companies say)

  2024-03-13 in The Scotsman

Heat pumps are commonplace in cold countries like Norway and both the UK and Scottish governments are going off the idea of hydrogen

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Gold Hydrogen - Durham University

  2024-01-31 (or before) by in Durham University

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'Turn wasted wind power into green hydrogen and save UK billions': study

  2024-01-16 in Recharge | Latest renewable energy news

Government must incentivise generators to use excess energy for ‘positive purposes’ rather than collecting curtailment payments, says report

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Hydrogen Lobby Sets Sights On Labour Party

  2023-09-26 by in DeSmog

Hydrogen lobbyists are targeting the Labour Party after betting on the opposition winning next year’s general election, DeSmog can reveal. Energy policy will be a major focus at the October conferences of both major parties, which fall weeks after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak dramatically announced plans to water down the UK’s green targets. Emails seen […]

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Global push for clean hydrogen foiled by costs and lack of support, report finds

  2023-09-22 in The Guardian

IEA says firms are announcing more projects but waiting for government support before investing

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'The strongest possible validation': Airbus and ZeroAvia ink hydrogen aviation partnership

  2023-09-18 in Business Green

Airbus joins latest ZeroAvia investment round and agrees to work with green aviation pioneer on hydrogen power system certification

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Photocatalytic phosphine-mediated water activation for radical hydrogenation - Nature

  2023-09-08 (or before) in Nature

Using a photocatalytic phosphine-mediated radical process under mild conditions enables direct hydrogen atom transfer to closed-shell π systems for activation of water.

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Chemists Develop New Way To Split Water

  2023-09-06 in SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2023

Photocatalytic process enables water to be activated. Hydrogen is often touted as a future energy solution, especially when generated through environmentally friendly methods. Beyond its energy potential, hydrogen plays a crucial role in producing active ingredients and various essential compounds.

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The Guardian view on hydrogen hype: it’s perhaps not as green as you think | Editorial

  2023-08-27 in The Guardian

Editorial: Low carbon emissions in Europe cannot come at the cost of environmental destruction abroad

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Only genuinely clean hydrogen can help solve the climate crisis | Malcolm Turnbull

  2023-08-17 in The Guardian

COP28 in Dubai needs to be the moment the world commits to producing hydrogen with near zero emissions by 2030

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German state ditches “world first” hydrogen train network for “cheaper” electric

  2023-08-07 by in The Driven - Australian EV News

German state abandons plans for “world first” hydrogen train network after concluding that battery electric trains are much cheaper.

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South Australia hopes to be “hydrogen superpower” with 118GW of wind and solar

  2023-06-29 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

South Australia sets sights on becoming hydrogen superpower, with more than 110GW of wind and solar, nearly 40 times its current capacity.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Hydrogen | Wind Power

BHP says battery electric cheaper than hydrogen as it dumps diesel for haul trucks

  2023-06-23 by in The Driven - Australian EV News

BHP crunches numbers on operating costs for electric, hydrogen and diesel, and unveils plans to transition mine site to all electric haulage trucks, with dynamic charging.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

The Biden administration sees hydrogen as a game-changing climate technology. The reality is far more complicated | CNN Politics

  2023-06-05 by in CNN

The Biden administration on Monday announced a goal to produce 50 million metric tons of clean hydrogen fuel by 2050 – a roadmap that, if successful, would cut around 10% of the country’s planet-warming pollution by the same date.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Hydrogen | Joe Biden | US Politics | Electricity | Health | Finance

Carlton Power and Schroders Greencoat join forces to fuel £200m green hydrogen pipeline

  2023-05-23 in Business Green

New joint venture platform GHECO aims to deliver 500MW of green hydrogen projects across the UK using development expertise from Carlton and financing from Schroders Greencoat

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Net Zero

Solar reactor attains over 20% efficiency in hydrogen production

  2023-05-19 by in SolarPACES - International CSP research

A new solar-radiation-concentrating device produces green hydrogen at a rate of more than 2 kilowatts while maintaining efficiencies above 20%. The pilot-scale device, which is already operational under real sunlight conditions, also produces usable heat and oxygen, and its developers at the École polytechnique fédérale Read More ...

