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Topic: Degrowth

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How to 'decouple' emissions from economic growth? These economists say you can't.

  2024-03-04 by in Climate. Justice. Solutions.

At least, not fast enough to reach international climate targets.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economics

A response to Daniel Driscoll: Another slice of degrowth bashing   – Timothée Parrique

  2024-03-02 (or before) in Timothˇe Parrique

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Post-growth: A viable path to limiting global warming to 1.5°C

  2024-02-08 (or before) in Cell Press

Existing climate mitigation scenarios tend to project a high GDP growth, even though growth leads to increased energy use and emissions. We show that pathways of low growth make it possible to pursue ambitious mitigation with a slower build-up of low-carbon energy and lower improvements in energy efficiency. Low growth is typically associated with poverty and social challenges; however, we argue that novel post-growth interventions could decrease social inequalities while also helping to protect the climate.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth | Climate Change Mitigation

How popular are post-growth and post-capitalist ideas? Some recent data — Jason Hickel

  2023-11-25 (or before) in Jason Hickel

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Critics of ‘degrowth’ economics say it’s unworkable – but from an ecologist's perspective, it’s inevitable

  2023-08-16 by in The Conversation

Access to fossil fuels allowed humanity to overshoot Earth’s biophysical limits. The crises we now face are all symptoms of this overshoot, and the only fix is to cut our demands on the biosphere.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economics | Fossil Fuels

Monthly Review | On Technology and Degrowth

  2023-07-07 (or before) in Monthly Review | An Independent Socialist Magazine

There is a common misconception among critics that degrowth proponents do not engage with the question of technology, instead leaving the implementation of technological solutions to the planetary…

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Needed: Either Degrowth Or Two Earths| Countercurrents

  2023-06-16 in Countercurrents

In reality, degrowth differs fundamentally from a recession. A recession is a reduction in GDP, one that happens accidentally, often with undesirable social

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Economic Growth

Degrowth isn't the same as a recession – it's an alternative to growing the economy forever

  2023-05-23 by in The Conversation

Not only is degrowth is not the same as negative GDP growth, it is actually better for the planet.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth

Are you preparing for degrowth? And if not, why not?

  2023-05-22 by in resilience

What’s your immediate reaction when you hear the term ‘degrowth’? If it’s to instantly dismiss it as nonsense or wishful thinking, it’s worth suspending your disbelief as, chances are, what you’ve heard about it isn’t fair or accurate.

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Reflections on 'Beyond Growth' | Frankly #31

  2023-05-19 (or before) in YouTube

On this Frankly, Nate reflects on the Beyond Growth Conference held at the European Parliament, including the stunning public acknowledgement by EU President...

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth

Volume 1 (2023) | Degrowth journal

  2023-05-03 (or before) in

We are pleased to present the inaugural volume of Degrowth . More publications forthcoming!

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Economic growth is fuelling climate change – a new book proposes 'degrowth communism' as the solution

  2023-03-03 by in The Conversation

What does Karl Marx have to say about climate change? Quite a lot, according to a new book.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Economic Growth

Timothée Parrique: “Degrowth: Slow is the New Cool” | The Great Simplification #32

  2023-01-23 (or before) in YouTube

On this episode, we meet with social scientist and researcher at the School of Economics and Management of Lund University, Timothée Parrique.What is degrowt...

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economics

Degrowth is Anti-Capitalist • Protean Magazine

  2023-01-15 by in Protean Magazine

Energy researcher Nishikant Sheorey provides this primer on the field of degrowth: what it is, what it is not, and what its critics on the left get wrong. Far from being analogous to “austerity,” degrowth is instead deeply aligned with anti-capitalist values.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Degrowth can work — here’s how science can help

  2022-12-15 (or before) in Nature

Wealthy countries can create prosperity while using less materials and energy if they abandon economic growth as an objective. Wealthy countries can create prosperity while using less materials and energy if they abandon economic growth as an objective.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth

Research and Degrowth - An academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth

  2022-11-21 (or before) in

An academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth

  Tagged under: Degrowth

How to Save the Planet: Degrowth vs Green Growth?

  2022-09-05 (or before) in YouTube

As the climate crisis looms ever larger, a critical question has taken the stage: is economic growth incompatible with ecological sustainability? Green growt...

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth | Sustainability

A Sexy Future

  2022-09-02 by in resilience

I pity them, you see.. Because nothing they’ve done was ever as good or wholesome — or sexy — as degrowth.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Degrowth economy: The climate solution no one is talking about

  2022-09-02 (or before) in

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Geoff Mann · Reversing the Freight Train: The Case for Degrowth · LRB 18 August 2022

  2022-08-17 (or before) by in London Review of Books

Even for those of us who agree that the pursuit of perpetual growth is a disastrous premise on which to base our...

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Ask Prof Wolff: The Case for Degrowth

  2022-08-02 (or before) in YouTube

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "I would love to hear you talk about degrowth. It's something I've been reading a little about for a few years. I probably ...

