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Topic: Famine

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What Happens When Africa's Largest Lake Runs Out of Fish?

  2024-01-14 (or before) in National Geographic

The fishermen who rely on Lake Victoria's once-abundant perch population for their livelihood know they are living on borrowed time.

  Tagged under: Fishing | Famine | Africa | Fish

Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation

  2023-12-27 (or before) in Oxford Academic

Abstract. The main focus of this book is on the causation of starvation in general and of famines in particular. The traditional analysis of famines concentrate

  Tagged under: Famine

UN Report: Global hunger numbers rose to as many as 828 million in 2021

  2023-10-10 (or before) in World Health Organisation

The number of people affected by hunger globally rose to as many as 828 million in 2021, an increase of about 46 million since 2020 and 150 million since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic (1), according to a United Nations report that provides fresh evidence that the world is moving further away from its goal of ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition in all its forms by 2030. The 2022 edition of The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) report presents updates on the food security and nutrition situation around the world, including the latest estimates of the cost and affordability of a healt...

  Tagged under: Farming | Famine | Meat Production | Economic Growth | Health | Women and Children | Food Production and Consumption

UN: 700 Million People Don't Know When — Or If — They Will Eat Again

  2023-09-25 (or before) by in VOA - Voice of America English News

Need is rising as humanitarian funding is drying up, UN food chief says

  Tagged under: Africa | Famine | Health

UN warns climate change is pushing millions of people into hunger

  2023-07-12 in Business Green

New research from UN shows around 735 million people are currently facing hunger, compared to 613 million in 2019

  Tagged under: Farming | Climate Change | Famine

It’s Not Just Climate: Are We Ignoring Other Causes of Disasters?

  2023-07-08 (or before) in Yale E360

Climate change is increasingly seen as the cause of natural catastrophes, from floods to famines. But a growing number of scientists are cautioning that blaming disasters solely on climate overlooks the poor policy and planning decisions that make these events much worse.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Famine

What a world 1.5 degrees hotter would look like

  2023-06-30 (or before) in | IPS Journal

To mitigate the worst climate change impacts, we need to consider implementing climate solutions outside of the free economic market

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Africa | Famine | Climate Change Impacts | Climate Justice

"We Are Going To Run Out Of Food" - 7 Reasons There's Going To Be A Global Famine

  2023-04-25 in Collapse Musings

It is now a certainty that there is going to be a global famine in the near future. Here's why.

  Tagged under: Famine | Insects | Collapse

Global rice shortage is set to be the biggest in 20 years

  2023-04-23 (or before) in CNBC

Rice production for the marketing year ending July 2023 is set to log its largest production shortfall in two decades, according to Fitch Solutions.

  Tagged under: Famine

Somalia drought: 43,000 died in 2022 and this year’s toll will be higher, study finds | The Independent

  2023-03-20 (or before) in The Independent

‘Unrelenting droughts’ have created worst hunger crisis for 70 years says

  Tagged under: Drought | Climate Change | Africa | Famine | Health

The long-term threats to global food security go far beyond Ukraine | CBC News

  2022-08-07 (or before) in - Canada's Public Broadcaster

A deal between Russia and Ukraine to reopen the Black Sea ports to grain shipments brought a ray of hope as the week closed. But the world still faces multiple threats to food security — and Canada is not immune.

  Tagged under: Famine | Russia

Apocalypse now? The alarming effects of the global food crisis

  2022-05-21 in The Guardian

The Bank of England governor warned last week of ‘apocalyptic’ food price rises. Yet war in Ukraine, climate change and inflation are already taking their toll all over the world

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Africa | Economics | Famine

Scorching Heatwave In India Reaches 115°F

  2022-05-02 (or before) by in Forbes

South Asia (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) is in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave.

  Tagged under: Wildfires | Heatwaves | Climate Change | Famine

The role of tropical volcanic eruptions in exacerbating Indian droughts - Scientific Reports

  2022-05-02 (or before) in Nature

The Indian summer monsoon rainfall (ISMR) is vital for the livelihood of millions of people in the Indian region; droughts caused by monsoon failures often resulted in famines. Large volcanic eruptions have been linked with reductions in ISMR, but the responsible mechanisms remain unclear. Here, using 145-year (1871–2016) records of volcanic eruptions and ISMR, we show that ISMR deficits prevail for two years after moderate and large (VEI > 3) tropical volcanic eruptions; this is not the case for extra-tropical eruptions. Moreover, tropical volcanic eruptions strengthen El Niño and weaken La Ni&...

  Tagged under: Solar Energy | Extreme Rainfall | Drought | Famine | El Niño

Africa hunger, famine: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

  2022-02-22 by in

Hunger is on the rise in Africa. Learn facts about drought, famine, malnutrition, and hunger in Africa as well as how you can help World Vision respond.

  Tagged under: Drought | Africa | Famine

Collapse, environment, and society

  2021-09-28 (or before) in PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Historical collapse of ancient states poses intriguing social-ecological questions, as well as potential applications to global change and contemporary strategies for sustainability. Five Old World case studies are developed to identify interactive inputs, triggers, and feedbacks in devolution. Collapse is multicausal and rarely abrupt. Political simplification undermines traditional structures of authority to favor militarization, whereas disintegration is preconditioned or triggered by acute stress (insecurity, environmental or economic crises, famine), with breakdown accompanied or followed by demographic decline. Undue atten...

  Tagged under: Famine | Collapse | Sustainability

Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine - BBC News

  2021-09-06 (or before) in BBC

The country is on the brink of experiencing the world's first "climate change famine", the UN says.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Africa | Famine | Madagascar

Madagascar famine becomes first in history to be caused solely by climate crisis

  2021-07-23 (or before) in The Independent

More than 1.14 million people are food-insecure as severe droughts push communities to the brink of starvation

  Tagged under: Drought | Climate Change | Famine | Madagascar

Climate change 'cause of most under-reported humanitarian crises'

  2019-02-21 in The Guardian

Report says few headlines sparked by food crises that ravaged Madagascar, Ethiopia and Haiti

  Tagged under: Extreme Weather | Climate Change | Africa | Famine | Caribbean | Madagascar

AGENDA 21 : UN Wants To Ban Private Property And Create “Human Habitat Settlement Zones”

  2013-11-09 in Anthropogenic Climate - TRACKING ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE ALARMISM

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up  with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,  water shortages, famine and the like would f…

  Tagged under: Famine

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