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Topic: Nigeria

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Palette to paycheck: the Lagos gallery helping children make a living from their art

  2024-03-13 in The Guardian

The Children’s Art Gallery supports young Nigerian artists from low-income families, helping them sell their work around the world and build a better life

  Tagged under: Women and Children | Nigeria | Africa

Shell Discovers Another Oil Leak After Resumption Of Forcados Export Facility

  2023-08-23 by in Leadership News - Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspaper, Breaking News and more

Nigeria’s oil production is facing another major challenge following discovery of another oil leak in a facility operated by oil major Shell.

  Tagged under: Pollution | Shell | Nigeria

Nigeria's President Bola Tinubu declares state of emergency over food - BBC News

  2023-07-14 (or before) in The BBC

The president plans to provide protection to farmers targeted by notorious kidnapping gangs.

  Tagged under: Farming | Nigeria | Africa

Nigerian kidnap gangs drive big-time Nigerian farmers away - BBC News

  2023-07-14 (or before) in The BBC

Some of those key to boosting agricultural output in Africa's most-populous nation have given up.

  Tagged under: Farming | Nigeria | Africa

Yutong to provide 12,000 e-buses in Lagos, Nigeria, in cooperation with energy company OCEL

  2023-05-02 in Sustainable Bus - Electric Bus and Sustainable mobility.

Oando Clean Energy Limited (OCEL), an energy company based in Nigeria, has kicked off a collaboration with Chinese bus manufacturer Yutong.

  Tagged under: Nigeria

Nigeria floods: Songs and testimonies from a drowning world - BBC News

  2023-01-29 (or before) in The BBC

Portraits of communities devastated by the worst recorded floods in Nigeria.

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Africa

Shell to pay $15m settlement over oil spills in Nigeria

  2022-12-25 (or before) in Al Jazeera

Shell claimed the settlement for spills in the Niger Delta between 2004 and 2007 was not an admission of liability.

  Tagged under: Shell | Nigeria

Flood: Price of rice to increase due to crops lost, says Olam | TheCable

  2022-10-07 in

Olam Nigeria Limited, an agri-business company, says the price of rice will go up by December as massive flooding from River Benue damaged the company’s crops and infrastructure. Speaking on

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Flooding | Rivers

Sooty hands and damaged lungs: the toll of Nigeria’s illegal refineries

  2022-05-29 in The Guardian

A recent clampdown on illegal oil refineries in Rivers State was welcomed by campaigners alarmed at the mounting medical toll on those living in the area. But will it have a lasting impact?

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Africa | Rivers | Fossil Fuels

Shell in Nigeria: Polluted communities 'can sue in English courts' - BBC News

  2021-02-14 (or before) in BBC

The UK Supreme Court's ruling is a victory for communities severely hit by pollution in the Niger Delta.

  Tagged under: Shell | Nigeria | Africa

Floods Washed Away More Than 25% of Nigeria’s Rice Harvest

  2020-09-05 (or before) in Bloomberg

Floods washed away at least two million tons of rice in Nigeria, the second-largest importer of the grain. That is more than 25% of the previously projected national output of 8 million tons, according to estimates by a farmers’ organization.

  Tagged under: Farming | Nigeria | Africa

'Our dead are buried there': Ebo logging decree sparks anger in Cameroon

  2020-08-11 in The Guardian

Ebo forest is home to hundreds of rare species including Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees

  Tagged under: Nigeria | Africa | Wildlife | Trees

'The crisis is already here': young strikers facing climate apartheid

  2019-09-19 in The Guardian

Young activists call for north-south solidarity to tackle climate emergency that threatens to exacerbate inequality and conflict

  Tagged under: Greta Thunberg | Activism | Bolsonaro | Greenhouse Gases | Nigeria | Africa

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