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Global Warming Acceleration: El Nino Measuring Stick Looks Good

  2023-12-15 (or before) in Mailchimp

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B.C. winemakers rethinking industry after climate catastrophes | CBC News

  2024-03-14 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

Record-breaking heat, destructive cold snaps and wildfires have almost completely wiped out this year's crop of B.C. wines. Now, vineyards are figuring out how to rebuild from the ground up.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Extreme Weather | Agriculture | Canada

Increasing frequency and lengthening season of western disturbances are linked to increasing strength and delayed northward migration of the subtropical jet

  2024-03-13 (or before) in

Abstract. Western disturbances (WDs) are cyclonic storms that travel along the subtropical jet, bringing the majority of seasonal and extreme precipitation to the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and western Himalaya in the winter months. They are a vital component of the region's water security. Although typically most common in the winter, WDs can also interact with the summer monsoon, leading to catastrophic consequences. These seem to be happening more frequently, and along with increasingly harsh winter seasons, questions are now being asked about how climate change is affecting WD frequency and intensity in both summer and...

  Tagged under: India | Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Weather | Himalayas

Europe unprepared for rapidly growing climate risks, report finds

  2024-03-10 in The Guardian

Dangers of wildfires, extreme weather and other factors outgrowing preparedness, European Environment Agency says

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Extreme Weather | European Union | Europe | Climate Change Adaption

Southern France hit by severe floods for third time in six months | Voice of Europe

  2024-03-05 in

Share this:FacebookXEmailGoogle+LinkedIn Read more: Severe storms hit central Tennessee, killing six people and injuring nearly two dozen others 22 dead: wettest July day in decades as deadly floods hit northern...

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Extreme Weather | Flooding | France

Extreme weather conditions are causing avalanches, floods and landslides in Italy and France | Voice of Europe

  2024-03-04 in

Share this:FacebookXEmailGoogle+LinkedIn Read more: Severe weather ravages Europe: landslides in Italy and flash floods in Austria Europe braces for weather shift: heat wave to cool down amid extreme weather surges...

  Tagged under: Europe | Climate Change Impacts | Extreme Weather | France | Italy

DFW - Normals, Means, and Extremes

  2024-02-27 (or before) in National Weather Service

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Data | Texas

Weather tracker: Flash flooding in Oman and record temperatures in Western Australia

  2024-02-16 in The Guardian

Four people died after heavy rain in the Middle Eastern country, which is one of the driest in the world

  Tagged under: Extreme Heat | Extreme Rainfall | Extreme Weather | Middle East

Arctic blast: Record-breaking cold weather forecast for many states

  2024-01-12 in The BBC

Nearly every state is on watch for dangerous, freezing cold: "We call it life-threatening for a reason."

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Canada | USA

2024 looks to be worse than 2023

  2024-01-07 in Arctic News

2024 looks to be worse than 2023

  Tagged under: Gulf Stream (AMOC) | Arctic | Extreme Weather

Groundhog Day. Another Gobsmackingly Bananas Month. What’s Up?

  2024-01-04 (or before) in Mailchimp

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Global Warming Acceleration: El Nino Measuring Stick Looks Good

  2023-12-15 (or before) in Mailchimp

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | El Niño

The climate disaster strikes: what the data say

  2023-12-13 in Nature

A series of impact assessments highlight India’s vulnerability to extreme weather events and the risks they pose to human health. A series of impact assessments highlight India’s vulnerability to extreme weather events and the risks they pose to human health.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change Impacts | India | Health

UK government is not prepared for climate disasters, says spending watchdog

  2023-12-06 in The Guardian

Cabinet Office does not have strategy to ensure resilience to extreme weather, says National Audit Office

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change Adaption | UK Politics

‘Adapt or die’: Hellscape coming for Australia

  2023-09-05 (or before) in — Australia’s leading news site

We can’t avoid natural disasters. And they’re happening more often and with greater intensity. Now Australia is being warned it can only keep its people safe by preparing for the worst – and not just patching things up afterwards.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Nuclear Power | Climate Change | Extreme Weather | Forest Fires | Sea Level | Health | Trees

Hail causes massive damage in southern German town, disaster declared | South China Morning Post

  2023-08-27 (or before) in South China Morning Post

Bad Bayersoien in the southern German state of Bavaria was hit by a severe storm on Saturday with massive hailstones of up to 8cm. About 80 per cent of the buildings in the town were severely damaged.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Germany

Extreme weather brings winds, fierce rains to Saudi Arabia’s Mecca

  2023-08-23 in Al Jazeera

Pilgrims doing the tawaf on Tuesday were caught in storms as lightning hit an iconic tower in Mecca.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Saudi Arabia

Extraordinary photos of July's extreme weather - BBC News

  2023-07-29 (or before) in The BBC

It is a summer of extremes. Burning temperatures followed by raging fires. Wild storms and torrential rain. And a run of broken climate records.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Goodwood Festival of Speed cancelled over Met Office warning

  2023-07-15 (or before) in Brighton Argus

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

FEMA Stretched Beyond Climate Response as Disasters Balloon

  2023-07-13 (or before) in

Atmospheric rivers drenched California and deadly storms crept toward Mississippi as Deanne Criswell sat in her corner office in Washington, D.C., and tackled a loaded question: Is it all too much for FEMA?

  Tagged under: Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Rainfall | Flooding | Extreme Weather | Rivers | California

Kentucky keeps getting hit with unusual, severe weather | Lexington Herald Leader

  2023-07-02 in Lexington Herald Ledger Kentucky

Kentucky had many rounds of unseasonable, unusual & severe weather over the past year, including floods, extreme cold, high winds & tornadoes.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming

  2023-03-14 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The intensity of extreme drought and rainfall has "sharply" increased over the past 20 years, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Water. These aren't merely tough weather events, they are leading to extremes such as crop failure, infrastructure damage, even humanitarian crises and conflict.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Conflict

Co-extinctions annihilate planetary life during extreme environmental change - Scientific Reports

  2023-03-13 (or before) in Nature

Climate change and human activity are dooming species at an unprecedented rate via a plethora of direct and indirect, often synergic, mechanisms. Among these, primary extinctions driven by environmental change could be just the tip of an enormous extinction iceberg. As our understanding of the importance of ecological interactions in shaping ecosystem identity advances, it is becoming clearer how the disappearance of consumers following the depletion of their resources — a process known as ‘co-extinction’ — is more likely the major driver of biodiversity loss. Although the general relevance of co-extincti...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Collapse

Before the floods I thought climate change wasn’t my problem. Now, I’m not waiting for someone else to fix it | Ella Buckland

  2023-02-28 in The Guardian

A year on in Lismore, we can’t afford to forget the people who lost everything they loved – because next time it could be you

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Flooding

‘Extreme situation’: Antarctic sea ice hits record low

  2023-02-15 in The Guardian

Sea ice helps protect glaciers and ice caps that would cause massive sea level rise when lost, scientists warn

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Antarctic | Sea Level

New Zealand minister decries climate crisis ‘lost decades’ in wake of Cyclone Gabrielle

  2023-02-14 in The Guardian

James Shaw says country is entering ‘period of consequences’ for inaction over climate change as extreme weather wreaks havoc across the North Island

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Cyclone Gabrielle worst storm to hit New Zealand this century, says PM

  2023-02-14 in The Guardian

National state of emergency invoked and thousands displaced as storm devastates large parts of North Island and minister says ‘this is climate change’

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Cyclone Gabrielle: evacuations urged as ‘potentially devastating’ storm lashes New Zealand

  2023-02-13 in The Guardian

Thousands without power in North Island, red weather warnings issued for rain and wind, schools closed and flights cancelled in Auckland

