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Topic: Namibia

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Oil company accused of drilling in African wildlife reserve, offering jobs for silence

  2021-12-18 (or before) in National Geographic

Canada-based ReconAfrica appears to have flouted Namibian law, legal experts say.

  Tagged under: Africa | Wildlife | Namibia

A Big Oil Project in Africa Threatens Fragile Okavango Region

  2021-06-20 (or before) in Yale E360

A Canadian company is drilling exploratory wells in Namibia for what could be a major oil and gas find. Local residents and conservationists fear the project could use up scarce water supplies and cause widespread ecological disruption downstream in the world-renowned Okavango Delta.

  Tagged under: Africa | Namibia

New oilfield in African wilderness threatens lives of 130,000 elephants

  2021-06-20 in The Guardian

Exploratory project in Botswana and Namibia is threat to ecosystems, local communities and wildlife, conservationists say

  Tagged under: Africa | Wildlife | Fossil Fuels | Namibia

Oil excavation in Africa’s Kavango region must be stopped to meet world climate promises | The Independent

  2021-05-15 (or before) in The Independent

The climate column: Oil play in the Kavango region of Namibia and Botswana will affect climate targets, endanger indigenous communities and could be disastrous for conservation

  Tagged under: Oil Industry | Conservation | Africa | Climate Change | Wildlife | Namibia

History’s Largest Mining Operation Is About to Begin

  2020-03-09 (or before) by in The Atlantic

It’s underwater—and the consequences are unimaginable.

  Tagged under: Oceans | Minerals | Papua New Guinea | Fossil Fuels | Namibia | Water Resources

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