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After court blocks renewables push, US promotes carbon capture & hydrogen

  2023-05-11 by in Climate Home News

The Environmental Protection Agency will set limits on power plants' emissions, forcing them to clean up or shut down

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Green hydrogen versus direct renewables – best and worst ways to use wind and solar

  2023-05-08 in Renew Economy | News and analysis for the clean energy economy

The there are good ways to use wind and solar and bad ways. And much of it comes down to where green hydrogen is applied.

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A luddite look at the hydrogen economy | Chris Smaje

  2023-04-28 by in

A few remarks in this post arising from an episode of Nate Hagen’s always interesting ‘Great Simplification’ podcast, in this instance with chemical engineer and hydrogen expert Paul Martin. A key message I took from Martin’s remarks is that hydrogen has various important uses as an industrial chemical – principally for agricultural fertiliser – but […]

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'Unfair costs': Hydrogen heating would push up gas bills, government warned

  2023-04-12 in Business Green

Octopus Energy, E3G, and Green Alliance write to government warning against plans to blend hydrogen into gas network

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Octopus, RES to decarbonise Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facilities with green hydrogen

  2023-04-11 by in Current News - Tracking the transition to a decarbonised, digitised and decentralised energy economy

Octopus Energy Generation and renewable energy company RES have confirmed plans to utilise green hydrogen at two Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facilities.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

On the History and Future of 100% Renewable Energy Systems Research

  2023-04-06 (or before) in

Research on 100% renewable energy systems is a relatively recent phenomenon. It was initiated in the mid-1970s, catalyzed by skyrocketing oil prices. Since the mid-2000s, it has quickly evolved into a prominent research field encompassing an expansive and growing number of research groups and organizations across the world. The main conclusion of most of these studies is that 100% renewables is feasible worldwide at low cost. Advanced concepts and methods now enable the field to chart realistic as well as cost- or resource-optimized and efficient transition pathways to a future without the use of fossil fuels. Such proposed path...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Climate Change | Hydrogen | Wind Power | Fossil Fuels | Climate Justice | Electricity Grid

Wave energy can help decarbonize steel industry through hydrogen production, says new study - International Water Power

  2023-04-04 (or before) in International Water Power & Dam Construction

New research has suggested that wave energy could play a crucial role in decarbonizing the steel manufacturing industry. The study - Assessing wave energy’s value for decarbonizing the steel industry - conducted by CorPower...

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Threat of hydrogen greenwashing stalks Europe’s net-zero plans

  2023-04-02 by in Japan Times

A significant obstacle to the plans is hydrogen’s inefficiency. By the time the gas is made, stored and burned to make electricity again, there’s nearly 70% less energy than at the start.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Hydrogen | Net Zero | Electricity

Switching to hydrogen fuel could prolong the methane problem

  2023-03-14 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Hydrogen's potential as a clean fuel could be limited by a chemical reaction in the lower atmosphere, according to research from Princeton University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Hydrogen | Methane

The case against the UK hydrogen levy

  2023-03-13 (or before) in E3G - A safe climate for all

The Energy Bill in Parliament proposes to introduce a new levy on consumer bills to fund hydrogen development. This levy would add to households’ bills, during a cost-of-living crisis, but will not bring them any benefit. Hydrogen is highly unlikely to be used to decarbonise home heating. Parliamentarians should amend the Energy Bill to remove […]

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Blue hydrogen projects make up 84% of UK’s clean H2 pipeline, but final investment decisions 'must be taken in 2024'

  2023-03-08 in Hydrogen Insight

White paper by energy analyst Westwood points to seven 'risks and uncertainties' that need to be resolved by the government before projects can get the green li

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

‘Greenwashing’ firms face steep new UK fines for misleading claims

  2023-02-19 in The Guardian

New legislation could see companies fined millions of pounds for making unproven environmental assertions to sell their products

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Legislation

France in new row with Germany and Spain over nuclear-derived hydrogen

  2023-02-10 (or before) in EURACTIV

A new row has erupted between France, Germany and Spain over nuclear energy, with Paris furious about a lack of support from Berlin and Madrid for its efforts to have nuclear-derived hydrogen labelled as 'green' in EU legislation, sources said.

