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Topic: Insect Populations

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Climate change may cause crisis amid important insect populations, researchers say - CBS News

  2024-02-24 in CBS News

Scientists estimate that 40% of insect species are in decline, and a third are endangered.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

Insect apocalypse

  2023-08-15 (or before) in Princeton University Press

Insects underpin almost all terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. But in the last few decades, populations all over the world have collapsed with terrifying speed.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations | Collapse

Bee Population Decline

  2023-07-14 (or before) in

Looking for the latest buzz on how to help the bees? Look no further.

  Tagged under: Insect Populations | Bees | Insects

Decline in insect populations - Wikipedia

  2023-04-10 (or before) in Wikipedia

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

About Neonicotinoids - Pesticide Action Network UK

  2023-02-07 (or before) in Pesticide Action Network

Neonicotinoids are powerful, systemic insecticides and are thought to be connected to the recent declines in bee populations.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

Pesticide use around world almost doubles since 1990, report finds

  2022-10-18 in The Guardian

Agricultural chemicals drive falls of 30% in populations of field birds and butterflies, says Pesticide Atlas

  Tagged under: Farming | Wildlife | Butterflies and Moths | Insects | Insect Populations

The world's insect populations are plummeting everywhere we look

  2022-05-30 (or before) in The Natural History Museum, London

Crashing numbers will have serious implications for our future.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

How the speed of climate change is unbalancing the insect world

  2022-01-11 in The Guardian

The long read: The pace of global heating is forcing insect populations to move and adapt – and some aggressive species are thriving

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Insects | Insect Populations

Insect populations suffering death by 1,000 cuts, say scientists

  2021-01-11 in The Guardian

‘Frightening’ global decline is ‘tearing apart tapestry of life’, with climate crisis a critical concern

  Tagged under: Wildlife | Insects | Insect Populations

Meta-analysis reveals declines in terrestrial but increases in freshwater insect abundances

  2020-04-25 (or before) in Science | AAAS

Global changes in insect populations reflect both decline and growth.

  Tagged under: Insects | Insect Populations

Nutrient dilution and climate cycles underlie declines in a dominant insect herbivore

  2020-04-25 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Parsing variation in long-term patterns underlying insect abundances and assigning mechanisms are critical in light of recent reports of dramatic insect declines. Grasshopper abundances in a North American prairie exhibited both 5-y cycles and >2%/y declines over the past 20 y. Large-scale climate oscillations predicted the cycles in grasshopper abundances. Moreover, plant biomass doubled over the same period—likely due to changes in climate and increasing atmospheric CO2—diluting the concentrations in plant tissue of key nutrients which in turn predicted the declines of a dominant herbivore. Nutrient dilution, li...

  Tagged under: Predictions | Climate Change | Insects | Insect Populations

Bumblebees' decline points to mass extinction – study

  2020-02-06 in The Guardian

Populations disappearing in areas where temperatures are getting hotter, scientists say

  Tagged under: Wildlife | Bees | Insects | Insect Populations

Fishery collapse ‘confirms Silent Spring pesticide prophecy'

  2019-10-31 in The Guardian

Common pesticides found to starve fish ‘astoundingly fast’ by killing aquatic insects

  Tagged under: Farming | Insect Populations | Fish | Pesticides | Wildlife | Insects | Collapse

Butterfly numbers fall by 84% in Netherlands over 130 years – study

  2019-04-01 by Patrick Barkham in The Guardian

European insect populations shrink as farming leaves ‘hardly any room for nature’

  Tagged under: Farming | Agriculture | Biodiversity Loss | Insect Populations | Butterflies and Moths | Wildlife | Insects

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