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Rainfall Records Shattered In Auckland, New Zealand - It Wasn’t Even Close

  2023-01-29 (or before) by in Forbes

Here's why extreme rainfall in Auckland, New Zealand has scientists saying "Wow" and you should be too.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Climate Change

Why we keep accepting new climate extremes

  2023-01-28 (or before) in Newsroom New Zealand

From bugs vanishing from our windshields to a procession of broken climate records, big change comes slow but is no less important for it.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

The emergence of heat and humidity too severe for human tolerance

  2023-01-25 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Humid heat extremes are rapidly increasing and may have already briefly exceeded humans’ physiological survivability limit.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Extreme Temperature Diary-Thursday January 19, 2023/ Main Topic: More Warnings from Greta Thunberg as Demand for Oil Reaches All Time High – Guy On Climate

  2023-01-21 (or before) in Guy On Climate

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Extreme Weather

Does climate change make you anxious? You're not alone (VIDEO)

  2023-01-18 (or before) in

Extreme temperatures can impact physical health, but the changing climate is also taking a toll on mental health, especially for younger generations.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Health

Warning of unprecedented heatwaves as El Niño set to return in 2023

  2023-01-16 in The Guardian

Scientists say phenomenon coupled with growing climate crisis likely to push global temperatures ‘off the chart’

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | El Niño

California’s rainstorm hell ‘among the most deadly disasters in our history’

  2023-01-16 in The Guardian

The series of storms that have pummeled the state have killed at least 19 people and left swaths of land flooded

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Rivers | California

Oceans were the hottest ever recorded in 2022, analysis shows

  2023-01-11 in The Guardian

Seas dominate global weather patterns and the climate crisis is causing profound and damaging changes

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

The burning question about fungi: what happens to them in extreme heat?

  2023-01-09 in The Guardian

Scientists in Italy are testing the impact of fire and drought to learn how the changing climate affects underground fungal networks

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Drought

Kimberley floods: 'the worst flooding Western Australia has ever seen' – video

  2023-01-06 in The Guardian

Concerns raised about difficulty accessing food and supplies with roads cut off 

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

‘Extreme event’: warm January weather breaks records across Europe

  2023-01-02 in The Guardian

At least eight countries experience record high temperatures of ‘almost unheard of’ heat, say meteorologists

  Tagged under: Spain | Extreme Weather | France

Climate and weather extremes in 2022 show need for more action

  2022-12-23 in World Meteorological Organization

Weather, water and climate-related disasters, including extreme flooding, heat and drought affected millions of people and cost billions this year, as the tell-tale signs and impacts of human-induced climate change intensified.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Drought | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Climate Change Could Force 1.2 Billion to Move by 2050. Is the World Even Ready?

  2022-12-13 (or before) by in

In a world beset by rising temperatures, devastating storms, and flash floods, climate migration and disaster displacement are quickly becoming the signal 21st century crisis.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Jabal: the new drought-tolerant wheat scientists say can withstand extreme heat

  2022-12-04 in The Guardian

The variety is a cross between commercial and wild wheats – bred in a bid to develop crops that are more resilient to the climate crisis

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | Drought

Home | ArcticRisk Platform

  2022-11-16 (or before) in ArcticRisk Platform

The Arctic early-warning system is flashing red. Extreme Arctic warming is triggering a cascade of risks across the rest of the planet. Explore the Arctic Risk Platform to find out what the Arctic climate crisis means for you.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic

Arctic sea ice loss to increase strong El Niño events linked to extreme weather: Study

  2022-10-24 in Mongabay

As Arctic sea ice begins melting out fully in summer, the frequency of strong El Niños could increase by 35% by century's end, causing extreme weather events to increase, says recent modeling study.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic | Ice Melting | El Niño

Climate crisis poses ‘growing threat’ to health in UK, says expert

  2022-10-23 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Prof Dame Jenny Harries warns of dangers to food security, flooding and insect-borne diseases

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Insects | Health

People are run in horror from the destructive streams! Terrible floods in Venezuela

  2022-10-20 (or before) in YouTube

Heavy rain on the 17 October caused flooding in northern areas of Maracay, capital city of Aragua State and areas of Girardot Municipality. Mudflows and land...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

To understand the scale of the climate emergency, look at hurricanes | Peter Kalmus

  2022-10-01 in The Guardian

Climate breakdown is far more intense in 2022 than even many scientists expected, yet the world still isn’t treating this like a crisis

  Tagged under: Florida | Extreme Weather | Fossil Fuels

World heading into ‘uncharted territory of destruction’, says climate report

  2022-09-13 in The Guardian

Governments and businesses failing to change fast enough, says United in Science report, as weather gets increasingly extreme

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

‘Can’t afford to live’: California heatwave leaves older adults teetering on edge

  2022-09-10 in The Guardian

Extreme temperatures, especially in the state’s interiors, has left the vulnerable population reeling from the heat’s effects

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | California | Health

New Zealand reports warmest and wettest winter on record

  2022-09-02 in The Guardian

It is the third straight year Aotearoa has broken the heat record, while sea surface temperatures were also the warmest ever

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Heatwave in China is the most severe ever recorded in the world | New Scientist

  2022-08-26 (or before) in New Scientist

A long spell of extreme hot and dry weather is affecting energy, water supplies and food production across China

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Food Production and Consumption

Tree loss due to fire is worst in far northern latitudes, data shows

  2022-08-17 in The Guardian

Forests in Russia are most affected, as scientists warn of escape of huge quantities of buried carbon dioxide

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Arctic | Greenhouse Gases | Russia | Trees

Drought in England could carry on into new year, experts warn

  2022-08-14 in The Guardian

Without lots of heavy rain in autumn and winter, water restrictions could be tightened even further

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | Drought

'Very scary': European agriculture hit hard by climate change and drought

  2022-08-13 (or before) in Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands

With Europe suffering through an extreme drought worsened by climate change that has dried up rivers and left millions sweltering in triple-digit heat this summer, farmers across the continent are sounding warnings about crop losses.

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | Drought | Climate Change | Rivers

High-profile paper on “catastrophic” climate impacts echoes our "What Lies Beneath" analysis on fat-tail, existential risks and IPCC reticence, published four years ago

  2022-08-10 by in resilience

There is a need to outline current knowledge about the likelihood of extreme climate change, and to develop a research agenda.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | IPCC | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

  2022-08-04 in The Guardian

Guardian analysis shows human-caused global heating is driving more frequent and deadly disasters across the planet, in most comprehensive compilation to date

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases

Negative IOD declared

  2022-08-02 (or before) in Weather Zone Australia

A wet spring could be on the cards for large parts of Australia with a negative Indian Ocean Dipole now officially underway in the Indian Ocean. A negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) refers to a pattern of sea surface temperatures in the tropical Indian Ocean that causes more moisture-laden air to flow towards Australia. These negative IOD events, which occur on average once every five years, typically enhance northwest cloudbands over Australia and produce above-average rain over large areas of country's south and southeast during winter and spring. The Bureau of Meteorology has today declared that a negative IOD ev...

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Predictions

UK farmers count cost as heatwave kills fruit and vegetable crops

  2022-08-01 in The Guardian

Fears of future threats to food security if more extreme heat caused by climate crisis hits production

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Food Production and Consumption

Climate endgame: risk of human extinction ‘dangerously underexplored’

  2022-08-01 in The Guardian

Scientists say there are ample reasons to suspect global heating could lead to catastrophe

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

‘Reality is scary’: climate culture war heats up for UK meteorologists

  2022-08-01 in The Guardian

TV forecasters have been targeted by climate deniers during recent extreme temperatures

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

‘Soon the world will be unrecognisable’: is it still possible to prevent total climate meltdown?

