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Topic: South Africa

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Hotter weather and a recurring drought in store for Cape Town soon, experts warn

  2024-01-21 in IOL | News that Connects South Africans

If you think the 35ºC heat on Friday was hot, then it is likely you will be hopping from the frying pan into the fire soon, if the warnings of climate change experts are anything to go by.

  Tagged under: Drought | South Africa | Africa

Weather tracker: South Africa hit by storms and unseasonably low temperatures

  2023-09-25 in The Guardian

Temperatures 10-15C below norm forecast in South Africa while risk of wildfires rises in Australia after unusual spring heatwaves

  Tagged under: South Africa | Africa | Heatwaves | Wildfires

Demand for EV mineral skyrockets, leaving miners largely overlooked - Washington Post

  2023-06-15 (or before) in The Washington Post

South Africa is the world’s largest producer of manganese, but the EV industry has done little to protect miners from the neurological hazards of the mineral.

  Tagged under: Minerals | South Africa | Africa

More of SA’s parking lots are getting solar makeovers | Business

  2023-03-26 (or before) by in

South African landlords are turning their parking areas into clean energy hubs as they seek to reduce electricity costs and shield their tenants from rolling blackouts.

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | South Africa | Africa | Electricity

Educating for the Anthropocene: Schooling and Activism in the Face of Slow Violence

  2023-02-16 (or before) in MIT

The work of environmental educators and activists in India and South Africa offers new models for schooling and environmental activism. Education has never play

  Tagged under: Activism | South Africa | Africa

All dried up: The materiality of drought in Ladismith, South Africa - Elisa Savelli, Maria Rusca, Hannah Cloke, Tyrel J Flügel, Abdulrazak Karriem, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, 2022

  2022-09-22 (or before) in Sage Journals

This paper conceptualises droughts as socioecological phenomena coproduced by the recursive engagement of human and non-human transformations. Through an interd...

  Tagged under: Drought | South Africa | Africa

South Africa’s April floods made twice as likely by climate crisis, scientists say

  2022-05-13 in The Guardian

Brutal heatwave in India and Pakistan also certain to have been exacerbated by global heating, scientists say

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | South Africa | Africa

Campaigners force Shell to halt oil exploration on South African coast

  2021-12-28 in The Guardian

Court instructs company to stop tests along Wild Coast after concerns raised about wildlife and lack of consultation

  Tagged under: Shell | South Africa | Africa | Wildlife | Fossil Fuels

China cancels proposed 3GW coal plant in the Limpopo MM-SEZ

  2021-11-18 in Fossil Free South Africa - The SA campaign for fossil fuel divestment

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa has confirmed in correspondence with Fossil Free SA that China will not be funding the proposed 3GW power plant in the Limpopo MM-SEZ

  Tagged under: Coal | South Africa | Africa

Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

  2021-07-11 (or before) in Centre for Environmental Rights, South Africa

We are activist lawyers who defend the right of communities and civil society organisations to an environment not harmful to health or wellbeing for

  Tagged under: Activism | South Africa | Africa | Health

Deadly drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry

  2019-12-30 (or before) in YouTube

The worst drought in decades is impacting 45 million people in 14 countries across southern Africa.Zimbabwe is one of the countries most affected. Al Jazeera...

  Tagged under: Drought | South Africa | Africa | Zimbabwe

BUSINESS MAVERICK OP-ED: Who will make the energy transition just?

  2019-05-26 by in Daily Maverick - South African news, opinion and investigations

The power cuts South Africans endured earlier in 2019 were a vivid reminder to all of us of the defining role that a reliable, constant supply of energy plays in our daily lives. But like addicts who depend on a ready supply regardless of the crushing cost, our current systems for delivering energy are killing us.

  Tagged under: South Africa | Africa

We fought apartheid. Now climate change is our global enemy | Desmond Tutu

  2014-09-20 in The Guardian

On the eve of the UN Climate Summit, Desmond Tutu argues that tactics used against firms who did business with South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels to prevent human suffering

  Tagged under: South Africa | Africa | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

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