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Topic: Bushfires

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Bushfires burning in Victoria's west turn sky glowing red

  2024-03-10 (or before) in 9News - Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world

  Tagged under: Australia | Bushfires

Smoke from Australian bushfires depleted ozone layer by up to 5% in 2020, study finds

  2023-03-08 in The Guardian

Lead researcher says destruction was similar to process of Antarctic ozone hole forming each spring ‘but at much warmer temperatures’

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Wildfires | Antarctic

We cling to our memory of the perfect summer – before flood, fire and plague. But the past is gone and we have to wake up | Brigid Delaney

  2022-03-03 in The Guardian

Signs of collapse are everywhere, and if we think it’s possible to return to ‘normal’, then we are deluded

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | IPCC | Climate Change | Flooding | Collapse

'Managed retreat' from coastal living could soon be reality, climate report warns

  2022-02-28 in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The world's scientists declare climate change is now a threat to human wellbeing, warning we are about to miss the window to "secure a liveable and sustainable future for all".

  Tagged under: Bushfires | IPCC | Climate Change

Black Summer fires 'fertilised' the ocean so that algal blooms almost offset the emissions

  2021-09-15 in ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Iron-rich ash and smoke from the Black Summer bushfires dropped from the atmosphere into the Southern Ocean, fuelling enormous blooms of algae between New Zealand and South America.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Bushfires

Fire and flood: 'Whole areas of Australia will be uninsurable'

  2021-04-01 in The Guardian

Extreme weather events caused by the climate emergency are an existential threat to homeowners and industry alike

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Insurance

University of Tasmania clears scientists accused of research misconduct by logging industry

  2021-02-28 in The Guardian

Investigation followed researchers’ decision to retract paper that found logging made forests more flammable

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Trees

How fires have spread to previously untouched parts of the world

  2021-02-19 (or before) by in The Guardian

Fires have always been a part of our natural world. But they’re moving to new ecosystems previously untouched by fire – and this is concerning scientists

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Wildfires | Brazil | California

Fears that K’gari-Fraser Island bushfire has 'massively impacted' unique ecosystems

  2020-12-08 (or before) in SBS | TV, Radio, On Demand, News, Sport, Food, Movies

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Australian Bushfire & Climate Plan | Emergency Leaders for Climate Action

  2020-10-20 (or before) in Emergency Leaders for Climate Action (ELCA)

The Australian Bushfire and Climate Plan, developed with input from more than 150 experts and affected community members at the National Bushfire and Climate Summit 2020, will help keep Australians as safe as possible from worsening bushfires.

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Summer's bushfires released more carbon dioxide than Australia does in a year

  2020-04-21 in The Guardian

Devastating 2019-20 fires estimated to have released 830m tonnes of carbon dioxide, more than all bar five countries

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Greenhouse Gases

The coronavirus pandemic is a dress rehearsal for what awaits us if governments continue to ignore science | John Hewson

  2020-04-21 in The Guardian

Leaders have failed to listen to clear warnings and predictions, but the response to Covid-19 is an inspiring indication of what we’re capable of

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Predictions | US Politics

Australian bushfires intensify scrutiny on insuring, investing in coal

  2020-02-06 (or before) in S&P Global S&P Global

Bushfires across Australia are drawing increased attention to the financial risks of climate change, even as the country recently completed a year of record coal exports with plans to further increase production.

  Tagged under: Insurance | Bushfires | Coal | Climate Change

Bushfire hazard reduction 'as important as' emissions reduction, Scott Morrison says

  2020-01-22 (or before) in SBS | TV, Radio, On Demand, News, Sport, Food, Movies

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Huge dust storms in Australia hit central New South Wales

  2020-01-19 in The Guardian

Videos posted to social media show the clouds turning day into night in some areas

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Drought

James Murdoch Slams Fox News and News Corp Over Climate-Change Denial

  2020-01-14 in The Daily Beast

Rupert Murdoch’s younger son and his wife issued a rare public rebuke of the family’s media empire and its promotion of climate-change skeptics during Australia’s bushfire crisis.

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Climate Change

Roger Federer responds to climate crisis criticism from Greta Thunberg

  2020-01-12 in The Guardian

Roger Federer has issued a cautiously worded response to mounting criticism, including from climate activist Greta Thunberg, over his sponsorship deal with Credit Suisse

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Activism | Bushfires | Climate Change

Police contradict claims spread online exaggerating arson's role in Australian bushfires

  2020-01-08 in The Guardian

Donald Trump Jr was among those who retweeted misleading figures published by News Corp

  Tagged under: Donald Trump | Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Australia fires: AAP outline staggering deluge of online misinformation on bushfires

  2020-01-08 (or before) by in Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online |

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has urged Australians to maintain a "healthy scepticism" towards online content.

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Disinformation and Misinformation | Health

Australia Will Lose to Climate Change

  2020-01-06 (or before) in The Atlantic

Even as the country fights bushfires, it can’t stop dumping planet-warming pollution into the atmosphere.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Global Warming | Climate Change | Australia | Bushfires | Wildfires | Economic Growth | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs

Opinion: Mourning a disappearing world as Australia burns

  2020-01-04 (or before) in The Globe and Mail: Canadian, World, Politics and Business News & Analysis

As fires rage, destroying homes, habitats and lives, it’s difficult not to see this tragedy as a deadly consequence of decades of neglect

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Wildfires | Climate Change | Wildlife

The Australian: Murdoch-owned newspaper accused of downplaying bushfires in favour of picnic races

  2020-01-03 in The Guardian

Herald Sun relegates bushfires to page 4 while Courier Mail brings good news via ‘Onion Oracle’

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Australia bushfires: PM's climate stance criticised as thousands flee blazes

  2020-01-01 in The Guardian

Scott Morrison’s government under pressure as fires feared to have killed 17 people

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Australia fires worsen as every state hits 40C - BBC News

  2019-12-30 (or before) in BBC

As the bushfires continue, mammoth blazes in Victoria are generating their own lightning.