  2022-07-30 in The Guardian

Blistering heatwaves are just the start. We must accept how bad things are before we can head off global catastrophe, according to a leading UK scientist

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

When Extreme Weather Reigns, Disinformation Pours

  2022-07-29 by in DeSmog

Editor’s Note: This is part of a regular column, Gaslit, which navigates society’s dysfunctional relationship with fossil fuel disinformation. Have a tip or idea? Get in touch. Recent extreme weather across the globe is showing us how rapidly the climate is changing in an increasingly warming world. Heatwaves are scorching Europe, the United States, North Africa, Siberia, […]

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Heatwaves | Drought | Africa | Disinformation and Misinformation

Extreme Weather Cost U.S. Taxpayers $99 Billion Last Year, and It Is Getting Worse

  2022-07-25 (or before) in Center for American Progress

The financial toll of extreme weather events fueled by climate change is at an all-time high and requires that Congress take bold action to move the country toward a 100 percent clean future.

  Tagged under: US Politics | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Spanish man filmed escaping wildfire treated for serious burns

  2022-07-19 in The Guardian

Man in 50s emerges from blaze with clothes burned to rags and flames flickering around him

  Tagged under: Spain | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

Sweltering Cities

  2022-07-14 (or before) in

Why extreme heat is killing Canadians in major cities and how climate change will make things worse.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Spain and Portugal suffering driest climate for 1,200 years, research shows

  2022-07-04 in The Guardian

Effects of human-caused global heating are blocking vital winter rains, with severe implications for farming and tourism

  Tagged under: Spain | Farming | Extreme Weather | Drought

Summer swelter: Persistent heat wave breaks records, spirits

  2022-06-24 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

From the normally chilly Russian Arctic to the traditionally sweltering American South, big swaths of the Northern Hemisphere continued to sizzle with extreme heat as the start of summer more resembled the dog days of August with parts of China and Japan setting all-time heat records Friday.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | China | Arctic | Russia | Japan

New data reveals extraordinary global heating in the Arctic

  2022-06-15 in The Guardian

Temperatures in the Barents Sea region are ‘off the scale’ and may affect extreme weather in the US and Europe

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic

Why Are Arctic Linkages to Extreme Weather Still up in the Air?

  2022-06-15 (or before) in American Meteorological Society Journals

Abstract Shifting weather patterns, particularly increasing extreme events, are observed in populous midlatitudes, and connections to climate change are becoming clearer. The specific roles of rapid Arctic warming and sea ice loss in this story are a topic of intense research and controversy. Instead of converging on answers however, the science seems as unsettled as ever. Many new studies find evidence supporting Arctic–midlatitude linkages, while others report no robust signals. This article presents my interpretation of recent literature to illuminate possible causes of this discrepancy, which include a low signal-to-no...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic | Climate Change

India takes tough stand at climate talks as Delhi endures brutal heatwave

  2022-06-14 in The Guardian

As capital swelters, India urges rich countries to provide funds to help deal with effects of climate crisis

  Tagged under: COP27 | Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

Over 100m Americans urged to stay indoors over extreme heat and humidity

  2022-06-14 in The Guardian

Heatwave expected to settle over states from Gulf coast to Great Lakes and east to Carolinas with 100F temperatures in some cities

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

As Phoenix swelters, the nights are even worse than the boiling days

  2022-06-13 in The Guardian

Temperature topped 110F on four consecutive days and has not fallen below 80F at night-time for the past week in the Arizona city, breaking several records

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

Climate-Proofing Management Research | Academy of Management Perspectives

  2022-06-04 (or before) in

Climate change presents a variety of doomsday scenarios for human society, including more extreme and frequent storms, droughts, heatwaves and fires, the heating and acidification of oceans, rising sea levels, biodiversity decline, food shortages, as well as exacerbating geopolitical tensions and conflicts. While many corporations and communities are already anticipating and planning for various climate impacts, we argue that much management research is in denial of the profound consequences of a worsening climate crisis. This is evident in the relative neglect of climate change in our research and teaching and we argue reflects...

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Drought | Climate Change | Ocean Acidification | Sea Level | Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change Mitigation

Extreme weather is making mining waste a major problem

  2022-06-02 by in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

New report calls for revamped safety standards as companies race to meet demand for clean energy minerals.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Minerals

We cannot adapt our way out of climate crisis, warns leading scientist

  2022-06-01 in The Guardian

Katharine Hayhoe says the world is heading for dangers people have not seen in 10,000 years of civilisation

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | IPCC | Climate Change

Extreme weather disasters have increased fivefold in past 50 years, says UN report | The Independent

  2022-05-15 (or before) in The Independent

More than 3,000 disasters linked to climate, water or water extremes in last decade, says World Meteorological Organisation

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Belly Of The Beast: How Climate Change Is Affecting India’s Farmers

  2022-05-13 in

Farmers are waking up to the threat of extreme heatwaves across India. Are our policymakers listening?

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Climate Change

South Africa’s April floods made twice as likely by climate crisis, scientists say

  2022-05-13 in The Guardian

Brutal heatwave in India and Pakistan also certain to have been exacerbated by global heating, scientists say

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | South Africa | Africa

Extreme dry and hot events linked to climate change put European ecosystems at risk a 4C study found | Climate-Carbon Interactions in the Current Century (4C)

  2022-05-06 (or before) in Climate-Carbon Interactions in the Current Century (4C)

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

With water running out, California faces grim summer of dangerous heat, extreme drought

  2022-05-04 in Los Angeles Times

La Niña was expected to dissipate, but it may linger through the summer. That's bad news for drought and wildfire-prone California.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought | California

‘We are living in hell’: Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwaves

  2022-05-02 in The Guardian

April temperatures at unprecedented levels have led to critical water and electricity shortages

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Electricity

Heat waves likely to last ‘25 times longer’ in India by another 2-4 decades, says climate report

  2022-05-02 (or before) in Down To Earth | Environment & science issues | India, South Asia

 The heatwaves will last over five times longer if global temperature rise is constrained to about 2°C, says report launched ahead of G20 summit

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Greenhouse Gases | IPCC | Climate Change

India heatwave: Severe temperatures will bake a billion people and damage crops | New Scientist

  2022-04-30 (or before) in New Scientist

Wheat production is at risk from extreme temperatures across much of India, but better early warning systems appear to be limiting how deadly the heatwaves are

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves

Heatwaves at both of Earth’s poles alarm climate scientists

  2022-03-20 in The Guardian

Antarctic areas reach 40C above normal at same time as north pole regions hit 30C above usual levels

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Arctic | Antarctic

We cling to our memory of the perfect summer – before flood, fire and plague. But the past is gone and we have to wake up | Brigid Delaney

  2022-03-03 in The Guardian

Signs of collapse are everywhere, and if we think it’s possible to return to ‘normal’, then we are deluded

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | IPCC | Climate Change | Flooding | Collapse

UN climate report: 'Atlas of human suffering' worse, bigger | AP News

  2022-02-28 (or before) in Associated Press News

Deadly with extreme weather now, climate change is about to get so much worse. It is likely going to make the world sicker, hungrier, poorer, gloomier and way more dangerous in the next 18 years with an “unavoidable” increase in risks, a new United Nations science report says.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Africa | Climate Change | Middle East

Lake Malawi's Fish Defy Death - While Their World Heritage Home Is Threatened | We Don't Have Time

  2022-02-28 (or before) in

By Jeffrey Barbee January 27, 2022 In the shallow rocky waters below a high granite outcrop a fish lies sideways, fallen onto the sand below. Its skin the hue of a rotting corpse, the fish is unmoving, apparently dead. But looks can be deceiving. As scavenger fish approach, the play-dead fish springs into action, snapping up the would-be eaters in a flurry of motion. One of hundreds of new fish species discovered in the warm waters of Lake Malawi in the last four decades, the play-dead fish’s only home is now in danger of being destroyed. Play dead fish Nimbochromis livingstonii. Picture: Ken McKaye/ Lake...