  Tagged under: Spain | Hydrogen | Nuclear Power | Germany | France | Legislation

The madness of Big Auto’s push for hydrogen-powered cars

  2023-02-09 by in The Driven - Australian EV News

The battle between hydrogen and electric vehicles has been more about preserving entrenched energy monopolies and less about science. The war is now over but some continue to push the hydrogen pipe…

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Electric Cars | Cars

A way to produce hydrogen directly from untreated sea water

  2023-02-05 (or before) in

A team of engineering and materials scientists from China, Australia and the U.S. has developed a process for using sea water to produce hydrogen without having to first pretreat the water. In their paper published in the journal Nature Energy, the group describes their new process and how well it worked compared to other processes that involve pretreated water.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Direct seawater electrolysis by adjusting the local reaction environment of a catalyst - Nature Energy

  2023-02-05 (or before) in Nature

Direct seawater electrolysis is an approach to produce hydrogen from an abundant water source, but current catalysts face performance and durability challenges. Here Guo et al. introduce a hard Lewis acid layer on the catalyst surface that generates local alkalinity, facilitating water splitting and minimizing degradation.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Airbus boss warns of delay in decarbonising airline industry

  2022-11-30 in The Guardian

Guillaume Faury expresses concern at pace of investment in facilities producing alternatives to fossil fuels

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Greenhouse Gases | Fossil Fuels

Re-using LNG Terminals for Hydrogen

  2022-11-26 (or before) in LinkedIn

If you care about energy and decarbonization issues, you'd find it hard to avoid noticing the considerable hyperbolic messaging emitted by the fossil gas industry- producers and distributors- in relation to how their installed infrastructure can be re-used in future for hydrogen. As mentioned in my

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Tapping into seawater's energetic potential

  2022-11-17 (or before) in KAUST Discovery - Saudi Arabia

Clean hydrogen fuel is easier to produce from seawater with stable hierarchical electrocatalysts.

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Why New Mexico's aviation scene lends itself to hydrogen-powered flight

  2022-11-12 by in

Universal Hydrogen will rapidly convert turboprop planes that service short-line routes to hydrogen propulsion

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EXCLUSIVE | Shell has quietly closed down all its hydrogen filling stations in the UK

  2022-10-17 in Hydrogen Insight

Facilities shut down because 'prototype tech had reached its end of life', oil giant tells Hydrogen Insight

  Tagged under: Shell | Hydrogen

Hydrogen is unsuitable for home heating, review concludes

  2022-09-27 in The Guardian

Too many technical difficulties to overcome to make it a viable low-carbon heating fuel, say researchers

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

Hyping Hydrogen: The Fossil Fuel Industry's Final Scam

  2022-09-01 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Revealed | How Biden's $3/kg green hydrogen tax credit could break open US production

  2022-08-17 in Recharge | Latest renewable energy news

Market price for subsidised green H2 produced on US Gulf Coast can undercut grey hydrogen immediately and continue to cut costs from there, S&P calculates

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Joe Biden

Oil and Gas’s Pivot to Blue Hydrogen Is Falling Through

  2022-07-31 (or before) in The Intercept

And that’s a really, really good thing.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Warming impacts of hydrogen emissions are overlooked, underestimated: EDF

  2022-07-27 in S&P Global S&P Global

The Environmental Defense Fund is sounding the alarm on the overlooked and underestimated warming impacts of hydrogen as emerging research shows that hydrogen's climate effects are akin to methane if

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Methane

Swedish consortium completes rock cavern for green hydrogen storage – pv magazine International

  2022-07-14 (or before) in pv magazine International

Vattenfall and its partners have finished building a 100-cubic-meter underground facility to store green hydrogen.

