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Topic: Permafrost

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Strong increase in thawing of subsea permafrost in the 22nd century caused by anthropogenic climate change

  2024-03-10 (or before) in TC - Recent

Abstract. Most earth system models (ESMs) neglect climate feedbacks arising from carbon release from thawing permafrost, especially from thawing of subsea permafrost (SSPF). To assess the fate of SSPF in the next 1000 years, we implemented SSPF into JSBACH, the land component of the Max Planck Institute Earth System Model (MPI-ESM). This is the first implementation of SSPF processes in an ESM component. We investigate three extended scenarios from the 6th phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6). In the 21st century only small differences are found among the scenarios, but in the upper-end emission scenari...

  Tagged under: Ice Melting | Climate Change Impacts | Permafrost

Opinion | More lightning, more wildfires and a warmer world. Welcome to the ‘doom loop’ | South China Morning Post

  2023-11-17 in South China Morning Post

Climate-induced lightning is becoming more frequent and powerful, triggering more wildfires, particularly in Siberia, Canada and Alaska, and releasing the carbon locked in permafrost.

  Tagged under: COP28 | Permafrost | Wildfires | Alaska | Russia

Subsea Methane Hydrates: Origin and Monitoring the Impacts of Global Warming

  2022-11-23 in MDPI - Publisher of Open Access Journals

The East Siberian Arctic shelf is the area where the largest natural gas reserves are concentrated. The formation of permafrost of the Arctic shelf during the Ice Age contributed to the emergence of a zone of stable existence of gas hydrates in the sedimentary layer, and subsequent flooding of the shelf led to its gradual degradation, the thawing of gas hydrates and the subsequent emissions of methane into the atmosphere. In the first part of the paper, we use mathematical modeling to study the processes of the formation of subsea permafrost on the Arctic shelf considering changes in the sea levels over the past 200 thousand yea...

  Tagged under: Sea Level | Permafrost | Methane | Arctic | Russia

Emissions from thawing Arctic permafrost may be 12 times higher than thought, scientists say

  2019-04-17 in The Independent

‘This needs to be taken more seriously than it is right now,’ says author of new study

  Tagged under: Global Warming | Arctic | Alaska | Feedback Loops | Ice Melting | Methane | Permafrost | Greenhouse Gases | Climate Change

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