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Extreme Weather | Africa | Fish | Rivers | Insects | Legislation | Electricity | Health | Trees | Finance

Major flood warning issued for Brisbane after ‘rain bomb’ unleashes havoc on south-east Queensland and northern NSW

  2022-02-27 in The Guardian

Seventh person dies, with two more missing, and major flood warnings issued for Brisbane, Ipswich, Lismore and Grafton

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Extreme heat in oceans ‘passed point of no return’ in 2014

  2022-02-01 in The Guardian

Formerly rare high temperatures now covering half of seas and devastating wildlife, study shows

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Wildlife

The recent normalization of historical marine heat extremes

  2022-02-01 (or before) in PLOS - Open Science

Climate change exposes marine ecosystems to extreme conditions with increasing frequency. Capitalizing on the global reconstruction of sea surface temperature (SST) records from 1870-present, we present a centennial-scale index of extreme marine heat within a coherent and comparable statistical framework. A spatially (1° × 1°) and temporally (monthly) resolved index of the normalized historical extreme marine heat events was expressed as a fraction of a year that exceeds a locally determined, monthly varying 98th percentile of SST gradients derived from the first 50 years of climatological records (1870–1919)...

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Miami Senior Weather Man John Morales on Flooding and Florida Home Owners

  2022-01-19 in Climate Denial Crock of the Week with Peter Sinclair

At the beginning of the year, I made a folder for my next Yale Climate Connections video, and just titled it “2021WTF” – because the last 8 months or so of climate extremes have l…

  Tagged under: Florida | Extreme Weather

New Findings Warn Earth Could Break Key Warming Barrier In 2033

  2022-01-15 (or before) by in Forbes

New analysis of temperatures around the world in 2021 indicate that the planet is on track to pass an all-important warming threshold much earlier than scientists had hoped.

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change

Strong evidence shows Sixth Mass Extinction of global biodiversity in progress

  2022-01-14 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The history of life on Earth has been marked five times by events of mass biodiversity extinction caused by extreme natural phenomena. Today, many experts warn that a Sixth Mass Extinction crisis is underway, this time entirely caused by human activities.

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The top 10 global weather and climate change events of 2021 » Yale Climate Connections

  2022-01-11 in Yale Climate Connections

The most extreme heat wave in modern history, a record four $20 billion-plus weather disasters, and the hottest month on record globally highlighted a remarkable year in weather.

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Climate change: Huge toll of extreme weather disasters in 2021 - BBC News

  2021-12-28 (or before) in The BBC

Floods and storms connected to rising temperatures have had a huge impact on people worldwide.

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Climate change: Science failed to predict flood and heat intensity - BBC News

  2021-12-22 (or before) in The BBC

Scientists want a super-computer powerful enough to accurately project the most damaging extremes.

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This is what a year of climate disasters looked like

  2021-12-19 (or before) in YouTube

From -25C temperatures in Spain to a record-equalling 54.4C in Death Valley, the extremes of our climate are becoming more acute. (Subscribe:

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  2021-12-19 (or before) in Politico PRO

NEW ORLEANS — Scientists are getting faster and faster at linking climate change to extreme weather events. If an extreme heat wave, storm or flood occurs tomorrow, scientists could determine in a few days whether it was made worse by climate change. That has some scientists thinking: Why not do it for every disaster as soon as it happens?

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Extreme Temperature Diary- Thursday December 16th, 2021/Main Topic: Blockbuster Assessment by Bob Henson of Last Evening’s Destructive U.S. Climate Changed Storm System – Guy On Climate

  2021-12-16 (or before) in Guy On Climate

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'This is not normal': Extreme weather events stun CNN meteorologist - CNN Video

  2021-12-16 (or before) in CNN

The Midwest is experiencing unprecedented weather with extreme heat and tornado force winds. CNN meteorologist Tom Sater said "this is not December weather."

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Extreme weather and pandemic help drive global food prices to 46-year high » Yale Climate Connections

  2021-12-06 in Yale Climate Connections

Current high food prices, combined with the ongoing pandemic, will make the global food supply highly vulnerable to extreme weather shocks in 2022.

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Natural disasters aren't as natural as they used to be

  2021-11-30 by in Canada's National Observer

Weather has always been unpredictable but with climate change, more communities will be subjected to extreme disasters more often. What was once-in-a-lifetime may happen once a decade, writes columnist Gerald Kutney.

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One billion face heat-stress risk from 2°C rise

  2021-11-11 (or before) in Met Office UK

The numbers of people in regions across the world affected by extreme heat stress – a potentially fatal combination of heat and humidity – could increase nearly 15-fold if the world’s temperature rise reaches 2°C.

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Climate change: Europe's extreme rains made more likely by humans - BBC News

  2021-10-26 (or before) in The BBC

Heavy rainfall that led to deadly floods in Germany and Belgium was influenced by human induced warming.

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Climate change could be worse than our worst-case analysis: Texas A&M's Dessler

  2021-10-19 (or before) in CNBC

Andrew Dessler, climate scientist at Texas A&M, explains the impact that extreme climate events are having on the world right now and says things could actually be worse than scientists' most dire predictions.

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Climate change: Science failed to predict flood and heat intensity - BBC News

  2021-10-19 (or before) in BBC

Scientists want a super-computer powerful enough to accurately project the most damaging extremes.

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Anthropogenic warming has increased drought risk in California | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  2021-10-14 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

California is currently in the midst of a record-setting drought. The drought began in 2012 and now includes the lowest calendar-year and 12-mo pre...

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Increasing precipitation volatility in twenty-first-century California - Nature Climate Change

  2021-10-14 (or before) in Nature

California recently experienced a rapid shift from multi-year drought to abundant rainfall. A large ensemble of climate model simulations suggests that the frequency of extreme wet-to-dry precipitation events will increase by 25% to 100% across California due to anthropogenic forcing.

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Bangladesh Really Is a Climate Success Story

  2021-10-10 (or before) by in The Atlantic

The country shows the power of self-determination when it comes to development and climate policy.

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Increasing heat and rainfall extremes now far outside the historical climate - npj Climate and Atmospheric Science

  2021-10-08 (or before) in Nature

Over the last decade, the world warmed by 0.25 °C, in-line with the roughly linear trend since the 1970s. Here we present updated analyses showing that this seemingly small shift has led to the emergence of heat extremes that would be virtually impossible without anthropogenic global warming. Also, record rainfall extremes have continued to increase worldwide and, on average, 1 in 4 rainfall records in the last decade can be attributed to climate change. Tropical regions, comprised of vulnerable countries that typically contributed least to anthropogenic climate change, continue to see the strongest increase in extrem...

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Global urban population exposure to extreme heat

  2021-10-04 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Increased extreme heat exposure from both climate change and the urban heat island effect threatens rapidly growing urban settlements worldwide. Yet, because we do not know where urban population growth and extreme heat intersect, we have limited capacity to reduce the impacts of urban extreme heat exposure. Here, we leverage fine-resolution temperature and population data to measure urban extreme heat exposure for 13,115 cities from 1983 to 2016. Globally, urban exposure increased nearly 200%, affecting 1.7 billion people. Total urban warming elevated exposure rates 52% above population growth alone. However, spatially heteroge...