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Hydrogen Leakage: A Potential Risk for the Hydrogen Economy - Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University | SIPA

  2022-07-05 by in

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role in the decarbonization of the energy system.

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World’s first zero-emissions cement developed in Cambridge

  2022-05-16 in

Tedchnique uses existing methods differently rather than waiting for carbon storage or hydrogen options

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Hydrogen-powered Airbus A380 to take flight this decade

  2022-02-24 (or before) by H2-View in H2 View - Keeping you at the forefront of hydrogen energy applications and technologies

Airbus will this decade fly a hydrogen-powered Airbus A380 airliner as it lays the foundations to offer commercial zero-emissions aircraft by 2035.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Electrolysers & green hydrogen: Are we moving quick enough?

  2022-02-24 (or before) by H2-View in H2 View - Keeping you at the forefront of hydrogen energy applications and technologies

Hydrogen is accepted to be one of the many key technologies that will bring a green energy revolution throughout industry and society. Despite the many...

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Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

  2022-02-17 (or before) in IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the geopolitical drivers and potential consequences of the development of clean hydrogen value chains.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Climate Change | Decarbonisation

Neptune Energy and RWE to accelerate green hydrogen production in North Sea

  2022-02-15 by in Energy Voice

Neptune Energy has teamed up with German renewables firm RWE to progress an offshore green hydrogen project. The pair have struck a joint development

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

Experts sound the alarm on oil sector's blue hydrogen push

  2022-02-15 in Climate Home News

EU green investment rules facilitate the rollout of blue hydrogen, a fuel that could be more polluting than the fossil gas it is set to replace

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BAC and Viritech team up in development of hydrogen sports car powertrains | Evo

  2022-01-28 (or before) in

Specialist hydrogen powertrain company to partner with BAC to create carbon-neutral sports car powertrains

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Cars

Green hydrogen hurdles complicate Southeast Asia’s net-zero goals - FORESIGHT

  2022-01-07 in Foresight

With the hydrogen economy gaining momentum in Europe, the industry is also stimulating interest in other regions of the world where power systems are more reliant on fossil fuels. However, green hydrogen in Southeast Asia has different questions that need answering

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Fossil Fuels | Net Zero

Fusion - Frequently asked questions | IAEA

  2022-01-02 (or before) in

Fusion is among the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. There are no CO2 or other harmful atmospheric emissions from the fusion process, which means that fusion does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions or global warming. Its two sources of fuel, hydrogen and lithium, are widely available in many parts of the Earth.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Hydrogen | Lithium | Greenhouse Gases | Nuclear Fusion

MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

  2022-01-02 (or before) in Popular Mechanics

New experiments with helium-3 in a magnetic confinement tokamak have produced exciting results for the future of fusion energy, including a tenfold increase in ion energy.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Hydrogen | Nuclear Fusion

Hydrogen - Fuels & Technologies - IEA

  2021-12-22 (or before) in IEA – International Energy Agency

Hydrogen is mostly used for oil refining and chemical production. This hydrogen is currently produced from fossil fuels, with significant associated CO2 emissions.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Fossil Fuels

'Green' hydrogen hub proposed for Inverness - BBC News

  2021-12-20 (or before) in The BBC

The facility is planned for a former gas holder site in the city.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Climate change: Is ‘blue hydrogen’ Japan’s answer to coal? - BBC News

  2021-12-06 (or before) in The BBC

The Fukushima disaster turned Japan away from nuclear. A new energy source may help it quit coal.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power | Hydrogen | Coal | Climate Change | Japan

What is stifling FCEV growth in the Passenger Car sector? | LMC AUTOMOTIVE

  2021-11-16 in LMC AUTOMOTIVE - Automotive Forecasting Sales Production Powertrain

What does the future hold for fuel cell electric vehicles in the US? And what is preventing hydrogen technology from competing with BEVs?

