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Topic: Himalayas

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Increasing frequency and lengthening season of western disturbances are linked to increasing strength and delayed northward migration of the subtropical jet

  2024-03-13 (or before) in

Abstract. Western disturbances (WDs) are cyclonic storms that travel along the subtropical jet, bringing the majority of seasonal and extreme precipitation to the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and western Himalaya in the winter months. They are a vital component of the region's water security. Although typically most common in the winter, WDs can also interact with the summer monsoon, leading to catastrophic consequences. These seem to be happening more frequently, and along with increasingly harsh winter seasons, questions are now being asked about how climate change is affecting WD frequency and intensity in both summer and...

  Tagged under: India | Storms. Hurricanes and Tornados | Extreme Weather | Himalayas

India's water problems set to get worse as the world warms

  2024-03-11 in - News and Articles on Science and Technology

Winter storms that provide crucial snow and rainfall to northern India are arriving significantly later in the year compared to 70 years ago, a new study has found, exacerbating the risk of catastrophic flooding while also reducing vital water supplies for millions of residents of India.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Climate Change | Water Resources | Flooding | Himalayas | India

Icy flood that killed at least 41 in India's northeast was feared for years

  2023-10-06 in Associated Press News

Hundreds of rescuers dug through slushy debris and fast-flowing, icy water Friday in a search for survivors after a glacial lake burst through a dam in India’s Himalayan northeast, a disaster that many had warned was possible for years.

  Tagged under: Himalayas

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