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B.C. fruit farms prepared for devastating crop yields this summer

  2024-03-12 by in Canada's National Observer

One of the first indicators of how bountiful a fruit harvest will be in British Columbia comes months before any peaches, apricots or nectarines start fattening on trees.

  Tagged under: Collapse | Agriculture | Canada | Trees

Why people still fall for fake climate news

  2023-12-22 by in Canada's National Observer

It was the hottest year on Earth in 125,000 years, and #ClimateScam is taking off.

The ‘new oil’

  2023-09-29 in Canada's National Observer

Our forests have reached a tipping point

  2023-08-21 by in Canada's National Observer

Unrelenting logging and fossil fuel burning have flipped one of the planet's largest forests from a critical CO2 sink into a surging CO2 source. This year's climate-fuelled wildfires are the latest acceleration in a multi-decade trend, writes Barry Saxifrage.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Trees | Tipping Points

If you’re not terrified, ‘you’re not paying attention’: Politicians, activist urge action amid record-breaking temperatures

  2023-07-06 by in Canada's National Observer

This week, average global temperatures are smashing records left and right, which “should fill everyone with anxiety,” says Green Party deputy leader Jonathan Pedneault. 

  Tagged under: Activism | Collapse | Climate Anxiety and Grief

NYC pension funds take on RBC over climate plan

  2023-01-25 by in Canada's National Observer

RBC keeps pouring billions into fossil fuel expansion despite making net-zero promises. Now, New York City pension plans are trying to force RBC to disclose the full extent of the emissions the bank is responsible for.

  Tagged under: Net Zero

Overheated — Canada’s gasoline emissions are surging out of control

  2022-12-20 by in Canada's National Observer

Canadian drivers have been sharply "bending the curve" on our automobile emissions — but in the wrong direction. Here are some charts showing our surging vehicle emissions and how some nations are getting theirs under control.

Environmental groups take federal government to court over Bay du Nord

  2022-05-11 by in Canada's National Observer

Ecojustice, on behalf of Équiterre and Sierra Club Canada, will argue in Federal Court, that Bay du Nord could harm the environment and Guilbeault unlawfully approved the project

The oil apologists

  2022-04-29 by in Canada's National Observer

Unlike most climate deniers, oil apologists don’t have a lot to say about the science of climate change because they generally ignore the topic. Their messaging is focused on fossil fuels being necessary for the progress of humanity.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

Natural disasters aren't as natural as they used to be

  2021-11-30 by in Canada's National Observer

Weather has always been unpredictable but with climate change, more communities will be subjected to extreme disasters more often. What was once-in-a-lifetime may happen once a decade, writes columnist Gerald Kutney.

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Environmental groups applaud Quebec’s ban on fossil fuel exploration

  2021-10-19 in Canada's National Observer

In a groundbreaking move, Quebec Premier François Legault announced the province will "definitively renounce the extraction of hydrocarbons on its territory" during a speech Tuesday.

Quebec rejects $14B LNG project over environmental concerns

  2021-07-21 by in Canada's National Observer

After a groundswell of opposition to GNL Québec’s multibillion-dollar natural gas project, the provincial government has rejected the plan. Now advocates say it’s time for other governments to follow suit.

Time to stop playing nice with fossil fuel companies

  2021-05-17 by in Canada's National Observer

Canada’s leading “natural” gas companies seek to impede electrification, writes columnist Seth Klein.

Conservatives’ climate denial makes them political dinosaurs

  2021-03-25 by in Canada's National Observer

Where does the Conservative Party of Canada go from here? How can Canadians put their trust in a political party that denies "climate change is real?" asks Gerald Kutney.

  Tagged under: Climate Change

How one oil industry group went to bizarre lengths to market natural gas to women

  2020-12-15 by in Canada's National Observer

The website Women for Natural Gas is a pink-tinged, fancy-cursive-drenched love letter to the oil and gas industry, complete with testimonials from several women. But there’s a catch: The women don’t exist. 

  Tagged under: Women and Children

Oil and gas giant Shell targets 'net zero' emissions by 2050

  2020-04-17 in Canada's National Observer

Energy company Royal Dutch Shell told investors on Thursday, April 16, 2020, that it aims to stop adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere by 2050, a move that was welcomed by some climate campaigners even as others called it “corporate greenwash.”

  Tagged under: Shell | Greenhouse Gases | Net Zero

EXCLUSIVE: Alberta warned it could take 2,800 years to clean up oilpatch

  2019-06-03 by in Canada's National Observer

The burden of returning the land to a natural state could fall to the next 93 generations. The estimates were outlined by an Alberta Energy Regulator official in a September 2018 presentation, obtained through freedom-of-information.

Authorities probe whether carmakers colluded to delay clean cars

  2019-05-03 in Canada's National Observer

If the allegations are true, it would mean that consumers were likely deprived of opportunities to buy cars with the latest clean technologies.

  Tagged under: Cars

Noam Chomsky: 'In a couple of generations, organized human society may not survive.' 

  2019-02-12 by in Canada's National Observer

In recent years, Chomsky has turned his mind to the existential threat of global warming, a “threat to the perpetuation of organized human life,” on par with nuclear war. Now, in an exclusive interview with National Observer on Jan. 22, Chomsky directly addresses the specific relationship between media and the climate crisis.

  Tagged under: Nuclear Power

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