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Carbon capture and storage eligible for emissions reductions credit

  2021-10-01 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

Angus Taylor says the addition of the controversial technology as an eligible emissions reduction technique will help blue hydrogen production and gas exports.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

The UK’s first Hydrogen Homes – What installers need to know | elemental

  2021-09-03 in Elemental

Installer was invited by Worcester Bosch to see its 100% hydrogen prototype boiler in action, at the UK’s first Hydrogen Home.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Oil firms made ‘false claims’ on blue hydrogen costs, says ex-lobby boss

  2021-08-20 in The Guardian

Chris Jackson believes companies promoted ‘unsustainable’ fossil gas projects to access billions in taxpayer subsidies

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Fossil Fuels

The "Green Hydrogen" myth. It is a delusion - Pearls and Irritations

  2021-08-16 by in John Menadue - Pearls and Irritations - Public policy journal

Are you also being swamped with optimistic articles about how essential it is for Australia to be a leader in “green hydrogen”?  “Green hydrogen” is being spruiked as essential to our decarbonised economic future and as a strategic decarbonised export opportunity. “Green hydrogen” is being distinguished from much cheaper “grey hydrogen” that we currently produce from gas (natural or Continue reading »

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

UK plan to replace fossil gas with blue hydrogen ‘may backfire’

  2021-08-12 in The Guardian

Academics warn ‘fugitive’ emissions from producing hydrogen could be 20% worse for climate than using gas

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Fossil Fuels

Leading the charge! Can I make it from Land’s End to John o’Groats in an electric car?

  2021-07-28 in The Guardian

New petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK from 2030, and sales of electric vehicles are rising fast. But with drivers reliant on charging points how practical is the greener option? One writer finds out

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Electric Cars | Greenhouse Gases | Hydrogen | Cars | Tesla

US Dept. Of Energy Drops $52.5 Million Green Hydrogen Bomb On Natural Gas Lobby

  2021-07-08 in Cleantech News — #1 In EV, Solar, Wind, Tesla News

Natural gas stakeholders will have to fight for an ever-shrinking piece of the hydrogen pie as the Biden administration ramps up its green hydrogen commitment.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Joe Biden

Green hydrogen is vital in decarbonising the hard-to-abate sectors - FORESIGHT

  2021-07-02 in Foresight

Government support for Power-to-X projects and Denmark’s energy islands is essential in commercialising the technology, says Søren Rydbirk from Green Hydrogen Systems

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

India’s solar industry makes a huge bet on beating China

  2021-07-01 (or before) in Quartz | Make business better

At the Reliance AGM, the Indian conglomerate announced it will produce solar panels, batteries, and hydrogen—but remains a major consumer of oil.

  Tagged under: India | Hydrogen | Solar Energy

Potential and risks of hydrogen-based e-fuels in climate change mitigation - Nature Climate Change

  2021-05-06 (or before) in Nature

E-fuels—hydrocarbon fuels synthesized from green hydrogen—can replace fossil fuels. This Perspective highlights the opportunities and risks of e-fuels, and concludes that hydrogen and e-fuels should be prioritized for sectors inaccessible to direct electrification.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels | Climate Change Mitigation

Using hydrogen fuel risks locking in reliance on fossil fuels, researchers warn

  2021-05-06 in The Guardian

Electrification of cars and home boilers best choice to fight the climate crisis, say scientists

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Fossil Fuels | Cars

UK should avoid “twin track” approach, focus on green hydrogen – Hydrogen East

  2021-04-05 (or before) in Hydrogen East

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Hydrogen Sussex

  2021-03-08 (or before) in Hydrogen Sussex

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Hydrogen - New Powerpaste for Hydrogen Storage - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

  2021-02-14 (or before) in Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

Decoding the Hype Behind the Natural Gas Industry’s Hydrogen Push

  2021-01-14 by in DeSmog

It seems like nearly every day another hopeful article touts the potential of using hydrogen as a fuel to tackle climate change. What’s known as “green hydrogen” — which relies on renewable power for production — is getting the bulk of that attention. In December, ABC News ran an article with the headline “Why green hydrogen […]

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Climate Change

In-depth Q&A: Does the world need hydrogen to solve climate change?