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Thousands told to evacuate vast east Gippsland fire threat zone

  2019-12-29 in The Guardian

Visitors and residents told to ‘get out of’ an area half the size of Belgium immediately, in the face of historic fire threat day on Monday

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Yes, Australia has always had bushfires: but 2019 is like nothing we've seen before

  2019-12-24 in The Guardian

Record low rainfall has contributed to a continent-scale emergency that has burned through more than 5m hectares and alarmed scientists, doctors and firefighters

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Extreme Rainfall | Drought

Aloha, Scotty from Marketing, is it resurrection you're looking for?

  2019-12-24 in The New Daily - Latest News Headlines From Australia & World

The return of Nero was scripted by Scotty from Marketing and blown up by his colleagues in Publicity at Newscorp. We must not kid ourselves into thinking he will change, writes Richard Flanagan.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Scott Morrison | Bushfires

Home affairs warned Australian government of growing climate disaster risk after May election

  2019-12-23 in The Guardian

Exclusive: department’s brief said ‘coordinated national action’ was needed to ward off increasing disruptions

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Waiting for a megafire: the battle against Australia's biggest blaze

  2019-12-21 in The Guardian

The Gospers Mountain fire has consumed hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest and is now threatening towns and lives

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Trees

2019 wasn't global protests and Fleabag: it was the year a climate truth bomb dropped | Brigid Delaney

  2019-12-19 in The Guardian

Many of us suddenly woke up, stopped disassociating and realised the party was over

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather

Australia took a match to UN climate talks while back home the country burned | Julie-Anne Richards

  2019-12-16 in The Guardian

The gleeful coal lobby stalked the Madrid COP25 meeting halls as the Morrison government threw out compassion and international citizenship

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Coal | Climate Change | Fossil Fuels

Australia weather: 50C temperatures could become the norm as hundreds of climate records broken in 90 days, report finds | The Independent | The Independent

  2019-12-04 (or before) in The Independent

‘Climate change is supercharging the extreme weather events we are witnessing,’ says expert panel

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Climate Change

Revealed: 'monumental' NSW bushfires have burnt 20% of Blue Mountains world heritage area

  2019-12-03 in The Guardian

More than 10% of forest in NSW national parks destroyed by fire this season, with the damage to Gondwana rainforest a ‘global tragedy’

  Tagged under: Deforestation | Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Rainforests | Trees

More homes threatened by NSW bushfires as hazardous smoke blankets Sydney

  2019-12-03 in The Guardian

At least one home lost on NSW south coast as an out-of-control bushfire burned in Forrestdale, south-east of Perth in WA

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

Fires May Have Killed Up To 1,000 Koalas, Fueling Concerns Over The Future Of The Species

  2019-11-24 (or before) by in Forbes

As Australia experiences record-breaking drought and bushfires, koala populations are being threatened.

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Drought

Australian residents brace for severe fire danger across NSW, Victoria and Tasmania

  2019-11-20 in The Guardian

Extreme heat hits across the country as parts of Victoria prepare for worst possible bushfire conditions on Thursday

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

This is what it looks like when your government sells out the climate for votes | Katharine Murphy

  2019-11-15 in The Guardian

The real reason the Coalition doesn’t want to talk about the climate is that its record is one of unmitigated shame and failure

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires | Coal

QLD, NSW, Sydney bushfires: Danger to increase on Friday as weather heats up | — Australia’s leading news site

  2019-11-14 (or before) in — Australia’s leading news site

Horrific bushfire conditions that have plagued New South Wales for days eased overnight, but crews today continue to battle multiple blazes in the state, while several alerts remain in place for Queensland and Western Australia.

  Tagged under: Bushfires

Climate Fury: “They don’t need the ravings of some pure, enlightened and woke capital city greenies” | Watts Up With That?

  2019-11-13 in Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack MP, who represents the rural seat of Riverina, is fed up with ignorant inner city greens trying to exploit Australia's ongoing bushfire catastrophe for political gain. Deputy PM slams people raising climate change in relation to NSW bushfiresBy David CroweNovember 11, 2019 — 8.33amDeputy Prime

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Climate Change | Rivers

We've been in bushfire hell in Glen Innes – and the scientists knew it was coming | Carol Sparks

  2019-11-11 in The Guardian

My community deserves the unvarnished truth from me, its mayor. Ignorance and arrogance delivered us ashes

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Extreme Weather | Wildfires

NSW and Queensland bushfires: Sydney to face catastrophic fire danger for first time

  2019-11-10 in The Guardian

More than 130 bushfires continue to burn, with three people dead and 150 properties destroyed, and conditions set to worsen

  Tagged under: Bushfires

NSW and Queensland bushfires: two dead and at least 100 homes destroyed

  2019-11-09 in The Guardian

Seven people unaccounted for, as fuller picture emerges of the devastation

  Tagged under: Bushfires | Drought

Australia bushfires: Three dead and thousands forced from homes - BBC News

  2019-11-09 (or before) in The BBC

More than 100 blazes burn across New South Wales and Queensland, amid warnings of more to come.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Australia | Bushfires

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