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Limiting warming to 1.5°C may save billions from tropical storms

  2021-09-28 (or before) by in New Scientist

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Why won’t US TV news say ‘climate change’? | Mark Hertsgaard

  2021-09-02 in The Guardian

It’s media malpractice not to mention that burning fossil fuels drives extreme weather events like Hurricane Ida

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14 dead in New York region amid ‘historic’ flooding caused by Ida remnants

  2021-09-02 in The Guardian

Extreme weather prompts first ever flash flood emergency warning for New York City from National Weather Service

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Major climate changes inevitable and irreversible – IPCC’s starkest warning yet

  2021-08-09 in The Guardian

Report warns temperatures likely to rise by more than 1.5C bringing widespread extreme weather

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Increasing probability of record-shattering climate extremes - Nature Climate Change

  2021-07-28 (or before) in Nature

Changes in extreme heat are often calculated as anomalies above a reference climatology. A different definition—week-day heatwaves surpassing the current record by large margins—shows that their occurrence probabilities depend on warming rate, not level, and are higher than during recent decades.

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Can we fix climate models to better predict record-shattering weather?

  2021-07-27 (or before) by in New Scientist

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Attributing Extreme Events to Climate Change: A New Frontier in a Warming World - ScienceDirect

  2021-07-27 (or before) in

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Climate change will drive rise in ‘record-shattering’ heat extremes - Carbon Brief

  2021-07-26 in Carbon Brief

“Record-shattering” climate extremes – which break weather records by large margins – will become more likely as a result of climate change, a new study finds.

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Extreme rainfall in China: over 25 inches falls in 24 hours, leaving 33 dead » Yale Climate Connections

  2021-07-22 in Yale Climate Connections

Zhengzhou received more than a year’s worth of rain on July 20.

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Wildfires, floods and extreme heat: It is time to heed warnings from climate scientists

  2021-07-22 by in The Hill

The science is clear. The impacts and costs are clear. Climate action must therefore remain at the center of current infrastructure spending proposals.

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Study: Deforestation linked heat, dryness causing billions of losses in soy revenue in Brazil

  2021-07-15 (or before) by in

The destruction of ecosystems in Brazil endangers local soy agriculture: Researchers, in a new paper, have calculated that extreme heat costs losses in soy revenue, up to US$3.55bm annually due to drier conditions.

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Climate change shifting UK’s high-impact weather

  2021-07-12 (or before) in Met Office UK

A new study has examined how high-impact weather in the UK, such as extremely hot days, heavy rainfall and very cold conditions, could be affected at different levels of global warming.

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Our climate change turning point is right here, right now | Rebecca Solnit

  2021-07-12 in The Guardian

People are dying. Aquatic animals are baking in their shells. Fruit is being cooked on the tree. It’s time to act

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Moist Heat Stress on a Hotter Earth

  2021-07-04 (or before) in Annual Reviews

As the world overheats—potentially to conditions warmer than during the three million years over which modern humans evolved—suffering from heat stress will become widespread. Fundamental questions about humans’ thermal tolerance limits are pressing. Understanding heat stress as a process requires linking a network of disciplines, from human health and evolutionary theory to planetary atmospheres and economic modeling. The practical implications of heat stress are equally transdisciplinary, requiring technological, engineering, social, and political decisions to be made in the coming century. Yet relative to th...

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Joe Biden blames climate crisis for deadly heatwave in western US and Canada

  2021-06-30 in The Guardian

Record-shattering temperatures linked to dozens of deaths, buckled roads, blackouts and wildfires

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Projected changes in persistent extreme summer weather events: The role of quasi-resonant amplification

  2021-06-18 (or before) in Science Advances

Projections of warming favor more frequent extreme weather events, but there is a large spread due to aerosol forcing changes.

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How are our cities going to look in a rapidly heating world? It won’t be long before 50C will be normal | James Bradley

  2021-06-14 in The Guardian

Hot weather bakes in disadvantage. Regenerating natural and living ecosystems will help us all

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Extreme Heat Risks May Be Widely Underestimated and Sometimes Left Out of Major Climate Reports - Inside Climate News

  2021-05-16 in Inside Climate News

While scientists warn with increasing urgency that global warming is sharply increasing the likelihood of deadly heat waves, many regions are doing little to protect vulnerable populations.  Recent research shows that the global death toll from extreme heat is rising, but still, “Large parts of society don’t think of heat as a threat,” said University […]

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Snow chaos in Europe caused by melting sea-ice in the Arctic

  2021-04-14 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

They are diligently stoking thousands of bonfires on the ground close to their crops, but the French winemakers are fighting a losing battle. An above-average warm spell at the end of March has been followed by days of extreme frost, destroying the vines with losses amounting to 90 percent above average. The image of the struggle may well be the most depressingly beautiful illustration of the complexities and unpredictability of global climate warming. It is also an agricultural disaster from Bordeaux to Champagne.

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Ignoring climate change will lead to unprecedented, societally disruptive heat extremes in the Middle East

  2021-03-26 (or before) in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) is a climate change hot spot where summers warm much faster than in the rest of the world. Some parts of the region are already among the hottest locations globally. A new international study led by scientists from the Climate and Atmosphere Research Center of the Cyprus Institute and the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry predicts that ignoring the signals of climate change and continuing business as usual with increasing greenhouse gas emissions will lead to extreme, life-threatening heatwaves in the region. Such extraordinary heat events will have a severe impact on the people of...

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Statement on the misrepresentation of our paper in US Senators’ letter to Federal Reserve Chairman - The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

  2021-03-24 by in The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

A letter was sent by Senators Toomey, Shelby, Crapo, Scott, Rounds, Tillis, Kennedy, Hagerty, Lummis, Moran, Cramer, and Daines to Chairman Jerome Powell of the US Federal Reserve, dated March 18 which quotes our work. We seek to clarify some substantive issues.

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'Never seen anything like it': locals watch helplessly as floodwaters rise across New South Wales

  2021-03-21 in The Guardian

With the mid north coast of Australia facing a once-in-a-century flood, residents are bracing for the worst as the rain keeps falling

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Hawaii: flooding forces evacuations as officials warn 'this is climate change'

  2021-03-11 in The Guardian

Scientists say residents should expect to see more intense rainstorms more frequently as the planet warms

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Then and now: A 'megadrought' in California - BBC News

  2021-03-04 (or before) in The BBC

See how extreme weather has affected an vital reservoir in California.

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Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest in a millennium, say scientists

  2021-02-26 in The Guardian

Decline in system underpinning Gulf Stream could lead to more extreme weather in Europe and higher sea levels on US east coast

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Climate crisis hitting 'worst case scenarios', warns Environment Agency

  2021-02-23 in The Guardian

Sir James Bevan says extreme flooding in UK indicates urgent need for change if humanity is to survive

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Anger mounts over Texas power blackouts as cold maintains its grip

  2021-02-18 in The Guardian

At least 20 people have died across the country as water pipes burst and lines wrap around grocery stores

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The Terrifying Warning Lurking in the Earth’s Ancient Rock Record

  2021-02-06 (or before) by in The Atlantic

Our climate models could be missing something big.

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Economics' failure over destruction of nature presents ‘extreme risks’

  2021-02-02 in The Guardian

New measures of success needed to avoid catastrophic breakdown, landmark review finds

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Extreme weather and climate opinion: evidence from Australia - Climatic Change

  2021-01-19 (or before) in Springer Verlag

Extreme weather patterns can be linked to the effects of anthropogenic climate change with increasing confidence. Evidence from the USA suggests a weak relationship between individuals’ experiences of many types of weather events and concern about climate change. Using data from Australia, we investigate the effects of experiences of increases in mean temperatures and drought on a range of measures related to individuals’ beliefs in, and concerns about, climate change. Our results show no association between recent experiences of elevated temperature relative to long-term average and views about climate change, thoug...

