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Topic: Land Use

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Nestlé supplier used Brazilian beef from seized Indigenous land

  2023-09-19 (or before) in The Bureau Investigates

Abattoir owned by meatpacking giant Marfrig is at the centre of murky supply chain that also includes McDonald’s and Burger King

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Land Use | Cattle and Dairy Farming | Brazil

Land use change and zoonotic spillover risk

  2023-04-07 (or before) by in ArcGIS StoryMaps

A collaborative project: EcoHealth Alliance, Universidade Federal do ABC and Clark University

  Tagged under: Land Use

Land Use Change and Zoonotic Spillover Risk - EcoHealth Alliance

  2023-04-07 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Land Use

Invisible destruction: 38% of remaining Amazon forest already degraded

  2023-02-13 in Mongabay

When we speak about destruction of the Amazon, deforestation data are often the reference. Over the last few decades, it is the rates of clear cutting that are best documented, making headlines and guiding environmental protection strategies. “Historically, deforestation was the main driver of land use change in the Amazon. Between 1975 and 1985, almost […]

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Amazon Rainforest | Land Use | Trees

Labor’s unlimited use of carbon offsets could lead to rise in emissions, report says

  2023-02-10 in The Guardian

Analysis says land-based carbon offsets lead to more fossil fuel mining and fail to deliver genuine emissions reductions

  Tagged under: Coal | Land Use | Fossil Fuels

Shaping UK land use: priorities for food, nature and climate » Green Alliance

  2023-01-20 (or before) by in Green Alliance

Green Alliance is an independent think tank and charity focused on ambitious leadership for the environment

  Tagged under: Land Use

Report: Paying farmers to sequester CO2 far cheaper than carbon capture tech

  2023-01-20 in Business Green

Supporting farmers to manage land to expand carbon sinks offers a far cheaper route to net zero than scaling up bioenergy with carbon capture technologies, Green Alliance study argues

  Tagged under: Farming | Land Use | Net Zero

If the world adopted a plant-based diet we would reduce global agricultural land use from 4 to 1 billion hectares

  2022-11-20 (or before) in Our World in Data

If everyone shifted to a plant-based diet we would reduce global land use for agriculture by 75%. This large reduction of agricultural land use would be possible thanks to a reduction in land used for grazing and a smaller need for land to grow crops.

  Tagged under: Land Use

Mapping cumulative pressures on the grazing lands of northern Fennoscandia - Scientific Reports

  2022-10-03 (or before) in Nature

Traditional grazing areas in Europe have declined substantially over the last century. Specifically, in northern Fennoscandia, the grazing land is disturbed by cumulative land-use pressures. Here we analysed the configuration of the grazing land for reindeer and sheep in northern Fennoscandia in relation to the concurrent land-use pressures from tourism, road and railway networks, forestry, industrial and wind energy facilities, together with predator presence and climate change. Our results show that 85% of the region is affected by at least one land-use pressure and 60% is affected by multiple land-use pressures, co-occurring ...

  Tagged under: Land Use | Climate Change | Trees | Wind Power

U.S. Needs A Lot More Land to Go Green by 2050

  2022-08-31 (or before) in Bloomberg

We may need 250 million acres for wind farms alone.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Farming | Greenhouse Gases | Land Use | Wind Power | Electricity Grid

Congo to Auction Land to Oil Companies: ‘Our Priority Is Not to Save the Planet’

  2022-07-24 in The New York Times

  Tagged under: Congo | Land Use | Africa | Greenpeace | Trees

Global land change from 1982 to 2016

  2021-12-18 (or before) in Nature

Land change is a cause and consequence of global environmental change1,2. Changes in land use and land cover considerably alter the Earth’s energy balance and biogeochemical cycles, which contributes to climate change and—in turn—affects land surface properties and the provision of ecosystem services1–4. However, quantification of global land change is lacking. Here we analyse 35 years’ worth of satellite data and provide a comprehensive record of global land-change dynamics during the period 1982–2016. We show that—contrary to the prevailing view that forest area has declined g...

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Land Use | Climate Change | Trees

Global land change from 1982 to 2016 - Nature

  2021-08-29 (or before) in Nature

Satellite data for the period 1982–2016 reveal changes in land use and land cover at global and regional scales that reflect patterns of land change indicative of a human-dominated Earth system.

  Tagged under: Land Use

Solar PV Power Potential is Greatest Over Croplands - Scientific Reports

  2019-08-14 (or before) in Nature

Solar energy has the potential to offset a significant fraction of non-renewable electricity demands globally, yet it may occupy extensive areas when deployed at this level. There is growing concern that large renewable energy installations will displace other land uses. Where should future solar power installations be placed to achieve the highest energy production and best use the limited land resource? The premise of this work is that the solar panel efficiency is a function of the location’s microclimate within which it is immersed. Current studies largely ignore many of the environmental factors that influence Photovo...

  Tagged under: Renewable Energy | Land Use | Solar Energy | Electricity | Sustainability

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