  2020-11-30 in Carbon Brief

For the purposes of achieving net-zero emissions, hydrogen production will need to be switched from grey to green and blue.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Climate Change | Net Zero

Green Hydrogen: Could It Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy?

  2020-11-08 (or before) in Yale E360

Green hydrogen, which uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen from water, is taking off around the globe. Its boosters say the fuel could play an important role in decarbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors of the economy, such as long-haul trucking, aviation, and heavy manufacturing.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

Liebreich: Separating Hype from Hydrogen – Part Two: The Demand Side | BloombergNEF

  2020-10-16 in BloombergNEF

In part two of his Hydrogen series, Michael Liebreich looka at the demand side of hydrogen.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Queensland transition to renewables would generate almost 10,000 jobs, analysis shows

  2020-10-14 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Sunshine and available land offer a ‘world-class’ opportunity, expert says

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Solar Energy | Hydrogen | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Wind Power

Liebreich: Separating Hype from Hydrogen – Part One: The Supply Side | BloombergNEF

  2020-10-08 in BloombergNEF

On the surface, Hydrogen, the most common element in the universe, seems like the answer to every energy question. But, what drawbacks does it face?

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Fossil fuel companies ‘misleading’ Boris Johnson on green hydrogen

  2020-09-26 (or before) by in The Times & The Sunday Times

Boris Johnson is being misled by Britain’s multibillion-pound fossil fuel lobby into backing climate change policies that risk unnecessarily pushing up energy b

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Climate Change

Long-Haul Lorries Powered by Hydrogen or Electricity? - The Centre For Sustainable Road Freight

  2020-09-26 (or before) in The Centre For Sustainable Road Freight

There is an increasingly vociferous debate between those who think that future long-haul heavy goods vehicles should be powered by Hydrogen and those who favour direct electrification.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen | Electricity

World-first trials of hydrogen-powered double deckers take place

  2020-08-31 (or before) in Brighton Argus

WORLD-FIRST trials of a double-decker bus powered by hydrogen have taken place.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Don't rush into a hydrogen economy until we know all the risks to our climate

  2020-08-09 by in The Conversation

Hydrogen is hailed as a new clean fuel, but little attention has been paid to the potential environmental challenges presented by the energy shift.

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Green hydrogen to overtake blue in energy transition cost race 'by 2030': IHS Markit

  2020-07-15 in Recharge | Latest renewable energy news

Ever-cheaper renewables-powered production points to it being lower-price than natural gas version by end of decade, says analyst

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen

Is the hydrogen tech 'revolution' hope or hype? - BBC News

  2020-07-01 (or before) in BBC

Can hydrogen - a relatively clean source of fuel - help power the economy of the future?

  Tagged under: Hydrogen

Germany plans to promote 'green' hydrogen with €7 billion

  2020-06-21 (or before) in EURACTIV

The German government adopted its national hydrogen strategy yesterday (10 June), with plans to ramp up production capacity to 5 GW by 2030 and 10 GW by 2040. To achieve this, €7 billion will be invested in new businesses and research. EURACTIV Germany reports.

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Hydrogen | Germany

NortH2: Shell unveils plans for 'Europe's largest green hydrogen project'

  2020-02-28 in Business Green

Shell, Gasunie, and Groningen Seaports launch ambitious plans to build green hydrogen hub for northern Europe

  Tagged under: Shell | Hydrogen

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