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Climate crisis: 2020 was joint hottest year ever recorded

  2021-01-08 in The Guardian

Global heating continued unabated despite Covid lockdowns, with record Arctic wildfires and Atlantic tropical storms

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Extreme Temperature Diary- Wednesday December 16th, 2020/ Main Topic: Defining “Net Zero” Via Climate Central – Guy On Climate

  2020-12-16 (or before) in Guy On Climate

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Hurricane Iota hits Nicaragua threatening catastrophic damage

  2020-11-17 in The Guardian

Storm hits Caribbean coast less than two weeks after Hurricane Eta carved a swathe of destruction

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Caribbean

Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis

  2020-11-15 in The Guardian

Evidence is not so much in the number of tropical storms the Atlantic has seen, but in their strength, intensity and rainfall

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US midwest storms in August were costliest in country’s history

  2020-11-06 in The Guardian

Derecho weather phenomenon caused over $7.5bn of damage, mainly devastating crops

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New studies confirm weakening of the Gulf Stream circulation (AMOC)

  2020-09-17 in RealClimate

Many of the earlier predictions of climate research have now become reality. The world is getting warmer, sea levels are rising faster and faster, and more frequent heat waves, extreme rainfall, devastating wildfires and more severe tropical storms are affecting many millions of people. Now there is growing evidence that another climate forecast is already coming true: the Gulf Stream system in the Atlantic is apparently weakening, with consequences for Europe too. ...

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Broadcast TV networks’ August wildfire coverage missed key factors including climate change, coronavirus, and prison labor

  2020-09-10 (or before) in Media Matters for America

August was a turbulent month for wildfire activity in the Western U.S. California alone suffered through two of its largest wildfires in recent history, and there are more than 80 other large, active fires burning in 15 states. Record-breaking temperatures and climate change are playing a role in the size and scale of the fires, and the coronavirus pandemic is complicating efforts to contain the blazes and safely evacuate those in their path. But a review by Media Matters found that these factors were largely ignored in broadcast TV news coverage of the month’s wildfires. Key Findings: Corporate broadcast TV ou...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Climate Change | California

California wildfires: thousands evacuate as 'siege' of flames overwhelms state

  2020-08-20 in The Guardian

Hundreds of fires, stoked by a searing heatwave, prompt governor to declare a state of emergency

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Climate crisis exerting increasing impact on UK, says Met Office

  2020-07-30 in The Guardian

Extreme heat, less frost and snow, and trees coming into leaf earlier among signs in 2019

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Friederike Otto interview: Can we sue oil giants for extreme weather?

  2020-07-27 (or before) by in New Scientist

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Wamberal beach erosion: seawall would deliver no net benefit, study finds

  2020-07-27 in The Guardian

Report raises concerns around seawalls’ cost and effectiveness as low pressure system to batter NSW coastline with high tides and huge waves

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'A critical situation': Bangladesh in crisis as monsoon floods follow super-cyclone

  2020-07-24 in The Guardian

Despite flood planning efforts hundreds have been killed and millions hit as third of land is submerged by non-stop rain

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Climate crisis: alarm at record-breaking heatwave in Siberia

  2020-06-17 in The Guardian

Unusually high temperatures in region linked to wildfires, oil spill and moth swarms

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Heatwaves | Arctic | Russia

Climate crisis to blame for $67bn of Hurricane Harvey damage – study

  2020-06-12 in The Guardian

Exclusive: new figure far higher than previous estimates of direct impact of global heating

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Extreme Temperature Diary- Saturday June 6th, 2019/ Main Topic: Earth Sees Its Hottest May On Record – Guy On Climate

  2020-06-07 (or before) in Guy On Climate

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UK Hydrological Status Update - May 2020 | UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

  2020-05-27 (or before) in UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

For 2020 so far, the hydrological situation has been extremely mixed. In February we saw record-breaking rainfall and river flows, and one of the most significant flood events of recent years. Just a couple of months later, after a prolonged period of dry weather, records were broken at the other end of the hydrological spectrum. In the latest in a briefing note, this caused widespread and sustained flooding in many parts of the country.An exceptionally dry spring so far?March is often a 'transitional' spring month but the contrast between the UK Water Resources Portal. Figure right: April monthly mean river flows for the UK. Fr...

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Thousands in Michigan evacuate after 2 dams are breached, and the governor warns city could soon be under '9 feet of water'

  2020-05-22 (or before) in Climate Signals

Climate Signals Summary: In the Midwest, climate change is increasing extreme and total precipitation, which is greatly increasing the risk of severe flooding, like the current Michigan flooding.  

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Climate Signals

  2020-05-22 (or before) in Climate Signals

Climate Signals is a nonprofit, nonpartisan project of Climate Nexus that curates cutting-edge attribution science and provides resources in real time explaining how climate change worsens extreme events.

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Oroville Dam Spillway Overflow February 2017

  2020-05-22 (or before) in Climate Signals

A series of weather systems has delivered record-breaking heavy precipitation to California since early January 2017. On top of heavy precipitation, warm weather systems dropped rainfall in mountain regions where snow pack was forced to melt back to higher elevations and the resulting melt water joined the mountain run-off from the passing storms. Climate change contributes to both heavy precipitation as well as warmer temperatures that prematurely melt snow pack. The combination of heavy precipitation and snow-pack melt has driven the state from drought to flood. Natural climate variability in California is extremely ...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Climate Change | California | Collapse

Potentially fatal bouts of heat and humidity on the rise, study finds

  2020-05-08 in The Guardian

Scientists identify thousands of extreme events, suggesting stark warnings about global heating are already coming to pass

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

One billion people will live in insufferable heat within 50 years – study

  2020-05-05 in The Guardian

Human cost of climate crisis will hit harder and sooner than previously believed, research reveals

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Climate change is getting worse but it is no worse than we predicted - Climate Change Committee

  2020-05-04 in Climate Change Committee

Worsening climate change should not be mistaken for individual events that are worse than expected. Recent extremes give a clear picture of the impacts and risks that come with a human-driven warming climate. Extreme events also emphasise the urgency of action to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change, write Professor Piers Forster and Professor Corinne Le Quéré.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Predictions | Climate Change | Net Zero | Climate Change Impacts

Western US Heat Wave April 2020

  2020-04-29 (or before) in Climate Signals

Record-breaking triple digit heat has taken hold in the southwestern US. The heat wave is expected to break all time monthly temperature records for April in several locations. Recent years have shown an uptick in the number of extreme, record-breaking heat events in the region. The increase in extreme heat events is a clear signal of climate change. Around 80 percent of monthly hot temperature records in the Southwest from 2001 to 2010 were due to climate change.[1] Four out of five record-hot days globally are now amplified by the trend in global warming.[2]

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Europe had hottest year on record in 2019, report shows

  2020-04-22 in The Guardian

Findings confirm 11 of the 12 warmest years in Europe occurred in past two decades

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Summer's bushfires released more carbon dioxide than Australia does in a year

  2020-04-21 in The Guardian

Devastating 2019-20 fires estimated to have released 830m tonnes of carbon dioxide, more than all bar five countries

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases

High winds kill thousands of migrating birds in 'disaster' over Greece

  2020-04-09 in The Guardian

Swallows and swifts on their annual flight from Africa to Europe have been found dead across Greece

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Africa | Wildlife

Climate crisis may have pushed world's tropical coral reefs to tipping point of 'near-annual' bleaching

  2020-03-31 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Mass bleaching seen along Great Barrier Reef could mark start of global-scale event, expert warns

  Tagged under: Oceans | Tipping Points | Extreme Weather | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs