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economics | Capitalism

Marx in the Anthropocene | Social theory

  2022-07-02 (or before) in Cambridge University Press & Assessment

  Tagged under: Degrowth

A societal transformation scenario for staying below 1.5C - Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie

  2022-06-25 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Degrowth in the IPCC AR6 WGIII – Timothée Parrique

  2022-05-27 (or before) in Timothˇe Parrique

  Tagged under: IPCC | Degrowth

Green growth vs degrowth: are we missing the point?

  2022-03-19 (or before) in openDemocracy

It’s time to stop talking past each other and unite against the real enemies of environmental justice.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Degrowth: The future that fashion has been looking for?

  2022-01-30 (or before) in Vogue Business: Fashion Industry Expertise From an Insider's Perspective | Vogue Business

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Sustainability

Degrowth Is About Global Justice

  2022-01-13 (or before) in Green European Journal - The European Venue for Green Ideas

Jason Hickel explains how degrowth can help fix the worsening ecological crisis and what it means for relations between the Global North and South.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Research On Degrowth

  2021-12-19 (or before) in Annual Reviews

Scholars and activists mobilize increasingly the term degrowth when producing knowledge critical of the ideology and costs of growth-based development. Degrowth signals a radical political and economic reorganization leading to reduced resource and energy use. The degrowth hypothesis posits that such a trajectory of social transformation is necessary, desirable, and possible; the conditions of its realization require additional study. Research on degrowth has reinvigorated the limits to growth debate with critical examination of the historical, cultural, social, and political forces that have made economic growth a dominant obje...

  Tagged under: Activism | Degrowth | Economics | Economic Growth | Sustainability

Jason Hickel - Degrowth: The Path to Progress

  2021-11-14 (or before) in YouTube

We have been taught to see progress as the result of capital accumulation, but if you look historically, progress has always been won through progressive soc...

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Degrowth: why some economists think abandoning growth is the only way to save the planet – podcast

  2021-10-30 (or before) by in The Conversation

We talk to three experts who argue we governments need to find alternatives for their dependence on economic growth. Listen to episode 39 of The Conversation Weekly.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economic Growth

Is Green Growth Possible?

  2021-09-27 (or before) in Taylor & Francis Online: Peer-reviewed Journals

The notion of green growth has emerged as a dominant policy response to climate change and ecological breakdown. Green growth theory asserts that continued economic expansion is compatible with our...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Economics | Economic Growth

Can we live within environmental limits and still reduce poverty? Degrowth or decoupling?

  2021-09-21 (or before) in Wiley Online Library

Click on the article title to read more.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

The anti-colonial politics of degrowth - ScienceDirect

  2021-08-20 (or before) in

  Tagged under: Degrowth

1.5 °C degrowth scenarios suggest the need for new mitigation pathways - Nature Communications

  2021-08-06 (or before) in Nature

Established climate mitigation modelling relies on controversial negative emissions and unprecedented technological change, but neglects to consider degrowth scenarios. Here the authors show that degrowth scenarios minimize many key risks for feasibility and sustainability and thus need to be thoroughly assessed.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Climate Change Mitigation | Sustainability

There's a simple answer to climate change. But will capitalism allow it? - Prospect Magazine

  2021-05-24 in Prospect Magazine

In discussions of climate emergency, degrowth has always been the elephant in the room; acknowledged from time to time, but rarely spoken about. But it may be the only solution

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Capitalism | Geoengineering

Degrowth in Movement(s) from Zer0 Books

  2021-04-06 (or before) in John Hunt Publishing

Degrowth is an emerging social movement that overlaps with proposals for systemic change such as anti-globalization and climate justice, commons an...

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth | Climate Justice

In defense of degrowth

  2021-03-16 (or before) in

The idea of degrowth is contentious, often misunderstood, and (perhaps paradoxically) growing in popularity. In this book, Giorgos Kallis, one of the movement's leading thinkers, presents an accessible, inspiring, and enjoyable defense.

  Tagged under: Degrowth

We Are All Degrowthers. We Are All Ecomodernists. Analysis of a Debate

  2021-03-14 (or before) in - Share research

We Are All Degrowthers. We Are All Ecomodernists. Analysis of a Debate

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Less is More — Jason Hickel

  2021-03-01 (or before) in Jason Hickel

How Degrowth Will Save the World (Penguin Random House)

  Tagged under: Degrowth

Living the Good Life in a Non-Growth World --- The Talk Version – Economics from the Top Down

  2021-02-18 in Economics from the Top Down – New ideas in economics and the social sciences

The talk version of my recent paper on degrowth.

  Tagged under: Degrowth | Economics | Economic Growth

The Radical Plan to Save the Planet by Working Less

  2019-05-31 (or before) in VICE

The degrowth movement wants to intentionally shrink the economy to address climate change, and create lives with less stuff, less work, and better well-being. But is it a utopian fantasy?

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Degrowth

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