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Topic: Papua New Guinea

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Climate justice in the Pacific

  2023-04-01 in The Monthly - Australia

The lack of global action on the climate crisis has left grassroots groups leading the fight against catastrophe in PNG

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Pacific Ocean | Papua New Guinea | Climate Justice

The tides: masculinity and climate change in coastal Papua New Guineaj rai_1667 20

  2021-11-23 (or before) in - Share research

The tides: masculinity and climate change in coastal Papua New Guineaj rai_1667 20

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Papua New Guinea

An Overview of Seabed Mining Including the Current State of Development, Environmental Impacts, and Knowledge Gaps

  2020-11-15 (or before) in Frontiers

Rising demand for minerals and metals, including for use in the technology sector, has led to a resurgence of interest in exploration of mineral resources located on the seabed. Such resources, whether seafloor massive (polymetallic) sulfides around hydrothermal vents, cobalt-rich crusts on the flanks of seamounts or fields of manganese (polymetallic) nodules on the abyssal plains, cannot be considered in isolation of the distinctive, in some cases unique, assemblages of marine species associated with the same habitats and structures. In addition to mineral deposits, there is interest in extracting methane from gas hydrates on c...

  Tagged under: Cobalt | Minerals | Methane | Papua New Guinea | Water Resources

History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin

  2020-03-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Minerals | Papua New Guinea | Fossil Fuels | Namibia | Water Resources

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