UK must prepare for more intense storms, climate scientists say

  2020-02-17 by Jonathan Watts in The Guardian

Government urged to create more natural drainage systems to cope with impact of crisis

  Tagged under: Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Predictions | UK | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

‘Blatant manipulation’: Trump administration exploited wildfire science to promote logging

  2020-01-24 in The Guardian

Revealed: emails show Trump and appointees tried to craft a narrative that forest protection efforts are responsible for wildfires

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | US Politics | California | Trees

Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales

  2020-01-19 in The Guardian

Videos posted to social media show the clouds turning day into night in some areas

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought

Beetles and fire kill dozens of 'indestructible' giant sequoia trees

  2020-01-18 in The Guardian

Deadly interaction between insects, drought and fire damage have forced California’s park officials to trigger climate crisis plans intended for the 2050s

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought | Insects | California | Trees

Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates

  2020-01-13 in The Guardian

Oceans are clearest measure of climate crisis as they absorb 90% of heat trapped by greenhouse gases

  Tagged under: Oceans | Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases

Police contradict claims spread online exaggerating arson's role in Australian bushfires

  2020-01-08 in The Guardian

Donald Trump Jr was among those who retweeted misleading figures published by News Corp

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Climate change will make fire storms more likely in southeastern Australia

  2020-01-01 (or before) by in The Conversation

Extreme fire risk will overlap with weather patterns to create fire tornadoes more often under climate change.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Australia bushfires: PM's climate stance criticised as thousands flee blazes

  2020-01-01 in The Guardian

Scott Morrison’s government under pressure as fires feared to have killed 17 people

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Water-related violence rises globally in past decade

  2019-12-31 in The Guardian

Water shortages and extreme weather contribute to tension in Middle East and India

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Middle East

The environment in 2050: flooded cities, forced migration – and the Amazon turning to savannah

  2019-12-30 in The Guardian

Unless we focus on shared solutions, violent storms and devastating blazes could be the least of the world’s troubles. Civilisation itself will be at risk

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought | Amazon Rainforest | IPCC | Climate Change | Geoengineering

Thousands told to evacuate vast east Gippsland fire threat zone

  2019-12-29 in The Guardian

Visitors and residents told to ‘get out of’ an area half the size of Belgium immediately, in the face of historic fire threat day on Monday

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Moscow resorts to fake snow in warmest December since 1886

  2019-12-29 in The Guardian

Hibernation disrupted at city’s zoo and gardens bloom early as temperatures hit record high

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Russia

Yes, Australia has always had bushfires: but 2019 is like nothing we've seen before

  2019-12-24 in The Guardian

Record low rainfall has contributed to a continent-scale emergency that has burned through more than 5m hectares and alarmed scientists, doctors and firefighters

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought

Home affairs warned Australian government of growing climate disaster risk after May election

  2019-12-23 in The Guardian

Exclusive: department’s brief said ‘coordinated national action’ was needed to ward off increasing disruptions

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Waiting for a megafire: the battle against Australia's biggest blaze

  2019-12-21 in The Guardian

The Gospers Mountain fire has consumed hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest and is now threatening towns and lives

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Trees

2019 wasn't global protests and Fleabag: it was the year a climate truth bomb dropped | Brigid Delaney

  2019-12-19 in The Guardian

Many of us suddenly woke up, stopped disassociating and realised the party was over

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Too hot for humans? First Nations people fear becoming Australia's first climate refugees

  2019-12-17 in The Guardian

As the big dry bites and temperature records tumble, Aboriginal people in Alice Springs say global heating threatens their culture and very survival

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Drought | Housing | Health

UK's hottest recorded day 'caused deaths of extra 200 people'

  2019-12-11 in The Guardian

ONS says death rate rose to 1,404 on 25 July, when mercury hit 38.7C during heatwave

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Health

Australia weather: 50C temperatures could become the norm as hundreds of climate records broken in 90 days, report finds | The Independent | The Independent

  2019-12-04 (or before) in The Independent

‘Climate change is supercharging the extreme weather events we are witnessing,’ says expert panel

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Revealed: 'monumental' NSW bushfires have burnt 20% of Blue Mountains world heritage area

  2019-12-03 in The Guardian

More than 10% of forest in NSW national parks destroyed by fire this season, with the damage to Gondwana rainforest a ‘global tragedy’

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Rainforests | Trees

More homes threatened by NSW bushfires as hazardous smoke blankets Sydney

  2019-12-03 in The Guardian

At least one home lost on NSW south coast as an out-of-control bushfire burned in Forrestdale, south-east of Perth in WA

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

California: thousands flee from fire burning near Santa Barbara

  2019-11-26 in The Guardian

Up to 6,300 people evacuated and 2,400 homes threatened by wind-driven wildfire that erupted Monday afternoon in Los Padres national forest

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California | Trees

Australian residents brace for severe fire danger across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania

  2019-11-20 in The Guardian

Extreme heat hits across the country as parts of Victoria prepare for worst possible bushfire conditions on Thursday

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

This is what it looks like when your government sells out the climate for votes | Katharine Murphy

  2019-11-15 in The Guardian

The real reason the Coalition doesn’t want to talk about the climate is that its record is one of unmitigated shame and failure

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Coal

Food prices set to rise in UK as floods ruin crops

  2019-11-15 in The Guardian

Soaring prices likely as potatoes rot in sodden fields and farmers struggle to sow wheat

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather

Can we sustain success in reducing deaths to extreme weather in a hotter world? - ScienceDirect

  2019-11-14 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

We've been in bushfire hell in Glen Innes – and the scientists knew it was coming | Carol Sparks

  2019-11-11 in The Guardian

My community deserves the unvarnished truth from me, its mayor. Ignorance and arrogance delivered us ashes

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

'We had to buy blankets': floods force shoppers to spend night in Meadowhall

  2019-11-08 in The Guardian

Sheffield shopping centre cut off by rising waters as torrential rain deluges large parts areas and Met Office warns of more to come

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

2019 Billion-Dollar Disasters

  2019-11-07 (or before) in Climate Central

2019 marks the fifth straight year with at least ten U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters—showing the increasing cost of extreme weather as the climate warms.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Climate crisis: 11,000 scientists warn of ‘untold suffering’

  2019-11-05 by Damian Carrington in The Guardian

Statement sets out ‘vital signs’ as indicators of magnitude of the climate emergency

  Tagged under: Predictions | Climate Change | Extreme Weather

California's fire season has been bad. But it could have been much worse

  2019-11-01 in The Guardian

With planning – and luck – firefighters quickly contained most fires ignited in the past week. But the state remains vulnerable if it doesn’t adapt to more extreme weather

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Ordinary life has vanished in fire-ravaged California | Rebecca Solnit

  2019-10-31 in The Guardian

It’s impossible to quantify the losses caused by the Kincade fire

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

Has the climate crisis made California too dangerous to live in? | Bill McKibben

  2019-10-29 in The Guardian

As with so many things, Californians are going first where the rest of us will follow

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

'You can't fight this': California wildfires force evacuation in Sonoma county

  2019-10-28 in The Guardian

185,000 evacuated as firefighters battle el diablo winds and governor calls state emergency as 2 million left without power

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

'Potentially historic': dangerous winds expected as fires burn across California

  2019-10-26 in The Guardian

Fresh evacuations in Sonoma county as Kincade fire spreads and wave of power blackouts begin across the state

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

California wildfires: tens of thousands ordered to evacuate as power shut off

  2019-10-25 in The Guardian

California’s utility companies impose blackouts to stop winds toppling power lines as strong winds fan fires near Santa Clarita and Geyserville

