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Now here’s the good news on global warming | The Times

  2024-03-11 (or before) in - web archive

  Tagged under: Media | Climate Change Denial and Disinformation

Nine questions for the Times about Matt Ridley

  2024-03-11 (or before) in openDemocracy

As the Times faces serious criticism over its climate change coverage, openDemocracy has some questions for the paper about the coal-baron at the centre of the scandal.

  Tagged under: Media | Climate Change Denial and Disinformation

Visual Feature | Status of Coral Reefs of the World

  2024-03-10 (or before) in UN Environment Programme

UNEP has created a dynamic data visualization that distills the report findings with an aim to generating increased interest and awareness.

  Tagged under: Media | Data | Great Barrier Reef | Coral Reefs

Film studio from Oscar-winning director aims to stir up ‘populist anger’ over climate crisis

  2024-03-09 in The Guardian

Yellow Dot Studios produces short-form videos to inform with ‘genuine, righteous anger’ and ‘laugh-out-loud comedy’

  Tagged under: Activism | Media

Edward Burtnysky on climate crisis: 'We should be screaming fire… but we're rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic'

  2024-03-02 in Sky News

Landscape photographer Edward Burtynsky's work explores human impact on the surface of the planet, shooting the Coast mountains in the Canadian province of British Columbia, soil erosion in Turkey, and coal mines in Australia for his latest exhibition, New Works.

  Tagged under: Climate Change Impacts | Activism | Media | Canada

Mandatory Viewing

  2024-02-26 in Collapse 2050

A collection of the best documentaries on climate change, civilizational collapse, nuclear war, peak oil and more.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Collapse | Media

Daily Mail and Telegraph produce 'least accurate climate coverage'

  2021-08-18 in The London Economic

Right-wing UK newspapers have some of the least accurate climate change articles in the English-speaking world.

  Tagged under: Climate Change | Climate Change Denial and Disinformation | UK | Media

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