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Topic: Libya

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The Case Against Dams

  2023-09-26 in TIME Magazine

Deadly dam failures will become more common, and removing them helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  Tagged under: Libya

Climate Change made Libya's deadly rainfall up to 50 times more likely - study | Reuters

  2023-09-19 in Reuters

Climate Change made the heavy rainfall that led to deadly floods in Libya up to 50 times more likely, scientists said on Tuesday.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Libya | Flooding | Extreme Rainfall | Africa

Climate action must respond to extreme weather driving health crisis, says WHO

  2023-09-19 in The Guardian

Melting ice caps and rising sea levels are urgent but people care more about the floods, wildfires and droughts that are here now, New York summit hears

  Tagged under: COP28 | Libya | Drought | Africa | Ice Melting | Sea Level | Health | Middle East | Wildfires

Dams Worldwide Are at Risk of Catastrophic Failure

  2023-09-17 (or before) by in Scientific American

Here’s why disasters like Libya’s dam collapses happen and how to prevent them

  Tagged under: Libya | Collapse

‘People feel unprotected’: Greeks lose faith in state after Storm Daniel and a summer of wildfires

  2023-09-16 in The Guardian

Before the catastrophe in Libya, the cyclone brought devastation to Thessaly – and there are fears the climate crisis will bring more

  Tagged under: Libya | Wildfires

‘Disastrous beyond comprehension’: 10,000 missing after Libya floods

  2023-09-12 in The Guardian

Neighbourhoods washed away in port city of Derna, where two dams burst, with many bodies swept out to sea

  Tagged under: Libya | Africa | Middle East

Missing uranium ore in Libya raises nuclear security fears | Financial Times

  2023-03-17 (or before) in Financial Times

Militia group later claims to have recovered the barrels of uranium after worries they had been stolen

  Tagged under: Libya | Nuclear Power

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