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | California

No pause in the increase of hot temperature extremes - Nature Climate Change

  2019-10-17 (or before) in Nature

Observational data show a continued increase of hot extremes over land during the so-called global warming hiatus. This tendency is greater for the most extreme events and thus more relevant for impacts than changes in global mean temperature.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Sustainability expert Michael Mobbs: I’m leaving the city to prep for the apocalypse

  2019-09-28 in The Guardian

The man who wrote the book on living off-grid in the city plans to retreat to a rural bolthole, saying eco-friendly progress has not kept pace with the speed of climate collapse

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Drought | Collapse | Electricity Grid | Sustainability

Countries must triple climate emission cut targets to limit global heating to 2C

  2019-09-22 in The Guardian

United in Science report ahead of UN summit says climate is changing faster than forecast, and current plans would lead to ‘catastrophic’ global temperature rise

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Coal | Fossil Fuels

With Greenland's Extreme Melting, a New Risk Grows: Ice Slabs That Worsen Runoff - Inside Climate News

  2019-09-18 in Inside Climate News

Scientists have added a new item to the long list of Greenland Ice Sheet woes. Along with snow-darkening algae and increasing rainfall, giant slabs of ice have been thickening and spreading under the Greenland snow at an average rate of two football fields per minute since 2001, new research shows. The slabs prevent surface meltwater […]

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Climate Change | Ice Melting | Sea Level

World 'gravely' unprepared for effects of climate crisis – report

  2019-09-10 in The Guardian

Trillions of dollars needed to avoid ‘climate apartheid’ but this is less than cost of inaction

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires

Air Temperature| ACCAP

  2019-09-04 in ACCAP - Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy

Air Temperature Includes historical analyses, spatial trends, and changes in extremes Temperatures in Alaska and the Arctic are rising twice as fast as other parts of the U.S. and-except for sea ic…

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic | Alaska

Can We Survive Extreme Heat?

  2019-08-27 by in Rolling Stone - Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

Humans have never lived on a planet this hot, and we’re totally unprepared for what’s to come

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

North Pole: multiple lightning strikes follow record-low sea ice levels

  2019-08-13 in The Guardian

‘Furthest north lightning strikes in Alaska forecaster memory’ hit as high temperatures and widespread fires plague region

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Arctic | Sea Level | Alaska

Arctic wildfires spew soot and smoke cloud bigger than EU

  2019-08-12 in The Guardian

Plume from unprecedented blazes forecast to reach Alaska as fires rage for third month

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Arctic | Greenhouse Gases | Russia | Alaska

Alaska records warmest month ever in July with coastline barren of sea ice

  2019-08-08 in The Guardian

Average temperature for month amid Arctic heatwave was 58.1F (14.5C), nearly 1F above previous high set in July 2004

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Arctic | Alaska

Record heatwave 'made much more likely' by human impact on climate

  2019-08-02 in The Guardian

Scientists say July at least equalled and may have beaten hottest month on record

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Heatwaves

'No doubt left' about scientific consensus on global warming, say experts

  2019-07-24 in The Guardian

Extensive historical data shows recent extreme warming is unprecedented in past 2,000 years

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Arctic wildfires emitted as much CO2 in June as Sweden does in a year

  2019-07-12 in The Guardian

Wildfires this year have been at an unusual intensity despite being common in the northern hemisphere between May and October

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Arctic | Russia

'Biggest compliment yet': Greta Thunberg welcomes oil chief's 'greatest threat' label

  2019-07-05 in The Guardian

Activists say comments by Opec head prove world opinion is turning against fossil fuels

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Activism | Extreme Weather | Fossil Fuels

Climate change made European heatwave at least five times likelier

  2019-07-02 in The Guardian

Searing heat shows crisis is ‘here and now’, say scientists, and worse than predicted

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Predictions | Climate Change

It’s time to change the climate disaster script. People need hope that things can change | Nicky Hawkins

  2019-06-26 in The Guardian

The climate story must balance talk of urgency with inspiring and creative ideas if we are to inspire positive change, says the communications strategist Nicky Hawkins

  Tagged under: Extinction Rebellion | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

'Hell is coming': week-long heatwave begins across Europe

  2019-06-24 in The Guardian

Temperatures could hit 40C from Spain to Switzerland, with authorities urging children and older people to stay indoors

  Tagged under: Spain | Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Women and Children | France

France to declare natural disaster after storms rip through crops

  2019-06-16 in The Guardian

‘Orchard of France’ is badly hit by extreme weather that has killed two people

  Tagged under: Farming | Extreme Weather | France

'We're in constant crisis': cyclone-hit reservation forced to recover on its own

  2019-05-10 in The Guardian

Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are struggling after a winter hurricane, with no disaster relief from Trump

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Mark Carney tells global banks they cannot ignore climate change dangers

  2019-04-17 in The Guardian

Financial sector warned it risks losses from extreme weather and its stakes in polluting firms

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change

Climate change could make insurance too expensive for most people – report

  2019-03-21 in The Guardian

Munich Re, world’s largest reinsurance firm, warns premium rises could become social issue

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Climate Change | Insurance

Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest as result of climate change, scientist says

  2019-03-05 in The Guardian

Extreme weather blamed for plunge in country’s olive harvest – the worst in 25 years – that could leave the country dependent on imports by April

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Climate change 'cause of most under-reported humanitarian crises'

  2019-02-21 in The Guardian

Report says few headlines sparked by food crises that ravaged Madagascar, Ethiopia and Haiti

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Africa | Famine | Caribbean | Madagascar

'Momentum is growing': reasons to be hopeful about the environment in 2019

  2019-01-02 in The Guardian

As we reflect on a year of extreme weather and ominous climate talks, 2019 could see some much-needed breakthroughs

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

'We are last generation that can stop climate change' – UN summit

  2018-12-03 in The Guardian

Big cuts in carbon emissions and a rise in protection from extreme weather urgently needed

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Past four years hottest on record, data shows

  2018-11-29 in The Guardian

World running out of time to combat climate change, warns meteorological organisation

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases | IPCC | Climate Change

Summer weather is getting 'stuck' due to Arctic warming

  2018-08-20 in The Guardian

Rising Arctic temperatures mean we face a future of ‘extreme extremes’ where sunny days become heatwaves and rain becomes floods, study says

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Heatwaves | Arctic

Extreme global weather is 'the face of climate change' says leading scientist

  2018-07-27 in The Guardian

Exclusive: Prof Michael Mann declares the impacts of global warming are now ‘playing out in real-time’

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Climate Change Impacts

Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Expected, and It’s More Extreme - Inside Climate News

  2017-12-26 in Inside Climate News

In the past year, the scientific consensus shifted toward a grimmer and less uncertain picture of the risks posed by climate change. When the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its 5th Climate Assessment in 2014, it formally declared that observed warming was “extremely likely” to be mostly caused by human activity. This year, […]

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

How climate change triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes

  2016-10-16 in The Guardian

Global warming may not only cause more destructive hurricanes, it could also be shaking the ground beneath our feet

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

The most common fallacy in discussing extreme weather events + Update

  2014-03-25 in RealClimate

Does global warming make extreme weather events worse? Here is the #1 flawed reasoning you will have seen about this question: it is the classic confusion between absence of evidence and evidence for absence of an effect of global warming on extreme weather events. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. I’ll first explain it in simple terms and then give some real-life examples. The two most fundamental properties of extreme events are that they are rare (by ...

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather

Why climate change will likely be worse than the models predict

  2013-09-04 by in

Dr Aaron Thierry is a quantitative ecologist who recently graduated from The University of Sheffield’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences. He is extremely concerned about the level of un…

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | IPCC | Predictions | Climate Change

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